13 Best Crypto YouTube Channels 2022

If you are looking for some insights about the crypto market then the best thing you can do is watch a few good cryptocurrency YouTube channels, apart from doing a bit of research on the internet about it.

There are lots of such videos that speak in depth about the crypto industry, the market and its current or upcoming trends, and even how to trade different cryptocurrencies.  The best part of these videos is that all these are free!

However, as said earlier, since there are so many such crypto videos available, it may be a bit difficult for you to choose one or some of the best YouTube channels and videos.

If you do not want to conduct your own research, here is an article that comes with some of the best crypto YouTube videos and channels that are good for the beginners as well as the expert investors.

If possible, go through all these and choose one that you like best and watch it over and over again. Check out Best Cryptocurrency Podcasts.

13 Best Crypto YouTube Channels 2022

Best Crypto YouTube Channels

All these crypto YouTube videos are good enough sources to learn about the market trends and also know about the most critical concept – the blockchain technology.

1. Benzinga Crypto Show – Good for Beginners

The videos in this channel are hosted by Catherine Ross who has a lot of experience in the crypto industry.

The entire show involves a large variety of useful topics related to cryptocurrency including DeFi or Decentralized Finance, Initial Coin Offerings or ICO, and Altcoins.

In addition to the basics, you will also come to know about the current market trends which will help you a lot in making more informed and educated investment decisions.

You will also get to listen to some interviews of some prominent names in the crypto industry. This is a great way to get all the necessary information and advice directly from the crypto insiders, firsthand.

The best part of the show is that it is not very technical but still covers all the fundamentals and beyond in an educational way which makes it a very good and reliable source of crypto information for the beginners.

2. Benjamin Cowen – Good for Scientific Analysis

This video by Benjamin Cowen is one of the best crypto videos on YouTube that offers a lot of technical analysis to help both the beginners and professional traders hands-down in the crypto market.

The content of this video primarily focuses on the data science involved in the market which is responsible for the price fluctuations of the different tokens available in the crypto market.

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Known for the unbiased views, this video is one good source to gain crypto knowledge without much of hype.

Being an extremely technical trader, Benjamin Cowen, believes in facts and figures and presents the content in just the right way.

The investment thesis and strategies are broken down in clear, simple, and concise manner which makes it easy to understand even by people who are not very much aware of the technical jargon.

3. Coin Bureau – Basic Analysis

This is one of the best YouTube channels for crypto research and for basic analysis. Without any hype or exaggeration, this video will offer you a clear and neutral view of the crypto market.

Having the basics right, this video will help you to conduct your own research on a variety of crypto projects that are ongoing or upcoming.

The presentation of the video is quite different from the others with a separate project or topic covered in each video that lasts typically for about 20 minutes.

There is no technical analysis in the videos to make it complex and hard for the beginners. Instead, the content includes the history of cryptocurrency, the technology involved, and the major competitors.

4. Lark Davis – Basic and Price Action Analysis

Lark Davis creates crypto videos on cryptocurrency for those specific traders who want to know more about the price fluctuations and action apart from the fundamentals with proper analysis.

You will have the best info and advice from Lark Davis who possesses a lot of experience about stock and crypto markets both.

An additional benefit of this video is that there are useful tutorials that will help investors a lot, even if they are the first-timers.

5. Off the Chain Podcast – Interviews of Big Crypto Players

Hosted by Anthony Pompliano, this video features several interviews of some of the prominent figures in this market space as well as other traders involved in cryptocurrency.

The interviewees offer in-depth information and insights about the crypto market and projects that they have undertaken.

They speak about their beliefs and experiences without much intervention from the host. You will also come to know about the technical aspects of investing in cryptocurrencies from the big crypto players based on their current projects.

6. Hashoshi – Informative and Educational

This video is hosted by Forest, an Ethereum developer, and is very informative for the beginners as well as the professionals.

The host breaks down the complex technical aspects of cryptocurrency trading in a simple manner so that the beginners can understand them easily.

Apart from educating you about the future decentralized crypto world, the host also offers reviews of several crypto wallets so that you know which one to choose to keep your digital assets safe.

7. Aimstone – Eye Catching Animation

If you are a beginner and want to know exactly how each coin works in a crypto market, this is a good YouTube channel to watch crypto videos.

Created by several prominent video explainers, the best part of this video is that it is animated which makes it very easy for even a novice to understand the complexities of cryptocurrencies.

With as many as two videos posted in a week, this is a good source to gain information about the crypto market. However, be wary about the spelling mistakes here and there and their strong accent in the videos.

