Crypto vs Gold and Silver – 10 Differences & Which is Better

What are the differences between crypto vs gold and silver? You will need to compare the pros and cons, the ifs and buts, and other aspects of gold and silver versus crypto in order to make a choice between them to invest.

This article will help you significantly in that aspect with a detailed comparison between the three.

Recently, there has been a paradigm shift noticed, especially among the young generation, in the attitudes towards precious metals. Even the small time traders have now started to focus on metals like gold and silver.

This anomaly, if it can be called so, has gained traction over time and at the same time it has gained significant momentum. However, indulging in such an act without knowing about it in depth will be unwise.

Crypto vs Gold and Silver – 10 Differences

Crypto vs Gold and Silver

The sustainability of these precious metals has resulted in the craze among people to buy gold and silver in huge quantities. Check out Gold vs Crypto.

This trend is due to the opposition of crypto advancements on a global scale. Therefore, people are now buying bars and coins made of gold and silver by even selling off their crypto stocks.

If you want to follow the ongoing general encouragement and want to decide which among gold, silver, and crypto to choose, here is the list of differences between them that you should know first.

1. Value and Acceptance

The reason for the shift towards precious metals by the people who want to make an investment is mainly due to the stance taken by the regulators and governments all over the world against cryptocurrencies. People rely more on these precious metals because they will never go out of value.

On the other hand, the acceptance of cryptocurrencies on a mass scale and all over the world is yet to happen. Moreover, some countries voting for an all-out ban on cryptocurrencies are making people more apprehensive. Hence, they are reluctant to invest in it on a massive scale.

2. Ownership and Transaction

The government and other agencies controlled by the state such as the CDBC or Central Bank Digital Currency in the United States as well as the IRS have raised questions about the ownership and transactions of crypto coins.

This has made people even more apprehensive. They are of the opinion that it is not the right time yet to accept cryptocurrencies since further investigations are required in terms of its ownership status, tax implications and more.

In contrast, as far as the ownership and transaction of precious metals like gold and silver are concerned, it is very clear and transparent. It is easy to prove ownership while selling them to another party and the value can be determined easily which helps significantly in tax related matters.

3. Recent Sales Statistics

If you follow the recent sales statistics of crypto and precious metals, you will also have a fair idea. Recently, the crypto market is experiencing a sudden surge of selling off crypto assets among people.

These assets are sold in large numbers by some notable investors as well, such as Tesla. Tesla, in particular, sold off $272 million of its position.

This may have resulted in a partial recovery in the prices of the crypto but the fact that Bitcoin still is 17% below its latest high raises a lot of concerns about crypto investments among the people.

On the other hand, when it comes to gold and silver, neither recent nor previous statistics show a surge in selling off of these precious metals. In fact, whenever people get a chance, they buy and hoard gold in various forms knowing that its price will not have any significant downward movement.

4. Tax Ramifications

Any type of investment will have some significant tax implications and investing in gold and silver or crypto coins is not exempted from that. However, the concern is with the tax ramifications on the capital gains aspect.

The fact that there is an increase proposed in the tax rates on capital gains on long term investments up to 43% on earnings in excess of $1 million is a point of bother.

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Combined with that, the existing Medicare surtax on such earnings from investments will surely make people realize the tax extremes.

Accountants suggest investors to sell off their assets while the tax rate is still low in order to minimize the effect. This has put significant pressure on the investors in crypto coins as well as other investable assets.

However, such tax ramifications will not be seen when it comes to the investments made in gold and silver, suggests the experts.

This means that there is no harm in purchasing gold and silver and holding them for a long time. This is also another significant reason for people inclining towards investing in precious metals rather than in crypto assets as of now.

5. Viewpoint of Regulators

The differences in the point of view of the regulators on gold and silver and crypto also have a significant effect on the choice of the people. Typically, gold and silver are viewed as a collectible item by the IRS.

It is for this reason these precious metals are covered by different tax rates and rules. Though it is a complex math, the tax rates slated for such collectible remain at 28% even if the proposed hike up to 43% is made on the capital gains tax rate since it is linked with Medicare surtax before adding state tax.

