9 Best Fiat On-Ramp for Crypto App or Website 2021

What are the best fiat on-ramp for crypto app or website? A fiat on-ramp is very useful for the crypto apps and websites because it helps in ways more than one. Put in simple words, it equals user onboarding.

In addition to that, it can even be integrated with the app or website so that it is easy and convenient for the users to buy different crypto coins directly from the website.

The need for an on-ramp cannot be overlooked these days when people want better and faster services.

If a website of a fiat, or even a crypto-to-crypto exchange for that matter, does not have one it will simply drive the users away from them and they will buy the coins from somewhere else.

In such a situation, the crypto exchanges will be left with nothing else but a glimmer of hope that the users will come back someday, which is highly unlikely to happen.

This is why the fiat on-ramps are said to equal user onboarding. In addition to that, it will also be very helpful to monetize the users by setting a referral fee, for example, to earn a reward on every transaction made.

Therefore, it is paramount that you know about these on-ramps and choose one of the best ones. Check out Best Softwares for Crypto Research for Beginner.

Some of them may claim to charge low fees while others may promise to offer a lot of different types of services which, notoriously, may be far different from reality.

When you choose an on-ramp for a crypto website or app you will need to consider several different aspects right from its fee structures to payment methods, from countries and coins support to transaction limits, and most importantly, the user experience provided.

9 Best Fiat On-Ramp for Crypto App or Website

Best Fiat On-Ramp for Crypto App or Website

A few crypto exchanges may have multiple on-ramps integrated with the website. For example, Binance, Edge Wallet, and OKEX have more than ten of these on-ramps integrated with its website.

Other exchanges use fiat on-ramp aggregators which reduces the workload and complicacies involved in integrating multiple on-ramps to a website.

Therefore, choosing one of the best on-ramps for crypto apps and websites is not an easy task because there are several of these out there and all are not created equal.

To help you in making the right choice this article comes with a list of some of the best on-ramps for crypto apps and websites.

1. Wyre – Simple and World Class Payment APIs

This is one of the best and simplest fiat-to-crypto payment gateways that come with lots of top-class payment APIs.

This also comes with a lot of innovative and useful features that powers a Fintech app or website.

This allows the users to access their favored and localized payment methods to send out payouts to more than 130 countries all over the globe simply through a single API call.

This also ensures easier user and account onboarding while maintaining the desired compliance standards. The compliant accounts itself perform the KYC checks of the customers.

It also offers a safe and secure crypto wallet within the app itself. The Secure Wallets API will enable the users to store, receive, send and manage their crypto coins more efficiently through it.

Another useful API is the one that will allow the users to exchange crypto coins and fiat currencies which makes it double as a crypto and fiat currency exchange.

The best part of Wyre is that it offers competitive pricing, ensures faster execution, and a total peace of mind with optimal security.

2. BTCDirect – Trusted By Traders

This is one of the most trusted on-ramps by the traders which support a lot of different types of crypto coins such as BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, BCH, BNB, ETC and others.

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The features and functionality of BTCDirect makes buying and selling of crypto assets much easier. In fact, you can buy Bitcoins by following just three simple and fast steps.

First, you have to register yourself by creating an account with them. Then, you will need to create a wallet that will help you to receive, send and manage your Bitcoins.

And, third, make your purchase and pay through your credit card or SEPA bank transfer. And, yes, you can also sell your coins to them as well.

They charge competitive fees and support all available types of local payment methods.

3. XanPool – International Compliance

This on-ramp software will bring the customers closer to the crypto world, in or out, seamlessly.

The best part of XanPool is its international compliance which makes it one of the most favored fiat gateways for several crypto businesses including wallets and exchanges.

It offers local payment methods of different countries as well just like others and allows easy integration with any platform.

This means that users have the option of not taking the expensive route of using a credit card or making a payment through wire transfer. And, yes, there is no chargeback as well.

In addition to that, the XanPool software will also offer a lot of other benefits if it is integrated with the crypto apps and websites such as instant onboarding and off-boarding. This is due to their smoother, faster, and automated KYC process.

