Is There a Way to Make Money Every Day in Crypto?

s there a way to make money every day in crypto? A lot of people have made a lot of money with crypto.

All they need to do is choose the right strategy, be knowledgeable about crypto and the market, and speculate correctly to time their actions just as required so as to enhance their chances of making profit from crypto.

There are lots of ways through which you can make money in crypto, both in the short term as well as in the long term.

You can choose any of these proven approaches but it should match your trading style and strategies.

It is a common trend among the crypto investors to buy and HODL crypto assets for a long time.

Though there is nothing wrong in this approach, in fact this should be ideally followed in crypto, it is also not wrong if you intend to take some other approach to make money from crypto.

If you specifically do not want to follow such a long-term approach, there are also some other ways that you can explore and earn more coins. How about making money from crypto every day?

Yes, you can do so, provided you know the right ways for it.

If you do not then here is an article that will tell you everything about alternative ways to make more money from crypto with diverse money making mechanisms.

This article will also tell you how to analyze and organize your crypto portfolio so that you can stay focused on your objectives.

In addition to that, through this article you will also come to know some of the best projects to choose that will allow you to make money daily from crypto.

Is There Anyway Way to Make Money Every Day in Crypto?

Is There a Way to Make Money Every Day in Crypto

Yes, you can make money with crypto daily. There are lots of ways to do so and a lot of people do follow them.

The amount of money you can make from crypto everyday will however depend on the particular strategy you choose.

It will also need you to spend a lot of time in front of your computer looking at different crypto price charts, market analysis reports, and crypto platforms.

This is very important because the crypto market, as you may know, is not stable.

It is extremely volatile in nature and experiences wild price swings frequently and unexpectedly.

Therefore, your daily profits may be reduced, if not turn out in losses. This, in fact, is a normal thing that may happen in crypto trading.

The crypto market offers an opportunity to the traders to make profits through short-term trading in spite of the fact that the daily trading volume in the crypto market on an average is just 1% of the foreign exchange or Forex market.

The primary reason behind it, once again, is the volatility of the market.

While trading crypto is one way to make money from crypto daily, staking them is another way to do it.

You can also make money from crypto daily by mining new coins but that will involve a lot of expense and a lot of effort.

Day trading crypto:

This is a short-term and most popular crypto trading process that will allow you to make the most out of the ups and downs in the prices of the crypto coins traded in the market in a day.

Just as the name signifies, this is a 24-hour strategy.

This means that you should enter and exit your positions on the same day and not hold them overnight.

Considering this fact this process is also referred to as intraday trading.

Therefore, in that particular way, day trading crypto resembles Forex trading.

This process typically involves buying crypto coins when the prices are down and selling them off on the same day when the prices are high.

However, you will have to be extremely mindful about the rise and falls in the prices of the coins if you want to make profits with crypto every day by following this method.

The main idea behind this strategy is to make money from the price differences of a crypto coin in a day.

You may use leverage and day trade on margin to long or short crypto and also need to use the necessary instruments to facilitate the trade.

However, this process needs a lot of dedication, research, and most importantly, right selection of crypto coins to trade with.

Crypto mining:

This is a more complicated and costly process but is also a very good one to make profits daily with crypto.

You will need to invest quite a significant amount of money in buying the mining equipment and also pay huge bills for electricity every month for this process.

And, since there is no guarantee that you will make huge profits every day through mining, you should be okay with minimum returns and a long time to break even.

You will act as a part of the blockchain network and process and validate transactions as and when they are made.

You will need to solve a complex mathematical puzzle for that and get it confirmed and validated by the other participants in the network.

If they agree it will be added to the chain as a new block with a hash linked to the previous block.

Ideally, through crypto mining you ensure the safety of the network and assure legitimacy of the transactions using your efforts and resources.

In return you earn a small amount of coins each day you successfully mine and be the first one to solve the puzzle as a reward.

Crypto staking:

This is another good way to make money every day with crypto. For this you will need to lock your crypto coins for a specific period of time and in return you earn an income on it every day.

The amount of return will depend on the type and number of coins locked.

This is one of the most favored ways to earn crypto every day among the users because they do not have to do much apart from locking their coins.

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Crypto staking process involves buying and holding the coins on an exchange.

It may sound like the buy-and-hold strategy but there is a significant difference in it.

