10 Best Crypto Stocks 2021 – A Simple Guide

What are the best crypto stocks? Investing in cryptocurrencies, different forms of it, is in vogue now and has captured the imaginations of several professional, and even amateur, investors.

Apart from investing in individual cryptocurrencies, people are also very much interested in investing stocks of different companies dealing with cryptocurrency trading and blockchain.

However, no one can guarantee that you will gain immense profit and create a considerable amount of wealth if you do not know which specific crypto stocks to invest in.

Having that said, it is true that the value of cryptocurrency stocks primarily depends on the price of Bitcoin. However, the other forms of it should not be ignored completely.

Moreover, the blockchain technology behind these currencies is a complex matter for any novice to understand, and unless it is clear your investments may not provide the desired returns. Check out Best Cryptocurrency Podcasts.

Here is a list of some of the most popular and result-driven crypto stocks that garners the attention of investors from all over the world. Choose one of these to invest in, and have a complete peace in mind.

10 Best Crypto Stocks 2021

best crypto stocks

These crypto stocks will allow you to gain profit and exposure from your crypto investment and blockchain technology.

Though the revenue as of now is quite small of these cryptocurrency stocks but will provide dramatic returns in years to come for sure.

1. Square (NYSE: SQ) – Steady and Consistent Growth

Square is a Financial Technology and a mobile payments company. Its business comprises two specific components such as, a Cash App that allows payments directly between individuals and a payment handling ecosystem for small businesses.

It is also unto business lending operations apart from being a stock trading platform.

Recently, it has also launched Square Online Store. This helps businesses to build their e-commerce opportunities with several omnichannel capabilities.

The success and earnings of this company in the third-quarter last year saw an astronomical increase of 140% increase in its net revenue and the gross profits showed a 59% increase.

However, the best part of their earnings is in Bitcoin trading. It generated $1.63 billion in Bitcoin revenue through Cash App. In October 2020, the company bought $50 million worth of Bitcoin.

Being one of the early investors in cryptocurrency, this company is sure to reap the benefits of blockchain technology in the future.

Moreover, its own team of Bitcoin developers, Square Crypto, comes up with quite a few exciting projects from time to time making it all the more investment-worthy.

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2. PayPal (NASDAQ: PYPL) – Higher Future Prospects

This is another good and rewarding cryptocurrency stock that you should consider investing in. After the pandemic and its spread by and large digital payment has become the new normal.

And, providing the customers with an alternative electronic payment method in place of traditional paper money is the primary service of this company.

The company is considered to be one of the earliest endorsers of cryptocurrencies and has tried very hard to boost them up across the world.

In fact, according to their CEO Dan Schulman, the company has launched several products and services last year, more than any of the previous years.

Therefore, you can expect to have a huge prospects and returns in 2021, the year when it will acquire Curv, a digital asset solutions provider from Tel Aviv.

This is because it will obtain the cloud based crypto security services from this acquisition. This will smooth the progress of the increasing acceptance of cryptocurrency all over the world and will take their stock to soaring heights.

3. Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) – An Early and Prospective Adopter

With an overall investment of over $1.5 billion of Tesla and the announcement of accepting Bitcoin as a payment mode in the near future for their electric vehicles, the value of Bitcoin in particular will rise to astronomical heights.

Experts and critics think that this will ignite a revolution in the crypto space and there will be a steep rise in the demand for cryptocurrencies.

In fact, this is the only company as of now that has transferred a significant part of its commercial treasury from cash and into Bitcoin.

The primary reason to make this paradigm shift is the inflationary pressure and vulnerability of cash tight now which fails to return little to no interest.

If this trend continues, you can expect to see a notable influx of investments in cryptocurrencies that will raise the value of the Tesla stock.

4. Riot Blockchain (NASDAQ: RIOT) – Defying All Odds

This is a Colorado-based Bitcoin miner and has stocks that have the power to defy all odds and promising massive gains in spite of being considered as a poor investment by a lot of traditional investors.

Its stocks have a higher trading prospect which is primarily due to its links with Bitcoin.

Another good thing for the Riot Blockchain is that, being a miner of crypto, it can take some of these and sell them from time to time to generate more revenue. This helps it to march even higher.

This means that with the increase in the price of Bitcoin, which is significant, the value of each individual sale will affect both the top and bottom lines of the company.

Seeing such prospects on the cards, it is not surprising that the company has ordered for 26,100 Antminers further. This move is quite visionary as it will literally triple its capacity of mining.

With as many as 7 hedge fund holders and a gain of more than 1,600% last year, market cap of Riot Blockchain is a whopping $3.52 billion, revenue of $12.08 million, and a net stake value of $5.12 million.

