15 Best Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Stocks for Dividends

What are the best blockchain and cryptocurrency stocks for dividends? There are a few specific types of blockchain and cryptocurrency stocks that pay rewards to the investors which are more commonly referred to as dividends.

You can earn these dividends actively by taking part in a particular activity or passively as well by simply holding the crypto coins in a digital wallet.

However, do not mix these dividends with those offered by the traditional stocks. The traditional dividends are paid from the additional money that a company issuing those stocks generates.

On the other hand, crypto dividends are offered when you stake or hold your coins. Check out Best Real World Crypto Applications.

The rate of dividend offered for a specific crypto coin may vary and it may also be calculated on a daily or monthly basis. Add to that, these dividends rely heavily on the volume of trades made on a particular crypto exchange.

The dividends paid on blockchain or crypto stocks depend on several factors such as the number of crypto coins owned by you and the time for which you stake them in a digital wallet.

The total value of the crypto coins is also considered.

15 Best Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Stocks for Dividends

Best Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Stocks for Dividends

You can stake or hold your crypto coins or run a master node to make some smart passive income by earning dividends on them.

These are some of the excellent opportunities offered by the crypto space to the investors and crypto enthusiasts.

However, remember that the dividends you earn from crypto stocks will fetch a higher tax rate.

It is paramount that you find some of the best currencies to consider investing in to earn dividends because all of them may not offer a lucrative deal.

Here is a list of some of the most profitable cryptocurrency stocks to invest in and blockchains to consider for earning dividends.

1. Komodo – Leading P2P Decentralized Platform

This is one of the most popular crypto coins that come with a lot of features to ensure anonymity and a much better consensus system.

This specific digital currency is a part of SuperNET, a larger decentralized economy system.

The platform is one of the leading P2P decentralized platforms that enables atomic swap. This is called BarterDex.

KMD pays a decent amount of dividend for holding the currency in a digital wallet.

However, when you stake the coins, you will not have to keep the wallet open always just like other crypto coins but you can move it around on a yearly basis. The rate of dividend paid by KMD annually is 5%.

2. Ascendex – Unique Locking Feature

The native coin BTMX of this upcoming exchange Ascendex has a quite interesting feature.

You can use the crypto coin to earn a percentage of the income of this crypto exchange.

After you buy the coin, you can lock this coin up by using the locking feature and earn dividends in USDT. This dividend is calculated and paid on a daily basis.

However, you can withdraw the coins anytime within 24 hours and for that you should go to the ‘assets’ page and click on the ‘request for lock up’ tab.

3. KuCoin – Top of the Class

KuCoin is a blockchain asset exchange that belongs to the top of the class.

Launched in 2017, this comes with a better business model and has grown in popularity within only one year with a decisive and strategic marketing push.

The exchange also has a system of rewarding its holders just like other crypto exchanges such as Binance but their reward is a bit different from the other mechanisms.

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If you hold KuCoin shares, you are entitled to receive Kucoin Bonus, which is actually the dividend, and is paid daily.

The amount you receive is actually 50% of the transaction fees.

The best part of their rewarding mechanism is that the bonus amount will increase as and when the volume of trades as well as the amount of these crypto coins traded increases on the exchange.

4. NEO – Popular Chinese Ethereum Crypto Coin

NEO is a Chinese Ethereum which is a popular cryptocurrency and functions on the NEO blockchain.

The unique thing about it is that in addition to its native NEO currency, it also has another crypto token called GAS but was previously referred to as Antcoins or ANCs.

You can stake the currencies in your NEO wallet and earn a handsome dividend.

In spite of being a PoS crypto, the good thing about NEO is that you will not need to keep your wallet open always for staking your coins like you have to do when you use other PoS crypto coins.

However, there is one thing to keep in mind when you stake the GAS tokens.

You will need to choose the right type of wallet to use GAS and earn dividends from it because not all digital wallets will allow you to claim for it from here.

As of now, you can earn a return worth $44.5 for each Gas coin you stake. On the other hand, you can earn an annual return as high as 5.5% on the other coin.

