30 Best Crypto Twitter Accounts in 2022

The crypto market has grown bigger and bigger over time with a huge surge of investors and traders noted of late. With a lot of people investing in this space, the value of cryptocurrency has grown ever since.

However, for a beginner it may not be very easy to choose the right type of crypto coins to invest in.

A lot of knowledge needs to be gathered before starting investing in this space which is known for its volatility and frequent price fluctuations which makes it a risky venture.

Yes, there are lots of websites that will offer some of the best tips and advice as well as news sites that will offer some valuable information about the ups and downs in the crypto market.

However, to gain much better insights about the crypto world, following the Twitter accounts of prominent players is also vital. Check out Best Crypto YouTube Channels.

Typically, when you follow these Twitter accounts, you may not even need to repeatedly check out several platforms to find out the best reviews and ideas that will help you to decide which specific crypto coin to play on.

This is because most of the big players in this field are active users of this popular social platform.

30 Best Crypto Twitter Accounts 2021

Best Crypto Twitter Accounts

With a notable influx in the cryptocurrency Twitter accounts, choosing the right one to follow could be a real challenge for you.

This is where this list that assembles some of the best Twitter accounts to follow in 2021 to know a lot about cryptocurrency will help you significantly.

The list is prepared based on several important factors such as:

  • Number of followers
  • Engagement metrics
  • Level of help provided
  • Replies made
  • Variety of crypto traded
  • Rate of successful trades and
  • Trading approach.

Follow them closely. However, this is not an exhaustive list, though it is pretty long.

The list includes only the most prominent names of the crypto investors and traders that have a Twitter account that is worthy to follow, especially by the beginners. And, these are not in order of their rankings.

1. @scottmelker

The reason to follow this Twitter account is due to the noteworthy success of Scott Melker in trading a small number of crypto coins in recent years. Another good reason is that he has been named the North American influencer of Binance in 2020.

2. @100trillionUSD

You will come to know about the S2F or Stock-to-Flow technique of trading crypto which is now a widely recognized approach and works fine for different commodities.

This method is based on the scarcity to assess value. This alone is a good enough reason to follow this Dutch investor who is a big player in the crypto industry.

3. @rektcapital

Those who are new to the crypto world should follow this account. It will hone their trading skills with the detailed analysis and courses offered.

Studying different coins will enhance your knowledge and allow you to make the most out of the crypto market. Also look for the tutorials to know the right ways to read the graphs accurately.

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4. @nebraskangooner

Being an experienced trader and co-owner of Elevate Trading, the account of NebraskaGooner is full of good tips and advice on crypto trading, especially with a small amount of coins. It is good to get a regular update.

5. @KoroushAK

Koroush AK is one of the best traders who know exactly how a complex configuration should be broken down for the beginners to comprehend it easily.

In this account you will also get to know about a lot of free courses offered on crypto trading, and regular articles are posted on crypto analysis covering a large number of coins. This makes this account worthy to keep an eye on.

6. @MacroCRG

MacroCRG is a very active Twitter account to follow. It will not only talk about cryptocurrency but also posts several trading charts and updates on a daily basis.

You will get all the info related to the crypto market fast and stay up to date about a large number of crypto coins by following this account.

7. @TheCryptoDog

The best reason to follow this Twitter account is that it is one of the most favorite accounts followed by the crypto enthusiasts.

It is a great source for crypto info that focuses less on Altcoins but includes all more major crypto coins such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum.

8. @Rager

Following the Twitter account of Josh Rager you will stay up to date about all the latest happenings and significant developments in the crypto market and the digital assets world.

You will also get some handsome tips and advice on how to trade crypto along with a few great analysis reports.

9. @BTC_JackSparrow

This is the Twitter account of a market analyst and this makes it a good account to follow and know what is going on in the crypto market.

He is best known for making most accurate predictions and does some great analysis of the crypto price on a regular basis. This definitely makes it a worthy account to stay tuned with the latest updates of the crypto market.

10. @im_goomba

In spite of being a new player in the Twitter space, it does not take away anything from this account which is good enough for followers looking for a wide variety of trading charts and other related information about cryptocurrency.

In addition to that, you will also come to know a lot about the growing DeFi or Decentralized Finance market.

11. @crypto_birb

This is another good Twitter account to follow to get regular updates of different types of crypto coins along with a large number of price charts.

In addition to that, this account also comes with a good mix of informative technical analysis. To keep your mind fresh and make the account enjoyable, there are also a lot of crypto memes.

12. @crypto_blkbeard

This Twitter account is good for those crypto traders and investors who want to follow a more precise and technical approach while trading and investing in a variety of crypto coins apart from Bitcoin.

13. @VentureCoinist

This Twitter account is of Luke Martin who is well known as a long-term bullish crypto investor.

