Why is It Difficult to Understand Crypto Millionaires?

Why is it difficult to understand crypto millionaires? The blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies have brought this world into a decentralized age and it is changing thick and fast.

Most importantly, both these have resulted in an extensive reinvention of the financial world and the mechanisms that run it.

It is expected that, down the lane both blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies will give power to both the people as well as the governments.

It will make the people more powerful enabling them to earn millions from crypto.

When all is said, considered, and done, cryptocurrencies will create a more democratic and a fairer space in which people can trade more confidently, efficiently, easily, and freely.

And, it is those crypto Bitcoin millionaires that will make this happen, believe it or not.

Bitcoin, right from its inception, has created a buzz all over the world and with its great potential for growth has turned several investors into millionaires.

However, they and their activities seem to be very difficult to understand.

Those who are successful in making a million or more say that they simply got ‘lucky’ and those who didn’t and are still craving to be one say that they simply could not earn it.

If you are wondering why they react so weirdly even if the entire world knows about their wealth (crypto accounts are maintained in a public ledger remember), you are in the right place.

This article will tell you all about their thoughts as well as the reasons for the weird behavior of these key players in the crypto industry.

Therefore, read on.

Why is It Difficult to Understand the Crypto Millionaires?

Why is It Difficult to Understand the Crypto Millionaires

Ideally, the crypto millionaires are difficult to understand primarily because those who try to understand them typically possess a few wrong conceptions regarding them in the first place.

Most people believe that the current crypto millionaires were opportunistic and they made it big from the opportunities offered by the new ICOs or Initial Coin Offerings.

They also believe that these millionaires were the lucky ones to have the required money in hand to invest in these ICOs.

However, on the contrary, the truth is that they are the true believers of the potential of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

They are the early adopters of Bitcoin and were also the ones who had the ability to solve complex mathematical problems while mining these coins.

It is this ability of theirs which is not found in any and every human that turned them into crypto millionaires with some of them being crypto multimillionaires and billionaires as well.

However, it is true that these crypto millionaires and billionaires do not talk about money when they meet or boast about their wealth or even talk about the changes in prices of crypto coins.

At the most, they may talk about how they purchased these coins and how it paid off over time and that too in conferences, interviews, and blockchain or crypto tutorials.

In general, these crypto millionaires talk about how exactly they can focus more on carrying on the movement unleashed by Satoshi Nakomoto by introducing the Bitcoin whitepaper to the world way back in 2009.

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They are ideally more committed towards economic freedom along with individual empowerment but with privacy.

These crypto millionaires mostly stay out of the touch of the general public and mingle with only those people who are hell bound to pursue their projects irrespective of the price of Bitcoin being $1 or $100,000.

In short, these crypto millionaires know that everyone knows that they have already accumulated a huge amount of crypto and there is no reason to talk about it which would sound more like boasting about their achievements.

That is why they are so difficult to understand and therefore, most people are not able to know their actual stories.

Most of these current crypto millionaires went through the darkest of times and have had their respective shares of sufferings.

These were the years when Bitcoin and other crypto coins were not accepted as openly as it is done today and there were lots of scams, thefts, and hacks then because the technology itself was new.

All these stories are intense, especially during the period of 2014 and 2015.

The situation then and after were so grim that there were several community webcasts on preventing suicide frenzy among people after Mt. Gox was hacked and crypto worth millions of dollars were stolen!

Others who tried to keep their family and them afloat drove close to 30 hours every week for Lyft and a few ran from pillars to post simply to keep their businesses from being shut down.

In other words, every current crypto millionaire hustled at that time, and big time.

Therefore, things did not come to them easy or just dropped onto their lap as most people believe.

On the contrary, they were successful with their objective only because they strongly believed in their missions.

This was that blockchain technology that enables the transfer of money from one peer to another without the need of any intermediaries was something needed by the entire world now.

Their perseverance paid off and they considered it to be their duty to bring this change into the world.

And, they still consider it to be their responsibility.

They believe that they were doing just their job and in the course of fulfilling their duty they made some money along the way which they consider to be a nice incentive for their efforts.

However, that was not their primary goal then, and never will be.

You will surely find most of the crypto millionaires say that it is a nice thing that they did not have to and will not have to worry about making money because, it simply happens.

However, you should make no mistake about it. These people at the core were and are in support for a movement with a plan.

