20 Best Ethereum Project Topics and Ideas for Beginners

What are the best Ethereum project topics and ideas beginners must follow? Ethereum is one of the most relevant and leading computing platforms that will help you significantly in writing codes and developing your IT skills.

Though deploying Ethereum apps is quite different from the common programming basics, creating a decentralized application that will help in overseeing digital value will surely boost up your technical know-how at the same time.

Ethereum, in particular, helps the beginners to develop their skills and provide adequate knowledge about smart contracts containing code.

With the help of these smart contracts, making a decision will be much easier with proper interaction with other smart contracts. This will, in turn, help in sending Ether to others and even store data.

However, for that, you, as a beginner, will first need to know how to create decentralized apps and smart contracts based on this particular blockchain.

What better way there can be other than following some of the best Ethereum project topics and ideas for that matter for the beginners?

If you are a beginner and have adequate enthusiasm in Ethereum blockchain and are looking for some of the best projects to follow to better your skills and knowledge, you are on the right page.

This article will surely help you a great deal to keep up with the ever-developing blockchain technology.

20 Best Ethereum Project Topics and Ideas for Beginners

Best Ethereum Project Topics and Ideas Beginners

You can use the power of the Ethereum blockchain to the fullest by following some of the best end-to-end projects and implementing the best practices to overcome the challenges involved in them.

All you have to do is choose a suitable project idea to pursue so that you can hone your computing skills and immerse yourself in the exciting world of applicability.

Here are some of the best Ethereum based project ideas that will surely create an interest in you. Check out Ideas About Creating the First Crypto NFT Art.

Simply choose one of these most innovative solutions.

1. Distributed Exchange for Ethereum Ecosystem

A Distributed Exchange or DEX provides significantly better solutions to the finance and economy domain. However, to understand this, first, you will have to understand two specific tokens.

The ERC 20 and ERC 721 tokens in Ethereum come with similar functionalities as Bitcoins but are known for more refined workability than a simple transfer of funds. In the comparison of these two tokens, it can be said that:

  • The ERC 20 tokens signify a particular type of asset such as stocks or investments made in a company and
  • The ERC 721 tokens usually represent a class of assets and represent the collectible coins that are typically used in games.

Now, a DEX allows direct transactions with these tokens which eliminates the need for any third-party intervention.

When it comes to choosing a particular DEX, it will also depend on the type of token. For example:

  • For the ERC 20 tokens, IDEX is more suitable and
  • For ERC 721 tokens, OpenSea seems to be a widely favored marketplace.

Using all these references, you may develop your own exchange, though you may face some challenges regarding compliance and liquidity during the trading process.

However, this can be overcome easily. All you have to do is stick to one particular specialization or niche in your exchange so that it attracts more liquidity and abide by all the existing rules and regulations with respect to crypto exchanges.

A Decentralized Exchange will also allow peer-to-peer trading of crypto coins without requiring any central authority to oversee the transactions.

The Decentralized Application or dApp will also reduce the risk of hacking and theft.

Most importantly, this autonomous organization will enhance the functionality of the smart contracts making the best use of the blockchain and Ethereum.

2. The ERC 721 Game

If you are passionate about video games, then following specific games like Crypto Kitties will prove to be a good idea.

This specialized dApp allows buying, breeding, and selling virtual kittens. Each of the kittens is considered to be an asset denoted by an ERC 721 token.

These Non-Fungible Tokens will allow tokenizing ownership of random data by the developers to expand the design space. These tokens are open standard and free.

As for the game, the working process of it entails different stages and aspects such as:

  • The primary market – This is the place to sell the virtual characters and other assets of the game by the game creators
  • The secondary market – This is another marketplace to trade the assets of the game by the players
  • The interaction between the character assets – This includes the act of breeding or fighting by the characters of the game such as the cats and superheroes
  • The asset interest – This is the interest generated by the virtual assets of the game such as the planets which is very much the same as generating interests on investments in bonds and
  • The earning method – This indicates the process to make money by the developers of the game by charging fees while transacting in the primary market and even in the secondary market but without enjoying any monopoly in the secondary space.
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There are several advantages of games based on blockchain over those that are not. One of the most significant benefits is that it allows trading digital items on third-party platforms freely and the game maker cannot freeze these assets.

The best part is that players can decide to use the ERC 721 tokens in a different game modification if and when the originators choose to shut down the unique version of it. This is not possible in any other traditional games.

