20 Best Crypto with Huge Potential and Utility in 2021

What are the best crypto with huge potential and utility? There is a huge potential upside of cryptocurrencies which has resulted in a surge of investors and traders in this market space.

The crypto coins now have an extended use and are not only used by the traders and investors in this market but also by the digital artists, developers, businesses and others.

In short, all these coins have a high utility. However, every coin available may not provide the return that you expect. Therefore, you will need to choose only those coins to invest in that have a huge potential and value.

Whether you go for low-cost crypto coins or for the premium variants, you should check their performance and prices so that you make a substantial profit.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano or any other from the thousands of crypto variants, the question is, which one to buy.

This is the right place to be if you are unaware of the crypto assets that will bring you a high return on your investment.

20 Best Crypto with Huge Potential and Utility

Best Crypto with Huge Potential and Utility

Here are some of the best crypto coins, both low-cost and premium, that you should choose to invest in.

These coins are not only good in terms of store value but also come with a lot of promise to upend the finance market in the future.

1. Basic Attention Token – Solves Privacy Violations

Commonly known as BAT, this is a blockchain-based system which can be used in the Brave browser.

This online system can track the attention and time of the media consumers and pay the publishers for their content.

Individuals can also use it just as the advertisers can who can target a more specific audience more efficiently.

This digital currency can solve privacy violations and the common inefficiencies that are widespread in the digital industry and is also known for its Initial Coin Offering or ICO.

2. Chainlink – Better Connectivity and Interoperability

This Ethereum token, also known as LINK-USD, powers the Chainlink Decentralized Oracle Network.

The unique aspect of it is that it links real-world data with the autonomous blockchain projects.

This means that it has the ability to address the problems in connectivity and interoperability.

This makes it a coin to invest in which has a massive potential for blockchain networks down the road.

3. Chia – Good Alternative to Bitcoin

Chia or XCH is quite new but has driven the attention of lots of traders and investors due to its huge potential.

This is considered to be a good alternative to Bitcoin. This coin however relies on proof of space and time instead of proof of work.

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You can mine the coins on a single computer, even on the Amazon Web Services cloud platform, but will need to store the data for a long time.

This is a good coin to go for since it has plans to go public on a US equity exchange signifying an increase in its price.

4. Chiliz – Audience Monetization

Chiliz or CHZ works in the NFT or Non-Fungible Token space and has become the digital token trend globally.

It has also become the leading blockchain in the e-sports pitch and fans can buy or trade tokens.

They can also have the right to vote for their favorite team and even for the design of the team jerseys.

Special perks are sold to fans such as game tickets. The primary aim of it is to create fan engagement and increase audience monetization.

With its popularity and large scale participation by the fans, Chiliz is sure to rise further up.

5. Holo – More Secure Communication

Based on the emerging technology Holochain, it is considered to be a more scalable and much cheaper alternative to blockchain.

It offers an open source infrastructure of distributed networks. It helps in establishing more secure communication without requiring huge data exchange and storage requirements as blockchain.

Since you will not require any confirmation from the participants in the network for each transaction you make or record it, it works much faster.

You will be allowed to store your own data locally in your device instead of a centralized infrastructure. This increases its importance and potential.

6. VeChain – Uses Smart Contracts Feature

VET or VeChain Thor Blockchain brings in more transparency in the supply chains.

This is because this enterprise-level public blockchain platform uses the smart contracts feature of blockchains.

This eliminates the threat of counterfeit goods in the market.

Working on the Proof of Authority algorithm, this offers a higher level of security, scalability, and provides the best enterprise and technological solutions to the common logistics problems, thereby increasing its utility.

7. Zilliqa – Implements Sharding

Zilliqa is the first public blockchain that implements sharding. This is the process of distributing storage and computational workload by dividing it across a dedicated P2P network.

This means that each node of the entire network will not be liable to process the entire workload.

This is one of the most promising and rewarding processes to scale blockchain as well as the platform that can handle a large number of transactions, drawing the attention of enterprises.

It has its own mainnet and programming language and rewards the Twitter users on the basis of their engagement level with ZIL-USD.

8. Reserve Rights – Twin Token Model

Reserve Rights or RSR is a Reserve protocol utility token. It is basically a stable coin platform that is based on Ethereum.

The protocol itself comes with a twin token model namely the RSV stable coin and the RSR utility token.

These are supported by a bunch of assets as guarantee. Favored by some of the most prominent and high profile investors, this is one good crypto currency to focus on.

9. Stellar – Unbiased Access to Financial Systems

Stellar or XLM is an open-source network. It offers unbiased access to the financial systems of the globe.

Maintained by a non-profit organization Stellar Development Foundation, its token, the Lumen, can be used for staking.

It is also considered to be a reliable mode of payment for the services provided by the system. It has a high potential and is rising pretty quickly in the ranking.

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10. Reef – Allows Cross Chain Trading

This is a DeFi platform. It allows cross chain trading and is built on Polkadot. The most unique offerings of it include a chic liquidity aggregator and a yield engine.

