20 Best Crypto with Low Market Cap – How to Select Them

What are the best crypto with low market cap? There are more than two thousand different types of cryptocurrencies right from the big brand names like Bitcoin and Ethereum to the less known ones, and even a few meme coins like Dogecoin.

These coins come with different market caps and also have different potential.

You should not discard the crypto coins with a low market cap though these are quite underrated.

This is because these coins, in spite of having a low market cap, also play a significant role in the success of cryptocurrencies. There is no doubt that these coins hold a special category in the Moon Awards.

The primary reason for these coins to have a low cap is not that it does not have the potential to provide high returns. Rather, it is because these coins are still in the stage of development.

Market capitalization is calculated on the basis of the total value of the coins that are currently circulating in the market. Check out Best Fiat to Crypto Exchanges.

Low cap crypto coins appear to be minuscule in comparison to those of the significant coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, but there are many of these coins available in the market.

20 Best Crypto with Low Market Cap

Best Crypto with Low Market Cap

More and more people are getting attracted to these low cap coins because these can provide high profits.

If you do not know what these are, here is a list of most popular and widely favored crypto coins with a low market capitalization.

Choose one or many to diversify your crypto portfolio.

1. Litecoin – One of the Most Trusted Low Cap Coins

This is next to Bitcoin in familiarity and popularity and is also one of the most trusted cryptocurrencies.

This is also considered to be one of the first Altcoins with a low market cap, though in billions.

It has high potential and allows much faster transactions in comparison to Bitcoins.

2. Basic Attention Token – One of the Most Trending Low Cap Crypto Coins

Commonly known as BAT, this is considered to be one of the most favored and trending low cap crypto coins that will provide you with consistent returns, in spite of the volatility of the crypto market.

It is its stability that signifies its potential to become a utility token in the near future.

3. Monero – Best for Making Private Transactions

Monero is good for making private transactions. This liquid crypto ensures the privacy of the users due to the unique technology behind it.

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This technology does not allow the crypto wallet address to appear ever on the open blockchain. Moreover, the source of every transaction made is also concealed by using better encryption techniques.

In addition to its privacy aspect, it is its high liquidity that makes it a good low cap coin to invest in to diversify your investment.

4. NEO – Much More Centralized

This digital coin is from China and is therefore popularly known as the Chinese Ethereum. However, it is significantly different from the traditional Ethereum tokens.

It is more centralized and there are not too many nodes that may affect the decisions like Ether. These coins are highly liquid and most promising with a pretty large target audience and are also known to support smart contracts.

5. Beam – Unique Blockchain Technology

This is another good low cap crypto coin that focuses on the privacy of the users primarily. However, do not mix it up with Monero because it operates on a new blockchain of its own called the Mimblewimble.

This specific technology offers a high speed to every transaction made but at the same time keeps the privacy aspect intact. The crypto economics is very well managed of this coin that is pretty liquid and consistent.

6. Nexo – One of the First Security Tokens

Nexo, as you may know, has an exclusive business model and offers crypto credit cards as well to the users.

This is quite a stable crypto coin with a low market cap and is also known to be one of the first security tokens available in the market now.

Though it is new, it is very functional making it a good option to choose.

7. Cardano – One of the Most Popular Coins

Cardano is another good crypto coin that ranks among the top five cryptocurrencies in terms of popularity.

It is highly liquid and has a high volume of trading every day. Though it has some significant ups and downs, it is by the virtue of its potentiality that it has become one the most favored crypto coins of the investors.

8. Enjin – Useful For Gaming Industry

This is the first company that has brought cryptocurrency into the gaming arena with blockchain. Users can own these digital assets they collect while gaming to trade them with other players in the network.

This increases the value of this crypto coin by creating usability across a variety of multi-verses in gaming. This makes it a strong contender in this crypto world in spite of its low market cap.

9. BitTorrent – One of the Oldest Coins

This is not only one of the oldest cryptocurrencies but is also one of the most popular ones with more than 100 million users.

It is all due to the unique technology behind it. This technology lets the content developers interrelate with the audience.

This, in the process, allows them to earn and use the tokens without the involvement of any third party.

The good news is that the value of this coin is poised for a huge hype due to the new venture started by BitTorrent and Tron.

10. IOTA – A Unique Marketplace

Considered as one of the best cryptocurrencies available out there in the market right now, IOTA has launched its unique Data Marketplace that has raised its value and importance.

It is their primary driving force as this marketplace allows companies to promote data by selling them. And, since it is block-less, the transactions made here are actually free.

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 11. XRP – Unique Exchange Features

XRP or Ripple is known for its unique exchange feature which ensures faster transactions, almost instantly.