3. Virtual Real Estate

Create a virtual real estate platform based on blockchain technology which seems to have influenced recreational and leisure activities significantly with its innovative dimensions added to this space.

Take the example of Etheria, a virtual world of crypto real estate, and you will yourself be able to notice the changes.

In this game, the players are offered ownership of tiles which they can use to grow as blocks. These blocks can be further used to build stuff to develop the real estate scenario.

All these actions and functions take place in this space through decentralized blockchain which does not need any third-party influence or supervision by any central authority.

4. Know Your Customer Chain

If you are interested in helping out banks and other financial institutions you can create a KYC chain as well.

Banks and other financial institutions today face an increased risk of fraud and theft.

These crimes now have called for more reliable ways to protect the financial documents and other information to prevent the personal information of the customers from being leaked.

Hence, now the banks want their customers to go through the KYC, or the Know Your Customer process. This happens to be a more foolproof banking solution wherein the customers are required only to share the necessary information via ‘identity wallets.’

This service, once again, is based on Ethereum and functions on smart contracts and blockchain where the KYC documents are safely stored in a decentralized database.

This data can only be accessed by the authorized persons or the authenticator, and, of course, by the users. This facilitates businesses to operate globally without the risk of identity theft.

5. Credit Access System

You can also create a credit access system based on the Ethereum blockchain.

Especially the small businesses in economically underdeveloped countries like Kenya can now have access to credit, courtesy of the dApps that operate on smart contracts.

These specific platforms aim at digitizing the masses and connect them with international donors.

This has proved to be of significant help in the self-employed and small enterprises sector by providing them fully unsecured debt funding.

The African unofficial economy in particular has benefited immensely with such contributions made in digital currency.

A few of these Ethereum projects have also started providing other allied services such as business training and micro-consulting.

6. Social Network

Especially for the artists, the Ethereum blockchain projects have proved to be extremely helpful to make the best use of the social network.

It is all due to the transparency that such web platforms offer with their alternative rewards based on reciprocity.

The artists now have the opportunity to show their creative talents by setting up their own galleries.

Rewards are offered to the artists as well as the users both for their tips, comments, shares, donations, and reviews.

The level of engagement with the community determines the reputation of the users on the website as well as the rewards earned.

7. Crowdfunding dApp

There are several platforms for crowdfunding available that are created on the Ethereum ecosystem and more are being created.

This is not different from the traditional fundraising solutions in terms of experience and user interface.

However, the most significant difference is that the digital contributions through the campaigns are collected in the Ether currency.

You can take an idea from the dApps as to how they are dealing with the issues inherent with the blockchain ecosystem and then design a system of your own with similar productivity and functionalities.

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Investors will know exactly where the money is going and what they are being spent on from the blockchain-based platforms.

In case of any anomalies or if there is no progress in a project, the funds can be blocked within the blockchain itself with the help of smart contracts.

Making the best use of the smart contract, you can design a reliable crowdfunding platform to step into the blockchain future powered by crypto tokens.

Just make sure that you do not have the similar problems in delivery, accountability, and trust as most of the startups do and lose a major chunk of the angel investors, if not all of them.

8. Decentralized Music Store

If you are interested in creating a decentralized music store, you can take a cue from Ujo Music.

This music platform is much different from other traditional music platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, and others. Ujo Music is typically designed for the artists and does not interfere with the fans and the artists being a decentralized music store.

This specialized crypto coin platform allows the artists to create, publish, distribute, and license music.

For all these activities they get compensated on the Ethereum network which does not involve any intermediaries.

Not only the platform provides the artists with more money and power, but it also provides more security for their assets which are stored in a decentralized file storage or InterPlanetary File System.

Add to that, the metadata is created by using forms that are built on Ethereum.

9. Trading Predictions Platform

Take ideas from the Gnosis to create a trading predictions platform based on Ethereum.

This is one of the latest market mechanisms that help in open finance with its open framework that allows creating crypto assets. These assets tell about the future events with provisional outcomes.

You can integrate the conditional tokens with other apps and prediction markets and even build your own platform on top of the Gnosis platform to make market-driven predictions making the best use of the technology.

The working process of this platform involves two distinct aspects. Either you bet on predictions or trade predictions.

If the predictions are correct, you will be rewarded with tokens. These tokens are usually staked for inaccurate predictions.

10. Shipment Location Provider

You can also offer the best solutions to the logistics companies with the help of an Ethereum project of your own that will provide them with precise data of the locations of a particular shipment.

Today, most of the logistics companies fail to provide such details.