Change in Movement

There is a change between the movement of the crypto millionaires then and now with a lot of resources available now.

This is another reason that the common people have a misconception about them.

Even just a couple of years ago, that movement had a lot of passion and energy, but only those and nothing else.

On the flip side, now the movement has energy, passion, and, most importantly, money, and a whole lot of money at it.

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It is this third element in the movement available now that is more important.

It has now helped the passionate believers of crypto and blockchain to drive their movement further and much faster than ever before.

Whether it is a six figure or a nine figure crypto-wealth entrepreneur, all are now putting in more and more capital to buy more crypto and/or existing companies and startups that are involved with blockchain projects.

This is the movement noticed all over the world as of now.

Moreover, remarkable technological development in the last few years has also enabled them to exploit talent from anyone from anywhere in the world.

The primary objective of such a drive among these passionate believers of crypto and blockchain is to speed up the revolution towards crypto.

In addition to that, they also want to introduce the new and more innovative blockchain technology within the current financial infrastructure and mechanism by leveraging some of the best talents available in the world to do it.

Now, the crypto millionaires and entrepreneurs are more organized and have the entire act together as opposed to their disoriented approach and behavior within the existing financial institutions before.

With such organized and an altered movement, it is easy for them now to endorse crypto via world-class marketing.

Technological developments, on the other hand, provide a higher level of user experiences and security that eliminates chances of threats and abuses.

And, most importantly, these passionate believers have been able to penetrate into the external defenses of the current financial world order with the help of all this money. And this has started to show faster and better results, as desired.

It is Personal

Another reason that you will find it pretty hard to understand the crypto millionaires is that the entire process of investing and gaining profits is extremely personal.

This is not only because the blockchain technology does not reveal the identity of the account holders but also due to the fact that these passionate believers and missionaries will never try to go out and let the current order turn turtle simply out of greed.

On the contrary, these millionaires are highly committed to energizing billions of people and liberating them from the present financial system that they consider to be oppressive, slow, irresponsible, and short on privacy.

What will strike you the most is that such a behavior of the crypto millionaires is not restricted to the peripheries of any specific geo location.

In fact, it can be seen among all of the crypto millionaires that exist all over the world.

Also, they find that saving their money and creating wealth in the form of Bitcoin and other crypto coins is much better than using the traditional fiat money having faith in the traditional banks and governments.

For example, the Argentines have been cheated twice out of their life savings by the government.

And then there are lots of other people who have been affected either directly or indirectly by the infamous financial crisis that happened in 2008.

Therefore, the hatred of people towards the big central banks and their governments is quite palpable.

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They even go on to say that the Wall Street also acted irresponsibly during the times of financial crisis and have destroyed the economy and people of several countries.

There are lots of people who fail to comprehend Satoshi Nakamoto rooted in the original block of the Bitcoin blockchain.

It has been embedded in the front page of the Times of London since January 3, 2009 and reads ‘Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks.’

However, every single crypto millionaire knows and realizes this fact and the significance of it is not lost and will never lose on them.

It is Just the Beginning

Just as the crypto millionaires are found to say that they have not even gotten started, there is no doubt about it.

Truly, the current movement as well as the urge to make millions out of crypto is just the beginning considering the current craze and situation.

The crypto millionaires feel that they will succeed in their ultimate goal because history shows that people with a specific agenda have always defeated people without one.

And, in the current scenario, this seems to be quite apropos well and truly.

It is not hard for you to see and feel that there is a paradigm shift of influence and power from the traditional financial systems that are based on trust of the people on these systems to an entirely new system and technology that is based on complex math and algorithms.

This is in accordance with the initial motto of cryptocurrencies which is, no rules and no leaders. It is only trust in the codes.

This code, however, is not just a simple code. It is in fact a pledge to the future and the crypto millionaires are the knights to ensure that the vision of Satoshi Nakamoto is pushed further forward successfully and eventually.

Therefore, it is not yet time to make any final decision on crypto and blockchain technology which has just started to warm up. And, it is certainly not crazy as most of the people believe.

With all this said about the crypto millionaires who are difficult to understand, it seems that there is no stopping them.

And since they cannot be stopped, you might as well join them because it is very hard to beat them in their movement and mission to endorse crypto and blockchain.


Most users who have made millions from crypto typically behave in a weird manner which you, as an average crypto investor, may find it difficult to realize no matter how hard you try to do so. Now, after reading this article you know why.