5. Neblio – A New yet Promising Entrant

This is comparatively a new entrant on the crypto space. This particular blockchain platform can be used to develop dApps as well as smart contracts.

It can also be used to launch Initial Coin Offerings. This new platform comes with a lot of promise and is becoming a popular platform pretty fast due to its development roadmap.

Ideally, Neblio is a strong competitor of NEO, Ethereum, and Qtum but its blockchain is much better and therefore, experts and crypto critics think that it will carve its space fairly soon just as the Blockchain-as-a-Service platforms of the enterprise level.

The native token of this Proof of Stake blockchain is the ‘Nebl’ and you can stake them easily in the official digital wallet of Neblio.

On the other hand, you can also stake them via raspberry pi which will allow you to earn an annual return as high as 10% on your entire holdings.

6. PIVX – Uses Unique Zerocoin Protocol

The PIVX cryptocurrency is a unique Proof-of-Stake currency by itself. It uses a unique Zerocoin protocol that ensures a higher level of anonymity.

This PoS currency also comes with a staking model just like other similar cryptocurrencies.

You will earn quite a decent amount of money in return as a dividend on your PIVX coins that you stake or hold in a digital wallet.

Typically, the platform pays an annual return of nearly 4.8% on your coins held or staked.

The good thing about staking PIVX coins is that there is no cap imposed.

However, you must also keep in mind at this juncture that you will need to keep your digital wallet open at all times.

Moreover, you will also need to stay online for a specific amount of time so that you can claim your rewards for staking the coins.

7. NAV Coin – Comes with a Dual Blockchain

NAV Coin is unique in nature since it comes with a dual blockchain making it the first cryptocurrency to have so.

This feature facilitates private transactions and makes it a fully functional Proof of Stake cryptocurrency.

It has been in the crypto market space since 2014 and is built on the core mode of Bitcoin.

The other unique features of this cryptocurrency include its ability to complete a transaction fast, in fact in 30 seconds or so.

You may also avail its optional privacy feature making the best use of the dual blockchains as well as its PoS staking rewards system.

It will continue to add returns on your investment with no caps imposed on staking. This annual return may be as high as 5% on the coins that you stake or hold.

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8. Decred – Better Store Value

Decred is one of the best and most popular dividend paying crypto coins that has a much better store value.

This autonomous cryptocurrency was launched in 2016 and uses a mixture of Proof of Work and Proof of Stake consensus mechanisms.

This ensures enhanced security inside the network. When you hold and stake the Decred tokens you can earn an annual dividend of up to 30% on it as a reward.

You can buy this crypto coin from different crypto exchanges.

9. Reddcoin – Tipping Crypto for Social Media Networks

ReddCoin is a specific type of crypto coin that is designed to act as a tipping cryptocurrency for all social media networks.

When you use this coin you can tip any follower on social media for any type of contest that he or she is interested in.

Ideally, the holders of this coin can earn up to 5% in the form of dividends in a year.

10. VeChain – Allows Making Meta Transactions

VeChain will allow you to make Meta transactions. It operates much in the same way as NEO and Ethereum that allows creating smart contracts.

However, the difference in its operation is that the rewards or dividends are not paid to the holders in VET, its native token. Instead, VeChain uses the VTHOR coins to pay the dividends.

For every single VET coin you stake the platform offers a daily payout of 0.00042 VTHOR tokens. For the whole year, the rate of dividend offered by VeChain for each VET coin is 15.33%, paid in VTHOR tokens.

The good thing about this platform is that you can choose how exactly you want to receive this dividend. You can either get paid every second or on a monthly basis.

11. Coss Token – High Leverage

Coss.io ensures that you get a high 100x leverage for the coins you hold and stake. This decentralized exchange works much in the same way as KuCoin exchange and has been gaining popularity at a fast pace.

It shares half of the trading fees with the token holders to reward them but the significant difference from KuCoin is that the dividend is paid on the basis of how many coins you hold and the payment form will depend on how you paid the fees.

