10 Best Softwares for Crypto Research for Beginner Investors

What are the best softwares for crypto research for beginner investors? Since it came into existence in 2013, cryptocurrency has come a long way and has taken the world by storm with more than 4000 variants of it existing as of now.

Over the years it has grown in popularity and now it is being adopted by several countries and governments as a safer and convenient mode of payment.

However, just like anything else, you should take it by the words. It is prudent to do some research on cryptocurrency to know more about it instead of jumping into the bandwagon without sufficient knowledge.

This way you will not miss out the opportunities that this space has to offer.

The best way to gain more knowledge about cryptocurrencies is to use some of the best software that is specially designed for research in crypto investment.

Knowledge on crypto coins will raise your confidence in it and help you significantly in investing, especially if you are new into the crypto world.

In addition to that, your knowledge will also let you avoid the risks inherent in this field and analyze the best possible trading and investing strategies to follow.

You will also have all of the relevant and vital information on the crypto coins and the market space as well. Check out Best Crypto Tools to Use for Different Purposes.

Remember that these crypto research software will just refine your research but will not guarantee profits. These will simply and only help you to make better investment decisions.

10 Best Softwares for Crypto Research for Beginner Investors

Best Softwares for Crypto Research for Beginner Investors

The crypto research software is used by experienced investors who have been in the crypto space for years. Therefore, it is needless to say that these tools are vital for a beginner as well.

If you use the best crypto research tools, you will be able to stay ahead of the competition and gain more profit with your boosted confidence.

However, with so many such tools available out there, it may not be easy for you to choose the best ones amongst them, especially if you are a beginner. Here is the list of top ten crypto currency research tools for investors like you to follow.

1. Messari – Comes with a Unique Screener

Messari comes with a lot of useful tools that will help you to analyze different charts and other data that will help you to create a better crypto trading strategy.

This crypto data aggregator comes with a screener. This will help you to sort the coin along with all the relevant information for the specific crypto coin you want to invest in.

There are several customized filters that will help you to see the different metrics of different coins in a single window. This will make things easier for you.

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Using the screener you can see everything from the price of the coins to its different categories and from the liquid market cap to different trading volumes.

2. Glassnode – Offers Valuable Insights and Vital Metrics

Glassnode is one of the best crypto research tools for the beginners to use as it will offer them valuable insights about the crypto space and coins.

Along with that, this will also offer a lot of metrics that will help in analyzing different aspects of the market and crypto trading.

This on-chain platform will provide you with intelligence and all data that you need to know the current market trends and also the upcoming ones. It also offers unchain market indicators for different crypto coins.

You will get a lot of insights from the data provided by this research tool while analyzing the inflow and outflow of the crypto exchanges based on different crypto assets.

Offering free access to the platform, Glassnode will allow you to see the number of new and active addresses as well.

However, if you want to have more benefits, you will need to use its premium version.

3. LunarCrush – Know and Keep Up with the Social Trends

LunarCrush will help you to be aware of and keep up with the social media and know the trends from inside and outside.

This is one of the most dependable sources for the crypto community to know what is the hot topic discussed at present among the netizens.

Since social media can have a significant impact on any aspect of life and business, the crypto market and prices are not excluded from it. This research tool will enlighten you about the crypto ecosystem.

All facts and information regarding different cryptocurrencies are collected by this platform by using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

It gathers the statistical data from reliable sources such as Reddit and many more from Google search volume and includes in its reports.

It also includes different news, activities, events, link popularity, price of coins, and a host of other vital aspects on cryptocurrency and crypto market.

Making the best uses of the information provided by this free crypto research tool, you can make a data-driven and more confident crypto trading decision.

4. Coin Metrics – Offers Comprehensive Crypto Intelligence

If you want to have the most comprehensive crypto financial intelligence without missing an iota of anything that is going on in the crypto market, Coin Metrics is the right tool for you to use for research.

You will gain a lot of knowledge on cryptocurrencies through the market data, network data, different indices, and other technical and fundamental analysis tools offered by this platform.

You can make the most educated and informed crypto trading decisions having easy access to more than 100 different types of crypto assets and over 300 different useful metrics.

Another useful feature of this crypto research tool is that it will allow you to analyze most of the charts regarding crypto trading and investment which will let you identify and follow the most important and widely followed market trends, both current and upcoming.

The best trait of this research tool is that you can add all the relevant metrics to your own chart and once you are done doing it, you will be allowed to download the same in different extensions.

