Popular Crypto Mining Calculators – Why to Use Them?

What are the most popular crypto mining calculators? One of the most popular and perhaps the most productive ways to earn more crypto coins is through crypto mining.

In fact, crypto mining has always been the most favored method among the crypto users since the early days of Bitcoin.

However, back then it was considered to be just a hobby of the rich people.

Therefore, at that time, the profit factor was not a major factor in crypto mining because it could be done by a home desktop computer.

But slowly over time others also took fancy and more and more people got involved in crypto mining.

Gradually, over time, crypto mining became extremely competitive and a costly affair.

Unlike the earlier crypto days, now you will need sophisticated and dedicated crypto mining rigs that are costly, a lot of resources and computational power to earn new crypto through mining.

This huge initial investment and an equally high recurring cost in the form of electricity bills has made crypto earning less significant in terms of profits.

There are also other factors that contribute to it such as halving the rewards and mining difficulty when more participants take part and the production of new coins is fast.

All these factors call for ascertaining the profits made from crypto mining in order to stay productive and competitive.

The only way to do that is by using one of the many crypto mining calculators available out there in the market.

But, how to choose the right one needs some research which however can be made simpler when you read this article.

Why to Use Crypto Mining Calculators?

Crypto Mining Calculators

The best way to start any type of business is to create a detailed and accurate business plan.

It is only after that you should go on to buy the expensive machines required for the particular business, find a place to set up your factory and hire the employees.

The business plan will allow you to take all the expenses related to your particular business into account which will give you the full and a clear picture of the profits you can make from your specific venture.

The same is applicable in crypto mining as well.

There are several factors that influence the expenditure of crypto mining as well as its profitability such as:

  • The cost and type of the mining hardware
  • The efficiency of the mining equipment
  • The charge of the mining pool
  • The cost of electricity and
  • The hash rate.

You may come across several articles that may speak about the crypto coins that are considered to be more profitable.

However, you cannot say for sure that the particular crypto coin you choose from their list will be able to provide you with a significant amount of revenue.

This is because, sadly, these articles skip the very important expenditure part and therefore miners are often left with wrong profitability calculations.

This is where using a crypto mining calculator will be more useful.

But remember, you will need to provide accurate data to these calculators to calculate your income from crypto mining.

If you do not, the final outcome will not be exact.

At this point, it is also worthy to keep in mind that the crypto mining calculators usually do not take a few specific conditions into account such as:

  • Failure of the mining device
  • Blackouts or disrupted power supply
  • Device or accounts attacked by the hackers and
  • Issues with the internet connection.

The crypto mining calculators are one of the most valuable tools to use in order to determine the viability of the venture but these are only the starting point.

By using these calculators you will only know the possibilities of making profits and also the probable amount that you can make from crypto mining.

It is up to you to put in the additional effort to ensure that the crypto mining calculator calculates the profits accurately.

However, to get the best estimation of profits from crypto mining you will need to use one of the best calculators available.

Ideally, a good crypto mining calculator should allow you to check the prevailing exchange rate as well as the best market prices of the crypto coins additionally.

This will allow you to switch coins quickly, safely and profitably.

Here in this article you will get a general overview of some of the best crypto mining calculators.

It is advised that you do some additional research to find out more on a few specific crypto mining calculators and choose one to use among them.

Remember, using one of the best calculators may not be enough to count all the expenditures in the future.

Therefore, make sure that you stay abreast with what is new and available in the market and move with the times by following articles like this one.

So, with all these things necessary to do additionally just to know how much profits you can make through crypto mining you may tend to feel whether or not it is really worth this pain and use a crypto mining calculator.

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Well, as said earlier, it is good to use a crypto mining calculator because the crypto mining process is not as simple as it was before and the returns are sometimes insignificant.

If you use the calculator you will be able to know where you stand exactly and take your next moves accordingly.

Moreover, crypto mining is more competitive now and therefore you too need to stay absolutely competitive, especially if you are planning to go ahead with crypto mining on an industrial scale.

Now in such a situation if you do not know the chances of making profits there will be no point investing in such costly machines in the first place.

Therefore, the crypto mining calculator is a good and useful tool that you should use today.

This will add to your confidence and plan your future moves to get much better and more productive results.

Working Process

However, before jumping onto the types of crypto mining calculators to choose from, it is good to take a look at a few other aspects of it such as its working process.

Typically, a crypto mining calculator will make the calculations on whatever data you feed into it.

It relies heavily on the data input to calculate profitability. Therefore, the more data you feed into it the more accurate results will be produced by it.

Add to that, the crypto mining calculators also depend on the info regarding the type of crypto coin as well as various algorithms to work and provide relevant info to the miners about the profitability.

A few major information and data that you need to input into the crypto mining calculator includes:

  • The upfront cost of the mining equipment
  • The hash rate generated by the mining hardware
  • The amount of power consumed by the mining machine
  • The cost of electricity and
  • The pool fees if you are mining via a crypto mining pool.