Buying and selling crypto coins are also very easy and fast with this software integrated in the trading platform. And, in addition to that it will also minimize custody risks.

Most importantly, the integration process with an app or website is quite simple and can be completed with just a few lines of code.

4. Mercuryo – Simplified Crypto Payments

Mercuryo offers the best of both worlds, fiat and crypto, with its useful features and functionality.

When integrated with a crypto website or app, users can use the widget and use their credit cards to purchase crypto coins through the exchange. This process is not only fast but is also secure and easy.

The Crypto SaaS feature users can also exchange their currencies into their desired ones easily and quickly. This process is also very fast since it does not need obtaining any licenses, monitoring or handling compliance.

Collecting payments from the subscribers or making payments to others, all are easy with this software integrated in the app with its unique crypto in and out solution.

It simplifies crypto payments and the crypto coins collected are automatically converted into fiat, or the other way round.

Their fiat in and out service helps the businesses without their own payment processing system to accept payments through credit cards and allow fund withdrawals as well.

Their wallet is safe and secure and will allow smoother and faster buying, selling, holding and sending crypto or fiat currencies. This can be integrated into the app either fully or partially through SDK or API.

Mercuryo also issues cards backed by crypto that can be used for daily use and expenses and even booking an accommodation on Airbnb.

And yes, they also issue white label cards that will work just like a credit card but in crypto if one wants to have a brand card.

Mass payouts can also be sent out in crypto coins using their Gig solution to multiple customers.

The process is simple and easy using their intuitive dashboard. Faster and secure money transfer is also allowed with no hidden fees with their simplified solution.

Typically, their operations involve crypto to fiat exchange while receiving and fiat to crypto exchange while sending money.

5. MoonPay – Simple and Powerful Payments Infrastructure

Trusted by several exchanges and crypto platforms as a safe and secure global payment solution, MoonPay offers simple yet powerful payments infrastructure.

The best part of it is that it is painless and seamless to integrate with the crypto websites and apps.

Offering a global coverage, this supports more than 80 different types of crypto coins and over 30 fiat currencies and can be used in more than 160 countries.

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With its useful features and attributes there are more than 300 partner integrations of this human-friendly payment tool.

It has powered some of the major cryptocurrency wallets, apps and websites till now with their on-and-off-ramp solutions.

Used by billions of crypto users all over the globe, this will boost the revenue of business and at the same time will prevent fraud with its better security solutions.

This on-ramp is also quite customizable which will ensure that the users all over the globe have a seamless experience.

The payment methods are also varied which includes credit cards, debit cards, and SEPA wire transfers which makes things easier and faster as well while buying or selling crypto coins on a platform.

It allows accepting the preferred payment methods of the customers including MasterCard, Visa, and other virtual cards such as Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay.

The software ensures a smoother and hassle free KYC flow which will expedite user onboarding.

This will help the platforms to maximize their reach and create a larger user base with minimal customer drop offs due to the KYC pain points.

The software will sync a given data with their pass-through and already approved KYC feature. This will not need a customer to go through a verification process of their identity once more.

It is ideally designed for the developers to make their work easier. Integrating this software into the website or an app is very easy and all it needs is just entering a few lines of codes.

It will be ready to work and accept payments in just minutes.

6. Ramp – Promises Increased Conversion

Ramp will ensure a faster, better and smoother crypto to fiat flow within the app or website.

This means that the users can buy crypto coins without having to leave the wallet or dApp for that.

This will not only ensure a better user experience but will also increase conversions of visitors to users.

With a large variety of crypto coin support including BTC, ETH, XTZ and more, along with its useful features, this on-ramp will offer a lot of benefits to the users.

The transactions will be made within a minute which will result in lower dropout rate as well.

Also, the painful KYC process is much simplified here with their effort to make it invisible for the customers.

They use different data sources and open banking sources for customer verification. All these will expand the user funnel with the non-coiners getting onboard.

