26 Best Crypto Tools to Use for Different Purposes

What are the best crypto tools to use for different purposes? Going through reviews and news sites is one of the best ways to gain knowledge about the crypto market but that is not the only way to go ahead.

You will need to know more about the price, market, and more to be able to correlate with the crypto assets and make a productive trading strategy.

For this you will need the help of the crypto tools. There are different sets of tools available out there and each comes with a specific purpose to solve when it comes to crypto trading.

For example, you will find sophisticated charting tools that will help you in a lot of ways such as:

  • You will get a fair idea about the crypto market and the direction of the current trend by viewing different charts and graphs.
  • You will be able to identify the better performing assets and make an investment plan.
  • You can create your own entry and exit points to make a trade based on your analysis.
  • You can even generate your own buying and selling signals with the help of accurate technical and price analysis.

You will also get several other types of tools such as the economic calendar that will come with several different economic indicators to help you to understand the effects of the events and happening around the crypto market.

There are also other tools like the crypto trading tool, tax tool, tools to create a research report, track your portfolio and more. Check out Best Crypto Based Savings Account.

Choosing one may not be easy if you do not know how to go about it. This article will help you with that.


26 Best Crypto Tools to Use for Different Purposes

Best Crypto Tools to Use for Different Purposes

Since you cannot win a battle without a proper weapon, it applies to crypto trading as well.

You will need to have a set of some of the best crypto tools in your arsenal if you want to be a successful crypto trader.

All experienced crypto traders rely on a specific set of tools that they use for different purposes while trading or creating their trading strategies.

There are several different crypto tools to use. These tools will make your efforts easier and more productive in each and every aspect of crypto trading.

Choose one from the list or research for more similar tools and use the one that is most useful to you. Like most professional and successful traders say, these tools will surely boost up your bottom line.

Charting Tools – Helps in Technical Analysis

When you use a charting tool, it will help you to see the trading indicators of different crypto assets.

You will then be able to draw the trend lines which will further help you to have a clear idea about the crypto market.

When you use them both, the trading indicators and trend lines, you will be able to make a proper and nearly accurate technical analysis.

All these will help you to stay ahead of the competition and win big.

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Some of the best charting tools to use are:

1. TradingView – Biggest Charting Provider

You will find some live trading charts here for both crypto and stocks. They are the biggest charting provider and all their charts come with a lot of useful technical indicators.

You will have more than what you want in terms of functionalities, both in their free and premium versions, to create the best crypto trading strategy.

2. Cryptowat.ch – Multiple Charts for Various Coins

Cryptowat.ch, a company owned by Kraken, offers crypto trading charts for free. The best thing is that you will get to see different charts for different coins.

You can even see more than 10 charts in one view. This will help a lot in analyzing things faster.

Market Data Tools – Know the Pulse of the Market

You will also get a lot of useful tools at different websites that will provide accurate and real time information regarding total and circulating supply, price action, and more.

You will be able to calculate the average prices and normalize data to know the market pulse from these market data tools offered by different exchanges.

Some of the best places to go for best market data are:

3. Coinmarketcap – Commonly Used

Coinmarketcap is the most commonly used website by crypto traders and investors. You will get it all from this one site whether it is the prices of different coins circulating in the market, the supply of these coins and their volume.

The best features of this site is that you will be able to know what the others see in the market and at the same time pull all relevant data to your own user interface, thanks to its stout API.

4. OnchainFX – Offers Market Data with Statistics

It is much similar to Coinmarketcap with the only difference that along with the market data, they also provide unique statistics to back it up. You can see different categories of the coins as well.

These categories include the top performers, top losers, and even scams. You can also see the prediction of the market cap in the year 2050.

The best part is that you can customize your dashboard according to your need and convenience.

5. CryptoCompare – Reliable with a Large Following

CryptoCompare is one of the most reliable sites to go for market data. They have been around for a long time now and have a large following which signifies their reliability.

In addition to the market data, you will also get to use other useful tools such as a portfolio tracker.

There are also several informative articles offered that will help you to know about the latest developments in the market as well as the different coins.

