The Ultimate Crypto Gift Ideas and Guide

What are the ultimate crypto gift ideas? Cryptocurrency is quite popular these days, especially Bitcoin, as it always was. A majority of the people are onboard now and are fully engaged with crypto trading.

Those who are not, it is just a matter of time for them to get involved once cryptocurrency is adopted on a mass scale.

Cryptocurrency is not only good for trading but also to gift someone you love. You can select from a wide range of products to give someone during Christmas, birthday, or just being a fan of this incredible digital asset.

Surely, these gifts will be loved by a Bitcoin fan, and even if you gift these to someone who is not, rest assured, he or she will soon become one.

However, shopping for a crypto gift can be a bit tricky because. Check out Crypto Dollar Cost Averaging Strategy.

From crypto books and wallets to watches and unique tees, there are lots of different things you can think of gifting someone, which may make things a bit difficult.

It is for this reason this article entails some of the most unique crypto gift ideas.

Ultimate Crypto Gift Ideas and Guide

Ultimate Crypto Gift Ideas and Guide

This guide will help you to make the right choice for the right occasion.

Without any further ado, here is the list of crypto gifts, divided in different segments but not in particular order of popularity.

However, do not stick to the categorization. You can gift any item any time. Just make sure that it serves the purpose and is liked by the person whom you gift crypto with.

And, choosing one should be based on your affordability, though it is needless to say.

Gift Ideas for Crypto Lovers and Enthusiasts:

A Mining Rig – You can choose a beautifully designed yet useful crypto mining rig for someone who is actively involved in crypto trading and investing.

Just make sure it is easy to use especially if you gift it to someone who is technically not very savvy.

A Hardware Wallet – This is a good item to give to the crypto enthusiasts which will remind them of the saying ‘Not your keys, not your crypto.’

Make sure that it is useful for all levels of crypto fans and is portable, small, and can handle a lot of different crypto coins.

Coin Vouchers – These are great as a crypto gift for any crypto enthusiast, especially those who are involved in active crypto trading.

You can avail these crypto vouchers from many different websites. Choose a physical gift card to present to your friend or family member.

Off The Chain Subscription – You can also gift someone with a monthly or yearly subscription to newsletters, blogs, and other products online of some great personalities and prominent players in the crypto field.

Rest assured that the recipients will appreciate the fact that you want him or her to stay abreast with the most recent trends in blockchain and ahead of others.

Seed Storage – All crypto traders should store their seed phrases well. These are the set of words that you need to use to unlock your wallets.

Gift someone with a durable and lockable storage. Make sure it is fireproof. A few good companies design them to withstand heat up to 2500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Fireproof Document Bag – This is another good gift idea that will remind the receiver how important the crypto documents are.

A fireproof document bag is a cost effective gift that is also good for seed phrase security and can be safely stored in home safes.

USB Crypto Miners – The USB coin miners are also good to gift someone who is interested to learn about crypto mining.

Just check the various configurations, design and ability of the chips to handle algorithmic problem solving. This will allow the receiver to experiment with different mining setups for different coins.

Decentralized Land – This is a unique thing to gift someone. Buy a piece of land in the decentralized world, Decentraland, a digital game.

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This will allow them to earn more native tokens.  However, this gift will be best suited for gamers who are also interested in cryptocurrency.

Physical Bitcoin – These physical assets are fantastic gifts, though a novelty item and suitable for them who are by now familiar with Bitcoin.

It is also good for the new users since they can hold Bitcoins without requiring diving deep into the Bitcoin market or its technical jargon and complexities.

Crypto Art – Any art aficionado will love this gift. These come with intriguing designs but the primary focus is on the digital assets. This will not only decorate a space but will also show the love for cryptocurrency.

Premium Trading Membership – You can gift trading tools to people who are currently involved in crypto trading. This is a wonderful gift that will empower the receivers to make more productive crypto trading decisions.

You can choose one or many from the huge selection of such trading tools and choose a pro membership to gift the other person with.

