14 Best NFT Crypto Coins Protocols and Projects

What are the best NFT crypto coins protocols and projects? The Non-Fungible Token or NFT crypto coins have gained a lot of traction recently among the investors and traders in the crypto market.

These tokens are seriously considered to be the future of business sales. Though the NFT crypto market was a bit stagnant in the early half of 2020, it has now gained immense popularity, especially after the pandemic, resulting in a boom of NFT crypto coins in the market.

NFTs are considered to be the tokens of the digital media. These are not interchangeable with another as you can do with other crypto coins.

However, it works in the same manner as other crypto coins in a decentralized manner making use of the blockchain technology to ensure safety and security. These unique tokens allow purchasing digital assets and prove ownerships.

These tokens are used by celebrities, digital artists, influencers, and even game developers most successfully as an efficient tool to monetize their digital assets as well as their fan following. Check out Best Crypto Oracle Projects.

Celebrities sell their NFT collections for millions of dollars. Just go through different websites and you will come to know about the record sales NFTs have made recently.

There are several NFT marketplaces, projects and protocols that will help you to buy and tokenize these digital coins. You can trade them when you wish as well.

14 Best NFT Crypto Coins Protocols and Projects

Best NFT Crypto Coins Protocols and Projects

With such a scenario, it is nothing but prudent to invest in NFT crypto coins just like the art enthusiasts and the crypto investors alike.

However, if you want to lay your hands on this promising digital asset, for that you will need to know the right ones to choose and invest.

Without such knowledge it will be quite hard for you to be successful given the fact that there are so many collectible projects out there available in the market right now.

This article will tell you about the most promising NFT crypto projects and protocols to look for in July and help you to choose one of the best ones to invest in. Read on.

1. Flow – Developer Friendly Blockchain

The Flow NFT is a popular crypto coin that is based on blockchain and is developer friendly. It is also very quick and therefore is apt for new generation apps, games and other forms of digital assets.

This layer-one blockchain is developed by a team of developers who have a sea of experience in different forms of consumer blockchain apps including Dapper Wallet, CryptoKitties, and NBA Top Shot.

Based on the Ethereum platform, this NFT has quite a high market cap and an adequate circulation in the market.

You can buy this NFT with a reasonably low protocol price from different crypto exchanges such as Gate, Kraken, and more.

2. Enjin – Easy to Use

The Enjin is very easy to use because it offers a convenient and user-friendly ecosystem where several digital products are integrated.

This means that you will have a lot of options to choose from as well as find it very convenient to trade and monetize different gaming products.

It is also a very useful platform for the game developers since it allows them to tokenize different in-game items which are all backed by the Enjin ERC 20 coins on Ethereum.

Take a look at its website and other charts and you will see that Enjin has the highest market cap, to the tune of a billion dollars, as compared to all other Non-Fungible Tokens as of March 2021.

However, the Enjin coins are one of the cheapest ones that you will get in the market now with quite a high growth potential in 2021.

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With a coin price of less than a dollar and an adequate circulation, you can buy these coins easily from crypto exchanges such as Binance, Uniswap, Bithumb, Balancer, and others.

3. Decentraland – A Useful VR Platform

This VR platform is quite functional and useful allowing users to create apps and content and have the best experience while mometizing them on this Ethereum platform.

While you navigate, you can buy plots of land which you can either build or monetize according to your wish.

This is a good project to invest on due to its better prospects. It initially started with a high ICO of $24 million and opened the virtual land in February 2020 and immediately gained a lot of attention from the investors.

There are lots of plots of LAND, each of which is equivalent to 100 square metres in the Metaverse.

This platform uses two specific types of coins. One is the ERC 20 MANA token and the other is the ERC 721 LAND token. However, you should burn MANA to get your hands on LAND tokens.

Once again, this has a low price, a reasonably high coin circulation and market cap and is available in crypto exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase Pro, OKEx, and more.

4. Axie Infinity – Participate in Governance

Axie Infinity is essentially a battling and trading game that functions on the complex blockchain technology built on Ethereum platform.

It is owned and managed partly by the players wherein you can battle as well as collect, breed, and trade tokenized creatures of the game called Axies.