Holding a crypto coin simply in your wallet means you can only hope that its value appreciates.

But in crypto staking it is subject to market appreciation as well as contribution to the Proof of Stake or POS consensus to validate a block on the chain.

In return you receive a percentage of the amount tokens locked for the period as reward.

The amount you can earn depends on the protocol which chooses coins randomly to validate a transaction.

The more you stake the more you earn because it will increase the chances of your coins to be chosen.

Diversifying your crypto staking portfolio will also increase your chances to make consistent profit, albeit in smaller amounts.

Shop around to find the best exchange, probably the one that offers additional rewards and choose the right staking assets.

Remember, crypto staking is a process that is suitable for both a speculator and a long-term investor.

Usually the return can be anywhere between 5% and 12% and even more sometimes.

Even if the coin depreciates in value the rewards you earn will help you to break even, if not make a profit.

In the worst case scenario, the rewards will offset your loss partially.

Apart from these, you surely have that traditional buy-and-hold strategy to follow that will also allow you to make money in the long run as well as on a daily basis, no matter how little it is.

Analyzing and Organizing Portfolio

Now that you know the ways in which you can make money daily from crypto, do not simply stop reading and jump into it.

There are few other things that you should also know in order to make sure that you really do make some money on a daily basis with crypto.

These include analyzing your portfolio and choosing the right project.

Start with analyzing your portfolio so that you can organize in the right way to ensure you get a steady return.

This is not a complex process and will not take much of your time. All you need to do is look at your holdings and group them.

You can group your portfolio in three major ways such as:

  • By their market cap – When you group your holdings according to the market cap of the coins, divide them into micro cap, small cap, mid cap, and large cap coins.
  • By their categories – When you group your holdings according to the categories of the coins, divide them into platform, utility, currency, security, or DEX coins.
  • By the investment term – When you group your holdings according to the investment types, divide the coins according to short term, medium term, and long term investments.

After analyzing your portfolio, you will need to organize it to start generating income.

Since, this article revolves around earning money from crypto every day, the focus will be more on generating passive income.

Passive income is another useful and productive money making strategy from crypto which is often overlooked by the crypto investors when they organize their portfolio.

Passive income is referred to generating income on a daily basis in a way that needs minimum or no effort to ensure that.

It is more like receiving rental payments from your investment property or the dividend payouts from the blue-chip stocks that you invested in.

Well, crypto too allows the users to earn passive income.

There are a few particular types of crypto coins available as of now that offer payouts ranging between 5 to 10% a year.

This return when compounded depending on the valuation of the coin over time will be quite significant.

You may argue that the 10% return is at par with the returns offered by the stock markets but then the returns you get from crypto is typically compounded based on the future escalation of the base currency.

Projects to Choose

With all that said about your crypto portfolio, here is the next part to focus on to earn income from crypto every day – choosing the right project.

Remember, there are several projects out there to choose from and you will need to do extensive research to make the right choice.

If that is what you do not want to do then here are just a few good projects, in no particular order of course, that you can choose to earn money daily from crypto.

Just make sure that the one you choose fits your trading style perfectly.

ARK – Simple Way to Blockchain

ARK is a blockchain platform that belongs to the 3rd generation and is perhaps the simplest way to blockchain.

It utilizes the Delegated Proof of Stake or DPoS consensus mechanism.

This is the most adaptable and open blockchain framework to build blockchain apps and is built on TypeScript and other popular languages and technologies.

Being entirely open source anyone is allowed to contribute and earn rewards for it or join the community of developers.

The architecture of this blockchain framework is entirely modular which means you will be allowed to customize your chain to ensure that it meets all the needs of your application.

You can also create your own customized smart transactions using the ARK Logic feature of this blockchain network.

This feature allows your application to easily employ native smart contract functionalities.

If you want to exchange data and value with other blockchain networks you can use the ARK HTLC SmartBridge feature or Hashed Time Lock Contracts transaction logic.

This platform also offers one of the best and most functional desktop wallets. It is easy to use and is totally compatible with Ledger Nano S.

This makes it quite an attractive option to use if you are planning to stake your coins.

All you need to do to receive payouts from the platform is buy a few ARK, hold the coins in your wallet and use them to vote for a delegate.

You will receive a payout as a reward from the delegate for voting for them.

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These delegates are the one who keep the network running and fully operational.