Crypto Books – This is another good item to gift to someone hungry to gain more knowledge about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

You will find a lot of different books written on crypto written on this specific topic today. Choose the best one but make sure that the content in it does not go over the head of the receiver.

Online Crypto Courses Subscriptions – If you know that the person you want to gift is not a good reader of books or thinks it is an outdated way but still wants to learn more about cryptocurrency, you can gift him or her with an access to online crypto courses.

These crypto related courses are a good and popular source today to acquire knowledge and will help him or her to be knowledgeable about the changes of events and happenings in the fast-paced crypto world.

However, make sure that the course is relevant and useful for the person you give it to.

A Validator – This is a device that will help in live staking by exploring the huge potential and possibilities of this device.

Bought from reliable sources, this dedicated hardware item will allow the user to run their own autonomous money printer.

Just check the software and user interface so that it is easy to use even for a non-technical Etherean.

Axies – Based on a crypto game, Axie Infinity is quite popular and shows a lot of promise.

If you want to gift a gamer who is interested in playing this particular game then gifting cute, rare, and powerful Axies to use is an exceptional gift item.

You may even gift him or her with Terra, the tokenized land parcels recently launched by Axie Infinity. This is an interesting gift for hardcore crypto gamers.

Table Price Ticker – This is another good item to give to the active crypto traders and investors. The table price ticker will allow them to check the prices of coins which sometimes can be really tiring since they keep on changing every moment.

It is easy to set up with Wi-Fi and it will show the latest prices of coins from different online destinations as programmed. You will also get price tickers that will show different prices of different crypto assets in different colors.

This will add to its usefulness. Just check that the user interface is easy to use so that it turns out to be a decent and useful piece of gift for the receiver.

Crypto Gift Ideas for Christmas:

Cryptocurrency Sweater – You can choose one from a wonderful selection of sweaters to gift someone during Christmas.

This will not only protect from the chilling weather but will also show their love for crypto. However, these sweaters are best suited for a style party!

Crypto Kitties – These are virtual pets that can be traded as well. Based on Tamagotchi pets or Neko Atsume you can choose from a diverse range of kitties that will breed to build spawns with unique attributes based on blockchain.

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This is the latest and most quirky way to build up ether. These felines are quite popular in the crypto circuit, especially among the Ethereum network traffic.

Coffee Mugs and Coasters – These two things will be loved and well appreciated by the receivers who love to sip on their favorite  coffee while scrolling through different charts and trackers on their laptops.

These mugs and coasters come with different crypto logos of different crypto coins and companies, quotes, symbols, and even some popular slang!

Face Masks – After COVID-19, sales of masks have increased magnanimously and designers are finding new ways to motivate people to wear them because no one knows when this coronavirus will leave mankind behind.

One such way is designing crypto themed face masks. This is a more practical way to show the love for crypto as well as your concern for the society as well as your own health.

Therefore, gift one with a particular crypto logo design to your crypto loving friend.

Baby Onesies – These are the cutest little gifts that the crypto moms and dads can buy for their cute little kid.

These come with very catchy quotes and phrases that your kids may not understand right now, but others would surely appreciate.

This indeed is the cutest way to show your love of crypto coins and for your child.

Computer Gear – You can gift wrap a set of computer gear if you want to go through the expensive route to gift someone you love and who loves crypto trading and investing.

These crypto-ready set of computers come with all the necessary specs and hardware along with a few compulsory accessories to start crypto trading.

The pack may include a computer monitor and a hard drive with lots of storage space. You may even include a cell phone that will help the users in SMS porting, 2FA access or during email verification.

Items of Luxury – If you want more expensive items to gift with, you can choose to gift Rolexes and luxury sports cars as well and pay for them anonymously using crypto coins.

Event Ticket – You can also gift a ticket to someone who is interested in cryptocurrency.

There are several good events held all year round where prominent speakers share their thoughts and experience on crypto, blockchain technology and even smart contracts. It is a good way to be entertained and knowledgeable.

