22 Best Online Crypto Brokers – Know Determining Factors

What are the best online crypto brokers? Cryptocurrency is relatively new as compared to all other trading assets and currencies available in the market.

However, that does not stop it from moving faster than the others so much so that it is touted to replace fiat currencies soon. The good things about this digital asset include:

  • It is available in thousands of different currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and more
  • It works in a decentralized manner and transactions are stored in a distributed ledger using a complex blockchain technology and most importantly
  • It allows users to store or pay money without using their name or even needing to use the services of a traditional bank.

You can either use a crypto trading exchange or a crypto broker to trade your digital assets but there are significant advantages in going with a broker.

There are several crypto brokers available out there and, once again, just like all other things, all are not created equal.

Therefore, research is necessary to pick the right one to trade your crypto coins, safely and most efficiently. Check out Differentiating Factors of a Crypto Broker & Crypto Exchange.

22 Best Online Crypto Brokers

Best Online Crypto Brokers

It is needless to say that you should choose a crypto broker who is honest and transparent. Therefore, you must check out the reviews before choosing one so that your crypto portfolio is safe.

Since the crypto brokers typically make money through fees and commissions on transactions made, you should make sure that these are not exorbitant and eat up your profit.

Perhaps, the best and most hassle-free way to go about it is to choose one of the crypto brokers from the following list.

This list, though not exhaustive, is created after thorough research and based on the reliability, reputation, and performance of the crypto brokers.

1. Capital.com – One Click Access

If you want faster access, Capital.com should be the right choice. They cater to users all over the world allowing them to trade more than 3,000 different types of digital assets.

They also offer leading spreads, regular updates, price alerts, news and events, market trends, no-fee transactions, faster execution, and a free and non-expiring demo account.

2. Admiral Markets – Premium Analytics

Admiral Markets is the one you should go for if you want to make better marketing decisions using their premium analytics.

They also have low spreads, charge low commissions, a swap-free Islamic account, and also have a good and dedicated support team.

3. XM Group – Award Winning Service

XM Group is the one to trade with if you want to enjoy award winning service from one of the most popular CFD and Forex brokers.

They offer more useful features and sophisticated technology and are available in over 20 languages.

Transactions can be made in less than a second using a wide variety of digital assets. They offer high leverage and even live chat support.

4. Invest Markets – Exceptional Educational Tools and Customer Service

If you want a complete peace of mind while trading your crypto assets, Invest Markets is the one you should go with.

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They do not charge any commission on trade yet offer some of the best educational tools and excellent customer service.

5. FXTB – Free Analysis and Trading Tools

FXTB is one of the most reliable crypto brokers that will enable you to trade with more confidence.

They offer free tools to make a proper and precise market analysis.

Along with that they also offer free trading tools that will not only make your trading faster but safer as well.

They do charge commissions on trades made but do provide dedicated customer support.

6. Fx Pro – Speed and Security

Fx Pro will offer a lot more than just speed and security while making a trade with them.

They are one of the most sought after crypto brokers out there who are known to offer a wide range of assets and a blend of useful features.

They have a long-standing and pretty enviable track record of success which also marks their reliability among traders.

They have more than 1.3 million clients from over 170 countries and offer them different types of instruments to make highly developed algorithmic trading.

7. INVESTOUS – Viable Spreads

INVESTOUS is also a good crypto broker to go for due to their features and offers.

They offer the most competitive and viable spreads along with a demo account so that you can practice trading to get a feel of it.

The best part is that they do not charge any commissions on trade or any deposit fees.

8. OctaFX – Low Opening Balance

If you do not have a large amount to offer as an opening balance OctaFX will suit your purpose. They have minimal requirements for an opening balance.

In addition to that, they also allow hedging, scalping and EAs as well. All their strategies are permitted and also offer Shariah-compliant options for all different types of accounts.

Most importantly, their account set up process is quite easy.

9. Exness – Innovative Forex and CFD Broker

Exness I know for its specialization in customized trading settings. They are an innovative Forex and CFD broker and allow instant fund withdrawals for their users.

They also offer exclusive leveraging rates, tight spreads, and a wide variety of account types that includes Classic, Mini, islamic and ECN.

They have a low minimum balance requirement that reduces the financial commitment of the users.

They are extremely regulated and abide by the rules of different regulators such as CySEC, FCA, and others.

10. IC Markets – Exceptional Speed

If you want to work with a crypto broker that is known for exceptional speed to execute orders, IC Markets will not let you down.

In addition to that, they also support a wide range of crypto trading styles and strategies with the use of some useful and value-added tools to trade successfully and quickly over their intuitive trading platform.

11. FXCC – Zero Minimum Deposit

FXCC is one crypto broker to go for if you want to trade but not make any minimum deposits.

Moreover, this broker will not charge any commissions on trade.

However, you will get adequate support from their dedicated and multilingual customer support.

12. VantageFX – Value Added Tools

Crypto traders who are looking for a broker that will allow them to make more productive and successful trades then VantageFX will be a good choice.

They come with a set of exceptionally useful and functional value-added tools to help you to make better trading decisions.

They offer a wide range of services and also have very narrow spreads. They charge low commissions on trade.

One of the most significant features of VantageFX is their intuitive and easy to use mobile app that comes with extensive functionality.

13. Finq.com  – Wide Variety of Instruments

When you trade with Finq.com you will be able to use more than 2100 instruments to trade with that are available from 7 different classes of assets which includes ETFs and bonds.