There are different forms in which the Axies are available and these can even be customized according to the preferences of the players by choosing one or several body parts exceeding 500 in number. These come with different drop rates and rarity.

You can even breed Axies so that you can have more of these creatures though the limit is set up to 7 as of now.

You can sell these creatures in the marketplace to earn AXS or Axie Infinite Shards, the ERC 20 token. This will also allow you to take part in voting for governance.

You can buy Axie Infinite Shards from Binance at a slightly higher price which is due to its relatively lower circulating supply.

5. Terra Virtua Kolect – A Cross Platform Crypto Marketplace

Terra Virtua Kolect is actually a marketplace for NFT crypto. However, this cross platform marketplace offers a curated ecosystem for the NFT collectors as well as the creators.

It is a partner of Legendary Entertainment and Paramount Pictures, one of the most renowned mainstream digital media houses. This helped them to garner nearly $2.6 million in token sales recently.

This specific NFT crypto project will allow the users to view the digital assets online on a PC, or on a mobile phone through a mobile app, as well as on any 3D environment using its Augmented Reality support.

These tokens will not cost much due to its higher circulating supply and will also provide higher returns.

These coins with a reasonably high market cap are available on different crypto exchanges that includes and is not limited to Binance, Bitmax, Uniswap, and 1inch.

6. Origin Protocol – A Decentralized Shopping Platform

The Decentralized shopping platform, Origin Protocol, is more commonly referred to as Dshop. This is quite a popular name in the NFT crypto space that allows purchasing and selling of NFTs.

This is one of the most favored platforms for different celebrities who sell their NFT collections at staggering prices. For example, well known musician 3LAU sold 33 exclusive NFTs for $11,684,101 on 26th February 2021.

All these show that this platform is ready to make the best use of the value created by the crypto assets and this is just the beginning, as 3LAU remarked.

With significantly low protocol price and a quite a high market cap and circulating supply, these coins are easily available in crypto exchanges like Binance, Uniswap, Huobi, and others.

7. Chromia – Create dApps Easily

When you use the Chromia platform which is based on blockchain technology, you will be able to create Decentralized Apps or dApps very easily on the Ethereum platform.

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The most interesting thing about Chromia Studios is that it works with Workinman Interactive and has plans to get involved in much more than just the Non-Fungible Tokens.

The latest news from the circuit is that Chromia is planning to start supporting MMOGs or Massively Multiplayer Online Games to run them fully on blockchain.

There are several different asset ownership and economics elements in it. These are called the Mines of Dalarmia. You can play these across multiple platforms.

The native coin of this platform is called CHR that has quite a low price and can be purchased from different crypto exchanges like Binance, Binance JEX, Bithumb, Huobi Global, Upbit,and more.

8. Rarible – A Platform for Creators

Rarible uses its native coin RARI and is known to be a good platform for the creators. You can create different NFT crypto very easily to use for different digital assets and trade them in the fully functional NFT marketplace.

The revenue earned from it is partly used for subsidizing the initial mint transaction where the token is created. This ensures growth of this platform built on Ethereum.

The good thing about the RARI tokens is that a major part of it is held in reserve for its own NFT marketplace.

Though these coins are priced quite high, you will get to buy them easily from crypto exchanges such as Balancer, Uniswap, Mooniswap, and more.

9. WAX – Reputed and Reliable

WAX or Worldwide Asset Exchange is one of the most reliable and reputed exchanges.

This NFT platform is a partner of CAPCOM and uses ERC 721 tokens. It also uses ERC 1155 tokens as well. You will therefore get support for both fungible as well as non-fungible token types.

A lot of popular and major brands of the world use the WAX platform to initiate their NFT crypto sales of which Atari, deadmau5, Capcom, and Topps are a few.

With a low price and a huge circulation supply these coins are easily available in Upbit, Huobi Global, KuCoin, Bithumb, HitBTC, and other popular crypto exchanges.

10. The Sandbox – Monetize Specific Digital Assets

The Sandbox platform can be used to monetize specific digital assets easily. These assets are called the VOXEL assets.

