21 Prominent Figures in Crypto World with Opinions

What are the opinions and ideologies of prominent figures in crypto world? In addition to researching cryptocurrencies from different websites on crypto articles and reviews, most of the people usually get into investing on it hearing something good about it from the prominent figures in the crypto world.

Yes, there are lots of prominent players in the crypto market who have a lot to praise about the potential, benefits, and future of cryptocurrencies.

What they said are all based on their experience in this venture and are therefore quite proven and good enough to consider seriously.

Since famous persons often influence common people, the successful and prominent crypto players are not to be overlooked.

Some of these people have even caused a huge spike in the price of the crypto assets raising its profitability while others vouched for its future prospects.

Here are a few important crypto investors, traders, and other persons that the entire industry took notice of and who made cryptocurrencies even bigger.

In the process these digital assets got more popular and attracted more and more people towards it.

21 Prominent Figures in Crypto World 

Prominent Figures in Crypto World 

These prominent players in the crypto market will surely provide you with a much better idea about cryptocurrencies, its current status and profitability.

Follow them and their ideologies or research for more of such influencers on your own from different sources. You will surely be able to relate with a lot of these eminent figures and the message that they carry.

Whether or not it is worth investing in crypto assets is however an entirely personal matter. Take a look.

1. Satoshi Nakamoto

Being the founder of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, had a pretty clear vision about the capability of Bitcoin, which, later on, proved to be true for other crypto coins as well.

Though most of the people found it hard to be convinced by what Satoshi had to say about cryptocurrency, today this has changed the world.

2. Hal Finney

Another visionary who went a couple of steps ahead and thought that cryptocurrency had the potential to become the reserve currency for the traditional banks.

He compared it to gold in terms of its potentiality. He said that banks can use this currency with more anonymity and greater efficiency to make faster transactions.

And, this has already started to show its effects. This means, he had a very good understanding about the potential of these digital assets even in its early days.

3. Nipsey Hussle

A renowned entrepreneur, rapper, and community activist, Hussle thought that cryptocurrency will not collapse as does the fiat currency when there is a transition.

Based on the world history of fiat currency, he shared his thoughts on crypto assets regularly on Twitter. Unfortunately, Nipsey Hussle died in 2019.

4. Brad Garlinghouse

A very well known personality in the crypto world, Brad Garlinghouse said that cryptocurrency will surely drive a lot of value down the road if it or the crypto market overall can solve a problem.

From his experience as the CEO of Ripple, he also said that the future of cryptocurrency is quite bright and addressed the skeptics in his occasional tweets.

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5. Erik Voorhees

Founder of Shapeshift, Erik Voorhees focused on the spending habits of people. Considering that specific aspect, he believed that people will begin to spend a lot more in cryptocurrencies once its price starts moving up.

Since cryptocurrency is highly volatile, people start getting unrealistic expectations, creating more scarcity and a rise in demand.

Being the owner of the most popular crypto trading platforms he has seen a lot of changes in people and therefore you can rely on him and his thoughts to garner a positive crypto market sentiment.

6. Olaf Carlson-Wee

Olaf Carlson-Wee believed that the price of crypto assets will rise manifold once it becomes mainstream and more and more people adopt it.

He was the former Head of Risk at Coinbase and therefore knows a lot about the behavior of these digital assets as well as the cryptocurrency community.

He said that more and more institutional money will enter into the crypto space since there is a significant rise seen in managed money.

According to him a lot of investment managers and hedge funds are personally trading these coins. It is just a matter of time that several other firms will start doing so.

7. William Mougayar

William Mougayar focuses on the future prospects of this digital asset and its use.

The author of ‘The Business Blockchain’ illustrates how crypto will disrupt the world economy due to the ability of people to mine cryptocurrency.

All the exciting features of cryptocurrency and its functionality not only makes it one of the most worthy money equivalents but also proves to be an effective means to make additional income in ways more than one.

8. Adam Draper

Founder and CEO of Boost VC, Adam Draper is a startup accelerator. His company funds companies that deal with cryptocurrencies.

He believes that cryptocurrency is here to stay and will keep on growing in volume, value, adoption, and popularity, making it a good option to invest in.

9. Paul Graham

Paul is very intrigued about cryptocurrency, the technology behind it as well as its prospects.

Being an expert programmer and a venture capitalist, this inventor of the Yahoo store believes that in the long term cryptocurrency will have enormous value and therefore he feels that the world on the whole must understand the potential of it and start working towards its adoption.

10. Marc Kenigsberg

Marc Keningsberg is the creator of the podcast ‘The Conversation’ which tells everything about Blockchain and the effect of it in everyday life when used. He believes that the best thing about cryptocurrency is the blockchain technology.

The founder of BitcoinChasers.com has analyzed the potential of cryptocurrency from all possible perspectives. He explains the meaning and significance of the combination of bitcoin and blockchain and the purpose of it.

He believes that the world is still in the stage of technological infancy and therefore most people fail to admit that Bitcoin is just the key mainstream manifestation that signifies its potential.

