10 Lesser Known and Undervalued Crypto Coins to Invest

What are the lesser known and undervalued crypto coins to invest? The list of crypto coins available in the market seems to be ever growing with the growing demand among the consumers.

This has resulted in a change in the industry on the whole at a great speed as well. Therefore, investing in this industry, or in a crypto coin to be precise, has become even more difficult.

Now you not only have the top performing and most popular crypto coins available to invest in, but there are also several lesser known crypto assets that are undervalued.

However, these coins also have a good potential and therefore should not be shunned completely.

In order to choose these coins, you should not refer to the ranking and ratings only because there may be a huge disparity among these figures and the actual potential of these undervalued or lesser known crypto coins.

This is why you should have a clear idea about these particular digital currencies so that you neither end up investing in a crypto project that looks promising but is not in reality nor invest in those that looks unimpressive but has a huge potential.

10 Lesser Known and Undervalued Crypto Coins to Invest

Lesser Known and Undervalued Crypto Coins to Invest  

Cryptocurrencies have huge prospects, but not all. It all depends on the type of coin, the market, news and events, negative feedback, and its valuation.

Some crypto coins have a huge market capitalization while others do not. Check out Best Cryptocurrencies to Buy for Early Retirement.

There are some that fail to provide the desired returns in spite of having a high value while some are good in potential but are often ignored.

These facts make choosing the right crypto coin to invest in quite a difficult task, and it is even more difficult to choose a prospective yet undervalued crypto project.

To help you in this aspect, here is the list of some of the lesser known and undervalued crypto coins that are worth considering for investing in 2021.

1. BAT – Good and Prospective Coin

This is not as lesser known as the other coins in this list but is still undervalued. It has different use cases especially in the field of digital advertising which makes BAT a good and prospective crypto coin to invest in 2021.

The founder of BAT or Basic Attention Token is also the co-founder of Mozilla as well as the creator of JavaScript. The current number of users in the Brave browser is more than 25 million.

You will get adequate support from a knowledgeable and professional team. In addition to that, you can also make the best use of the most responsive and reactive community who will provide you with all relevant feedback.

The platform will allow all content creators to monetize their ads in a new way and not need any intermediaries for that to add to the ad cost. Advertisers will get paid for the attention it creates.

2. MATIC – Different Use Cases

MATIC or Polygon was formerly known as Matic Network. It is known to be one of the best scaling frameworks which are good for interoperability but people know very little about the power of its Ethereum-compatible blockchains.

The unique aspect of Polygon is that the platform and its Software Development Kit changes Ethereum into a multi-chain system.

This power allows it to resolve some of the main issues for Ethereum such as its throughput, deficiency of community governance, and lower user experience.

It actually uses a unique side chain solution to ensure that there are no delayed transactions.

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Polygon is however always on the lookout to provide better services to its users. Recently, it has included well-known influencers and Ethereum developers as its part of a new development strategy.

These include Hudson Jameson, Anthony Sassano, Ryan Sean Adams, and John Lyric as its advisors.

As for its token, you can use its unique MATIC token for different purposes within the ecosystem.

This includes paying for the gas fees, participating in the governance of the network by voting on PIPs or Polygon Improvement Proposals, and staking them to contribute to security.

All these features of this lesser known platform and its native coin make it a good crypto to invest in 2021.

3. SNX – Locked in Smart Contract

Synthetix is a decentralized synthetic asset platform that comes with its own coin SNX. It will typically allow exposure to real-world currencies on chain as well as other stocks, indices and commodities.

The synthetic assets, known as Synths, are usually supported by SNX or Synthetix Network Tokens. These tokens are ideally locked into a smart contract which acts as the collateral.

The primary objective of the Synths is to track the prices of different crypto assets which allow the unbanked yet crypto native users to make trades to P2C or Peer-to-Contract on the exchange. This will have no limitations to liquidity as well.

The best aspect of Synthetix is that it keeps on experimenting with more progressive ideas on its token as well as the economy of this protocol.

It uses its token reward model for it to incentivize the participants of Synthetix platform. This eventually encourages them to become the stakeholders.

This is a good yet undervalued coin to invest in 2021, especially by those who intend to chase long-term incentives from the network.

This has resulted in the rise in the number of participants in the protocol economy as well as growth in the price of SNX.

4. HOLO – Energy Efficient  

HOT or HOLO is another good yet undervalued crypto that you may invest in 2021.

It is based on the post-blockchain technology and a decentralized app development platform which is very energy efficient.

The best part of it is that it has no scalability issues that make this truly P2P platform one of the best blockchain projects.

Holochain will let you have easy access to every internet app and make the best use of its capabilities. What is even more interesting about this crypto project is that you will not need an API for that.

This is because the languages of it are fully compatible which makes Holochain as good as having an IFTTT layer created under the internet.

The information will not be unique and forced in each app. Instead, you can customize your experience by choosing the parameters according to your choice.

When you use Holochain, the possibilities seem to be endless when it comes to consensus building and data mining.

It also ends the data monopolies of Google and Facebook because it is you who will choose how exactly you want to share any information.

This will, in turn, help you to use the same for a better understanding and collective growth.

With all these features, Holochain is an exciting project that has already created some buzz in the mainstream media with its huge potential.

5. RVN – Comparatively Young

Though it is relatively a young project, Ravencoin or RVN is designed to become an Ethereum of security tokens.

This is a fork of Bitcoin launched in January 3, 2018 and serves particular purposes such as determining the ownerships of crypto assets in a much better and precise manner. It also helps in making direct payments.

This open source project is fully decentralized with no master nodes or ICOs behind it.

Created by Bruce Fenton and further developed by Tron Black, RVN coin makes the best use of the potential of blockchain to ensure a bright and better future especially in the financial securities industry.