Their job is pretty much the same as the job of the Bitcoin miners who work on a Proof of Work mechanism.

If you want to become a delegate on the ARK platform you will need to pay a fee of 25 ARK and get registered.

The other ARK holders will vote for a delegate and only the top 51 delegates will get the right to verify and validate transactions on the network and earn rewards for their efforts.

Delegates usually create profit sharing plans so that the users vote for them and that is how the ARK holders get the dividends, which typically is 10% per annum on an average.

The ARK Public Network or APN is integrated with the blockchain platform which is the certified home of the ARK crypto asset.

This APN is also incorporated in the different products, projects, and swap services.

This provides the developers with some of the best tools to succeed in their job.

The platform offers a set of tools that will make it very easy for anyone to use this platform.

Deployer is one such tool that is free and easy to use to create and customize your own blockchain and launch it on any connected server directly. You will not need any complex codes.

MarketSquare is another which is actually a homepage for decentralized web where you can discover businesses, blockchain, applications, and delegates through one single intuitive portal.

The ARK desktop wallet will be your most intuitive dashboard to connect to the world of crypto and blockchain.

This is compatible with all major operating systems such as Windows, macOS, and Linux.

And the ARK mobile wallet is also equally useful which will help you to auto-discover crypto assets and manage them efficiently from any one of the registered on-chain ARK networks.

You can download this app from both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

And finally, the ARK Explorer tool will allow you to interact easily and simply with the blockchain data.

You can access delegates, addresses, balances, and lots more through this block explorer.

LISK – Flexible Gateway to Blockchain

LISK is a blockchain project that uses DPoS mechanism as well and gives the power to LISK holders to vote for a delegate depending on the payout offered.

On this platform, only the top 100 delegates can stake coins.

This particular blockchain operates on a decentralized network that is run by the people across the globe.

Their native utility token LSK can be used to pay for the transaction fees on the blockchain.

This token is supported by many exchanges and third-party wallets but it is best to store the tokens on their wallet that is available on both desktop and mobile.

You can use the ready-to-use lightweight LISK Mobile on the go.

This blockchain application platform ensures that blockchain is accessible by all and everyone is benefitted from this innovative technology.

All LISK products are created entirely on open-source and are rooted to the widely accepted programming language, JavaScript.

You can develop customizable blockchain apps with utmost flexibility that is compatible with the core protocol of this platform without needing to learn any new languages.

If you look at the LISK wallet you will find that it has got all those features that are necessary to manage the account easily.

This all-in-one solution will allow you to access tokens and send them or even use them to vote for the delegates.

The LISK wallet combines all of the functionalities of cryptocurrency with the transparency of the blockchain.

NEO – Powerful and Feature Rich

Formerly known as AntShares, NEO is a blockchain platform that uses a unique Delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance or dBFT algorithm.

The desktop wallet of NEO is quite user-friendly just as ARK. Their desktop wallet is totally compatible with the Ledger Nano S and is easy to use.

The NEO coin holders are paid dividends by the platform in the form of a cryptocurrency known as GAS usually at the rate ranging between 4 to 6%, give or take.

This crypto coin can be used to power up the NEO blockchain. This is given to all those NEO holders who generate a new NEO block.

This blockchain platform comes with a lot of useful features that improves it native functionality and convenience of the users.

You will have everything that is required to build a complete decentralized app and the advanced interoperability will let you capture the power of the entire blockchain ecosystem.

You can also earn GAS through on-chain governance if you are a NEO token holder.

You will have the right to vote for consensus nodes and dynamic on-chain council members who will be responsible to regulate vital blockchain parameters and maintain the vivacity of the NEO network.

The committee members also receive GAS payments like the voters.

VeChain Thor – Solve Real World Economic Problems

You may also choose VeChain Thor or simply VeChain as it is called, which uses two types of tokens.

VET – This token is typically considered as a smart payment currency that will provide you with the priority and right to use the VeChain blockchain.

THOR – This is the token that powers up the VeChain blockchain just as GAS does for NEO.

This token is burnt or consumed during executing smart contracts or when you transfer the other coin of the platform VET to different addresses.

This network typically has four types of nodes which are determined by the number of VET coins held as well as the maturity date.

In order to run a master node you will need to hold more coins but at the same time the payout for running a master node will also be higher.

If you hold VET coins just like all other holders, you too will be able to earn THOR as your passive income, and once again, the payout will be higher for those who run a master node.

