8 Best Motherboards for Crypto Mining – Buyer’s Guide

What are the best motherboards for crypto mining? If you want to use one of the best rigs for crypto mining then it goes without saying that you will need your system to have one of the best motherboards.

This will allow you as well as the system to mine crypto coins to the fullest potential.

Since the motherboard is one of the most vital components in a system that interfaces with all other components, it should be efficient and able to handle the stress and strain put on it 24/7. Therefore, looking for a cheap motherboard is surely a no-no.

An excellent crypto mining motherboard will also run without any issues, thereby reducing your cost of maintenance.

It will also allow you to connect several GPUs, if need be, and enable it to perform like one cohesive unit. Check out best crypto tools.

This is a list of some of the best motherboards that you will get in the market today. Follow it and choose one from it to save you from the trouble of extensive research and start mining crypto coins effortlessly in no time.

11 Best Motherboards for Crypto Mining

best motherboards for crypto mining

You will not need to buy an expensive and top-class motherboard for mining cryptocurrencies but that does not mean any and every motherboard will be able to provide the desired results.

However, with the plethora of options available, choosing some or one of the best motherboards will not be easy. This is where this list will come handy.

1. Asus B250 Mining Expert – Best Overall

Rightly named, this mining expert from Asus will offer the best overall performance in comparison to the other motherboards in this list that you want to put for crypto mining.

It is all due to its ATX form factor, and as many as 19 GPU support. It runs extremely well with a 6th generation Intel Core processor or above.

This motherboard will offer a stable and fast performance which will make up for its high price.

The onboard mode of this motherboard is especially helpful for mining since it can optimize the hash rate but at the same time can maintain the desired voltage with the components.

The triple ATX 12V power delivery has the ability to split the 19 PCIe lanes into three dedicated power connectors with 24 pins.

This assures a steady and powerful performance of the mining rig. The PCIe slot state detection feature will allow you to know the status of the GPUs in real time.

2. Biostar TB250-BTC Pro – Runner Up

This motherboard also comes with an ATX form factor but can support up to 12 GPUs and an Intel CPU from the 6th generation or above.

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A DDR4 RAM with a bandwidth of 2400 MHz is enough to make this motherboard work smoothly and efficiently.

This is a durable motherboard with a robust build quality and with an additional protection against high temperature.

Though the VRMs are not top-class, this is a fantastic motherboard that will produce fantastic results while mining cryptocurrencies.

This motherboard will provide your mining rig with additional stability due to the extra power connectors when you use multiple GPUs.

The board is efficient enough to provide you with the desired results irrespective of the type of coins you wish to mine.

You can use your mining rig for long hours and not worry about any heat related issues because this board comes with two layers of copper that helps in lowering the temperature and making your rig stable.

3. Gigabyte GA-H110-D3A – Decent GPU Support

This is another ATX motherboard that will provide you with a decent 6-GPU support. And, with some tweaks made, it can even support up to 12 GPUs.

It can run on a 6th generation Intel Core processor and will provide you with great value and performance.

Though it will draw a bit more power in comparison to the other motherboards in this list, this is a good one for crypto mining that also comes with a KVM switch support.

It will allow you to build a multiple GPU rig and manage it remotely.

However, make sure that you have a good blower fan ready for heat management and have Linux operating system installed in your rig because Windows is not known to support more than 8 graphics cards.

4. ASRock H110 Pro BTC+ – Value for Money

The good thing about this ATX motherboard is that it will support up to 13 GPUs but works best with 6.

Running on a 6th generation Intel Core processor, it also supports M.2 storage which allows transferring data at a much faster rate. This motherboard comes with a power and reset button onboard.

This motherboard also comes with a good build and a low price to provide you higher value for money. It is carefully designed to protect the Printed Circuit Board from humidity.

The power failure, electrostatic and high-temperature protection features in it will furthermore allow you to mine crypto coins with full confidence using your rig around the clock.

5. Asus Prime Z390-P LGA1151 – Advanced Cooling System

This ATX motherboard from Asus supports 12 GPUs and can run efficiently with an Intel Celeron, Pentium or Core i3, i5, or i7 processors from the 8th or 9th generation.

This durable motherboard also supports M.2 storage for faster data transfer and is specially designed to endure the intensive demands of crypto mining.

The motherboard comes with an advanced cooling system which comprises FanXpert 4 with AIO Pump Header that offers dynamic results.

It is also equipped with Overvoltage Protection feature which assures better performance as well as enhances the life and stability of the product.

6. MSI Z170A Gaming Pro Carbon – Versatile Motherboard

You can use this ATX motherboard both for gaming as well as mining cryptocurrencies.

You can run on any system with any Intel processor belonging to the 6th generation or above and it will support up to 7 GPUs assuring the best performance.