6. FSN – Huge Potential

Fusion or FSN is supposed to be one of the most undervalued crypto tokens. If you look at the current price of the FSN tokens you will even agree to that.

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However, this does not take away anything from these coins that have a huge potential for growth making them one of the most perfect crypto coins to invest in 2021.

Ideally, according to the market experts, the value of the coin may increase twenty times, if not more, compared to its current value within a few years down the road.

There are also a few other good reasons to be optimistic about FSN, especially for the beginners in this crypto world.

Fusion is one of those few crypto projects that follow their specific roadmap to execute their plans.

This has not only made them launch their main net most successfully but has also made it much easier for the users to take part in their ticketed PoS ecosystem by using Google Compute Engine or Amazon Web Servers.

As a user, you can set up a server, stake your coins and start earning rewards for staking them right away.

However, the most interesting aspect of Fusion is their mission to build a safer and faster cross-chain ecosystem which will support making all types of financial transactions.

7. EOS – Cost Efficient and Scalable  

EOS is a cost efficient and an extremely scalable smart contract platform.

Developed by Dan Larimer, EOS is known for its unique Delegated Proof-of-Stake consensus protocol.

This decentralized operating system is able to run decentralized applications of industrial and enterprise grades.

It also has a highly efficient governance structure based on the autonomous and decentralized corporation model.

EOS also has a unique and far more effective blockchain structural design that makes it highly scalable, both horizontally and vertically.

This means that it can support millions of transactions made per second, though theoretically, and eliminate the transaction fees.

You can use its main utility token EOS to pay for computing resources as well as use it as the key currency for its dApps and DEX.

With its high functionality and potential, this crypto coin is poised to take over Ethereum and become the principal smart contract platform.

This platform is flexible and has a comparatively liquid market. The trading volume is also quite good.

You will get adequate support from an efficient and talented development team when you invest in EOS that has some high-profile partners.

8. STEEM – Fast and Efficient

STEEM is considered to be one of the most efficient and fastest blockchains available as of now that can create new blocks in less than 3 seconds.

This open source blockchain protocol is also highly scalable and can support more than 10000 transactions per second. It is possible due to the Delegated Proof-of-Stake consensus protocol.

You will be able to store the STEEM coins and use it to access incontrovertible content. This digital token is also used to reward the participants of its unique PoB or Proof-of-Brain activity.

In this process users contribute valuable content and curate the value of other contributions.

STEEM today is one of the most powerful platforms that support multiple user-friendly apps.

This platform also supports storing social information, several different user contents, JSON metadata, account information, and more.

The platform is also making plans to release its unique SMT or Smart Media Tokens protocol.

This will allow you to create your own tokens similar to STEEM on the blockchain.

This will, in turn, increase the utility and value of STEEM. No doubt, this platform has a huge number of active community members and is one of the most commonly used and popular blockchains in the world.

9. ZRX – Supports Interoperability

The 0x project is known as a permissionless and open standard network protocol with a regular infrastructure that facilitates P2P exchange of its ZRX tokens based on Ethereum.

It supports interoperability through the Ethereum smart contracts and off-chain transaction relayers across the decentralized exchanges.

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Being open source, it can be easily connected to almost every dApp that comes with exchange functionality.

This will allow the dApps to access public liquidity pools and also create liquidity pools if it is required and charge fees for any transactions made.

The decentralized governance feature of 0x ensures security while making a transaction and also integrates updates continuously without causing any disruptions in the operation or service.

And, you will not even know about it as an end user.

10. MIOTA – Make Transactions on the IoT Ecosystem

The most significant reason to watch out for IOTA or MIOTA in 2021 in spite of this decentralized ledger being undervalued is that it plans to allow making transactions on the IoT or Internet of Things ecosystem.

Since there are billions of such devices out there, it will revolutionize the finance system when you perform transactions between these devices.

Not only that. Such technological improvement will take interoperability to an entirely new level by exchanging data and making payments much faster.

The DAG or Decentralized Acyclic Graph will confirm the transactions. This is actually a system called Tangle and comprises several nodes. In this process every new transaction confirms two preceding ones.

IOTA has several major partners including some from the automobile, eHealth, and supply chains industry.

This decentralized payment system provides most favorable solutions to establish a secure payment and communication between machines and humans without any IoT issues.

Reasons to Invest in Undervalued Crypto Coins

Just like any other financial venture, investing in crypto coins is just another one but if you want to invest in those coins that are not very popular and undervalued, it will need some special considerations.

You should also have some very strong reasons to invest in an undervalued coin that comes with a great potential.

The first and most significant reason to invest in an undervalued crypto coin is that you will get the same underlying technology that looks impressive in those coins with a high value, but for a real bargain.

Another good reason to invest in them is that these coins also come with the same capability to have an appreciation in price down the road as those high valued coins available in the market as well.

Provided you make the right choice, these coins will surely gain momentum, especially in 2021, which critics think to be one of the best years for the crypto industry.

There are lots of traders who specifically look for the undervalued coins to invest in because they know that these coins offer some of the best opportunities.

It is all just a matter of time that their prices will explode. For them, it is just another waiting game. Following their footsteps will result in more productive investment.

However, be very cautious when you invest in a coin that is absolutely new in the market. Do some research and consider the risk to reward ratio before investing in it.

Ideally, you should make your choice only when you see a lot of promise.

This can be a promise for a boost in the trading volume, an upward trend, more attention on the social media channels or any other. Just do not invest on hearsay.


Every day new crypto tokens and projects keep on flooding the market but all do not have the same value.

There are lots of lesser known and undervalued coins out there that have a good potential and worth investing in 2021.