Where to Buy Cryptocurrency – 10 Best Exchanges

Where to buy cryptocurrency? There are lots of cryptocurrency exchanges available for the investors to trade.

Though all of these online exchanges may not allow trading every type of cryptocurrency, most of these will allow buying and selling almost all major types of cryptocurrencies.

However, if you are a beginner, it may be a bit hard for you to find an online exchange that is the right fit. Check out Best Cryptocurrency Wallets Types.

Moreover, with so many available options with varied features, you will surely need some assistance to make an informed decision and choose the best exchange.

Here is the list of 10 most reliable and top rated cryptocurrency exchanges. Choose one from the list to make things simpler for you.

Where to Buy Cryptocurrency – 10 Best Exchanges

Where to buy cryptocurrency

1. Binance – Best Overall

Binance is considered to be one of the most popular and best cryptocurrency exchanges in the world for Altcoin trading.

You can also buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies of more than 200 types on this platform which is also known to have the highest trading volume every day.

The platform comes with advanced features that make it easy to use. It includes:

  • Allowing users to buy cryptocurrency with a wide choice of fiat currencies
  • Supporting different payment methods such as credit card, debit card, and bank deposits
  • Offering both basic and advanced trading charts for the users having varying skills
  • Trading with leverage as a margin trading platform
  • Offering different derivatives and leverage tokens
  • A secure and safe Binance wallet for storing the cryptocurrency assets
  • A saving account to earn interest on cryptocurrency
  • Offering crypto loans and Binance staking pools and
  • Binance VISA Card to pay or to convert with cryptocurrency.

One most significant reason for this platform being so popular is that the transaction fees are very low, often none and not exceeding 0.1%, making it the cheapest. As compared to other exchanges, this platform also offers a diverse array of financial services to the users.

2. Coinbase – Runner Up

Coinbase is also one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges having a total trading volume in excess of 20 billion.

In addition to that, it is also considered to be one of the safest cryptocurrency trading platforms. It is trustworthy and offers a high quality service. T

here has been no criminal activities recorded and there have been no hacks or compromises with the wallets and its security systems causing a loss of funds.

This platform is also very easy to use due to its simple interface though that does not affect its reliability adversely.

You can buy, store, sell and trade different types of cryptocurrencies including and not limited to Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum XRP, and Bitcoin Cash.

After you create your Coinbase account and it is verified, you can choose a payment option according to your convenience.

You can use a debit card if you want to make small investments or wire transfer for making larger ones.

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You may also choose the bank account transfer option but that will take a couple of days to get processed.

The other features of this cryptocurrency exchange that is best for the beginners include:

  • Easier and faster portfolio monitoring and management of cryptocurrency on website or app
  • Offering advanced tools and indicators to help trading but limited to Coinbase Pro
  • Offering free crypto for learning about the digital currency and for staking coins and
  • Offering a secure wallet to store digital assets.

One of the major benefits of choosing this platform is that your funds stored online will be well protected by an insurance policy.

3. FTX – Regulated Exchange

This is a good exchange for cryptocurrency derivatives, especially for those traders who want to make the most out of the digital currencies with leverage.

The most significant distinguishing feature of this platform is the wide assortment of leveraged tokens and indices offered by it. You can trade these on the options or futures market.

The characteristic features of FTX are as follows:

  • It is a regulated exchange to trade cryptocurrency
  • It offers a professional user-interface for trading on mobile as well as on a desktop
  • It offers up to 101x leverage
  • It provides new trading pairs
  • It adds tokens on a regular basis
  • It allows moving contracts that clear up to the unconditional change in price of a currency over time.
  • It allows leveraged tokens to Short or Long with no margin and up to 3X leverage and

The most significant feature of FTX is that it created the first crypto index futures in the world.

This index allows the users to take advantage of the rise or fall of a specific index in the form of a future contract and can be traded from the platform directly.

4. eToro – User Friendly

This is another good platform for trading cryptocurrency for beginners. This popular social trading platform is user-friendly and allows trading most of the major digital assets along with trading crypto through a virtual portfolio.

Trading cryptocurrencies on this platform will involve a much lower spread cost which is calculated on the actual asset. This cost may vary for each digital asset as well as the fluctuations in the market conditions.

In its user-friendly trading interface you will get real-time news and research on the crypto market. It also includes more sophisticated risk management tools and trading features apart from a social network.

This helps the users to make copy-trade like the most successful crypto traders. You can use the unique copy trade filter system to look into the portfolio of the other investors and choose one that fits your criteria.

You can see the risk tolerance, number of copiers, as well as the return on investments.

You can even connect with other traders in the network to share your views, ideas, and strategies.

Its features include:

  • A regulated provider to trade real crypto assets
  • Offering different payment options such as credit card, debit card, PayPal, and bank transfer and
  • Providing an intuitive mobile trading app.

The most important feature of this platform is the option of a ‘Stop Loss level’ which when chosen will limit the potential losses, if any.