Therefore, it is needless to say that you will get a lot of useful information, tips, and advice to stay updated on the latest events, developments and happenings in the crypto market.

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In addition to that, you can also gain extensive insights and knowledge from the latest crypto podcasts to stay in the loop.

It covers a lot of other cryptocurrencies apart from Bitcoin and Ethereum, along with DeFi protocols.

14. @Pentosh1

This is one of the most reliable Twitter accounts to follow both by the beginners and experienced investors in the crypto world to know more about the market and crypto news.

15. @devchart

You will get a large variety of contents based on different crypto coins in this Twitter account on a regular basis.

Apart from knowing the basics of cryptocurrencies, you will also come to know a lot about trading signals and automated crypto trading.

This is the added benefit of following this popular crypto Twitter account.

16. @PeterLBrandt

Peter Brandt is one of the earliest players of the crypto world. He is very popular in the crypto community and is just like a father figure.

He is well known as an established and experienced futures trader.

Having an extensive knowledge about the finance market working in it since the 1970s, you will get nothing but the best information, tips and advice from him about cryptocurrency from an institutional perspective.

17. @IncomeSharks

This is a good account to follow if you are looking for one to know more about price charts and a better technical analysis of them.

It is one of the best accounts to follow if you are fond of Altcoins and its wide varieties.

18. @imBagsy

If you are a beginner and are looking to make it big in the crypto space in the near future, this is a good crypto Twitter account to follow.

Though the main focus is on the smaller Altcoins, it is a good place to search for informative materials.

19. @inmortalcrypto

Crypto enthusiasts and experienced investors who are looking for some of the best and latest news about the crypto market will find this Twitter account to be one of the most useful ones.

It is also a great place to look for some of the best and most accurate price charts and analysis, especially on Bitcoin, Ether and other coins with a larger cap.

20. @moonshilla

Apart from a lot of memes on crypto, this twitter account will prove to be one of the most useful sources to get some information on crypto coins and the market early.

It also focuses on Altcoins, which is sadly less talked about. The tips and advice in here are however a bit risky but if you follow it properly you can reap rich dividends.

21. @iamjosephyoung

You will get most accurate price predictions and updates if you follow this Twitter account.

Focusing on some of the major types of cryptocurrencies, it however is not very heavy in terms of technical analysis and trading charts in comparison to other Twitter accounts.

22. @PeterMcCormack

You will stay up to date about the Bitcoin market with the regular updates provided in this Twitter account.

You will also come to know some of the best and most accurate price moves that may happen in the near future.

However, the downside of this Twitter account is that it does not seem to focus much on the other types of crypto coins.

23. @CryptoCred

This Twitter account is good to follow for the beginners as well as the established traders who are looking for useful and informative insights on the crypto market.

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In addition to that, this account will also provide you with tips and suggestions that will help you immensely to trade crypto coins more broadly.

24. @thecryptomonk

TheCryptoMonk Twitter account is not only a good one to follow for having useful market info and updates but for its educational tools as well.

These tools will help the followers to learn more about trading all types of cryptocurrencies with special focus on Bitcoin. It is also a good source to gain knowledge about gold, silver, and other commodities.

25. @ThinkingUSD

This Twitter account is one of the most successful crypto traders. You will have valuable information and updates from the posts here that deal primarily with Bitcoin and Altcoins.

26. @LomahCrypto

This Twitter account is as great a place, as its YouTube channel TheFlashCrash, to learn more about crypto trading in large amounts, whether it is Bitcoin or Ethereum.

The information and advice provided will help you to make a better trading decision and enhance the chances of making higher profits.

27. @TrueCrypto28

This is another great Twitter account of a prominent crypto player who also has a YouTube channel dedicated to crypto trading.

Therefore, you will have a lot of useful and beneficial insights about crypto trading irrespective of the type of coin.

You will come to know a lot of trading tools and techniques to use for successful trading.

28. @BitcoinBirch

You will come to know a lot more about the most common types of cryptocurrencies that are traded in the market when you follow this Twitter account.

With the regular posts you will know all the details about the market and the best ways to trade crypto coins automatically.

If you are new to this crypto space, you will come to know about the right time to enter into this market by following the account.

29. @Sicarious

This is a good Twitter account of a self-described crypto speculator.

Following this account will ensure that you are well informed and kept on the loop with all the latest news and moves that are happening and may happen in the cryptocurrency market.

The account also offers a large number of memes.

30. @CryptoMichNL

This twitter account is of Michaël van de Poppe who is a full-time crypto trader. In addition to that, he is an established and well known technical analyst.

Having a keen interest in crypto currency, he is one of the best persons to know about the merits of investing in the crypto market and shares it all with his followers.


You can follow a lot of conversations on Twitter regarding cryptocurrency. There are several accounts out there that can provide insights on crypto assets with news, reviews, and thought leadership. Just make sure you follow the right ones.