Integrating the software into an app or a website is also very easy, just like others, and it takes just a few lines of codes to be entered.

If that is asking for too much, it can also be done much easily with npm-install.

This on-ramp is one of the most trusted ones by some of the major players in the crypto space.

It has a wide coverage, if not the widest, and also aggregates different local modes of payment and not just MasterCard and Visa.

It supports manual as well as open banking easy transfers, Google Pay, Apple Pay and more. It offers the best price and user experience for all.

7. Banxa – Plug and Play

A simple plug & play feature, no chargeback, and an on and off ramp combo, Banxa has it all.

With simpler and easier buying and selling of crypto coins with fiat, it will help all platforms to bring the customers closer to the platform as well as to the crypto world.

The customers can avail a wide variety of payment options while buying or selling and use them even without needing to leave the platform ever.

Some of the payment options offered include Visa, MasterCard, SEPA, Google Pay and more. Crypto coins can be received in just a matter of minutes, thanks to its faster processing ability.

Everything will be faster and more secure which will add to the user experience.

The integration process of Banxa to a crypto platform is simple and fast and can be done easily with the iFrame widget simply or customized fiat to crypto gateway can also be created with the JSON API.

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No matter whichever is chosen, both will offer a user friendly and smoother journey for the customers.

This fiat to crypto gateway is also internationally compliant and provides the best payments solutions to its users which include crypto exchanges and digital wallets as well as any business related to cryptocurrency.

Banxa itself will take care of all of the domestic as well as international rules and regulations according to the law.

In addition to that, it will also take care of the Anti Money Laundering as well as Know Your Customer procedures.

With an easy integration feature to the crypto apps and websites, both local and global payments can be made easily through this software.

And, all the time it will be safe, secure, and legally compliant.

8. Simplex – Seamless and Impactful

Integrating Simplex with a crypto app and website will make the platform more powerful and impactful that will offer the users a better experience. Simplex has a wide network of partners empowering them to perform well.

A wide range of payment methods can be accepted by the platform that integrates Simplex. It includes Visa, MasterCard, SWIFT, Apple Pay, SEPA, and others.

It allows making risk-free payments and at the same time also ensures that there are no safety or security issues and no rolling reserves.

It will also offer a much better conversion rate as well as numerous acquiring solutions. Users can purchase more than 45 different types of cryptocurrencies with a support for over 50 fiat currencies.

This software will also ensure that transactions are absolutely safe and fraud-less with its innovative solutions which will benefit both the businesses as well as the users. Apart from that, it also guarantees zero chargeback.

Other good reasons that makes Simplex so popular are its end-user support that is offered around the clock, flexible and useful APIs, intuitive and extremely customizable user interface, dynamic and better user experience, and of course, simple and faster integration with adequate technical support.

The best part is that it is the Principal Member of the Visa Network and offers debit cards that can be issued by the businesses directly to their customers.

9. Onramper – Best Experience for Users and Businesses

Onramper will offer the best user experience both to the businesses as well as their customers.

The features and functionality of this software will make it much easier for the businesses to monetize their users allowing them to purchase crypto coins without needing to leave the app or website.

As for the businesses, they can earn on every transaction made by their audience.

Supported by Neo EcoBoost and Amsterdam Fintech Institute, this turn-key fiat on-ramp supports more than 125 different types of crypto coins and over 45 fiat currencies supported in more than 170 countries.

It also accepts more than 16 payment methods as well.

Onramper will allow businesses to add all major fiat-to-crypto gateways quickly into one free widget or create their own flow with the help of their innovative and simple API.

It will ensure that the users get to avail the best offers and pay the lowest fees while making any transaction even if they choose their preferred option from the available gateways.

It will ensure Anti Money Laundering and Know Your Customer compliance as per the rule and will also set the commission on any transaction for the businesses.


Fiat on-ramps act as a solitary plug for the fiat gateways. It assures users onboarding, better payment methods, and a lot more.

Choosing a crypto app or website with one or many of these will in fact assure a better user experience.