14 Best Operating Systems for Crypto Mining

What are the best operating systems for crypto mining? Crypto mining is one of the best ways to increase the number of your crypto coins and make some additional profit.

However, you will need to make some investments before you start mining and also to ensure that you do it perfectly.

If you have a good mining rig you can make the best use of the different concepts in it as well as the technicalities involved and its other dependencies. However, personal preference is the most important factor when you make your choice.

You will not only need a good mining rig but will also need a reliable, stable and easy to use operating system to mine cryptocurrency and start generating profit. In addition to that, you will also need to optimize the mining rig.

Choosing the operating system for your crypto mining rig is one of the main decisions and you should research well before you make a final decision.

You should first check out the differences in features and performances of different operating systems. Check out Best VPNs for Crypto Trading.

Next, you should check the ease in using the particular operating system you choose for your mining rig.

Finally, you should also consider the compatibility of the operating system with the other hardware components of the crypto mining rig.

14 Best Operating Systems for Crypto Mining

Best Operating Systems for Crypto Mining

It is all about personal preference and comfort in use when it comes to choosing the best operating system for your crypto mining rig.

If you are used to using Linux operating system you should go for it and, on the other hand, if Windows operating system is your personal favorite then selecting it will be the most prudent choice.

However, these are not the only two operating systems that you should look for. There are several other versions that are equally good as well. Here is the list of some of the best operating systems to use in a crypto mining rig.

1. Windows Operating System – Popular   

If you are looking for a stable, and reliable operating system for your crypto mining rig, Windows 10 could be the best choice.

You can install as many as 12 video cards in your crypto mining rig when you use this particular operating system but all of them should be of the same manufacturer, either NVIDIA or AMD.

This free latest version of Windows operating system is designed to support all new hardware, software and drivers.

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However, it will need to be configured specially if you want to use it for mining purposes. And, the fact that it will consume more than 700 MB of video memory may cause some issues while mining specific cryptocurrencies.

2. Linux Operating system – Complex

Whether you choose Ubuntu, CentOs or Debian, this operating system is also a very good choice to install in a crypto mining rig provided you are accustomed with the complexities involved in its operation.

You will need to have computer skills and knowledge that are above average to use it effortlessly.

However, the good thing is that you can use as many as 16 graphics cards in your mining rig and the operating system will need very little computer resources.

It is also favored for its low use of the video memory of the graphics cards.

3. HiveOS – Wider Support

This is an operating system that will offer you all the advantages that a Linux operating system would.

Based on Linux, this is also one of the most popular crypto mining operating systems that supports more than 50 miners and also offers the best possibilities when it comes to setting up and monitoring the crypto mining rigs.

However, it may not always allow any addition of new miner versions. And, it is free if you use up to 4 rigs and for every additional rig you will have to subscribe for a monthly fee.

4. MinerBabe – Allows Overclocking

This operating system will support as many as 25 miners and offer all the benefits of Linux distributions.

It allows flashing vBIOS and overclocking but may not add new versions of miners promptly always. You will also have to pay a percentage as commission from mining.

5. SimpleMining  – Voltage Management      

With all its capabilities and features, this operating system will provide all the benefits of any regular Linux distribution.

It functions just like HiveOS but you will get operating time and voltage management as its additional features.

This operating system will support a large number of miners, in fact 60 but may not always allow adding new versions of miners.

You can use it for free for the 7-days trial period for one mining rig and after that pay a monthly subscription fee. The amount of this subscription will depend on the quantity.

6. RaveOS – Highly Functional

With no significant flaws, this operating system will also offer similar benefits as any other Linux build when you use it in your crypto mining rig.

It is highly functional and will provide you with all the miner updates instantly.

It is easy to set up and you can do it quickly even if you use the greatest mining assemblies or up to 50 miners.

There are also applications of it available to use in iOS and Android devices.

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You can use it for free for 1 rig but will have to pay a monthly fee to use it in 2 or more rigs.

7. Awesome Miner – Sophisticated

This is one of the most sophisticated operating systems that you will find as of now for mining.

It comes with a lot of useful features that are often required by the most experienced and demanding customers.

The operating system supports more than 50 miners and allows automatic switching to different algorithms that are more profitable.

It also allows monitoring web interfaces and also comes with special utilities that will allow better control and monitoring.

This operating system is best for large companies and miners to use with its unique API management feature.

However, the complexities involved in its configuration is its significant downside along with the congestion experienced in the management interface.

You can use this operating system for free if you use just 2 rigs or ASICs but the functionality will be restricted. To use this operating system in more rigs, be ready to pay fees for it.

8. MinerOS – Miner Updates     

Supporting as many as 24 miners, this operating system will also provide you with the characteristic benefits of any regular Linux distribution.

The unique aspects of this operating system is that it allows mining on the processor and provides miner updates regularly after every 3 or 4 days.

You will however have limited functionality if you use it for free for monitoring and managing up to 3 mining rigs. For every additional rig, there is a monthly subscription.

9. MiningOS – More Functionality

Commonly known as MsOS, this mining software is good to use if you want functionalities and benefits of a Linux distribution system.

It is strategically designed to support as many as 38 miners.

A significant limitation of this operating system that can be used in mining rigs is that it may not support including new versions of miners to the rig.

It is available for free if you use 1 rig and for more you will need to pay fees monthly.

10. NicehashOS – Easy to Use

This useful and popular operating system from Nicehash offers all the advantages of an average Linux distribution.

It comes with a simple and easy to use interface. This makes it one of the easiest operating systems for the beginners to use.

It also allows automatic switching to profitable algorithms. The most significant aspect of this operating system is that it allows automatic changing of payments to bitcoin.

However, you will need to pay a commission from mining while using this operating system which does not allow fine tuning the GPUs for a specific mining algorithm.

Also, it will not allow selecting any algorithm if you wish to mine manually.

11. Perfectmine – Just Perfect          

This operating system comes with all the features that are required to use it for mining purposes and at the same time provide all the benefits of a regular Linux operating system.

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However, you will not get regular updates of the miners and it will also not support all available types of cryptocurrencies.

You will need to pay a commision on mining or a monthly subscription fee to use this operating system even in only 1 rig.

12. ETHOS – Costly           

Once again, you will get all the benefits of Linux when you use this operating system for mining crypto.

If you did not know, this is the operating system that is supposed to be the first one to be specialized for crypto mining and was launched back in 2016.

This operating system will support up to 20 miners at the same time and use the Ethash algorithm of Ethereum while mining crypto.

However, it has not been upgraded since October 2018 in spite of being used by thousands of rigs.

However, this operating system is pretty costly to use. You will need to make a one-time purchase for the license to use it in even one rig.

The price of it will depend on the number of licenses you purchase.

13. PIMPOS – Web Monitoring    

With a support for 28 miners, this operating system is also good to use if you are used to Linux benefits.

Another good attribute of this operating system is that it supports web monitoring as well as CPU mining.

However, you will not get any regular updates and upgrades because that is done once in every couple of months.

And, you will need to pay quite a lot to purchase the license to use it in just one rig but fortunately there is no time limit.


You may also try using this operating system if you are looking to have all Linux benefits while mining.

However, this operating system can only be used if your mining rig has Nvidia graphics cards.

Also, you will not be able to use this operating system freely because you will need to pay a commission on mining. You will also need an IP from the USA for the registration.


While choosing the best operating system for crypto mining, you should do so on the basis of your comfort level and familiarity with the features of it.

It will also depend on the size of the mining rig. Therefore, be prudent while choosing one.