A few specific crypto mining calculators such as the Bitcoin mining calculator may also come with some pre-filled information such as the current price of the coin, the mining difficulty, and the Bitcoin block reward.

The mining calculators will only populate the results once you have finished entering all the necessary info in the respective fields and hit on the ‘calculate’ icon.

You may choose the result to appear hourly, weekly, monthly, or yearly, depending on the type and features of the crypto mining calculator.

Some of the crypto mining calculators may come with a few info pre-filled in it but may also allow you to update and compare the current market values of crypto.

This is a very useful feature because crypto mining difficulty and price both can change very quickly which will affect your profitability.

However, this feature will offer the most accurate results provided you also adjust the other variables such as the change in the cost of electricity, if any.

At this point you should keep one particular thing in mind.

The crypto mining calculator will calculate the profitability without considering other allied expenses of crypto mining.

For example, the crypto mining equipment will produce a huge amount of heat which will call for investing in a proper and efficient cooling system.

This is not included in the cost factors but it will surely affect your crypto mining profitability amount as it will increase your cost of electricity.

Most Popular Crypto Mining Calculators 

Now that you know how important it is to use a crypto mining calculator, preferably the best one, and how it works, here are a few best available options in the market for you to choose from.

Crypto Compare – Ideal for Beginners

Crypto Compare is an excellent mining calculator designed by one of the major crypto data companies by the same name and is ideal for the beginners in crypto mining to use.

This crypto mining calculator comes with a user guide for the first-time miners.

The company as such is known to focus mostly on the crypto market but it also offers several useful tools for analyzing crypto mining such as the Crypto Compare mining calculator.

This calculator comes with a lot of useful features but it still stands out for its simple design and more accurate results.

For example, it can calculate profits both in monetary terms as well as in percentage.

This specific mining calculator supports a reasonably wide variety of crypto coins such as:

  • BTC
  • ETH
  • ETC
  • XMR
  • ZEC
  • DASH and
  • LTC.

The best thing about this crypto mining calculator is that it is convenient and simple to use just as most of the other mining calculators available in the market.

All you have to do is enter the data and the updated service results will pop up immediately.

The data you need to enter includes:

  • The hash rate
  • The power consumption
  • The electricity costs and
  • The mining pool fees.

You will get the profit results in your desired figures and you can see both daily and monthly profit results.

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WhatToMine – Intuitive and Simple to Use

If you are looking for a more vibrant crypto mining calculator then WhatToMine is the one you should go for.

This tool will calculate the profitability in crypto mining based on the type and efficiency of the mining hardware.

This crypto mining calculator supports both ASIC as well as GPU mining rigs and produces accurate results by analyzing several different data sources as well as the pre-filled information.

Using this crypto mining calculator you can ascertain the profitability and yield of a large number of coins including and not limited to:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Monero and many more.

In addition to that, the calculator will also keep you informed about the prevailing exchange rates of the crypto coins.

This crypto mining calculator is perhaps one of the simplest ones to use and is pretty intuitive which once again makes it a good one for the beginners in the crypto field to use. You can access this calculator easily since it is located in the homepage of the website.

Coinwarz – Offers Relevant Data and Mining Difficulty

Coinwarz is a popular crypto mining calculator that is also very simple to use.

The calculator supports different types of crypto coins and calculates the profitability of each with utmost accuracy.

All you need to do to use this mining calculator is:

  • Select the right algorithm
  • Select the electricity traffic
  • Feed in the hash rate and finally
  • Click the ‘calculate’ icon.

The best part of this crypto mining calculator is that when you feed in the required details it will not only produce the profitability in mining but will also provide other relevant data and the difficulty level along with it.

Add to that, the calculator also uses different other parameters to determine the exact number of days it will take to earn an amount equivalent to 1 BTC.

This crypto mining calculator is quite favored by the miners because it can determine the profitability in mining depending on the hardware used.

NiceHash – Leading Crypto Mining Calculator

This is one of the leading crypto mining calculators you will find in the market to use today.

Designed by NiceHash, one of the principal cloud mining service providers of today, this calculator is as useful as the platform itself.

As you may know this platform is one of the best ones to use for those miners who want to mine crypto coins without using any mining hardware.

The platform allows the users to buy or sell hash power.

When you have the required hash power, you can use their calculator to calculate the profitability in mining.

In order to use the calculator, all you have to do is:

  • Enter the details of the type of equipment you are using and
  • The electrical charge required for mining the specific crypto coin.

The best part of this crypto mining calculator is that it will allow you to choose a particular period for which you want to know the profitability.

Buy Bitcoin Worldwide – Additional Buying Guide Offered

Buy Bitcoin Worldwide is another important and popular crypto mining calculator available in the market that can be used even by the beginners in crypto mining.

