Crypto Millionaire Success Stories to Follow

Are there any good crypto millionaire success stories to follow? The world has experienced a crypto boom of late and has amazed people from all over the world and from all walks of life.

It has brought something valuable to life with its store of value and huge growth potential, albeit with some significant amount of risks in it.

People have made a lot of money, in fact millions from crypto, especially from Bitcoin.

This particular crypto coin never seems to be behind when anyone talks about crypto and therefore it is the fondest crypto coin to all investors and traders.

Crypto has had a very slow start but has now gained all the praises that it deserves from individuals and large organizations, helping the Finance sector to transform into an entirely new version.

It is all due to its exceptional ability to find huge success for itself.

And, none of its competitors are even close to it irrespective of the fact that it has yet to reach its full value and potential.

Even a small investment in Bitcoin can pay off big rewards.

If you want to know exactly how all of the successful crypto investors made such huge profits by investing in such a volatile asset, here are a few success stories of a few Bitcoin millionaires and billionaires.

It is needless to say that this list is not exhaustive and you may not have heard about most of them.

All these people have made huge bets on Bitcoin and therefore this article includes the success stories of the Bitcoin billionaires especially.

Are There Any Good Crypto Millionaire Success Stories to Follow?

Good Crypto Millionaire Success Stories
Kane Ellis

People who had the ability to foresee the potential of Bitcoin and knew the right ways to speculate its price made millions from the unregulated crypto marketplace where no governments or central banks are involved.

Quite naturally, like most of the people you too may be wondering, given its huge potential, how many people have really benefited from investing in this digital gold and became millionaires.

The answer is: there are many and their success stories are also increasing in number.

Here are a few of them, in no particular order, which will surely inspire you to try and become the next Bitcoin millionaire.

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss:

These twin brothers are considered to be the earliest Bitcoin investors and became the first ever Bitcoin millionaires.

They say that it is their immense trust in this innovative product and technology that has paid them such rich dividends.

Rachel Siegel:

She was a substitute teacher in public school in New York City who moved from a dark and small apartment in the Lower East Side to a spacious and upscale condo in the Caribbean that faces the ocean, courtesy her Bitcoin investments.

It started in 2017 when she was 29 and walked into an after-party of a crypto conference. Her investments were small but the profit yields were in low seven figures which made her a proud homeowner now.

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Kane Ellis:

A techie in his late teens and dropped out of high school, worked in IT in 2011 when he learned about mining crypto.

He set up his own computer to mine Bitcoin. Initially, he could mine only about 4 coins a day after his day job in a car dealership.

Now in his 30s, Kane is the co-owner of an online market for auto buyers and sellers called CarSwap.

What he did was very simple – holding on to his Bitcoin for a long term, which he says, longer the better.

Terrance Leonard:

A software engineer from the Naval Academy was interested in crypto right from the very beginning but could not do much because back then adequate information and awareness were lacking.

Therefore, he focused on gaining more knowledge about the crypto space to know the ins and outs of it.

Then he started with a $2,000 investment, and continued to do so. He has invested in smaller coins and his computer skills helped him to attain financial freedom and own a four-bedroom home in Washington DC.

Lea Thompson:

Another techie who turned into a crypto influencer first came to know about crypto when she met a friend who was a crypto miner.

After some time, she got hooked on to it being fascinated by the blockchain technology and started her side hustle.

She earned in crypto by writing blogs and also invested about $500 to $1,000 every month into Bitcoin and Ethereum.

At the rate Bitcoin and Ethereum has increased in value over the years to become the first two coins in the list of coins with highest market cap, her net worth has surely quadrupled in amount by now.

Tommy and James:

With the little money they had, they did not have any idea what to do with it and put in on a token of a decentralized exchange platform, ShibaSwap. Luckily for them, their holding swelled faster than they could comprehend.

Soon they had so much money that they did not know what to do with it.

With a little investment of $7,900 a couple of years back, today they have nearly $9 million in their wallet.

However, they warn others from putting everything on meme coins following their success story because it can be highly risky.

Cooper Turley:

Starting to invest in crypto just a couple of years ago, Turley bought both Bitcoin and Ethereum at a low price of around $2,000.

He did some ad hoc jobs and was in college then. Now it is worth a million and the major part of it came within the last two years.

The key to his success, he says, is continuing investing in Bitcoin and Ether when people were frantically selling them in 2017 at prices as low as $100.

He knew that it was speculative and risky but stuck to it and now he is a millionaire. In 2020 he also started investing in DeFi and now does one too many things related to crypto.