However, such benefits in tax are not offered when it comes to crypto assets and therefore the appeal of it among the people is seemingly reducing in comparison to the precious metals.

Therefore, these assets are not good enough to keep for a long time since there will be a significant effect of the ongoing taxation on them.

Each time you make a crypto purchase or exchange these digital currencies for a product, service, or any other digital currency, it will be considered as a sale by the IRS.

The IRS has formed a new bench recently to identify unreported crypto transactions made by individuals. This bench works directly with the crypto exchanges.

6. Lack of Proper Accounting

Perhaps, the most significant difference between crypto and gold and silver is in the way of accounting. When it comes to crypto trading and investing, the onus is on the traders and investors to keep a proper account of all the transactions made.

This is because most of the crypto exchanges do not offer a tax report or any accounting details of the transactions made throughout the year.

This makes it less enthralling among the traders and investors since they have to do it all by themselves to meet the requirements mentioned in the 1099 form so that they can avoid the glare of the IRS on unreported transactions and its consequences.

However, while dealing with gold and silver, there is no chance of making any unreported transaction since every bit of it is properly maintained, recorded and accounted for.

This means that there is no chance of additional taxes estimated and levied on it since all the necessary information is provided regarding every transaction.

This is quite helpful for the frequent traders and users, even if they are not extremely diligent in accounting which is an essential aspect in crypto trading. Therefore, in gold and silver there is no chance of the estimated levies getting expensive fast.

7. Stability

When it comes to stability, gold is supposed to be as solid as the bedrock and silver as the next lower strata. This is officially as well as unofficially accepted in the financial system.

It is due to this reason that the governments and central banks all over the world own tens of thousands of tons of gold.  This means that the banks and governments do seriously believe that the value of it will not go down.

And, for the best interests of them, they will not let it go down either. Moreover, there is little or no chance of tax avoidance or lack of accountability when it comes to gold and silver.

When it comes to crypto assets, it is far from being a stable investment. The market, as is known by all, is extremely volatile which makes it difficult for the traders, investors as well as the day to day users quite difficult to judge the price movements.

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Even if they use different tools, apps, and software programs for it, it is not 100% accurate. Just as gold mining magnate Frank Giustra mentioned in a recent debate with Bitcoin advocate Michael Saylor moderated by Daniela Cambone, the risks involved with crypto investments are often less discussed, especially from the regulatory perspective.

8. The Regulatory Environment

One significant thing that the crypto space lacks is in the regulatory environment. This epitomizes its risks.

Therefore, industry critics and market experts think that it is high time that the governments all over the world should now take a look into the regulation aspect of cryptocurrencies just as it has for other currencies as well as its means of exchange.

However, the American intelligence agencies have recently started to focus more on the crypto space and have also developed newer protocols for it.

In contrast, the regulatory environment regarding these precious metals is stricter and more favorable to take it forward by miles in comparison to cryptocurrencies.

There are no identity issues or crises of these precious metals due to the developed protocols in place making gold and silver more favored for making an investment.

9. Energy and Expense

When it comes to cryptocurrencies, you may not know the exact origins of Bitcoin and other crypto coins but what you know for sure is the fact that it needs a lot of energy and expense to mine these coins. In addition to that, you will also need a solid internet security to trade and maintain these digital currencies online.

On the other hand, it does take a considerable amount of energy and expense to mine the precious metals like gold and silver but when it is extracted, refined and produced, it does not require any further energy or expense to maintain them.

In fact, with no maintenance the value of these precious metals keep on increasing at a much higher scale in comparison to the value of the crypto coins.

10. Purchasing Power

When it comes to the purchasing power and protecting it, there is no better asset than precious metals like gold and silver. The purchasing power of gold and silver will not reduce even if it lies idle in a vault or a box, untaxed and unplugged.

This unique type of simplicity of gold and silver makes them more affordable and advantageous for the owners. In fact, silver being a good conductor of electricity, the owners of it may become the primary beneficiaries pretty soon, ironically, of the crypto movement, including CBDC.

As for the cryptocurrencies, the market is extremely volatile and the price movements are affected largely and notably by the internal as well as the external factors.