Shower Curtain – If you know someone who is obsessed with cryptocurrency and have everything in their homes that is related to crypto, you can gift them with a Bitcoin shower curtain this Christmas.

It will give a refreshing feeling to the space as well as the user of the space.

Glitter Phone Case – People today are obsessed with their mobile phones and look out for ways to make their devices look more expensive and attractive both.

What a good way there could be other than using a Bitcoin glitter phone case.

This will not only give a luxurious look to the smart phone but will also make it exciting to look at the Bitcoin glitters rising and falling, pretty much like that in the Bitcoin price charts tracked on the phone.

Crypto Christmas Tree Ornaments – Gift someone with crypto Christmas tree ornaments to add more color and variety in the decoration of it. This will surely add extra sparkle and will cheer up the mood in the holiday season.

Litecoin Christmas Journal – This hardcover journal from Litecoin is based on the holiday season so that you do not miss out on anything while holidaying.

You may jot down your personal wish list and Santa may even leave a bagful of LTC under the Christmas tree!

Wristwatch – This is a much better way to show off while you are rolling. Gift someone you love with such a watch and watch the style statement of the wearer.

There are lots of different models, features, and prices to choose from. And, if it is from a limited edition, you can also pamper yourself with one.

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Cufflinks – This is another good way to make a style statement and at the same time show the love for crypto currency. These cufflinks will make your tux look more exciting and show off your ‘billionaire’ personality.

The Bitcoin cufflinks are just perfect with its eye-catching logo and a saying, ‘Libertas, aequitas, veritas,’ (which means Freedom, Equity, Truth) that will add to the dressing sense of your techie friend.

Roller Coaster Mouse Pad – This particular gift item will remove the boredom of scrolling through the pages of the websites.

The cute and bold cartoon graphic will not stress the user even if they lose money as it will keep things light hearted enough.

Just make sure that the fabric of the mouse pad is good and it is quite large enough to allow easy movement of the mouse.

Crypto Gift Ideas for Holidays:

Crypto Fashion – Holidays are times when one travels or simply to show how fashionable one is. From hats to socks, from sweaters to jackets, from T-shirts to shoes, from Tote bags and now, masks – all featuring one or more crypto coins.

You can choose from a diverse range of options to show your crypto swag. Just make sure that the gift suits the style of the wearer.

Limited Edition Goods – Any limited edition good is well appreciated and if it is related to crypto in some way, there cannot be a better gift for a crypto and fashion fan.

Tokenized goods are much cooler. It can be a rare hoodie or coin-themed sweatpants that can be worn during a holiday trip. Check out for popular marketplaces that sell redeemable tokenized goods and see how the receiver appreciates your thought.

Swag Boxes – There are numerous types of swag boxes that you can gift someone with in this holiday season. These are usually stocking stuffers that come with some stickers, a pair of socks, and Ethereum playing cards.

Apart from that, you may also include tokenized coffee mugs and some money Lego hoodies, if you do not choose to gift a swag box alone.

Tailored Crypto Card – Sometimes, users cannot access their wallet or account when they are away from their computer or their mobile battery has gone low, especially while you are traveling. In such situations these personalized crypto cards will come really handy.

These cards come with the name of the account holder, the address of the wallet, and the QR code. These cards are unique and therefore will be loved by anyone who possesses them.

Holiday Cards – These are simple greeting cards that also double as a paper wallet. The user can use their currency of choice and if bought from reliable sources, the users can print out holiday-themed paper wallets on their own.

There are lots of such gift cards available to someone that can be redeemed at multiple outlets including Amazon, Starbucks, and other companies that accept crypto coins.

Free Flights and Trips – You can even gift someone with free flights and trips to surprise a Bitcoin beloved. This will be more appreciated than gifting any other gadget or gizmo. They will remember this experience for their entire life very fondly.


These special presents will be well appreciated by the crypto lovers, as well as those who know little about it. When you present them with one of the items mentioned in the list above, it will surely surprise as well as please them.