This motherboard comes with a lot of useful features that support gaming and therefore you can expect to have the best in class performance at all times.

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It also supports up to 4 DDR4 RAM slots and you will have a lot of ports and connectivity options as well.

With all these features, this is surely one of the most versatile mining motherboards you will find in the market.

7. Asus ROG Strix Z270E – Heavy Duty

This is an excellent ATX motherboard that you can use for mining crypto coins as well as for gaming.

Just like the MSI Z170A it also supports up to 7 GPUs and any Intel processor from the 6th or 7th generation.

Add to that, this motherboard will also ensure a high level of performance with useful and unique features such as advanced FanXpert for more dynamic cooling, a 5-Way Optimization featuring auto-tuning and more.

These features and its better thermal management make it easy to overclock and set up profiles though you will seldom need them while mining.

This is a heavy-duty motherboard but may be a bit distracting for beginners or those who are less interested in gaming due to the additional features which may even seem pointless at times.

8. MSI Pro Z270 Crossfire – Supports Both AMD and NVIDIA Graphics Cards

Just like any other MSI motherboards, this too needs no specific certification for its quality of performance, flexibility, and stability.

This ATX motherboard is also perfect for both mining crypto coins and gaming and you can rest assured that its life expectancy will not be reduced even after prolonged and intensive mining activities.

This board is optimized to support up to 7 NVIDIA or AMD graphics cards adequately and efficiently for mining and 6 while gaming.

This means that it is an ideal motherboard to run on the Windows operating system. It also comes with much better overclocking ability which is essential for performing seamless mining activities.

The RAM modules on this board supports more than 3800 MHz bandwidth which means that you can use better DDR4 RAM and expect a faster performance overall while mining crypto coins.

It also offers SLI and Crossfire support but since it has only 2 slots, you will have to choose between SLI and Crossfire. This may not affect gaming very much but is a significant factor for mining purposes.

9. Wintue BTC-37 – One of the Largest Motherboards

The Wintue BTC-37 mining motherboard comes with a lot of options for the users that will help them a great deal while mining.

The most unique aspect of this motherboard is that it is one of the largest motherboards that you will find in the market. This means that you will need quite a large casing for your rig to house it.

The motherboard has the ability to support up to 8 graphics cards and therefore is quite good to use in a rig that runs on Windows operating system.

Other salient features of this motherboard include its compatibility with a wide range of processors and its integrated GCI that ensures a higher and better performance.

Its performance level is also kept high by the voltage regulator that eliminates chances of voltage spikes, its low power consumption value, superior heatsink and capacitors.

10. Latady BTC-37 – Exceptional

This is an exceptional motherboard to have in a rig that you want to use for crypto mining.

Though it is one of the simplest motherboards available as of now, you can still use it for intensive tasks like cryptocurrency mining activities.

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The motherboard also consumes less power during operation and therefore will not hike your electricity bill.

It can also support up to 8 GPUs and therefore will support extensive mining activities most efficiently.

It also comes with features like an energy saving mode, a stable voltage regulator, and an enduring storage system.

It has everything in it that you will need in a motherboard to boost your mining rig to the boundaries to get the best results.

11. MSI Pro H310 LGA 1151 – Optimized with Lots of Useful Features

This final product in the list can handle as many as 13 graphics cards most efficiently.

However, you will need a Linux operating system for that, or else use 8 GPUs if you stick to Windows OS.

The motherboard comes with optimized BIOS options to help in the mining activities.

The design of this motherboard and its features ensure that you have a high level of performance and maximum efficiency so that you can reap the optimal mining results.

The best part of this motherboard is that it will allow you to identify the PCIe slots and manage them to further enhance its mining ability and performance level.

Other notable features of this motherboard include the diskless boot, CMOS button, EZ debug, and on/off switch.

Though it is a bit too expensive to use for only mining purposes, the fact that it supports processors of the 8th and 9th generation and the decoupling capacitor that ensures stable voltage and long time use, makes up for the high cost factor.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Motherboard for Crypto Mining

There are a few specific things that you should look for in the motherboard you want to use in a system for crypto mining.

First, you should look for stability and flexibility in the motherboard.

It should be efficient and powerful enough to support a multiple GPU setup though you will not need an excellent gaming motherboard for that. This will cost a bit too much and also be overkill.

You may also go for those motherboards that are specially designed for mining cryptocurrency but, once again, check out on the number of GPUs it supports, irrespective of its type and brand.

You will be better off if you buy a dedicated cryptocurrency mining motherboard with a riser card.

This will allow you to mount all the GPUs to the frame or the case instead of installing them all directly into the motherboard. This will provide you with more flexibility.


Motherboards come with different capacities but the one you want for crypto mining should hold everything fine.

You should choose one for your mining rig considering your needs and for the best results, both now and in the future.