Another good thing is that it can be exchanged for different other crypto coins with little or no wait time and with no fees.

The most significant aspect of this low cap crypto coin is that it operates on the Hash Tree technology instead of blockchain and cannot be mined.

12. Stellar – Makes Transactions Cheaper

Stellar or XLM is mainly used to connect blockchain technology with financial institutions. This facilitates making cheaper transactions.

It does not use a conventional mining network. Instead, it uses the FBA or Federated Byzantine Agreement algorithm while making any transactions.

This enhances the speed of making a transaction much more than compared to any other algorithms based on blockchain.

13. Dogecoin – For Faster Transactions

DOGE or Dogecoin was initially introduced into the market to mock the hype of Altcoins. It was then created as a crypto meme but soon it became one of the most popular crypto coins in the market.

This prominent and low cap crypto coin can make faster transactions than blockchains within a block interval of one minute.

However, there is a high possibility of this coin to inflate noticeably since there are no limits imposed on its supply.

14. Algorand – Works on Proof of Stake Blockchain

Algorand or ALGO supports smart contracts because it works mainly on the PoS or Proof-of-Stake blockchain.

When users are selected at random, it is this PoS protocol that offers them the power to vote on different proposals or even propose different blocks.

The most significant benefit of this feature is that it allows the users to balance their authority on the choice of a new block according to the proportion of their stakes.

15. Tezos – Largest ICO

XTZ or Tezos came into existence in 2017 and since then it has grown significantly to become the largest ICO today.

This low cap crypto coin is known to be one of the first crypto coins to use the Proof of Stake system instead of the Proof of Work system which is traditionally used in Bitcoin blockchain.

16. EOS – Useful dApps Feature

The blockchain platform of this low cap crypto coin also offers smart contracts ability.

This is a very useful feature as far as the software developers are concerned. They can use it to create apps or dApps making the best use of this system.

17. TRON – Offers Handsome Annual Rewards

TRON or TRX is a direct competitor to Ethereum and along with Tether it launched the TRC 20 token in 2019.

The best part of it is its unique Proof of Stake system. This allows as many as 27 excellent representatives to produce new blocks to get a handsome reward in the form of TRXs annually.

18. NEM – Works on Unique Smart Asset System

The working process of XEM or NEM, a short for New Economy Movement, is much different from other traditional crypto coins.

It basically works on Smart Asset System. This unique system will automatically harvest coins and grow in number via interest if you deposit 10,000 XEMs that you own into their official Nano wallet.

19. VeChain – Supports Business Processes and Supply Chain Management

This is a good crypto coin with a low cap for transferring across the network. The technology that it follows is specifically designed to support various business processes and supply chain management.

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This is done through the DLT or Distributed Ledger Technology. However, the price of it is in a vacuum right now and therefore you are requested to let it liquidate.

This will bring more clarity in the price structure and prove to be lucrative for the short-term portfolios.

20. Uniswap – Uses an Exclusive Decentralized Finance Framework  

UNI is also another good low cap crypto coin to invest in. You can trade Ether through the liquidity pools using Uniswap.

Utilizing it to the fullest, the Decentralized Finance or DeFi framework allows using smart contracts.

Though UNI was released just last year, it has already made a remarkable impression in the crypto market reaching several milestones within this short period.

The protocol allows making transactions automatically between different crypto tokens with its Ethereum blockchain.

Tips to Select Best Cryptocurrency with Low Market Cap

Since there are several different types of cryptocurrencies available in the market currently with different prices, potential, and market caps, choosing one can be a bit tricky, if not tough.

However, if you want some help in your effort, there are a few tips to follow as suggested by the experts.

  • First, research well. You should go through the local rules and regulations regarding cryptocurrencies so that you do not end up choosing one particular variant that is officially banned in the country you live in.
  • Next, you should follow several news, events, reviews and technical analysis reports to know the details of the crypto coins as well as its predictions.
  • Follow that up by short listing a few types of cryptocurrencies based on the specific purpose of the currency and whether or not it will serve yours.
  • Also, read all available reports on the shortlisted currencies as well as its past news. This way you may come up with some predictions that may indicate the specific coins that you choose may cause some harm to your investment. It will also help you to know the scams about specific crypto coins, if any, and avoid them.
  • Finally, find out what the experts of the industry suggest about that cryptocurrency and always follow their recommendations.

To be better off with your investment you should also make sure that the supply rate of the coins you choose is quite respectable.

This is a vital point to follow because cryptocurrencies not all coins with a small market cap are not easy to find out there.


Cryptocurrencies have been evolving always and it has the potential to function like fiat currency in a couple of years down the lane.

If you want to invest in this field, starting with ones with low market cap is a good option. But, research well.