They are only able to provide information about the location of the main collection center, prominent sorting facilities, and the hubs in a city. And, in case the system fails, all the data is lost.

If you can make the best use of blockchain you can create a system that will collect the location details from various systems that are interconnected and deliver the precise location data to the customers.

This system may also have other particular use cases such as tracking a rented car by a car rental company, looking for lost baggage by the airlines, and more.

11. P2P Ridesharing System

Today, you will get a lot of carpooling services but these systems and even the radio cabs come with an intermediary which is the cab rental agency itself.

Moreover, if a particular agency decides to close down its service in a particular city, you will not be able to share a ride.

To avoid such situations, it is best to have a P2P ridesharing service system based on the Ethereum blockchain.

If you create such a system that will be devoid of an intermediary, it will be much easier for the drivers and riders to get connected with each other directly.

12. Fake Product Identification System

You can also create a fake product identification system to prevent the phony manufacturers from making money by selling products at much cheaper rates.

These products are often counterfeited but are designed in such a way that even the experts cannot make out the difference from the real items.

These FPISs can scan the two-dimensional barcode embedded on a product. These barcodes are linked with a blockchain system which will enable one to know whether a product is fake or original.

It will be an outstanding blockchain project idea to follow if it can be linked with the smart phones.

13. Voting Systems

Gone are the days of the paper voting system when the electronic voting systems replaced it.

However, these EVMs can also be rigged and therefore there is a need for a system that will store the data more securely and will be unchangeable.

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A voting system based on the blockchain is a great idea for that matter which will ensure security and even prevent attacks and any manipulation of data. It will also ensure more transparency since the data will be verifiable publicly.

If you can implement the system successfully it will enable voting by using even a mobile app that will be tied to a blockchain system.

14. Charity App

Transparency and genuineness can be enhanced significantly by creating a charity application based on the Ethereum blockchain.

This will prevent several sham charity organizations from posing as genuine organizations and make money from the people who cannot verify their authenticity.

Such an app will give the people who donate money for a good cause peace in mind that their money has reached the right hands.

This transparency will build trust in online charity as well because the donors will be able to see where their money is going in real-time.

15. Web Hosting System

You may also try a decentralized web hosting system based on the blockchain so that a site is not down due to server overload or maintenance.

This is because the web content that comprises millions of textual matters, codes, and media will not be available in a centralized location.

With the help of blockchain, a website will not need any central server because the entire content of the web will be split into small fragments and distributed all over the internet.

It is only a blockchain registry that will link them all together.

16. Disk Space Renting

The main idea to create a disk space renting system is to allow everyone to rent out the vacant disk space.

A blockchain registry attached to it will act as a huge worldwide cloud and will be entirely decentralized, courtesy of blockchain.

You can create a small project but if you can create a system that can be used all over the globe it will further enhance the functionality and utility of cloud storage.

It will also help in expediting the memory and computing power provided there is a super-fast internet connection.

17. Loyalty Points Exchange

Most of the brands today reward their customers with loyalty points, but of their own.

This is a significant drawback because most of the customers cannot use these points even if they want to. These points cannot be exchanged even with friends and family.

However, with a blockchain project implemented, it will allow those customers to trade their loyalty rewards more transparently.

18. Trackback Food Source

Today, people are more health-conscious and will therefore not eat any and every type of food available.

Most of them prefer to eat organic food but are never sure that they are really organic as promised.

Once again, an Ethereum blockchain system can help in tracking back the source of food successfully to know whether or not the food is fresh.

This will enhance the element of trust among the consumers in a store as well.

19. FirstBlood

FirstBlood may remind you of the movie but it is a blockchain project that is designed for the e-sports arena and is similar to Gnosis.

Using this, the gamers can use tokens to sign up for a match.

Add to that, the platform also allows the gamers to stake tokens to win more tokens.

Gamers can also play against the available opponents or put themselves in a queue in a collection of other people or teams to play against them later on.

People can also take part in tournaments and get tokens if they win the game. In such situations, Oracle is used to determine the result of a match.

20. Golem

If you are interested in computers, you can think of a decentralized supercomputer.

This device based on blockchain will be able to make calculations more effectively off-chain. This means that it will not be done on the blockchain but will be verified on it.

This also means renting out unused computing power when needed for different purposes including 3D rendering, AI Machine Learning, computational chemistry, and more.


Ethereum projects are similar to blockchain boot camps. It will help you learn and practice both.

Choose one of the above ideas that suit you best to explore it and pursue your career, polishing your practical skills and computing knowledge.