11. Adam B. Levine

Adam is the CEO at Tokenly at present and is also the founder of Let’s Talk Bitcoin. He believes that when the value of the crypto assets move upwards the skeptics will start to believe its potential and future prospects.

However, he believes that making the public adopt it is the trick to make it successful. He says that it is only when more and more people accept it the ‘money’ value of this currency will go up significantly.

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He opines that it is high time that people start receiving and spending crypto coins in their daily lives.

12. Rick Falkvinge

A world renowned entrepreneur as well as the founder of the Swedish Pirate Party, Rick Falkvinge, forecasted way back that Bitcoin along with all other forms of cryptocurrencies will do to the conventional banks what email has done to the postal industry.

He believes that the crypto assets will very soon change the way people use money today.

13. Bill Gates

Not needing any further introduction, Bill Gates is a prominent name in the world of business. He believes that these digital currencies are the most significant ‘Technological tour de force.’

He says that the future of this technology is very bright and it has the potential to become a part of everyday transactions which will not need any intermediaries.

14. Richard Branson

Richard Branson thinks that cryptocurrency has already started to show signs of disrupting the economy.

It allows faster and safer transactions and it has allowed several people to make millions by trading bitcoin.

However, this is highly volatile but its volatility also lets people make more money.

The big industry around crypto coins is a good one to invest in, feels this English-born investor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist.

And yes, he himself is not working on the acquisition of an Atlanta based Bitcoin startup, BitPay.

15. Eric Schmidt

Eric Schmit feels that the success of cryptocurrency is an amazing achievement of cryptography. He also feels that there will be a lot of investors, traders, and individuals who will build their business on and with it.

The ex-CEO of Google and executive chairman may not be a crypto maximalist and not very positive about the future of cryptocurrency, but praises the blockchain technology that makes it work so efficiently.

He feels that the best part of it is the fact that it comes with an ability to create blocks that cannot be duplicated. This provides cryptocurrencies enormous value.

16. Peter Thiel

Talking on the objective of PayPal to create a new currency which failed, the author of ‘Zero to One’ and the co-founder of Paypal, said that it instead produced an entirely new system to make payments.

However, he feels that Bitcoin has done what PayPal could not – it created a new currency – but still needs some improvements to create the best payment system.

It is, with all its benefits and bright prospects, very hard to use, which is the main challenge that it should overcome.

However, he is quite optimistic about this digital asset because it has shown a lot of notable signs for its mainstream adoption.

He feels that after that it will be easier to use with a much better payment system than what it offers today.

17. Julian Assange

If you know about Wikileaks, you will surely know Julian Assange. However, Bitcoin made him so popular, indirectly.

In fact, Wikileaks would not have been as big as it is today if Bitcoin was not there. During the turmoil it was very hard for the company to survive since all traditional banks and credit card companies blocked its payments.

It is then the company started to accept donations in Bitcoin. This helped it to pull through. Therefore, Julian Assange has a soft corner and speaks in volumes about cryptocurrency and its bright future.

18. Andreas Antonopoulos

You will hardly get a better and more popular bitcoin and crypto educator than Andreas Antonopoulos in the industry.

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His thoughts and opinions have played the most significant part in the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies.

He sees bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as a form of programmable money because it works on a complex blockchain technology.

He also feels that this technology has made crypto transactions much safer with better surveillance than surveillance since it looks at it from the inside and not superficially from the above.

With the assurance of a better safety while making transactions and more anonymity, this currency is sure to stay and make it big in a few years down the lane.

19. Michael Marquardt

Known to be one of the most renowned and successful investors in the crypto space, Michael Marquardt, believes that people will start accepting Bitcoin pretty soon and it will be used on a large scale, just as the other forms of this digital asset.

He feels that new services will be emerging soon and constantly which will help significantly in the adoption of cryptocurrency.

In true sense and with all the useful features and properties of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, it will soon become the most reliable and most widely used currency of the Internet.

However, there is one point of concern according to him. It is that the governments may slow down things significantly by making crypto exchange and trading more difficult seeing the reaction of people and also due to the fact that they cannot destroy Bitcoin.

20. Patrick Young

Patrick is another successful crypto investor who believes that the future of money is cryptocurrency and the future of finance is P2P.

In such a situation, he feels that governments are wasting hundreds and hundreds of trillions of dollars in bailing out banks which in today’s scenario is an outmoded and decaying solution.

Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrencies will be the alternative currencies which will work in a much different way as compared to the traditional banks and other financial institutions.

Based on a unique blockchain technology transactions can be made across the globe much faster and in a much safer manner.

21. David Kahn

Earning a handsome amount consistently from his crypto investments, David Kahn gives all the credit to the features of cryptocurrency.

He also showers praise for those amateurs of cryptology who created this currency as well as the professionals who are involved in creating this wonderful digital asset.

These professionals have made the best use of their crypto analytic proficiency to eliminate the minor and major issues that were there in the system.

All these useful features and unique attributes have helped crypto tokens to become the future of money and work as efficiently as fiat currency, if not replace it entirely.


Most prominent investors and traders praise cryptocurrencies for its potential and encourage others to adopt it with their quotes.

Follow them to know about the positives and make future decisions to enter the crypto market based on it.