This is a platform based on blockchain and it not only acts as an NFT marketplace but also allows the users to create VOXEL assets. You can even create games using the Game Maker and VoxEdit software.

Its native token is called SAND and it is used for making transactions.

These low price tokens of this Ethereum based platform are available at different crypto exchanges such as Binance, Upbit, Huobi Global, CoinTiger, and more.

11. DeFi Coins – Higher Growth Potential

DeFi Coins or the DEFC coins are new in this field but have gained a lot of traction in just a matter of days after being launched on June 30.

The primary objective of this project is to educate the crypto users and investors on the advantages of the DeFi space, which is booming now, as well as the NFT sector.

The DeFi Coins is a good platform for trading cryptocurrencies. This community driven platform uses its native DEFC token. You can use these tokens to perform several activities on this platform.

These coins are pretty similar to the utility tokens which allows you to pay for the transaction fees and get rewards of up to 5% on all transactions as well.

You can also use these coins to take part in the governance of this platform. In addition to that, the ERC 20 tokens provide liquidity as well.

With about 15% surge in its opening day trade beginning at $0.25 and ending at $0.315, these tokens hold a lot of potential for substantial growth by making the best use of the recent adjustments made in the crypto market after a bullish run.

The DEFC coins are available at VinDAX, a centralized and popular exchange. You can also buy it from over the counter as well.

However, for that you will need to send an email to support@deficoins.io so that you get them at the market price.

12. Theta – Innovative Crypto Protocol

Theta is an innovative crypto protocol and a blockchain platform used for streaming videos from where you can buy NFT tokens.

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Their primary objective is to change the ways people enjoy watching and interacting with videos streaming on the internet.

The platform uses two types of tokens namely, THETA and TFUEL and the network offers the content creators a better user experience while streaming videos.

They also provide handsome returns through their services as well as allow the users to earn rewards for watching videos. These rewards are paid in TFUEL tokens.

The popularity and usefulness of the Theta network can be well established by the fact that majors like Google and Samsung are their enterprise validator nodes.

With the use of internet and video streaming becoming popular with each passing day, the Theta network is poised to become a popular channel in the decentralized world as YouTube is otherwise.

It will become all the more useful with its recent launch of mainnet v 3.0 which upgrades the platform and at the same time supports decentralized storage of the NFTs. This will draw more investors towards it.

13. Chiliz – Blockchain and Sports Integrated

Chiliz is a popular crypto protocol that works on blockchain and integrates sports with it.

Their blockchain has made it very easy for the lovers of sports to make the best use of the Fan Tokens of it and be present with their favorite teams even now when social gatherings are restricted after the pandemic.

This platform has a unique Socios.com Fans Engagement app which allows the fans to participate, influence, and even vote in the polls and take part in the surveys based on different clubs.

The holders of Fan Tokens are also entitled to receive exclusive rewards from their favorite teams.

You will have an incredible experience through social interaction and gamification. The leaderboard feature of it makes their tokens one of the best types of NFT tokens in this field that comes with a lot of promises.

Being a secured partner of some of the major European teams in the Premier League, La Liga, and Serie A, as well as Ultimate Fighting Championship, this Malta-based company is bound to do good in the years to come.

CHZ is the native token which will allow you to tokenize club valuables and also connect with your team. And, since the crypto market is now due for a recovery, perhaps this is the best time to buy these NFT tokens.

14. Tezos – Secure and Seamless Experience  

If you are looking for value then you should invest in XTZ, the native token of Tezos. What more, you can buy these NFT tokens for cheap and sell them at a premium to make a lot of profit.

Tezos may be a bit higher in coin price but it is still worth considering due to the fact that it is based on smart contracts and therefore has more or less the similar functions as Ethereum.

The only difference is that it is much more advanced which makes it much more scalable and upgradable as and when required which can be achieved easily without requiring to employ a hard fork.

XTZ is the native token of Tezos which will allow the users to pay transaction fees as well as vote on proposals for upgrades in the protocol. Showing a rise in market value, this is a good NFT token to invest in 2021


The NFT crypto market may be comparatively new but is showing a lot of promise and no signs of slowing down. Follow some of its recent trends and choose one of the NFT crypto coins from the list above and invest in 2021.