The Proof of Authority feature will ensure that you run a master node according to the governance policy of the protocol by addressing common issues regarding wastage of energy and unproductive upgrades.

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It is from the different activities performed by all the members within its ecosystem that provides the value to this public blockchain.

They are typically engaged in solving economic problems of the real world.

This platform comes with unique features that will help in making meta-transactions.

These features are typically native to the core protocol of the blockchain.

These features include multi-task transaction, multi-party payment, transaction dependency and controllable transaction lifecycle.

All these features make this more useful for enterprise adoption.

The governance model of this blockchain is quite transparent and high in operational efficiency and the steering committee elected by the community will also help you in decision making.

ICON – Connecting Communities

The distinctive feature of ICON is that it uses a unique LFT or Loop Fault Tolerance consensus mechanism.

However, the payout of ICON is pretty similar to those platforms that use Delegated Proof of Stake or DPoS consensus mechanism in the chain.

The holders of ICX tokens can vote for delegates who can run the blockchain and get rewarded by the delegates who pay them a part of their earnings.

This public blockchain protocol connects different blockchain networks and communities to build a hyper-connected future through their chain-agnostic interoperability solution BTP or Blockchain Transmission Protocol.

It offers fast, secure and decentralized interoperability which facilitates cross-chain communication between blockchain networks that are smart contract enabled.

The smart contracts on ICON are written in Java which is known for its safety, performance, and reliability as a general-purpose programming language.

ICX, the native token of this platform, powers their blockchain ecosystem and also has a wide range of use cases such as staking, collateralization on DeFi platforms and network governance.

You can also get paid when you build your community or focus on marketing or development on ICON via their decentralized grant program CPS or Contribution Proposal System.

It is very convenient to use the CPS program of ICON which is meant for all because it has an easy application process, no KYC requirements, decentralized funding, consistent payouts in bnUSD, and with lots of community support.

PIVX – Cutting Edge Tech

PIVX is actually a fork from DASH. This uses the Proof of Stake or PoS consensus mechanism.

Just like the VeChain system, if you run a master node on PIVX you will get higher payouts as compared to staking the coins simply.

However, if you want to run a master node you will need to have at least 10,000 PIVX.

If you do not have that much amount with you, do not worry because you can start staking on this platform with any amount and receive a payout since there is no minimum amount requirement.

As of now you can earn as much as 5% p.a.

The SHIELD User Data Protection feature of PIVX will offer you the freedom of global digital cash to be your own bank and have full control over the digital assets.

Continuous development is the key to success of PIVX that has a proven track record. Some of their unique innovations and cutting edge technologies include advanced PoS, zero knowledge-proof transactions, cold staking, and decentralized governance.

You will also get to use an advanced wallet and lots of useful tools and resources to have control over your funds all the time.

Stellar – Limitlessly Powerful

Right at the outset you must know that Stellar, often referred to by XLM, is technically not a crypto that will pay you dividends.

However, if you hold some Stellar Lumens you will be entitled to get inflation payouts provided you join the Lumenaut Community Pool.

Though this payout may not be as high as ARK or LISK, it is all free money.

This open network is one of the best projects to choose if you want to store or move money.

This network is extremely powerful and borderless! You can send, trade or create digital versions of all forms of money including Dollars, Bitcoin, and Pesos.

The platform is designed in such a way that all financial systems of the world can perform together on a single network.

If you want to transform your world of finance then Stellar will help you to do it with its useful API and SDKs.

The currency connection of this network is so powerful that it will give power and reach of an international bank to even a small company.

Other features of Stellar that are worth noting are its global payment app that leverages many tokens that are backed by different currencies.

What more, you can even make micropayments fast of any size and pay low, flat fees.

You can also access different asset exchanges with its built-in features and even switch between tokens by using straightforward functions that are integrated into the protocol.

It is, in short, designed for the developers that offer several tools, documentation and support to its users.

No doubt large enterprises as well as small startups find Stellar a good option to move money and also access new markets.

So, these are a few good projects for your knowledge.

All you have to do now is choose one of the above and start making money from crypto every day and continue building your stacks even when the market is down.


Generating passive income or making money from crypto every day can be quite tough if you do not know how to go ahead with it, do not have a good strategy, and do not spread and set up your crypto portfolio. This article will help you in all that.