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5. Kraken – Competitive Trading Fees

Kraken is a licensed and regulated cryptocurrency exchange that allows its user to trade as many as 54 digital assets including and not limited to Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Tether USD, and Litecoin.

It also deals with several other DeFi tokens such as Kava (KAVA), Compound (COMP), and Kyber Network (KNC).

It is one of the best trading exchanges in terms of safety and security and it also offers advanced trading options for the users while trading along with automatic portfolio monitoring.

This helps the users to know about the market and accordingly manage their portfolios via the single user-friendly interface.

The trading fees are quite low and competitive and it provides adequate support to the customers 24/7.

6. Gemini – Advanced Trading Platform

Another regulated and popular cryptocurrency exchange, you can not only buy, sell, and store cryptocurrencies here but can also earn interest. A few of the noteworthy features of this platform include:

  • Offering custody service
  • Providing and advanced trading platform
  • Offering a secure wallet
  • Allowing off-exchange crypto trading and
  • Offering a mobile trading app.

Gemini is also considered to be one of the safest platforms for trading crypto for all, whether it is an individual or an institution. The security features of this platform include:

  • Cold wallet storage
  • Two Factor Authentications
  • Encryption
  • Multi-signature withdrawal process
  • White-listing addresses and
  • Force-login protection.

It also offers an OTC trading desk if you want to place large orders and charges competitive fees.

7. Crypto.com – A Premium and an All-in-One Platform

This platform is another reliable, safe, and leading cryptocurrency trading exchange having more than a million customers all over the world.

It is a premium and an all-in-one platform. You can buy, sell, spend, trade, store, loan cash, earn interest, and even pay bills with the digital assets.

CRO is their own native digital token coin that offers deep liquidity which in turn offers a more competitive fee for trading crypto coins against stablecoins and fiat currency.

The other good features of this trading platform include:

  • Offering a highly intuitive user-interface on a mobile app that is easy to use
  • Offering zero-fee crypto trading for 90 days for the new users
  • Reduction of trading fees by up to 50% for existing users for making any trade
  • Offering an additional 2% bonus interest rate on deposits made within the first month
  • Sending crypto to Crypto.com App users without fees instantly
  • Buying Bitcoins with 0% fees on credit card
  • Offering high liquidity order book with low cost spreads
  • Offering a tier based fee structure for trading which reduces with higher trade volume and
  • Margin platform to buy and sell crypto CFD’s.

This beginner-friendly trading platform also does rapid account verification and is very active on the social network. Crypto.com also offers promotions for a limited period on a regular basis on social media to draw new users to it.

8. CEX.IO  – For Different Types of Investors

This is one of the oldest crypto trading exchanges in the world. It has over 3 million crypto buyers and sellers.

This world-class trading platform caters to all different types of investors. It has an easy-to-use interface which is ideal for both the beginners as well as the experienced investors.

You can buy crypto at once using a credit or debit card. On the other hand, you can sell coins or withdraw fiat profits to a MasterCard or VISA almost instantly.

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The other useful and unique features of this online trading platform are:

  • Offering High liquidity order-book with smaller spreads
  • Offering different payment options such as credit card, bank transfer, and PayPal
  • Allowing staking coins to increase holdings and
  • Offering a margin platform to traders who want to buy and sell CFD’s.

The best part of it is that this platform is available on desktop as well as on its mobile app and supports Android and iOS smartphones.

9. Changelly – Useful Platform for Beginners

This is also a fiat to crypto exchange where you can buy crypto via a credit or debit card. The interface is simple and intuitive making it a useful platform for beginners as well as regular investors.

The platform allows you to even swap crypto assets instantly and very quickly and send them directly to your hardware wallet that comes with maximum security.

The unique trading algorithm offers the best rates to its customers. It searches for the best available rate for a trader to use and displays it on the interface.

It even locks in the price till the users complete a transaction and it is added on the blockchain.

This is one of the most reputed and reliable crypto swap platforms in the world that allows the users to create an account quickly and easily.

10. Swan Bitcoin  – Easy to Use

This platform is one of the best trading exchanges for the beginners to use because the features of it simplify the trading experiences.

Not only is this platform easy to use, it also purchases Bitcoins automatically with the best Dollar Cost Averaging or DCA.

Moreover, once you create your account, you have the freedom to choose to deposit funds automatically on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. This deposit can be as little as $10.

Other noteworthy features of this platform include:

  • Faster verification of users’ identity
  • Bank transfer or wire transfer support
  • Automatic withdrawal to a hardware wallet and
  • Storing funds on the exchange with a licensed custodian.

The most significant benefit of using this trading platform is that beginners especially can build their position over time and gain a strong foothold without any stress.

This is because the price factor is taken out of the equation and also due to their excellent customer service.

This online trading platform is also one of the most suitable ones for those investors who prefer to HODL.


The best exchanges for trading cryptocurrencies are typically evaluated on their scores. This score is based on the traffic, trading volume, liquidity, legitimacy and confidence in trading. So, select an exchange for you after a thorough research.