What to Do If a Crypto Coin is Delisted?

What to do if a crypto coin is delisted? Crypto exchanges may delist some coins in order to support new blockchain as well as the established ones. This drives innovation within the blockchain industry.

In addition to that, there are also lots of other circumstances and reasons when a crypto exchange may decide to delist a particular coin from it.

Rest assured that delisting of a crypto coin from an exchange is a common event and it is done according to the business policies of the exchanges.

Now, you may wonder what you can do when a particular crypto coin that you have invested in is delisted by the exchange.

Will you lose all of those coins and your money or are there any ways in which you can recover your money.

If questions like this surface your mind in such situations, fortunately you are in the right place to get all the answers for it.

This article will tell you all about the options you have, the things you can do and whether or not you stand a chance to lose them all.

Well, first and foremost, you should not panic when such a thing happens.

This is because the crypto exchanges reserve the right to remove any crypto coin from their list or promote a particular one according to their discretion and for any reason without prior notice.

If the exchange you have partnered with is reliable and reputed then there is no need to worry about it and think it is a scam.

You will get enough chances to recover your money if you know what to do. Here they are. .

What to Do If a Crypto Coin is Delisted?

What to Do If a Crypto Coin is Delisted

Typically, crypto exchanges may delist the coin you hold with them for some issues with logistics.

However, irrespective of the reason, if a crypto exchange delists a coin then there is a high chance that they will support withdrawals of that coin for a certain period of time.

If that is the case then you should move your assets off.

Ideally, in the future if you wish to transact with the same crypto coin then you will need to find a crypto exchange that supports it and also make sure that you have a trading account with the exchange.

Alternatively, you can also make a direct trade with a reliable third party who may show an interest in buying or selling that particular crypto coin.

However, the easiest way to trade the delisted crypto coin is via an OTC or Over the Counter desk.

In case you didn’t know it, you can also mark the value of that particular crypto coin according to the market that still allows trading it.

But things can be entirely different if a lot of crypto exchanges are delisting that particular coin at the same time.

In such a tidal situation a natural question may arise in your mind – how will you determine the value of a crypto coin that is now so illiquid?

This can be a relevant question in the case of those numerous Altcoins with a dried up market.

In such a situation you will need to use the different metrics and parameters used to value normal crypto assets and markets.

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You will find a lot of articles and podcasts related to it on the internet that will help you in the process.

The main idea for a holder of a crypto asset to follow in a situation where there is no liquidity in the market is to mark it down.

As you may know Bitcoin is the crypto asset that is used to value other crypto assets.

Therefore, you should correlate the value of your crypto asset against that of Bitcoin for that.

However, this does not mean that you will have a true depiction of the portfolio.

You ideally will have to follow a specific pattern for this that is followed in a traditional market that you fit to be appropriate in such situations.

The main moral of the story here is that as a holder of a crypto coin or crypto funds especially, you will need to reflect the value of your portfolio as accurately as possible.

You should certainly not use the absence of guidance as an excuse to prop up the particular crypto coin under management barometer.

At this point, it is also good to know that you should look ahead when you are trying your luck in the crypto markets that are exciting but are relatively young in comparison with the well known institutions such as NYSE and NASDAQ.

The exchanges in the crypto market follow a coin listing process that is still emerging and the standards of listing crypto coins on these platforms persists to be murky.

Typically, these standards are not uniform when you consider the entire crypto industry.

However, social good and the community have come out as the most significant aspects that are taken into account by most of the major crypto exchanges while evaluating crypto coins and tokens.

This also happens to be the same metric that is considered by the crypto exchanges when they delist a crypto coin and token from them.

This means that a crypto coin is delisted mainly when it falls from grace and that is primarily and directly related to the societal disgust that may be increasing against it.

This is based on the developments and comments found on the social media accounts, mainly on Twitter, instead of the reporting disclosures according to the customary markets.

From the point of view of the US regulatory measures, the crypto markets are still considered to be immature but in spite of that the crypto coins are considered as assets.

This means that all crypto holders should treat their coins as such.

Now, this may lead to a natural question – why did the crypto exchanges list these coins then in the first place?

Delisting of crypto coins is a model setting action which is something that must be kept in the minds of the project leaders when they build their products and brands where a formal set of rules is found to be lacking.

A lot of major crypto exchanges have delisted a number of coins for several good reasons especially after 2017 when the industry witnessed a flurry of ICOs.

This point at the fact that there will be some natural and slow destruction of different projects when the market matures and these coins would come off of the trading markets.

