13 Best Cryptocurrency Podcasts to Listen in 2022

Over the past couple of years, podcasts have proved to be the most effective way in these modern times to keep one updated.

The significance of podcasts is that it can teach you about anything under the sky.

There are lots of such podcasts available out there. Right from sports to social media, current affairs and events to movie reviews, there is a podcast out there to meet all or any of your specific needs.

You can listen to them at your convenience as many times as you want.

There are also a lot of podcasts that deal with investing and managing cryptocurrency investments, its developments, updates and market reviews.

You can know about it all without having to spend a lot of time reading carefully the lengthy articles on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

With such a wide variety of options, it will surely be very difficult, if not impossible to decipher which is the right match for you. Of course, it will not be so difficult if you are knowledgeable.

13 Best Cryptocurrency Podcasts to Listen in 2021:

Best Cryptocurrency Podcasts to Listen

If you have little knowledge about the crypto market, investments, and its management and want to listen to a podcast to gain knowledge, here is a list of some of the best podcasts on cryptocurrency that you should listen.

This way, you will get a fair idea about what goes on in this tech-driven world.

1. Unchained – More Topics

This crypto podcast is created and hosted by Laura Shin who is also a crypto and blockchain journalist. She has shared her extensive knowledge about the history, trading concepts, and possibilities of the crypto market.

Therefore, if you want to gain a vast knowledge about the crypto space, Unchained is the right cryptocurrency podcast for you.

Being the former senior editor of Forbes as well, Laura happens to be the first conventional reporter to cover cryptocurrency assets full-time.

The features of this podcast include:

  • It comes in a weekly and hour-long format
  • It includes interviews with some of the major investors in the cryptocurrency market, attorneys and CEOs
  • The topics range from personal stories of individuals getting involved with crypto, tax complexities, investment tips, security advice, and more.

The most significant benefit of listening to this podcast is that you will also come to know a lot about the regulatory aspects of cryptocurrency markets.

This super-impressive podcast is made in a unique and useful interactive style making it one of the most authentic cryptocurrency podcasts out there.

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2. Unconfirmed – Top News

Another good cryptocurrency podcast created by Laura Shin, once again. This podcast is created in a slightly different way.

This is also a weekly podcast made with a special approach to crypto news highlighting the top news of the week. This podcast is released in a 20-minute long format.

Other things that are included in this podcast are the personal takes and opinions on the top names in the crypto market and what they are coming up with.

In spite of being shorter than Unchained, the Unconfirmed podcast is a valuable resource to gather information about the fast-moving cryptocurrency market.

It will keep you knowledgeable about the future events and happenings so that you can plan your investments and coin management accordingly to keep you at the top of the crypto game and ahead of other investors.

3. Crypto 101 – Crypto Basics

This is a good crypto podcast that deals with the basics and therefore is one of the best one for the beginners to listen to.

Crypto 101 is hosted by Bryce Paul and Aaron Malone who are the business development professional and advisor and researcher respectively in the crypto space.

Each of the episodes deals with a specific topic on cryptocurrency making it a true guide for the beginners.

Guests also feature in some episodes that will provide you with an insight about the crypto market and also provide an insider’s look at different researches and crypto companies.

This is also a weekly podcast but each episode can vary in length ranging anywhere between 25 minutes and one hour of listening, depending on the specific topic of discussion on each episode.

The good thing is that, in between the podcast episodes, you can also sign up with the host for an email list for tips, tricks and additional information on crypto investments.

4. Crypto Radio – Latest Tech Development

If you want to be knowledgeable about a wide range of topics related to cryptocurrency right from the complex blockchain technology to crypto investing, this is the right podcast for you to listen to.

Crypto Radio involves all the latest technology developments and lots more.

Four individuals host this podcast namely, Mike, Chris, Euvie, and Michael. They are full-time entrepreneurs and investors in the crypto field.

It involves different episodes and series of shows to cover the diverse range of topics about cryptocurrency. It includes:

  • Introduction to crypto Investing
  • Beginner’s guide and
  • Thought Leader series involving individuals such as Jared Psigoda and Daniel Jeffries.

All these series and episodes offer valuable insights from some of the most renowned experts about the current and future status of the rapidly moving crypto space.

It also features the Founder series. This also involves guests but the approach is a little different. It mainly focuses on the practical use of the companies and apps.

 5. The Stephan Livera Podcast – Educational Materials

This is one of the top podcasts available worldwide that speaks about the Bitcoin space especially.

