12 Best Ways to Keep up with Crypto World

What are the best ways to keep up with crypto world? It is essential for the beginners in crypto trading to be well acquainted with the developments, happenings, trends, and events in the crypto world.

This will help them to trade more confidently and conveniently.

Typically, the cryptocurrency industry is fast-paced and extremely volatile. Therefore, proper knowledge and staying up to date is very important to be a successful crypto trader.

If you are aware of the current happenings and the future possibilities, it will be much easier for you to overcome the fear, doubts and uncertainties involved in crypto trading.

It will also help you to be well-versed with the jargon, stories and the banter.

This article will tell you about all those ways that are the best ones to to stay up to date with the blockchain industry and its happenings. Follow the tips to make the most out of the crypto space.

12 Best Ways to Keep up with Crypto World

Best Ways to Keep up with Crypto World

Ideally, it is not very easy to be aware of all the what, where, and whys of things happening in the crypto space especially if you do not know exactly where to look up.

It is not enough to go through the crypto news sites to stay updated. In addition to that, you will also need to know the key indicators, several trading signals, analyze a lot of charts and graphs to get all the updates in real time and know all the time-sensitive data to trade successfully.

Here is what you should do.

1. Social Media

Since there is no better way to know more about cryptocurrencies other than listening to it straight from the horse’s mouth, you should follow the thought leaders in this crypto space.

You should also follow what the prominent players and speakers have to say about their success.

They are the ones who are worth listening to. Their opinions will be very valuable for you and help you to make correct investment decisions, fast.

And, what better a platform there can be other than social media to look up for such players and know more about the crypto industry.

Follow their twitter accounts or their comments on any other social media channel and be enlightened.

You can even aggregate the crypto coins that are most searched and come to know about the current trends based on some unique perspectives.

2. Forums

You should also follow the forums that discuss cryptocurrency primarily. One of the most popular and productive sites to follow is Reddit.

Read all the threads on it and know more about the crypto space and the current happenings here.

This will help you significantly to keep up with the fast pace of this volatile industry. Also, keep an eye on the subreddits on the topics of your interests.

3. News Sites

Well, to start with, listening to the news is the best way to stay updated about the crypto industry and its events.

There are lots of such news sites and even some mobile apps that will tell you about everything that you want to and should know.

However, do not just go for any and every crypto news site available on the internet.

Choose the best ones and also do some cross-checks to find out the authenticity and accuracy of the news and the reliability of the sources.

4. Coin Listing Sites

There are also a lot of websites that will allow you to know about the old and new coin listings.

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These sites will also help you to track all types of crypto coins and know about their popularity, activity rate, up-to-date statistics, information on the current market prices of the coins, trading volumes and market capitalization, all in one place.

This means that you will not only be able to know about all the coins much easily but will also be able to compare a number of crypto coins at once to choose the ones that are performing well.

However, check the features of the sites you choose so that comparing crypto is easier and faster and you do not have to sift through thousands of crypto coins.

5. Project Websites

Highly underrated and overlooked, going through the different project sites is also a very good way to stay up to date with the crypto world, especially for those who are new to this world.

If you follow some of the good crypto project websites which are user friendly and attractive, you will come to know all the relevant and useful features of a crypto project.

This will help you to create a well-defined and much smoother road map that will be easy to follow and keep up with the ever changing crypto space.

What is more, you will also find proper links of the official website of a specific crypto project which is a much safer way to go about rather than a Google search.

You can also connect to the social media channels and blogs related to the specific project to have a better understanding of the matters. This means you will be able to avoid those scam adverts.

6. Different Analytical Tools

You should also try out those numerous analytical tools available on the internet to know more about the crypto coins and their performance.

There are also several on-chain metrics available that, when analyzed properly, will help you to make a much better investment decision knowing everything about the specific crypto coin you want to trade with.

These are great options to know the latest data that covers every aspect and provides you with an idea about the future prospects of a particular crypto coin.

Since these tools come with all available data points and possible statistics, you will find it much easier to compare different crypto coins in terms of the number of new and active crypto addresses, the flow of the coins from the crypto miners to the exchanges, the actual percentage of coins that are profitable, and a lot of other in-depth analysis.

7. Block Explorers

Make the best use of the Block Explorers such as Blockchain.com, Etherscan, and others to know about what is happening exactly on the blockchain.

Although you will not have any in-depth analysis, these are good sites to go for if you want to know more about crypto.

With even the basic knowledge on blockchain provided by these sites, you will be able to know about everything that happens on the blockchains of some of the most popular crypto coins.

The best part is that you will be able to use these sites to find out and know more about any particular smart contract on the blockchain.

Using the Block explorers you will know how exactly ingenuousness and transparency is maintained by making all the transactions easily accessible for anyone.

In addition to that, you will also come to know about the legitimacy of a coin by using specific sites so that you do not end up buying worthless crypto coins dumped in the chain by the scammers.