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All these mean that you will see a lot of crypto coins being delisted in the future which may make the individual traders and investors wonder whether or not they will lose them all.

Chances of Losing it All

Delisting of a crypto coin by an exchange simply means that they have stopped supporting that particular coin along with all its trading pairs.

This means that you will not be able to buy and sell these coins on that particular exchange.

However, rest assured because this does not mean you lose them all unless you are unlucky and are dealing with an extremely corrupt and unreliable crypto exchange.

You will ideally be allowed to withdraw the delisted coin.

Ideally, you should never keep your crypto coins on an exchange since these are not banks and therefore are unsafe, always.

All you should do while using a crypto exchange is:

  • Load your funds
  • Make your trade and
  • Withdraw your crypto coins and funds immediately.

Whether it is fiat money or crypto coins, you should be like a pro and never leave them on a crypto exchange for more than a couple of minutes.

Options Available

Now, you may wonder what the options you have when a particular crypto coin you hold with an exchange is delisted are.

Well, depending on the specific crypto exchange you will be given a fixed time, of say 14 days, to withdraw the coins that are removed from the exchange.

However, in some cases this time for withdrawal may be shortened.

Therefore, you should look for the deadline for withdrawal posted by the crypto exchange for the particular crypto coin that has been delisted and withdraw the tokens before that date.

However, if there are situations that are beyond the control of the crypto exchange you may not be able to withdraw your delisted tokens.

One such event can be technical issues such as a broken blockchain.

Now, the question is what happens if you miss out the notification of the crypto exchange that the particular coin you hold is delisted.

You may wonder whether or not you will be able to recover your coins in that case.

Well, after the date allowed for withdrawing the delisted coins, you will not be able to buy or sell them anymore.

You can withdraw these coins however till the time the wallet is taken off the exchange. So make sure that you do not miss out on that one.

However, once the crypto wallet is removed along with your coins in it, you can still refer to the Removed Wallet Token Recovery Policy of the exchange, if any, for knowing the ways for a possible recovery of your delisted crypto coins.

Normally, if you do not withdraw or sell off the delisted coins after the set deadline and it remains with the crypto exchange, these will be sold off automatically.

In that case you may get a different type of crypto coin or an appropriate reimbursement either in Dollars, Euros or any other supported fiat currencies.

Phase of Transition and Notification

As said earlier, every reliable crypto exchange will offer a notable transition phase after delisting a specific crypto coin from it.

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Therefore, you will be fine and not need to worry.

During the transition period any inflow of that particular bought-in crypto coins will be stopped.

There will be a message or notification given on behalf of the crypto exchange stating that it has stopped supporting that specific coin.

After the notification is given and during the transition period, which is usually quite a long time, the users are given the chance to withdraw the delisted coin and hold them in some other wallet or sell them off.

This means that you will be able to withdraw coins and hold them on any external wallet until the issue is resolved.

Withdrawing Delisted Crypto Coins

The process to withdraw delisted coins from a crypto exchange is pretty straightforward.

If you are wondering how, here are the necessary steps to follow:

  • Click on the Holdings button
  • Search for the particular crypto coin
  • Click on the withdrawal tab.

This will open the dialog box to withdraw where you will need to set off the normal withdrawal process.

However, the process may slightly differ from one exchange to another which is why you should refer to the support section to find out the exact process to withdraw the delisted crypto coins.

However, withdrawing delisted crypto coins from a disabled wallet is different. Ideally, a crypto wallet can be either temporarily or permanently disabled.

If the wallet is disabled temporarily, there could be several reasons for it such as:

  • Any upcoming fork
  • Regular updates
  • General upkeep and maintenance or
  • Maybe it is not functioning as it should.

During this time, you cannot withdraw the coins as it will not be supported for disabled wallets.

If there are any pre-existing withdrawals, those will only be completed automatically when the wallet is restored.

However, the timeline when the wallet will be restored is quite difficult to forecast.

In that case the crypto exchanges sometimes allow the users to create a ticket through their dedicated Support Center so that they are notified about the situation.

On the other hand, if the crypto wallet is permanently disabled, this signifies that the crypto coin has been delisted from the exchange for sure.

In such situations, most of the time the balance of crypto coins in the wallet, if any, is archived. This means that it is not available for withdrawal.


When a crypto coin is delisted from any exchange there is no need to worry. All you need to do is follow the timeline mentioned by the exchange to withdraw the coins and store them in an external wallet. Reading this article now you now know how.