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But he says it is impossible to make big in crypto space unless people are cautious and wary about its volatility and the probability of losing the entire investment.

Roger Ver:

A Bitcoin advocate, one of the earliest investors in the coin and startups related to Bitcoin, Roger calls this coin ‘Bitcoin Jesus.’

This is because his early investments in the coin as well as other Bitcoin related projects have enabled him to make a huge fortune worth $520 million! Now he can afford to give some to charities.

Mr. Smith:

A mysterious Bitcoin millionaire, Mr. Smith does not want to be a darling of the paparazzi.

However, in an incognito interview given to Forbes he said that he was a college graduate and working as a Software Engineer in Silicon Valley sometime in 2008 when someone told him about Bitcoin.

He invested $3000 on this coin then and by the end of 2013 he found that he was already a millionaire! He gave up on his job and now travels around the world.

Erik Finman:

A 15-year old guy in 2012, Erik is now a startup owner. It is all due to his brave and bold decision to invest whatever money he received from his grandmother on Easter in Bitcoin.

In fact, it was just $1000 dollars of total investment. This amount became $100,000 unexpectedly in just 1 year when he was just 16.

Charlie Shrem:

He had both the money and the guts to invest quite a significant amount in Bitcoin just before the surge.

He also invested a lot of money in other assets along with it. And now, in total, his asset is worth $450 million!

Jeremy Gardner:

Understanding that Bitcoin is here to stay after thorough research, Jeremy started investing in this particular crypto coin.

He even collected them from his friends for cash. He understood that the possibilities are amazing and invested a couple of thousand dollars at first.

He saw the net worth simply double the amount invested in just a matter of a few days and at 25, he became a self-made millionaire.

He now is the co-founder of a three-storied building in San Francisco ironically named the Crypto Castle.

Daniel Crocker:

Daniel was wise enough to invest in Bitcoin in 2012 when he first heard about it from his colleagues in an IT company while talking about making some extra money with them.

He held these coins for 8 years, a move that paid him so well that he now owns a house using only a few of these coins.

Kristoffer Koch:

This is perhaps the most interesting story of all. Kristoffer forgot about the small number of Bitcoin he had mined for just $26 way back in 2009.

However, when he wanted to cash out just a fifth of his holding in 2013, he received $886,000!

It all happened out of curiosity which he showed when he was busy writing a thesis for his Masters’ in 2009 at his University in Norway.

This thesis was about encryption technology and he came to know about Bitcoin. Simply out of curiosity, he invested just $26 and bought 5,000 Bitcoin.

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This means that he became a millionaire by buying Bitcoin dirt cheap in 2009.

Su Zhu:

Su Zhu believed, and made others believe as well, that one can even trade crypto funds and make millions only if they understand crypto and are willing to learn more.

Su Zhu, along with his high school friend Kyle Davies, started a company literally from a kitchen table in their apartment in 2012.

Their company Three Arrows Capital started to make profits quickly, thanks to their previous trading experience for Credit Suisse.

Now, they are one of the biggest crypto trading funds in the world.

They also own DeFiance Capital, a company that invests in DeFi or Decentralized Finance businesses because they are sure that it will replace traditional finance very soon within this decade.

Today, their crypto portfolio is worth billions of dollars.

Peter Saddington:

Based in Atlanta, Peter heard about Bitcoin for the first time way back in 2011. He decided to invest in them which then cost less than $3 for each coin.

Today, Peter has earned more than 250,000% from his early investments.

Being a holder of a Bachelor’s degree in computer science as well as Master’s degrees, he had knowledge to understand that the technology and the codes are based entirely on math and algorithms that simply cannot be turned off.

This has given him the additional confidence to invest in Bitcoin.

Jered Kenna:

Finally, it is the story about a young millionaire, Jered Kenna. He started investing in Bitcoin pretty early.

In fact, he bought them for as low as $0.20 for each coin. After a couple of years, the value of the same coins increased up to $258 each and he sold them off to make a fortune which is worth about $30 million which would have even been much more than that if he did not lose almost $200,000 while formatting his flash drive!

All these stories are quite interesting and inspiring, isn’t it? However, there are a few aspects that are common in all of them which are confidence, trust, investing the right amount, and knowing the right time to sell your holdings off.

If you have these attributes in you no one can stop you from becoming a crypto millionaire soon.


You will not only have a lot of confidence in crypto investing but will also know how you can follow your dream to make it big in this crypto space when you follow the success stories of some of the millionaires mentioned in this article.