9 Best Cryptocurrencies that Could Double the Money

What are the best cryptocurrencies that could double the money? Cryptocurrencies are doing quite well and in 2021 there will be a surge of new investors into this space being attracted to the superb potential of this digital asset that helps in securing a prosperous future.

Apart from Bitcoin that initiated this move quite long ago, now there are lots of new Altcoins available in the market that have an equally bright future.

Coming to investments, as such, the crypto market is extremely volatile. In the past, a lot of ups and downs were witnessed in the price of several crypto coins which may make you, as an investor, a bit apprehensive.

However, there are a few specific coins that you can invest in 2021 blindly and expect them to double the money pretty soon. Check out Crypto Dollar Cost Averaging Strategy.

If you are unaware of these coins, you are in the right place. This article will guide you to choose one of the best and most prospective crypto coins and get a chance to double your capital.

9 Best Cryptocurrencies that Could Double the Money

Best Cryptocurrencies that Could Double the Money

The valuation of digital currencies doubled in quick time. This is due to the fact that the crypto market is typically driven by retail investors who are known to be emotionally charged.

Yes, there are lots of risks involved in this market that is known for its volatility but there are a few crypto coins that stand out to offer outstanding returns. Here are some of them.

1. DOGE – Significant Rise in Market Cap

Dogecoin or DOGE started as a meme cryptocurrency and a ‘joke’ coin that was used especially to increase the awareness of the digital assets, blockchain technology, and the crypto market among the audience.

However, over time this joke coin proved to be worthy enough to invest in. The market cap of DOGE has increased by more than 13,000% till date.

It is not surprising that it is considered to be one of the top five crypto coins that can double its worth in 2021 and beyond, based on the market capitalization.

Therefore, this is a good coin to consider if you want to double your money with its huge prospects.

Its value will keep on escalating not only due to its support from some of the staunch supporters of the crypto industry but also for the improved system efficiency.

Also, the price of the coin will increase even more simply due to the fact that the number of companies that accept DOGE as a mode of payment is also increasing dramatically of late.

2. UNI – Higher Liquidity

Uniswap, the exchange, is considered to be the game changer of the Decentralized Finance platform.

And, UNI, its native coin, has equally good potential to ensure high returns on investment. Both combined makes it a good option to invest in.

The platform itself has several different features that are significant and separates it from other crypto exchanges.

The operations are user-friendly and the fees charged are quite low and competitive. In addition to that, the platform also gives their users the right to control their private keys.

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Another significant aspect of UNI is that it rules the DEX platforms apart from the fact that it has gained an exceedingly bullish impetus which has helped it to reach an all-time high price.

Moreover, the platform plans to cut back the processing cost even further with the launch of Uniswap V3. This feature will make things a lot faster and the platform much more reliable.

Coming to its coin, it provides much higher liquidity. This is the most significant reason that UNI tokens have gained a lot of attraction recently from the investors.

One of the most significant investors is Andreessen Horowitz, owner of a venture capital firm that invested in quite a few industry giants such as Oculus VR and Twitter in the past.

UNI is their native governance token which empowers the holders with the voting rights and also offers them a chance to take part in the decision making process for further developments.

All these facts and features make UNI a good crypto coin to invest in 2021 if you want to double your money.

3. TRX  – First Deflationary Crypto of the World

Tron or TRX happens to be the first deflationary crypto of the world that has witnessed a dramatic surge in its price very recently.

Its native coin TRX seems to have broken through its resistance to attain a high price.

With its primary objective to transform the entertainment industry through different community based activities such as gaming and torrenting, TRX allows the users to conduct microtransactions.

This helps them to connect with the developers and artists directly to enjoy their creations at a much lesser fee.

Originating in the Ethereum blockchain, TRX is a viable option that can double your money due to another significant aspect – its demand and supply.

Of late, the circulation of coin supply has reduced which has spiked the price of it dramatically over the past couple of months.

The value of the Tron platform will also rise continually due to the rising demand of Decentralized Apps in the world.

It comes with a lot of growth potential which makes it a good choice for making long term investments for higher returns.

4. XRP – Low Cost and Faster Transaction

XRP of Ripple is one of the leading cryptocurrencies of the world that has a slightly different approach when it comes to marketing itself.

It does not do so with its decentralization but instead does it by working closely with different traditional banks and financial institutions as well as investment companies.

It, therefore, does not disrupt them entirely but simply makes them cheaper and more advanced.

XRP is the utility token of Ripple and it has quite a few use cases. It can be used as a remittance system, a payment settlement, or for asset exchanges. It is faster and carries low cost.

Several banks have installed xRapid recently. This is a major component of Ripple which facilitates faster movement of funds among third parties.

Such institutional interest is seen to be growing in Ripple which makes it another good option to invest in.

Also, the SEC lawsuit helped in an increase in the price of XRP since January 2021 as well, which makes it a good crypto to consider investing in to double your money.