This means that if you pay the fees in BTC you will receive the dividend in BTC and in ETH if the fee was paid in ETH coins. All payments are made on every Monday.

Just as the abbreviation of COSS signifies, it is really a Crypto One Stop Solution.

You can use it for trading or as a digital wallet that supports a wider variety of crypto tokens. It is also a reliable platform for launching ICOs as well as promotional trading campaigns.

In addition to that, it is also a good platform to use as a market cap widget and as a fiat gateway.

12. Bibox Tokens – Trade Anytime from Any Place

Bibox Token is another Chinese exchange that generates more than one billion trades every day to make a significant impression in the crypto industry.

This exchange is quite popular and convenient to use and will allow you to trade from any place, anytime.

You can hold and stake the Bibox coins and receive dividends on it every week on a Friday. However, the rate of payout will depend entirely on the number of coins you hold.

The dividends are essentially paid in Ethereum tokens but to earn that you will first need to purchase these coins and then lock at least 500 BIX tokens on this exchange.

13. CME Group – Wide Variety of Options Offered

If you are looking for one of the best blockchain and crypto project stocks to invest in, consider CME group.

This is one of the largest and most popular exchanges for trading different financial instruments. It will offer a wide number of options as well as other derivatives contracts and futures.

This exchange also included trading Bitcoin in 2017 and by 2020 they expanded its service to futures contracts on Bitcoin. Since February 2021, it has also included futures on Ether.

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Using the best risk management tools that are compatible with most recognizable crypto coins of the world, you will be able to control your crypto portfolio well.

When you invest in CME stock, you will earn handsome returns on your investment to the tune of $0.85 for each share you hold for every quarter.

14. Mastercard – One of the Leaders in Digital Payments Industry

This is one of the most prominent names of the virtual duopoly after Visa. Both handle the global digital payments allowing users to make safe and secure digital transactions including cryptocurrency.

In 2019, the company entered into a new partnership with R3, a blockchain software firm. This partnership allowed making transactions across borders.

Add to that it has also partnered with different crypto firms and allows making payments through debit and credit cards.

The payment platform also allows the users to convert their crypto coins held into fiat currency which they can then use to purchase goods and services.

When you invest in their stock, you will be entitled to earn a dividend of $0.40 per share per quarter resulting in an annual yield of 0.5%.

15. IBM – Earn Steady Dividends

There has not been a notable increase in the price of the stock of IBM since the last decade and seeing the company started looking into better avenues to make the best use of this cloud computing age.

This includes the blockchain industry and technology.

Recently, it has partnered with major banks as well as different software startups to launch their Cryptocurrency Anchor.

This will help different organizations of the world to make the best use of blockchain during operations.

Having plans to spin off their legacy managed infrastructure business by the end of this year, this company is now focusing on blockchain technology, cloud computing, and other next-gen technologies.

You can earn steady dividends if you invest in the stocks of this company. Ideally, it paid $1.63 per share per quarter which comes to about 5.1% annually.

Proven Ways to Earn Dividends in Crypto

There are lots of different ways that you can follow to earn dividends on cryptocurrencies. However, these are the two most significant ways to make the best use of your crypto coins and earn dividends.

  • Staking – This is a process in which you hold back Proof of Stake coins in a compatible crypto exchange or in a special wallet. In the process, you contribute to the blockchain network. This is the method that is mainly used for those specific blockchains that use the Proof of Stake or PoS consensus system.
  • Holding – This process, just as the name signifies, involves buying crypto assets and retaining them in any digital wallet. This is a much easier way to earn dividends on your holdings. All you have to do is follow the market as well as the price fluctuations and wait for the right time to sell them off and earn more returns. Some of the best crypto coins to hold and earn dividends are Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

However, not all crypto currencies are good to hold or to stake. Your approach will differ from one specific crypto coin to another.

This is because each of these crypto coins have their own characteristic way of operation as well as rules and regulations to follow.


All of the blockchain stocks and cryptocurrencies mentioned in this list have a high potential to provide you with higher dividends whether you stake them or hold them. It is now up to you to conduct a bit more research and start investing.