Calendar Tools – Know All the Events  

When you use the calendar tools, you will never miss any events happening in the crypto market.

Whether it is block having or airdrop, hard for or a swap, you will know about every event as well as the impact of it on the price of the coins.

Some of the most favorite calendar tools to use are:

6. CoinMarketCal – Buy Rumor Sell News

CoinMarketCal is one of most favorite tools of the crypto traders and investors because it helps them to make some more profit by buying the rumor and selling the news.

The calendar is great and will show all of the latest and upcoming events in the crypto space and of different coins.

7. Coindar – A Sleek Interface

Coindar is also a good calendar too to use which is much like CoinMarketCal. It comes with a sleek and intuitive interface which will allow you to see all the major events at a glance.

Network Statistics Tools – Know the Active Network and Development Team

These tools will not allow the negative news articles to get you disoriented. You can see the data yourself and tally it with what is said in the news and then decide.

You will be able to know about the active network and development team and get a fair idea about the future price movements as well to have a significant edge over other crypto players.

The most recommended network statistics tools are:

8. BitcoinVisuals – Extensive Statistics

Though underrated, BitcoinVisuals is a great crypto tool to use to have extensive statistics of Bitcoin especially.

You will be able to see the average Quickly see fee costs for each transaction as well as the hashrate.

You can also see how a network is performing from a more technical perspective and check it all for yourself.

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9. CryptoMiso – Stats Based on Commit History

It will tell you about the activity of a coin as well as the development of the project.

Based on Github and the history of the coin, CryptoMiso will let you know for sure which are the coins and open-source projects that are most active.

This is very important to analyze whether a coin is active or dead.

News Aggregators – All Data in One View

When you use the news aggregators, you will not have to sift through multiple news sites and Twitter accounts to gather information.

You will get them all data in one place making things easier for you.

Some of the news aggregators that most professional crypto traders use are:

10. CryptoPanic – A Comprehensive One

You will love CryptoPanic because it is most comprehensive in spite of being a free news aggregator. You can even customize the dashboard as you like to get price alerts.

11. FAWS – Easy User Interface

FAWS comes with a user interface that is easy to use and read. It is sleek and is excellent to get all the news at one place.

Research Reports

Usually research reports are quite long and come with in-depth information. These reports contain some vital info that will help you in technical as well as fundamental analysis.

With some valuable opinions, you will also come to know about the past, present, and future of the crypto market.

12. Crypto Research Report – In-Depth Reports

One of the most commonly used is the Crypto Research Report. You will get in-depth reports quarterly that are prepared after going through several interviews, fundamental and statistical analysis, as well as the future prospects of the crypto market.

It is free but will be most advantageous for you from a more formal perspective.

Trading Bots – Set Useful Parameters

These specific software will allow you to set specific parameters that will enable you to know when the software should buy and sell on your behalf.

This is done automatically but is mainly done on the basis of the specific trading strategies that you create.

You will get a lot of such useful crypto trading bots out there but the most commonly used ones are:

13. HaasOnline – A Sleek User Interface

HaasOnline is one of the most prominent names in this field and comes with a sleek and intuitive user interface.

You will get numerous technical indicators that will help you to set the best trading strategies and arbitrage opportunities to make higher profits.

This toll will also help you to experiment with several automatic trading solutions to increase your chances to make more profit.

14. Gekko – Easy to Use and Follow

Gekko is an open-source and free crypto trading bot. You will have to manually download it from Github.

It is easy o use and follow the instructions to use this bot that supports as many as 14 main crypto exchanges.

Crypto Tax Tools – Organize Your Trade

Just like any other trader, taxes can be a major headache for crypto traders as well.

Well, with the crypto tax tools you can organize all your trades as well as know your tax liabilities and amount automatically.

Some of the best crypto tax tools are:

15. Cointracking.info – Performance Based Calculation

When you use Cointracking.info you will have the most authentic report based on the performance.

It is prepared after importing every available transaction data and history either manually or by using the API.