Hosted by the top influencer in the Bitcoin space, Livera, who is also the co-founder of Ministry of Nodes, it is not surprising that you will gain the best knowledge about cryptocurrency through an exceptional education and consulting service.

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You will find a lot of educational materials in The Stephan Livera Podcast including a host of interviews and discussions featuring some of the high-profile guests such as Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, Ron Paul, Joseph Salerno, and more.

6. The Token Metrics Podcast – Short and Crisp

This specific podcast talks about the data-driven Moneyball approach to ICO investing. A lot of research processes and documents are also shared in this podcast.

There is a specific slot to answer the different questions from the viewers and subscribers. You can also have free access to the spreadsheet.

The Token Metrics Podcast will teach you about blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and anything in between, including:

  • Crypto news
  • Market info
  • Analysis of investment strategies
  • Updates and developments.

The topics discussed are also varied and include ‘How to’, ‘Thoughts on’ and more.

The length of the episodes is pretty short, clocking less than 5 minutes! However, you will hear from the notable guests as well as the Token Metrics team, making every episode quite valuable.

7. The Breakdown, With NLW – Independent Trading Strategies

This podcast includes a large number of topics along with communications for several crypto companies.

It focuses on the independent strategies and all these are analyzed by Nathaniel Whittemore, a leading personality in the crypto world.

The episodes are aired daily. This means that you will stay right on top and be knowledgeable about the latest trends, strategies, and developments in the crypto space.

The Breakdown, With NLW podcast features several other personalities of the crypto space.

In addition to that, a lot of prominent guests from the geopolitical and macroeconomics spaces also join the host in the discussions.

A lot of doubts regarding the cultural revolutions, price action, and more are cleared in each session.

8. Bitcoin Audible – Bitcoin Specific

This is another good Bitcoin-specific podcast presented by Guy Swann. The best part of the Bitcoin Audible podcast is that even the most complicated topics and technical aspects are handled and discussed in a way that is easy to grasp even by a novice.

The average length of each episode is about an hour in which you will get to know about everything that you may have missed while reading a lengthy article on a website about cryptocurrency.

9. The Pomp Podcast – For Beginners 

This podcast will provide you with adequate knowledge about both Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

Though it does not deal with any one topic in particular, it provides a sufficient amount of knowledge on both that a beginner needs to know about to invest in crypto.

The good thing is that you can also refresh your mind off and on when needed because every now and then you will also hear about different trendy topics such as mental health and more in The Pomp Podcast.

Hosted by Anthony Pompliano, this podcast is one of the best sources to know about cryptocurrency and its investment strategies.

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10. Bully Esquire – Legal Aspects 

To be honest, this is a crypto podcast that is in its nascent stages. Still, the reason that you should listen to it is that it explores and includes all of the different and complex legal aspects of the crypto industry.

Though the podcast may not provide you with an overall update, you can rely on the content of it due to the expertise of Bully Esquire, a corporate attorney.

Moreover, the presentation of every episode is crisp, interesting, and exciting, thanks to the other experts from the crypto world that Bully brings in from time to time.

11. Hashr8 Podcast – Technical Aspects 

You will come to know about some of the most important aspects of the crypto world and its market from this podcast, which, however, is not updated regularly like the other podcasts in this list.

This podcast especially deals with the technical aspects of investing in crypto and the mining process.

Therefore, check the Hashr8 Podcast out if you are interested in knowing about the technical complexities in particular, and provided you have the mining fundamentals right.

12. Hash Power – General Investment Advice

This crypto podcast belongs to the series from Invest Like the Best. The topics will enable you to get the basics of blockchain technology right.

The best thing is that the entire thing is completed in just three episodes but it will provide you with a comprehensive knowledge about the working process of blockchain technology, the backbone of cryptocurrency.

Hash Power is also a good source to gain knowledge about general investment advice, insights on the crypto market, and an in-depth analysis of different events.

13. Epicenter – Recent Events and Economic Implications 

Finally, this is one of the best and most trusted podcasts when it comes to gaining knowledge about the technical aspects of crypto space.

You can choose anyone from their library of more than four hundred episodes that includes different topics that includes and is not limited to:

  • Bitcoin
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Privacy and security
  • Cryptography
  • Proof-of-Stake and more.

Created and hosted by old-school experts of the crypto world, through Epicenter you will also come to know about the recent developments and events in the market along with the economic implications that these may have on the whole.


Obviously, there are several other podcasts about cryptocurrency out there. However, these are some of the most fascinating ones that you can listen to and start investing and trading crypto with absolute confidence and high hopes.