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Also, you will be able to make the best use of the tools like Traders’ Trend to understand the sentiment of the market.

Their no-commission model allows you to trade after making a deposit which is as low as $100.

This however includes all asset classes but not the CFDs on Stocks.

14. BDSwiss – Super Low Spreads

If you are looking for extremely low spreads, BDSwiss will offer you with just that.

Apart from that, their commission rate is also quite affordable for an average trader.

You will get faster order execution and excellent liquidity from this crypto broker that offers a user interface that is rich with features and comes with a lot of value-added tools such as trading alerts and Autochartist.

15. Just2Trade – Host of Benefits Offered

Just2Trade will offer you a large number of benefits when you trade with them.

You can trade futures and equities on several advanced platforms and also make the most out of the direct market access.

The broker also ensures smart routing of orders and has a dark pool liquidity.

The unique thing about this broker is that it offers SIPC covers of up to $500,000 worth of funds for their clients.

16. Instaforex – Wider Trading Pairs

Instaforex will offer you with a much wider and diverse trading and currency pairs to meet all of your needs.

Apart from that, the broker also offers interest accrued on your account balance. And, their CFD commissions on stocks are also quite low.

17. MultiBank Group – Fast and Easy

If you want to have everything that is fast and easy to trade, MultiBank Group is the right option.

Right from opening your account with them to making your trades, everything is executed very quickly.

Also, their customer service is top-of-the-class and they respond quickly to your needs.

18. Squared Financial – Wide Range of Training Materials

Squared Financial is one of the best crypto brokers to go for trading, especially by the beginners.

They offer a wide range of training materials to boost up your confidence while making a trade.

Add to that, you will also get adequate support from their responsive and efficient customer support team and that too in multiple languages.

You can start trading easily and quickly with a wide range of assets.

19. AAFX Trading – High Leverage

AAFX Trading is a good enough crypto broker to go for having a high leverage of 2000:1.

Apart from that, the other good reasons to go for it include swap free trading accounts that are also commission-free and an option to choose from fixed or variable spreads.

20. HotForex – Multiple Accounts

HotForex offers multiple accounts to their users to choose from. Also, you will get to use some of the best and value added tools to make a better trading decision.

They also offer a wide assortment of informational and educational products as well as several trader resources that will enhance your knowledge and experience.

21. Plus500 – Intuitive and Responsive Platform

The platform of Plus500 is very intuitive and responsive which will allow you to make your trades most easily.

This platform is also compatible with different systems of operations and will offer a high leverage across a wide and diverse assortment of tradable assets.

Their customer support is quite efficient and unique which offers different avenues to avail it.

22. Liteforex – Low Cost

Liteforex comes with a very low cost structure which makes it affordable for all traders to use their multiple services.

You will be able to access a wide selection of forex pairs and that too at most reasonable spreads.

If you need any help while trading, you can rely on their efficient customer service team available for 24 hours.

Need for a Broker to Trade cryptocurrency

You may ask, whether or not it is really needed to use a crypto broker to trade your coins knowing that they simply act as a middleman and charge commissions for their services which may reduce your profits.

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Well, the advantages of using a crypto broker will help you to understand the significance of a crypto broker while making a trade much better.

The crypto broker can make things more direct by buying a lot of crypto coins to sell them on its own platform.

Moreover, the crypto broker will be much more knowledgeable about the market than you, especially if you are new in this field.

Therefore, you will have a more proficient person or firm acting as an intermediary to ensure that you make a successful trade.

They have a very simple set up which will make things easier for you as well. The broker may also place your order on a crypto exchange if need be.

They also have more sophisticated tools and technologies that will eliminate the technical issues related to blockchain that may be unknown to you and affect your trade adversely.

Most importantly, you can trade much faster and in a safer manner when you trade through a crypto broker than all by yourself.

If you are well aware of the fees and commissions charged and as long as it is affordable, there is no specific reason not to use the services of a crypto broker.

Determining Factors of a Regulated Crypto Broker

However, to enjoy the benefits of using a crypto broker, you will need to choose a reliable, and most importantly, a regulated one.

It is important to know whether or not the crypto broker is regulated, and here are the ways to ensure that.

If you find any of the following factors missing, consider it to be a warning sign of an untrustworthy and unscrupulous crypto broker. Avoid them to avoid being their victim.

First, check the service list because everything listed should be offered.

There are several crypto brokers who mention non-existent services in their list as a marketing move and do not offer them at any point of time. Ask about it to reconfirm.

Then, see whether or not the crypto broker makes any promises that are too good to be true. Avoid them because they are.

Promises like making you rich quickly, guaranteeing success, and making unrealistic predictions are signs of an unscrupulous and unregulated crypto broker.

Check their ads when you check their services because it is here an unscrupulous crypto broker will make false promises and predictions.

Also, check their social media accounts to see what the crypto community and forums have to say about the crypto broker.

They may engage in questionable marketing by creating fake accounts on social media with everything good said about them in the comments.

Check their business ethics and transparency, especially in the fees and commissions aspects.

It should be clearly written with no hidden charges or clauses or in complicated jargon that is impossible for an average trader to understand or be aware of.

Finally, check the identity of the crypto broker before getting into business. If the brokers refuse to share their names even, it is a good reason to avoid them.


You must consider all your needs while selecting a reliable crypto broker. A lot of factors distinguish the best crypto brokers from the rest and you should spend some time on research to find them. Or, you can choose one from the list above.