You can send the tax report to your accountant right away. And yes, this is also a good portfolio tracker as well which will make your life easy.

16. Token Tax – Faster Calculation

Since TokenTax is a strictly tax-focused software as compared to Cointracking, you will have faster tax calculations made.

You can know about your crypto taxes apart from that of your total income. It will save a lot of time for you.

Portfolio Trackers – Identify Non-Performing Coins

Portfolio trackers are very useful for every crypto trader to know about the performance of the portfolio.

It will allow you to know about the total worth of your investments, performance of individual crypto assets in your portfolio, and also the daily change in value of the portfolio.

A few useful portfolio trackers are:

17. Blockfolio – Largest Mobile-Only Tracker

Though it is a mobile-only tracker, Blockfolio is the largest one that comes with an easy to use and sleek user interface.

It also offers signals and news sections. However, entry of coins should be made manually, which may be a con, but is good for the security point of view.

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18. CoinStats – Imports Trades Automatically

CoinStats comes with a robust API that will import all your trades automatically. Though it is also a mobile-only app, it will surely save you from a lot of headaches.

19. Blox – A Web-Based Professional Solution

The professional web-based solution Blox is available both as a free and premium version. You can set up automatic tracking for several portfolios.

However, if you use the free version, the Assets Under Management will be limited to $50,000.

For higher AUM or if you make more than 100 transactions, you must go for the premium version.

Portfolio Rebalancing – Reduce Risk

If you want to mitigate risks of your crypto portfolio and generate more profit, you should use the portfolio rebalancing tools.

You can then buy or sell assets automatically according to the weight of the portfolio without overholding them

Some of the best rebalancing tools are:

20. Shrimpy – Rebalancing and Backtesting

Shrimpy is free and a great portfolio rebalancing tool that will also allow backtesting on major crypto exchanges to find the best trading strategies.

21. 3Commas – Additional Features

3Commas comes with additional features but is not free as Shrimpy. You can use this tool for rebalancing your portfolio after every 12 hours.. It also comes with portfolio management tools.

Mining Tools – Get Rewarded with Coins

Securing the network and taking part in validating transactions you can earn rewards in coins. However. For mining you will need to use some of the best mining tools such as:

22. Nicehash – Cloud Mining

For safer mining one of the best tools to use is Nicehash, especially if you are new to mining.

This is a cloud based mining tool which means you will not need to invest on mining hardware which can be expensive.

Use this mining tool to experiment with different networks most reliably.

Mining Calculators

A mining calculator will help you to determine the power of the hardware you use for mining crypto as well as the cost of electricity.

You can find the networks which will allow you to make more profit.

A couple of good mining software to use are:

23. Whattomine – Best for Speculation

Whattomine is a very good mining calculator to use wherein you can set a variety of mining parameters.

You can even select a coin and find out what your income would be like across different time periods. This will help you to speculate your mining results.

24. CryptoCompare – Easy to use

Though CryptoCompare is mentioned earlier, it is worth including it in the list when it comes to one of the best mining calculators.

This is quite similar to Whattomine but it does not offer as many parameters or coins as Whattomine. However, it is reliable and a simpler version to use as compared to Whattomine.

Block Explorers – Check Status of Transactions

The block explorers are useful crypto tools to use if you want to check the status of every transaction that you make.

All you have to do is type in your transaction Id or wallet address to interact with blockchains of a network and check the transactional data including the number of confirmations of the transaction and delivery to the recipient.

Some of the best block explorer tools to use are:

25. Blockchain.com – Access Data of Different Coins

The block explorer tool of Blockchain.com will enable you to access data of different types of crypto coins such as BTC, ETH, and others.

26. Etherscan – Check Transaction Status and Much More

Etherscan block explorer tool, just as the name signifies, is meant for ETH and ERC-20 tokens.

However, apart from the transaction status, this tool will allow you to check all block data, see the present block height, see network hashrate, market cap and lots more.


Using different types of crypto tools for different purposes is the best way to create and follow a more productive crypto trading strategy.

Try these tools in the list to find out the one that best suits you and your purposes and use it regularly.