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8. Chico Crypto – Digs Deeper into the Crypto Market

The videos are hosted by Tyler Swope and it is ideal to know what is happening currently in the crypto world. Being an ardent crypto investor, Swope digs deeper into the market and investigates every aspect of it in detail.

One good thing about the video is that you will come to know about the potentially unsafe scenarios in the market that may arise in the near future.

However, you need not worry about it because Swope will offer proper advice and tips to invest safely and effectively in this volatile market.

Though the style and presentation of the videos may seem to be a bit unprofessional, the useful content will surely draw your attention.

9. Decentralized TVA More Realistic Approach

You should not be fooled by the surroundings of Decentralized TV or even by the attitude of the host, Peter.

Instead, you should subscribe to this channel for the excellent advice that you will get related to cryptocurrency and the ways to trade them.

The videos and the presentation of the topics have a more realistic approach to crypto trading. Through the videos you will come to know about the things that make a particular type of cryptocurrency stand out.

10. Crypto Love – One of the Most Popular Crypto YouTube Channels

You may feel that the videos on this channel are very eccentric and unusual in its presentation but Randal, the host, keeps things most entertaining.

This makes it one of the most popular crypto YouTube channels for people interested in cryptocurrency.

You will have an in-depth knowledge about the charts and along with that you will also have the expert opinion of Randal and other successful crypto players regarding the possibilities of cryptocurrencies.

You will come to know what may happen to it in the future.

You will not only have an extensive knowledge about the different types of cryptocurrencies but also gain significant knowledge about the different trading strategies to implement to have best results and returns on your investment.

11. Boxmining – Information Provided from the Chinese Perspective

It is hosted by Michael Gu and the videos explain how exactly different types of cryptocurrencies work.

The host explains things in an easy way, having a background in science and a lot of expertise in crypto trading.

The live videos are very interesting to watch but the message box may be a bit distracting. However, you can simply close it to focus fully on the content.

Since Michael provides information on cryptocurrency from the Chinese perspective, this is a good channel for crypto investors all over the globe to subscribe.

12. Ivan on Tech – Explains How Cryptocurrencies Work

This popular YouTube channel is hosted by Ivan Liljeqvist. He is one of the most well known faces on YouTube.

He talks about different aspects of the crypto world with an emphasis on how exactly cryptocurrency and its different forms work.

You will come across some of the best YouTube series including ‘Programmer Explains’ created by this blockchain educator, international speaker, software developer, blockchain consultant, and data scientist.

You can also tune in to the ‘Good morning crypto’ series to know about the most recent events and news of the crypto world.

Streamed every day at 8 in the morning, Swedish time, you can also ask Ivan several questions related to cryptocurrency and its status.

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13. DataDash – Good for Trading Tips

DataDash is hosted by Nicholas Merten. This is one of the best places on YouTube where you will get some proven and useful tips on crypto trading.

You will also gain adequate knowledge about the technicalities and complexities of cryptocurrency trading.

An additional benefit of subscribing to this most subscribed crypto channel on YouTube is that you will not only gain knowledge about cryptocurrency trading but also about a variety of other financial instruments as well.

Key Points to Remember While Selecting A Crypto YouTube Video

Though you should choose the videos on the basis of their content, there are lots of other factors to consider during your selection process so that you get the facts about the crypto market straight.

These are the key points that you should keep in mind while selecting one of the best crypto YouTube videos.

  • The content

Focus mainly on the content of the video rather than their style or way of presentation.

There may be quite a lot of good crypto YouTube video channels that present a more valuable content but the way of presentation may be eccentric, even to the extent of being arrogant.

As long as the content is useful and relevant to crypto trading and market, there is no harm in choosing such a video.

  • Updated videos

When you select crypto YouTube videos make sure that these are up to date. A lot of YouTubers present the latest in the crypto market and the upcoming trends and happenings.

The best way is to choose a specific video channel that posts crypto videos on a daily basis or every alternate day. This will keep you in the loop always.

  • Utility

Whatever or whichever YouTube video channel you choose, make sure that it comes up with useful tips.

Since YouTube is the most popular medium to gain knowledge that will register in the minds of the users due to its visual presentation, make sure that the tips and advice presented not only helps you in crypto trading but also when you deal with other market instruments.

  • Expert interviews

Better than choosing a YouTube channel presented by any random hosts, it is better to choose one that presents interviews of the crypto experts and critics.

These interviews are very useful and have a great power to influence other people who want to tread into the crypto world for the first time.

There are lots of videos created and presented by several YouTube stars that can be a real eye opener to you.


It is a great way to follow the best cryptocurrency YouTube channels to do well in crypto trading. Make sure that you choose a channel that informs about the latest trends in the market and features some of the renowned and influential figures.