12 Best Places to Buy Bitcoin Anonymously – Pros & Cons

What are the best places to buy Bitcoin anonymously without verification? When you buy Bitcoin, or any other type of cryptocurrencies, you will generally need to go through a verification process conducted by the crypto exchanges.

These processes are quite strict, mandatory and notoriously slow. However, it is not impossible to make such transactions anonymously.

For that, you will first have to choose one of the best places to buy Bitcoins. Make sure that prior to that you should have a Bitcoin wallet because a few of these exchanges, if not all, will need you to have one to make a transaction.

However, at this point you should remember that such purchases may cost you about 5 to 10% extra.

There are quite a few P2P exchanges that will allow you to buy Bitcoins and other crypto coins without any ID proof or verification, but to a limited amount.

Apart from that, there are also quite a few DEX or Decentralized Exchanges that will let you do the same. However, the problem with these exchanges is that they will usually not support crypto and fiat trading pairs.

Therefore, research well and keep in mind that you should always choose a reputed platform. Higher the reputation is, the more trustable the seller will be.

12 Best Places to Buy Bitcoin Anonymously without Verification

best places to buy Bitcoin anonymously without verification

There are several cryptocurrency exchanges out there but most of them will need an ID proof to buy, sell, or trade these digital assets.

However, there are a few that will not ask for such proofs from you. Check out Best Crypto Tools to Use for Different Purposes.

If you do not want to spend time on finding them on your own and start trading immediately, here is a handpicked list of some of the best places to buy Bitcoin anonymously without any verification or ID proof.

Choose one that fits you the best.

1. LocalCryptos – Flexible Trading Terms and Conditions

Localcryptos is one of the most popular P2P marketplaces that will offer you more flexible terms and conditions for trading.

And of course you will need no ID proof. No wonder it has a large number of users in more than 15000 cities all over the world.

You can execute your transaction both online and offline.

The platform offers different payment options as well such as wire transfer, cash payments, PayPal, direct deposit to a bank account, or SEPA.

Working as an escrow manager, this platform allows you to have much better control of your non-custodial digital wallet as well as your funds.

The fees charged by this platform are quite affordable which is 0.75% for a buyer and 0.25% for a market maker.

2. CEX – Wider Currency Support

CEX is another good platform based in the USA that you should go for if you are looking for wider currency support.

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This is a registered exchange and therefore pretty safe and secure to deal with.

You will not need to provide any ID proof to them when buying crypto coins worth $100 a day.

The same limit is applicable when you use your credit or debit card while making a purchase.

The platform also supports a diverse range of payment methods such as SEPA, Skrill, Qiwi, FasterPayments, ACH, apart from credit and debit cards.

3. Bitsquare – Fully Decentralized Exchange

Commonly known as BISQ, this is another reliable platform to buy Bitcoins without any verification.

You will not even need your email ID, name or any other types of ID proof. It is a P2P marketplace for crypto assets and is totally decentralized right from placing an order to matching and executing it.

It uses the Tor chain which allows you to stay anonymous. The good thing about this is that they will not hold your coins or fiat currency neither in the account nor on their server.

Though it will allow low trading volumes, you will get support for 126 crypto coins including Bitcoins and use it on different platforms whether it is Windows, Linux or Mac.

4. Wall of Coins – Simplified Trading

Wall of Coins is mainly a cash-based system and is a good platform to buy Bitcoins without revealing your identity.

However, you will have to make a cash deposit in a bank account and when it is confirmed that you have made the deposit, the crypto coins are transferred into your wallet from their escrow account.

The transaction fees will however be fixed by the individual sellers. Wall of Coins as of now operates in a few countries such as Canada, USA, Germany, Brazil, Poland, Latvia, and the Philippines.

5. Changelly – Popular Exchange

Changelly is a reliable platform to buy Bitcoins without verification but there is a catch. You will need to sign up with them with your email ID.

However, there are no penalties if you use one with an alias. The best part of Changelly is that they charge a very competitive rate.

Moreover, you will also be able to view all of your transaction history so that you can keep a track on them.

However, in order to exchange for Bitcoins instantly without verification, you will need to have supporting Altcoins such as ETH, LTC, DASH, and others.

6. HodlHodl – Secure and Cheap

HodlHodl is a platform that acts as an escrow. You can make direct transactions through this platform and for that you do not need to go through the KYC process.

In addition to allowing you to trade safely without compromising on your privacy, this platform also eliminates the trading fees on a few specific situations.

This makes this platform a more viable option to trade. The platform has a multisig key and does not keep any records of the transactions or hold your crypto assets.

The key helps them to release the tokens to the buyer or seller in case there is a dispute.