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By October 2021, it will gain a lot of momentum which should be a good enough reason to add RIOT to your wish list.

5. NVIDIA (NASDAQ:NVDA) – Better Sales Forecast

Being the leading manufacturer of GPUs, which is a major hardware component for mining cryptocurrency, NVIDIA is also a good prospect.

According to a recent report, NVIDIA has sold GeForce RXT 30 GPUs to Ethereum miners and other GPUs to other cryptocurrency mining industries.

With the prospects of the crypto market being high, the versatility of the product of this company will surely raise their stock.

The good thing is that the company does not show any signs of slowing down and is making its presence felt in the crypto-mining markets as it is in gaming.

Innovation is the key to their success which has raised the demands of their GPUs that can be used successfully for graphics intensive tasks like Bitcoin mining and gaming.

This forecasts a huge surge in their sales, which increased from $50 million to $150 million with their latest Crypto Mining Processor series on display.

6. Amazon.com Inc. – Better Foreseeable Future

One of the biggest names in technology is Amazon, and it is not surprising that this giant is also venturing into the crypto space. It is doing so with its unique and top-class cloud computing platform, the Amazon Web Services or AWS.

Better tech support and AWS contributes to its better and foreseeable future with impressive stats and figures.

According to a recent report, the quarterly revenue of the company was a staggering $13.50 billion in its cloud computing division.

In addition to that, the operating income of the company also saw a huge surge of 46% due to AWS for that quarter.

All these points point out at the rising of its stock in the latest cryptocurrency based play. This is due to the new solution rolled out by AWS that is dedicated to crypto mining.

7. Marathon Digital Holdings – Strict Regulatory Standards

This is also one of the top crypto stocks to take note of. Marathon Digital Holdings is a blockchain technology company. It mines crypto to generate more digital assets with their center of attention on the blockchain ecosystem.

As of now, the company owns more than 2,000 superior ASIC or Application Specific Integrated Circuit Bitcoin Miners. The stock of this flagship company promises a huge return on investment of more than 4,000%, compared to last year.

As of now, in the recent quarter they earned overall revenue of $9.2 million, which is an indication of its surge of more than 1,400%.

The best part of this company is that it is the first Bitcoin miner to stick to AML or Anti-Money Laundering standards as well as The US Department of the Treasury Office of Foreign Asset Control.

It is their adherence to strict regulatory standards that sets them apart from the others in the race which also bolsters the sentiments of the investors to buy their stock.

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8. Bit Digital – Higher Collective Hash Rate

This is another Bitcoin mining company that has a good value of its Bitcoin stocks in the NASDAQ. Formerly called Golden Bull Limited, it began Bitcoin mining in early 2020.

In just one year the collective hash rate across the whole Bitcoin network of this company is 2,574 PH/S.

This makes it one of the biggest Bitcoin mining companies that you will find listed on the NASDAQ. And, in 2021, till now, the company owns 40965 miners and has mined 1,013.40 Bitcoins.

With a market capitalization of $642.7 million, mining revenue of $21.07 million, and net stake value of $823,000, there is no doubt that its share value has increased by 798.6%.

9. Canaan Inc. – High Gain from Bitcoin Mining

With four hedge fund holders, the share value of Canaan, a Bitcoin mining hardware manufacturer, is at $3.84 million.

With tens of thousands Bitcoin mining machines manufactured and supplied to companies like Mawson Infrastructure Group Inc, Canaan has a market capitalization of $1.98 billion.

The total revenue of the company last year was $68.6 million and it expects to have net sales of $61.8 million at least in the first quarter this year.

With such prospects and promises, there is no doubt that the value of their shares went up by 172% in comparison to that of the last year.

Therefore, this company promises high gain from the mining boom of Bitcoin all over the world.

10. CleanSpark Inc – Increased Mining Capacity

This is energy software and a Bitcoin mining firm that is also a good to consider for best crypto stocks to buy.

The mining capacity of the company was more than 200 PH/s but due to the purchase of 22,680 Bitcoin miners further in April, this has reached as high as 3.2 EH/s.

The market cap of the company is $729.7 million with total revenue earning of more than $10 million in 2020.

The value of shares of this company has increased by 1,484.56% over the past year which makes it a prospective player in the crypto market for the future.

Though not as good a player as the others mentioned above, the total value of CleanSpark stakes evaluated at $7.71 million does not make a mean performer either.


Investing in crypto stocks is not the same as investing in the currencies itself. You will need to know the specific crypto assets that gain traction and also about the companies that facilitate its development to reap financial rewards ahead.