8. Blogs

The blogs written by some of the big names in the crypto world will also help you a lot to stay updated about the crypto world.

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In these blogs are the free sources for you where the bloggers share their experience and thoughts almost on a daily basis.

By reading these blogs, you will come to know about the latest trends followed in the crypto as well as the larger financial markets.

Since these bloggers are professionals and successful traders, you will have loads of information to gather on every possible aspect, subject, and topic on the crypto industry and the market.

And, most importantly, you will be the first one to know about any major announcements in the crypto market from the blogs of these professionals.

Make sure that you choose the best blog platform to get the best insight about the latest and upcoming trends in the crypto space from some of the best, most knowledgeable and renowned people.

You will also find quite a few centralized crypto exchanges such as Binance and Gemini who have stepped into the blogging world. Choose these sites for a more in-depth knowledge about the crypto world.

9. Telegram Groups and Discord Server

You will also find a lot of information and insights if you connect to a Telegram Group or a Discord server.

Through these sources you will come to know everything about a particular crypto coin from the regular stream of insights and information provided by the reliable and reputable team behind a specific crypto project.

Information and insights are also provided by crypto enthusiasts, early adopters, as well as the large crypto community.

When you see that there is a professional and very responsive team operating a Discord group officially, you may consider that that particular project is legitimate.

This will also help you to gauge the interest of people in this particular project overall. Apart from that, this is also a very good way to determine the utility and prospects of a specific token.

Just like Twitter, Telegram and Discord are also very popular among the crypto community.

Therefore, through these sources you can interact with them as well as the team to either share your thoughts or ask any questions that may come across in your mind related to a specific crypto project.

It is also a good source to stay up to date with the latest news on crypto as well as the latest developments and announcements.

10. YouTube and Podcasts

YouTube channel now is not limited to movies, music and entertainment. There are lots of useful videos uploaded everyday that tell about different products and services, tools and gadgets and of course crypto coins and other financial assets.

Each video or episode will tell you a lot of crypto functions and operations, ways to buy and sell and stay away from the pitfalls of this highly volatile market.

Just like the YouTube videos, there are also several crypto podcasts made by some of the prominent players in this field.

These are the best sources to gather information about crypto that are time sensitive especially that are provided by some of the most insightful people in this world.

In these videos and podcasts you will come to know about the latest news, updates, and interviews. All your doubts regarding cryptocurrency will be clarified through the interactive questions and answers session.

11. Education

This may sound boring but educating yourself is the best possible way to know more about the crypto market. Investing in yourself is the best possible investment that you can make to be a successful crypto trader sooner or later.

In addition to reading a lot of books and surfing on the internet about crypto, you can also choose one of the best education platforms to enlist and get educated about blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

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These education platforms will provide you with a lot of extensive content and even offer specific courses on cryptocurrency and blockchain so that you can explore the wealth of it easily and stay amazed.

These platforms will teach you valuable things about this industry to enrich your knowledge, often for free.

You will know how to identify the risks and stay away from them, how to protect your crypto account from being hacked, and even know how the DeFi hedge funds can save you from incurring huge and irrecoverable losses.

Such an education platform will help you to hone your skills of crypto trade significantly and also learn the new skills to make a better trading decision and a profitable trade.

It will be much easier for you to make the most of the amazing opportunities offered by this volatile space so that you can fortify your path and build a much better future.

The best thing is that with your extensive knowledge you will be prepared to face the future even if it is uncertain.

With your education on blockchain revolution you can easily open new doors to success with or without any prior experience in this specific industry.

You will be able to expose yourself to several avenues and elements of the crypto industry with more dedication and commitment to build a career in this space by looking into things from all possible perspectives.

Your skills along with your knowledge will help you to stay ahead of the curve and make better crypto trading decisions.

12. Participation

Finally, there is no better way to learn about a game than participating in the game itself.

This way you will come to know about and at the same time will have first-hand experience on the different protocols, crypto exchanges, the different wallets, the trading strategies and more.

This will help you to know the best ways in which you can protect your asset and investment. You will also know about the current trends followed in the crypto market and how it comes and goes over time.

In addition to having a feel of the crypto market and how exactly it works, your active participation will also let you know about the new services and products that are currently available in crypto such as the debit cards, the Defi protocols, changes in the price of crypto coins and more.

The best way to participate in spite of being new to the crypto world is by doing so through a platform in the open beta phase.

Several such platforms offer their own testnet through a faucet which is actually free play-money. The primary objective behind it is to test the specific protocol to find out the flaws or bugs in it.

When you participate on testnet, you will be able to be a part of the community of that specific crypto project. In addition to that, you will also have an opportunity to participate in the game without any risk of losing your capital.


If you do not want to enlist yourself in one of the top blockchain academies, these are a few specific steps that will help you to stay ahead of the competition in the crypto market and keep away from getting wrecked.