Anyone can use it to reap the benefits of crypto mining because it produces accurate results that are very easy to interpret.

This mining calculator comes with several useful features that help in calculating mining profitability and at the same time it allows you to stay up to date with the Bitcoin prices that are ever-changing.

Therefore, you can expect to have the most accurate profitability ratings always and every time you use this calculator.

The best part of this crypto mining calculator is that it offers an additional guide on how to buy crypto coins.

J Blevins – Mining Cost and Market Conditions Forecast

J Blevins crypto mining calculator is a good one to use for those specific crypto miners who are interested in knowing two specific aspects apart from the profitability predicted by this calculator.

These are:

  • The mining costs and
  • The future market conditions.

The calculator can predict these aspects most accurately since it takes the constant changes in the mining difficulty into account while calculating at preset exchange rates.

However, the design of this mining calculator will allow you to key in the changes in the particular exchange rates as and when it happens.

The data used by this mining profitability calculator is obtained from reliable sources which is another reason for its ability to produce utmost accurate results.

There are a few notable features of this crypto mining calculator that makes it significantly different from the others.

Firstly, it provides the users with information on crypto which is a very useful thing for the beginners in crypto mining.

Secondly, you will be able to make detailed analysis and get accurate results by referring to the interactive charts available.

This will allow you to know the expected costs, the revenue and the profit.

CoinSmart – Intuitive Interface and User Guide

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As you may know that CoinSmart is one of the leading crypto exchanges that not only allows crypto trading and investment but also offers several tools to learn more about crypto trading and get all the necessary support.

One such tool is its crypto mining calculator.

This calculator is highly functional and useful for the miners that help them to be aware of their crypto mining profits. The best parts of this calculator are:

  • Its highly intuitive interface and
  • A user guide.

Both these features make this crypto mining calculator easy for the beginners in crypto mining to use.

Another useful feature of this calculator is that it will allow you to choose how detailed a report you want it to provide.

The design of this calculator will allow you to choose the period of profitability as well depending on your needs which can be either for a month or for a year.

Ideally, the calculator allows you to key in as many details as possible which will increase your chances to get more refined profitability results.

Alcula – Add Multiple Workers

The Alcula mining calculator will prove to be one of your best options if you want to use one that will provide simple, easy to interpret and accurate results regarding mining profitability.

This crypto mining calculator uses recent data as its primary variable to determine the profitability results.

However, the calculator also considers a few other minor variables such as:

  • The hardware costs
  • The fluctuations in rates
  • The changes in levels of mining difficulty and more.

This specific mining calculator is quite easy to use as well since it provides detailed instructions on how to use the tool along with a table that includes the definitions of a few complex words.

One of the most wonderful and useful features of this calculator is that it will allow you to add several workers if you work with a number of GPU miners.

Add to that, the design of the calculator will allow you to either stick to the default mining difficulty level or choose a level that you think is ideal for you.

MinerStat – Compare Coins with Multi Algorithm Pools

MinerStat is specifically an Ethereum mining calculator and is a popular one for Windows, Linux, and ASIC miners.

This calculator is very easy to use which makes it an ideal calculator for the beginners.

Add to that, it also provides the users with a wide array of instructions and guides that will help in using the calculator.

If you want to know the technicalities about the platform and have some questions regarding using it then you can refer to the FAQ section that will answer some of the most common questions.

The best trait of this crypto mining calculator is that it will allow you to compare different coins with several other pools with multiple algorithms.

2CryptoCalc – Shows Most Profitable Coins to Mine

2CryptoCalc is a mining calculator to be used by those crypto miners who are looking for a good and reliable alternative to the WhatToMine mining calculator.

This specific mining calculator comes with an intuitive and easy to use interface as well as several other options that make using this calculator a lot easier.

The 2CryptoCalc mining calculator supports as many as 26 different crypto coins including and not limited to:

  • XMR
  • ETH
  • ETC
  • BEAM
  • ZEN
  • ZEC
  • RVN
  • GRIN and lots more.

You will be able to see all those crypto coins that are most profitable to mine when you use this mining calculator. The best part of it is that this data is updated after every five minutes.

BitcoinWisdom – Different Customization Parameters

BitcoinWisdom, just as the name indicates, is a Bitcoin mining calculator but it is also able to make Litecoin mining profitability estimations.

The good thing about this calculator is that it comes with many different and useful customization parameters.

The design of the calculator will allow you to alter the inputs according to your needs and suitability based on the current mining difficulty levels.

Add to that, the calculator will also allow you to set the block rewards along with the exchange rates manually.

This calculator is very easy to use by anyone and will help one and all with the detailed results provided by it.


With the increase in crypto mining difficulty, you must use an efficient crypto mining calculator to find out your profitability.

Without ample knowledge it may be a bit tough to find the best one. However, the above list will help you a lot in that matter.