5. Santiment – Get Behavioral Reports and Set Alerts

The offerings of Santiment may be much similar to Glassnode but that does not mean this particular crypto research tool does not deserve a closer look. You will get to know everything that is going on in the crypto community over social media.

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You can make the best use of the on-chain and social media data on more than 1,500 cryptocurrencies.

This will enable you to foresee the price movements of a particular crypto coin that you want to invest in and make an educated decision whether or not you should go ahead with your endeavor.

One of the several good reasons for which you should use this specific crypto research tool is that along with the basic insights about the crypto market and crypto coins, it will also offer you behavioral reports.

These reports are very useful to stay , so you can stay ahead of developments that are in the offing.

However, the best feature of this crypto research tool is that it will allow you to set up alerts so that you do not miss out on any updates or the surge the particular coin you are after gets in social volume that Santiment want you to know.

6. CoinGecko – Biggest Data Aggregator

CoinGecko is one of the major data aggregators that you may not be quite familiar with.

However, when you use this crypto research tool, you will come to know about the prices of different types of cryptocurrencies by their market capitalization.

You will be able to see the price movements of over 7,800 crypto coins traded over more than 450 crypto exchanges along with their trading volume.

In addition to that, you will also have an in-depth analysis on different aspects of the crypto market when you use CoinGecko.

You will also be kept updated with all the events and happenings within the crypto community on social media with different useful statistics from Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and more.

These are some of the many useful features that this crypto research tool comes with.

There are lots of other features in CoinGecko that will help you to have a much broader overview on a specific crypto coin that you are interested in.

7. CoinMarketCal – Know All of the Upcoming Events

Since the crypto industry is a booming industry and a buzzing economy, you will need to know specifically about the price movements to make a proper investment decision.

Without knowing about the events in the crypto market this will not be possible. CoinMarketCal makes this impossible happen keeping proper tabs on these market events.

You can consider CoinMarketCal more as a crypto calendar than a crypto research tool.

This is because it will keep you updated with all the upcoming events in the crypto space that may affect the prices of the different crypto coins.

This tool uses different frameworks that are driven by the community and based on evidence.

The good thing about this platform is that it allows people to add crypto events and includes them in their report after proper verification.

If the events are real, they will get upvotes and if these are fake, they get downvotes.

The platform is also very easy to use. If you want to know the upcoming events regarding a specific crypto coin that will have an impact on its price, you simply have to click on it and a list of events will come up for a specific period.

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8. Coin Dance – All Sorts of Metrics  

You will get to know about all sorts of metrics and information regarding crypto coins when you use Coin Dance, a crypto research tool that is based on heavy data.

When you use this tool you will come to know the network nodes, harsh rates, transaction fees, mining insights and breakdown and block sizes.

The platform will also allow you to sort data of specific crypto coins by country. This will let you know about the adoption of that specific coin on a global scale.

Another good reason to use Coin Dance is that it will offer you several different useful statistics of the top level which includes the price history, market cap, search volume, blockchain, demographics and lots more.

The community-driven platform will allow you as well as other users to vote for determining the validity of the data or information that are provided by the crypto community.

9. CryptoMiso – Informs about the Developments of Crypto Projects

If you do not want to invest in a dead crypto project, you should not do it without knowing about the developments of that particular project.

This is because crypto coins are software protocols that need continuous development, maintenance, and improvement otherwise it will die eventually.

CrytpMiso will enable you to keep a tab on all the developments going around the crypto market as well as the different crypto projects.

It is a vital crypto research tool that will allow you to track each and every cryptocurrency one by one and very easily.

The tool ranks these coins based on the activities and the performance of them.

It will also let you know the number of commits done by a specific crypto project within a specific period of time. These rankings are done on the basis of the most popular repository.

10. Skew Analytics – Offers Data of Major Derivative Exchanges

Finally, it is Skew Analytics. If you want to know more about both crypto and the derivatives, this crypto research tool should be the one you should use.

This is one of the most popular and widely used data analytics tools that every beginner should rely on.

You will be able to get all those relevant information and data from most of the major derivative exchanges. This includes Binance, Bybit, FTX, and OKEx, all of these on one single screen.

You will also be able to access a lot of other useful data and information about crypto coins that will help you to make the most valuable and educated crypto investment decisions.


The crypto research tools are important for any investor, especially the beginners, to have better insights about the price movements of any crypto project.

Use some of these tools before you put your money into this volatile market space.