9 Best Cryptocurrency Miners with Features – A Guide

What are the best cryptocurrency miners? A cryptocurrency miner helps in generating new cryptocurrency by introducing new components or units to the existing blockchain. These blocks are mined from a mining pool.

The miner helps in distributing the available resources fairly and quickly as well as in disbursing the rewards for adding the blocks over a network.

Free cryptocurrency miner software will also help you to monitor as well as control the crypto mining process of your equipment.

However, the process is quite complex and everything is facilitated by the compatible cryptocurrency miner which you will need to use to mine coins. This is in addition to the mining hardware, graphics card, and other essentials.

There are different cryptocurrency miners available out there. Therefore, it is elementary that you choose the right miner for yourself.

9 Best Cryptocurrency Miners with Features

Best Cryptocurrency Miners

If you do not know which to choose, here is a list of some of the best crypto miners to use. Go through it and know the features of each to choose the one that suits your purpose the best. Check out Best Cryptocurrencies to Mine.

1. BFGMiner – For Advanced Users

This is one of the best crypto miners that is fit for advanced users. This ASIC and FPGA mining app will allow you to tailor the mining process. However, it will not allow GPU mining.

It has a remote interface, an advanced tracking ability, and clocking functionality which helps in customizing the mining process.

It also has a stratum proxy server and a built-in network. It is designed with more sophisticated and highly structured code.

This helps to divide acquisition and submission of work into two threads. This prevents hampering the working resources.

The characteristic features of this free miner include:

  • Powerful mining features
  • Ability to mine different cryptocurrencies simultaneously and
  • Ability to deal with different popular mining algorithms concurrently.

This miner is a very flexible app and is cross-platform having the ability to run on a Raspberry Pi. The Graphics User Interface is quite user-friendly in spite of its textual form.

There are several hotkeys that will help you in navigating through the various options.

2. MultiMiner – Access API and DEA Settings

If you are a beginner then this is the right miner for you. It is easy to use and runs on a GUI-based software program.

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This program is useful because it is designed as a part of the Windows 10 mining platform. You can also run this program with Linux and macOS as well after installing a few additional apps.

The MultiMiner software has the ability to detect the mining hardware. It will then generate a list that will contain all of the necessary information.

This free miner also comes with a few additional features such as:

  • Its ability to select the mining procedure
  • The placeholders that will help you to understand the jargon
  • A remote rig access
  • Its ability to choose coins to mine depending on the connected mining hardware and
  • Ability to access Application Programming Interface and Direct Engine Arguments settings

The best feature of this mining software is the linked mining system. Based on this system, you will be able to select the particular type of coins you wish to mine.

3. EasyMiner – User Friendly

If you are looking for a miner that will allow you to manage different types of cryptocurrencies from one place, then your search should end here.

EasyMiner is a user-friendly software alternative for users who do not want to use the most commonly used Command Line Interface mining equipment.

This software will offer a graphical representation of the numbers and results which will be very useful in the mining process.

This miner will also allow you to mine both Litecoin and Bitcoin at the same time.

When you first activate it, the miner will immediately switch to the “MoneyMaker” mode.

This will start generating a Litecoin wallet automatically and at the same time will start mining on a private pool by using the CPU of your computer.

The other notable features of this free miner are:

  • Its ability to select a particular pool using a tailored hash algorithm
  • Its support for ASIC mining
  • Offering a chat system to connect with others and
  • Ability to start mining immediately with its Moneymaker mode.

The layout of the dashboard makes it very easy to use. With just a simple click on the mouse you can easily switch between mining pools, access the crypto wallets and update network settings as well.

4. CGMiner – Run on Any System

This free miner is best for the users who like to use open-source mining software with a remote interface. It can run on any system and is also compatible with a wide range of mining equipment.

The CGMiner is one of the most commonly used ASIC/FPGA/GPU miners and has been around for a long time.

Its cross-platform allows it to work on different operating systems such as Mac OS, Linux, and Windows and its C-based command line program allows it to run on a wide array of mining pools.

The command-line GUI is very user-friendly and responds to keyboard commands when you want to adjust settings such as the overclocking functionality, fan speed control, and more.

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There is a scalable scheduler in this miner that helps in networking and can handle a wide range of hash rate without causing any delays in the network.

New blocks are submitted quickly and the smart failover process facilitates mining from several pools. This is ensured by the panel that handles most configurations and detects new blocks automatically with a mini archive.

This eliminates sluggish work or failing situations. If there is any intermittent disruption in the network, all the entries are cached to recover later.

5. Awesome Miner – Centralized Management

If you are fond of centralized management of your mining activity, this is the right miner for you to use. It is powerful and comes with useful features that allow it to accommodate a number of mining hardware at the same time.

It facilitates more than 25 mining engines and can easily integrate with each major mining algorithm. It will also allow you to control different pools at once.

The free Awesome Miner will keep a track of the coins and their variety in real-time. The good thing about this miner is that it will work with all ASIC devices and starts mining with a single click.

The dashboard is easy to use and shows the condition and temperature of your hardware as well.

Therefore, it will help you to manage your mining activity for a better performance and at the same time it will also allow you to keep a track of the health of the system. You can also control the speed of the clock and fan as well.

6. BTCMiner – Simple and Better Mining Process

This miner will enable you to choose the frequency with the highest hash rate automatically. This makes the process of mining very simple and much better.

It is cloud-based and allows mining cryptocurrencies by anyone who has FPGA mining equipment, a stable internet connection, a digital wallet and address.

The best part of this miner is that you can run it without Xilinx software or a license. It comes with a ready-to-use Bitstream and a power saving mode. It also comes with protection for overheating.

Other features of this free miner that you should know include its ability in dynamic frequency scaling and controlling different FPGA boards.

7. DiabloMiner – Fast Hashing

You can use this miner if you want to execute fast hashing with the OpenCL framework.

This will support it adequately with its OpenCL platform and do the necessary hashing computations pretty fast. This will provide you with a large number of mining pools.

It operates on Mac and is also GPU mining hardware compatible. And, if you have the latest Nvidia or ATI Stream SDK 2.1 software, you can run it on any operating system.

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One nice feature of the free DiabloMiner is that it allows you to choose whether you want to mine alone or in a group.

8. NiceHash Miner – Easy to Use

This is a specific Bitcoin miner that is not only easy to use but also comes with a self-explanatory interface. This will make it very easy for you to mine as well as trade cryptocurrencies.

The miner comes with features that will allow you to monitor and track all of your tasks and transactions remotely. In addition to that, it will also allow you to confirm the condition of your mining operations.

You can start mining with this miner with a single click and, apart from that you can also control every computer in the network. Not only that. This miner will also allow you to track:

  • Your profits
  • The temperature of the system
  • The load and even
  • The RPM of the fan.

This useful miner comes with an option for depositing and withdrawing crypto and provides instant notification.

9. Cudo Miner ­– Good for Beginners

If you are mining for the first time by using your desktop or laptop then this miner will be able to help you a lot.

Cudo Miner comes packed with useful features that support both GPU and CPU mining with several algorithms. It is easy to set up and use.

It comes with features like:

  • Remote control
  • Idle mining
  • A user-friendly interface
  • Multiple payment methods
  • A powerful web console and
  • An ability to customize algorithms to boost up its performance and profitability.

It also comes with advanced tracking capabilities that will allow you to enable or disable mines, revenues, display hash rates, as well as hardware health information such as its wattage and temperature.

You can even enable or disable recommendations and transactions made from afar.


Every crypto miner that you will come across will have its share of characteristic pros and cons. You should choose one from the list above depending on your specific needs. Just make your choice based on the functionality you want in it.