As a result, it is very difficult, if not impossible, to determine the price variations and the purchasing power of these digital assets. It is mainly based on speculation, which is seemingly nonexistent when it comes to gold and silver.

Which is the Right Order to Invest in?

In order to select the right order to follow while investing in gold, silver, and crypto, you will need to first know about crypto conditioning and other allied aspects.

This includes learning about the creation and application of digital wealth, the trends followed, the market, the price appreciation and prospects, and finally what will last longer.

Take a look at the past decade and you will see that there was an explosion in the number of digital cryptocurrencies that came into the market.

The price appreciation of the crypto assets in the early stage combined with the media hype alerted and even conditioned the people for a digital adoption in the mass scale.

This means that given the adoption and financial bubble, the price potential of the crypto assets will surely grow further over time. However, along with it, you can also expect crypto mouse traps to come off the coding assembly procession, much akin to other evolving technologies.

Though it is a fact that decentralized Distributed Ledger Technologies or DLT and new blockchain will liberalize payment settlements, finance, escrow, trading, voting, currency creation, and other aspects potentially, the crypto price manias will still remain.

Also, the hierarchical human nature in opposition to decentralization will potentially disintermediate several dominated markets.

However, as of now, the increasing energy usage for crypto processing and mining alone seems to be highly unsustainable.

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The scalability for use is underwhelming as a daily currency for payment which is dwarfed by payment gateways like VISA and PayPal in terms of transaction per second abilities as well as the fact that it is taxed just like any asset that produces capital gains.

As of now, the explosive rise in prices of the crypto assets seems to be the result of fear, greed, price chasing, increased adoption, volatility chasing by the highly leveraged FX traders, and unregulated frauds in exchange trading.

It will not be long when the crypto market will not be able to endure all these.

There are several questions arising in the minds of the people already regarding crypto assets which includes who issues them and how, who earns the profits, who controls them, how reliable they are, and what is their track record.

Therefore, cryptocurrencies can be compared with flowers, which look beautiful when they bud and bloom but are sure to fade away and fall eventually. It is not important whether crypto allows you to buy goods and services privately.

What is more important is the movement towards additional digitalization, complete tracking ability of the currency and expedition of the payment methods.

Comparing the market cap of each, crypto has a total market cap of $750 billion, physical gold accounts for nearly $8 trillion, and silver bullion supplies are estimated at around $70 billion in total market value.

And, if you want to know about the stock markets it is $73 trillion in market value. These are all 2018 figures. As of now, the gold market is more than 11 times that of the crypto market which itself is 42 times bigger than silver.

This shows that, considering the one quadrillion sized US financial system, the total crypto market is valued less than 1/1,333 part of it.

However, people still favor silver much more than crypto and gold because 1333 ounces of silver can be bought for the price of 1 Bitcoin. This is perhaps the cheapest asset in the world which is still sold below its production price.

This is considered to be a good bargain that will provide much higher returns on their investments. Silver, as you may know, has been suppressed for long below resistance but it will have a parabolic run when it frees from it.

The most significant reason to invest in silver rather than gold or crypto coins perhaps is that giants like JP Morgan own the biggest amount of physical silver in the entire world.

According to the April 2018 COT report, they hold 145 million ounces of silver. It is therefore quite natural that they will start their own blockchain and rule the price of such precious metals. And yes, for your information, JPM has also started building Ethereum based blockchain for gold bars.

Therefore, if you want to get handsome returns, consider investing in silver because if you look at the charts you will see that you can buy more silver for the price of gold.

In fact, silver will provide you with 3 to 5 times more percentage profits than gold. However, patience is the key here.

Based on all these facts and findings, your investment portfolio should ideally include 35% gold and 65% silver.

You may include a certain percentage of crypto in it as of now, if you really have to do so, but make sure that you keep a close watch on the crypto market to avoid incurring irrecoverable losses.


Now that you know about the differences between crypto and gold and silver, it will be easy for you to decide which to invest in. Ideally, according to experts, it should be silver, gold, and crypto, in that order, but it is all your own judgment.