Though relatively new, this crypto coin allows fragmented trading, staking, or lending processes which may be a bit painful for the beginners.

However, it allows automation and aggregates liquidity and also aims to resolve the drawbacks in its platform.

11. Hedera Hashgraph – Much Improved Distributed Public Ledger infrastructure

Though less known, Hedera Hashgraph or HBAR is a good Distributed Public Ledger infrastructure.

The token can be used for staking and also for a variety of services within the network.

The most significant reason for it featuring in this list is that it seems to have made quite a significant improvement in five specific areas of blockchain such as performance, stability, governance, security, and regulatory compliance.

It is good and fast and is also backed by some of the most reputed investors.

12. Akropolis – Lot of Products Offered

Akropolis is a decentralized finance protocol based on Ethereum. The main objective of it is to provide a more autonomous financial ecosystem.

This allows the users to grow their wealth. They can save, lend, or borrow easily as well.

It is easy to use and offers a wide range of products such as Sparta, AkropolisOS, uncollateralized lending, and a framework to develop decentralized independent organizations as well as Delphi which is a tool to use for dollar-cost averaging and a yield farming aggregator.

13. Standrad Tokenization Protocol – Use across Several Platforms

The STP Network is decentralized and helps the users to use digital assets and discover them among the global community.

This network also helps in sending, receiving, and generating tokenized assets as well as in the ownership of the same in compliance with the obligatory regulations.

It can be used across several platforms and you can also participate in several events such as bounties, airdrops, virtual staking, and Micro Token Offerings.

In addition to that, you can use the coin as a mode of payment for services offered by the system in this ecosystem among the issuers, projects, investors, and service providers.

14. Harmony – Create and Use dApps

This is a blockchain platform and facilitates the users in creating and using DApps or Decentralized Applications.

This is a good network to use as it offers innovative ways to use these applications such as random state sharding.

This will help you to create the block in a matter of seconds.

Moreover, Harmony is going to offer cross-chain infrastructure and cross-shard contracts which makes it a good token to invest in.

15. Polymath – Easy Creating and Managing Security Tokens

Polymath makes it very easy for the users to create and manage the security tokens which make this decentralized Ethereum project a popular one to invest in.

The ERC 1400 standard of Polymath will allow you to set in and follow all the regulatory requirements for using the tokens.

This will mean you will be able to make more secure transactions with the verified participants only. This simplifies the challenges in this process.

16. Solana – Faster and More Scalable

This is a blockchain protocol that does not use any of the popular Proof of Work or Proof of Stake protocol.

Instead, it uses Proof of History or PoH protocol which is new and revolutionary.

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Though a bit complex, this protocol is much faster because it does not use a sequential creation of blocks in order to confirm a passage of time.

This means that there are no delays in the process. This is because the network does not need any consensus and confirmation for a transaction. This makes this network much faster and more scalable both.

17. Monero – Higher Level of Privacy

Monero ensures more anonymity while making a transaction and therefore offers a higher level of privacy.

This is because it uses an opaque instead of a transparent blockchain. This is a unique technology that enhances privacy and the receivers of the coins will not know how you got the coins or who you are.

It also enables faster cash transactions which makes it a favored coin to invest in.

18. Polkadot – Unique Interoperability

This is a unique crypto coin that offers cross platform interoperability instead of relying on only one blockchain.

This CPI feature enables it to unite different independent blockchains into the single network.

This means that you will be able to communicate in a much better way and carry out all operations much faster in a combined effort.

Though there is still some time for this feature to be really effective in reality, the blockchain interconnectedness offers it a lot of opportunities for growth in the future.

19. AAVE – Offers Reliable P2P Lending

This is one of the best cryptocurrencies that you should invest in which is considered to have a high utility and potential to disrupt the banking industry.

It is one of the most reliable peer-to-peer lending protocols that comes with a lot of promises. However, this is not a very good choice for the beginners.

This operates on Ethereum blockchain and offers three significant benefits to the users. One, it allows you to take out crypto loans.

Two, it will not need you to furnish any personal details for the approval of the loans because it does not consider your ace, credit score, or any other socio-economic factors to be important to borrow.

And three, these loans are offered pretty quickly.

20. Zcash – Does what Bitcoin Can’t

Zcash is a crypto coin that can do anything that Bitcoin cannot. This is because the Bitcoin blockchain is transparent and therefore tracking any transaction is quite easy.

The unique feature of Zcash is that it allows tracking the transaction if and only if you want it. Therefore, you can hide your transaction details with an additional layer of security for utmost privacy.

All these features of Zcash make it one important crypto coin to watch out for if you really want to diversify your investment as well as your crypto portfolio.


Investing in crypto coins is an art that you need to master through research. It will help you to know the most potential crypto coins to invest in.

This list will help you to choose the most promising cryptocurrencies to ensure you have a high ROI.