5. ETH  – Sophisticated Blockchain Technology

The price of ETH, the native token of Ethereum, has risen to an all-time high recently crossing the $4000 mark.

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It is expected to rise even further in the next decade due to the rise in the demand of DeFi which makes it a good option to invest in to double your money.

It comes with a more sophisticated blockchain technology and is known to be exceptionally hack-proof.

This peer-to-peer network has unique security features that also secure the dApps within the network.

Recently, institutional adoption is seen to be increasing for Ethereum since their announcement of Ethereum 2.0.

This is expected to improve the scalability of the network and at the same time will ensure faster transactions of coins with optimal security due to its most recent upgrade, the EIP-1559.

According to the industry experts and crypto critics, the price of ETH is expected to go as high as $20,000 by the end of 2025.

Apart from that, its near future is also quite bright due to the London Hard Fork along with some other upgrades scheduled in 2021.

Other reasons that make it a good contender include growing interest of the institutional investors and rise in popularity of NFT which are based on the Ethereum blockchain.

6. LTC – More Secure and Scalable

If you want to invest in a crypto that is more secure and scalable, LTC is the one you should choose. In 2021, Litecoin witnessed a rapid growth.

As a result, the price of LTC, its coin, has surpassed its previous high creating a new high in May, 2021.

It is going to rise even further since it is the first wholesome fork of Bitcoin making it a good coin to invest in 2021 to double your money.

The bullish outlook makes it all the more prospective and a much faster network. It processes low-cost payments and it is its practicality that has resulted in its worldwide adoption.

There are lots of small businesses that have now adopted LTC as their major mode of payment while making microtransactions. LTC can be used for making regular payments as well.

The price of LTC will be further boosted by its process of halving which is scheduled to happen on August 6, 2023, after four years.

More and more miners will be attracted to it as well due to its comparatively higher block reward which stands at 12.5 LTC as of now.

7. BNB – A Popular Choice

Just like Binance is one of the most popular and favored trading platforms, its native token Binance Coin or BNB is also equally popular. These tokens can be used to pay the transaction fees.

Another significant reason for the popularity of BNB is the augmented adoption of the DEX platform.

Along with that, the improvements of Binance Smart Chains have also resulted in the steep rise in the price of the coins significantly.

With an impressive market capitalization, it has incorporated different DeFi components already such as Binance DEX.

This helps in interoperability and also promises mass adoption in the near future.

According to the critics, the value of BNB will cross the 700 mark by the end of 2021, making it one of the best options for long term investments to double your money.

8. NANO – Unique Block Lattice Blockchain

NANO, formerly RaiBlocks (XRB), is the wildcard in this list. It comes with a unique Block Lattice blockchain instead of one single central blockchain.

This means that it does not have to rely on a large number of people to have consensus.

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As it is in an open-source network, anytime a big development is about to take place in the network and users do not have much control over it.

This is not the case for NANO because each user can use their own blockchain.

They can control this which makes the entire network much more scalable without affecting its performance adversely.

It also comes with some exceptionally fast processing speeds that makes it a good coin to invest in to double your money.

Incredible as it may sound, NANO can process as many as 7,000 transactions per second.

This will be even more when some specific hardware upgrades are made in the near future. Comparatively, Bitcoin can process only 7 transactions per second.

It is all due to the blockchain of Nano that helps in making such faster transactions. The setup breaks down a peer-to-peer payment into two distinct transactions.

In one, the sender withdraws from the account, and in another, the receiver adds it to the account. All these are done at lightning-fast speed and, that too, for free.

However, there are no major partners of NANO available yet but do not consider it to be a significant downside because with its fast processing ability, it will soon have a lot of them.

9. QTUM – Smart Contract Protocols Incorporated

Finally, it is QTUM that you should consider investing in 2021 if you want to double your money. Its blockchain is designed with the best aspects of two major cryptocurrencies.

It has the infrastructure as robust as Bitcoin and the Virtual Machine of Ethereum. These are tweaked with some proprietary additions to make it more effective and functional.

This blockchain incorporates smart contract protocols. It is also expected to be compatible with the Bitcoin gateways as well as the smart contracts of Ethereum in spite of any future upgrades made into the blockchain.

It has also got a few major partners, all of whom work in tandem to create more sophisticated blockchain solutions.

With such an improved blockchain, it is just a matter of time when it will become the leading service for blockchain consensus network of the world.

In addition to making payments, its blockchain will also be used for copyright protections.

As for its immediate future plans, Qtum’s blockchain will utilize Boko Cloud service. This will extend its network to more than 50,000 full nodes.

This will be enough to push it over and above the scalable potential of Bitcoin and Ethereum as well.

In short, Qtum is poised to flourish and make your money double should you choose to invest in it.


Over time, the dominance of Bitcoin in the crypto market seems to have become weaker.

That is why you should know about the other coins that come with exceptionally high future potential to double your money, as in the list above.