7. ShapeShift – Buy with Credit Card

Shapeshift is a good and reliable platform to buy crypto coins with your credit card but without needing to go through a verification process.

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However, the only requirement of this platform is that you will have to deposit any variant of cryptocurrency to buy Bitcoins.

With its useful features, this platform is one of the best to go for those specific traders who want to trade one crypto coin against another.

8. Bitquick – Good Escrow System

Bitquick is another dependable platform to go for if you want to buy Bitcoins against cash deposits. You will need no verification or ID proof for that.

This platform has a robust escrow system in place and supports three specific fiat currencies such as the US dollars, Euro, and Canadian dollars.

Currently, it operates in 49 US states and is one of the most favorite platforms that come with a very simple and easy to use interface. This makes things fast.

9. LocalBitcoins – Varied Payment Methods

LocalBitcoins can be considered as a marketplace more than an exchange. This P2P platform is however available all over the globe and also acts as an outstanding escrow system.

This is probably the best platform that integrates the traders and allows them to meet while making a trade.

It supports online trading and different payment methods such as PayPal, cash on delivery, Web Money, cash through the mail, wire exchange, and Western Union.

10. Switchere – Great User Experience

If you are looking for a safe and secure platform to buy crypto coins instantly with the use of a bank card then Switchere is the one exchange that you should choose.

They will offer you a seamless user experience during the process. Based in Tallinn, Estonia, this exchange is more reliable since it has two licenses.

One is for a Virtual Currency Exchange Provider and the other is for a Virtual Wallet Service Provider. Their operation process and workflow are very transparent.

This legally compliant platform will offer you a complete peace of mind with its robust security features as well even though it needs no verification or ID proof and even no registration to trade through them.

However, all of these are for a specific amount.

11. Coincorner – Quick and Easy

If you want to have quick and easy transactions, go for the UK-based Coincorner.

Here you will not need any verification or go through a KYC process if you limit your transaction up to 900 GBP.

However, you can make limitless trades and deposit funds on the e-bank card which you can download easily and use as a mobile app.

In addition to Bitcoins, this platform supports trading with Litecoin and Ethereum.

12. Bitcoin ATMs – Easiest and Safest

The easiest and perhaps the safest way to buy Bitcoins is through the Bitcoin ATMs. You will not need to rely on the crypto exchange platforms to get cash payments in your local currency.

It is very convenient to use provided you have a Bitcoin wallet created to buy them. There are different forms of Bitcoin ATMs from different companies available right now all over the world.

Though most of these ATMs will not ask for any personal information, there may be a few that can ask for your phone number for verification, that’s all. Of course, you will be allowed to trade up to a certain limit.

Why to Buy Bitcoin Anonymously without Verification?

One of the most significant reasons to buy Bitcoin anonymously is that these are linked with blockchain which allows others to have access to the transaction history.

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If hacked, it will be easy to find out your identity as well as those who sent or received the coins.

Moreover, if you own a lot of Bitcoin, which is valuable, you can become a soft target and all of it can be stolen easily at once.

This is even more painful due to the fact that there is no limitation on the number of Bitcoins you can hold.

Add to that, this being a decentralized market, there is no central authority regulating it. This means that you will have no one to call back or lean on who can stop any suspicious transaction.

Therefore, buying bitcoins anonymously without verification is a much safer and smarter choice. It will help you to protect your money as well as keep all your transactions private by covering your tracks.

Pros and Cons of Buying Bitcoin Anonymously without Verification

Finally, before you invest in the crypto coins you should know the pros and cons of buying them from a place that does not need any verification or ID proof.

The most significant advantage of such purchases is that all your financial transactions will be private. Another significant advantage of it is that you will save a lot of time.

In addition to that, these exchanges that do not need any ID proof make the digital assets accessible to those who do not have proper ID proof.

Yes, there are about one billion such people all over the world, according to a recent census.

Just like every asset, the digital assets too come with some downsides. Firstly, it can be a bit difficult and inconvenient to buy these coins on these platforms in comparison to those that need a proper ID.

Often, you will need to buy them at a premium and that too for only a small amount. If you want to buy more, you will be asked for any identity proof.

Another significant downside of such purchases is that there may be some specific type of crypto coins that may not be anonymous actually.

Chances are that when you make a transaction with these specific coins your identity may be linked. Above all, the desire to make an anonymous transaction can raise several eyebrows and attract unwanted attention, if not suspicion.

Therefore, always weigh the pros and cons and balance it with your needs before you sign up with a platform that does not need an ID from the buyers of crypto coins.


You have different options to buy crypto coins without verification, irrespective of the reasons you may have.

However, every option has its own risks, pros and cons. Therefore, research well or choose one from the above list for your safety.