13 Best Crypto Startups to Watch for Growth

What are the best crypto startups to watch? In spite of a modest start in 2009 by Bitcoin, the first and the most popular cryptocurrency of the world, the crypto market has exploded in terms of value.

Bitcoin, for example, has gained value by more than a staggering 193000% and stands at $ 1 trillion in market capitalization. There are also several others that are worth mentioning.

With such popularity of crypto assets and its mass adoption, though slow, the world has witnessed the launch of hundreds of startups of different types that deal with cryptocurrencies and its inherent blockchain technology.

No doubt, several major companies of the world have accepted crypto coins as a mode of payment, and those that have not, are funding several crypto startups.

These startups are doing quite well in the market due to the rise in consumer demand and their confidence in crypto offerings.

This is primarily due to the reason that these startups are quite efficient and capable enough to solve problems related to cryptocurrency.

Most of these startups focus on specific sectors such as cybersecurity and health while others restrict their operations as a coin exchange.

These startups are indeed shaping the future of finance in the future digital world. Check out best crypto tools.

Most of these crypto startups were launched only in 2016 or around that time and a majority of them work in the financial arena and are for-profit organizations that focus on payment processing systems and software.

13 Best Crypto Startups to Watch

Best Crypto Startups to Watch

The cryptocurrency startup companies may have started their journey just a  couple of years back but have grown significantly and at a fast pace.

A few of them have already become big names in the circuit while others are in the making.

However, not all crypto startup companies have been successful. Many of these companies have failed in the first few years of their journey itself, just like most of the small businesses do.

Here is the list of some of the best crypto startup companies, not in any specific order, to watch in 2021 that are poised to make it big. The selection and inclusion in this list is made on specific factors such as:

  • Their ability to solve crypto related issues
  • The quality of services or products offered by them and
  • Their basic earning philosophy and business model.

Choose one from the list according to your preference if you want to use or invest in them.

1. Kozjin – Ensures Secure Transactions

With their primary focus on digital banking, Kozjin makes use of the blockchain technology to the hilt to ensure a faster, more secure and tamper-proof transaction.

With their effective and efficient solutions offered, this is a good alternative to conventional banking.

This Malaysian startup links Kozjin crypto tokens with real estate to facilitate property dealings using cryptocurrency.

They have a useful and intuitive mobile app that enables buying, selling, and converting crypto assets into different currencies.

In addition to that, it also meets the everyday banking needs of the people with an assurance of security through the blockchain technology.

2. Fliqpay – Allows Payments across Borders

When it comes to cross-border payments it seems to be less secure and lacks transparency when you follow the standard mode of payments.

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This is because there is no standardization among the banks across the globe. Also, the cost of making such transactions is also pretty high due to the high foreign exchange rates.

Add to that, you will need to wait for days to get a confirmation that your transaction is complete.

This Canadian startup simplifies all that and allows making cross border payments quickly and in a more secure manner through the blockchain enabled cryptocurrencies.

Their robust infrastructure is quite reliable for global businesses to make payments in crypto coins as well as receive payments in local currency.

You can use this platform to transfer money to bank accounts, crypto wallets and mobile money accounts internationally.

The platform is easy to use and accessible and eliminates the challenges presented by price volatility.

3. Zumo – Secure Storage Solutions

When you use Zumo you will get to use a smart wallet that will offer you secure storage solutions.

You can make a trade in both crypto coins as well as in traditional money and not worry about hacking of password, payment information, and the bank accounts linked with the transaction.

You can use crypto coins with your debit or credit card just like fiat currency money or even use online banking if you like a cashless economy.

This British startup ensures easier and faster transactions of digital coins through its blockchain-enabled smart wallet.

You can buy, sell, transfer or store through the wallet. The fees charged for making such transactions are also quite low and they do not charge for making P2P payments.

4. Ambrpay – Good for Making Recurring Payments

If you want to make recurring payments, like a monthly subscription for example, it may be difficult to combine it typically with crypto coins.

The reason behind this is that these are meant for one-time use and the user needs to commence the transaction.

Apart from that, there are issues related to price raise or renewals that need new permissions. It does not happen automatically as it is in traditional banks.

Several fintech startups have been trying to resolve these issues regarding recurring or subscription payments using crypto coins and this Swiss startup Ambrpay has been able to do it quite successfully.

Their payments gateway will allow you to make Ethereum transactions to a given address on a regular basis.

You can pay in both fiat or crypto, using their solution which supports custom and fixed models both.

This easy to integrate solution allows making donations as well as SaaS or Software-as-a-Service subscriptions.

5. Certora – Very Secure Smart Contracts

Blockchain technology has introduced smart contracts which has typically disrupted how businesses as well as individuals sign contracts.

These smart contracts are self-enforcing and self-executing. It uses unequivocal terms and conditions and data to facilitate both cryptocurrency and fiat transactions.

It also ensures full transparency in the entire process allowing clear communication among the parties involved.

In fact, smart contracts have expedited transactions significantly since it does not require processing the documents manually.

The Israeli startup Certora offers a secure blockchain platform but their unique aspect is the Prover technology.

This is a language atheist and blockchain independent solution that allows creating safer smart contracts based on cryptocurrency.

It comes with useful tools that will help integrating debuggers and compilers for smart contracts.

It is made secure even further by the platform which identifies bugs in them as well as its adherence.

6. Cobo – A Secure Wallet Service

This crypto startup is mainly a wallet service. Cobo supports a wide range of crypto coins and you can grow your stock with PoS mining as well.

Since a digital wallet is of prime importance in making crypto transactions, Cobo is one startup that you should look out for in 2021 if you want one that is safe and secure.

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Led by a Chinese pioneer Discus Fish, this crypto startup also has another unique product, the Cobo Vault.

This vault will enable you to store your crypto assets safely and also protect it from different types of attacks.

The unique aspect of this vault is its self-destruct feature which adds to its security.

This feature will automatically wipe away all private and public keys if it anticipates that someone is trying to get into the system.

7. Javvy – Universal Wallet

This cryptocurrency startup operates with the sole intention to replace all crypto exchanges and wallets.

This is not an easy task but they are determined to do it by creating a universal digital wallet.

The design of this wallet is made in such a way that it supports both types of functions, as a storage space for all different types of crypto assets as well as a decentralized crypto exchange.

This universal wallet is linked with many different crypto exchanges which is beneficial for the users since they now do not have to open several accounts with multiple exchanges.

Their unique Javvy utility token, when used, offers a 50% discount on fees.

8. Finhaven – Unique Plans

Finhaven is a crypto startup launched in 2017. Based in Vancouver, Canada, this is a reliable startup to watch out for in 2021 that have unique plans to create digital assets.

However, their primary objective is to build one of the most reliable debt and equity issuance platforms, which they have successfully done by making the best use of the Ethereum blockchain.

In addition to that, this startup, that currently serves only the people of Canada, has also used the Ethereum blockchain to create more secure digital wallets as well as a transparent and foolproof audit log for every transactions through this platform.

They are also planning to create unique tokens for different types of digitised assets. As if that was not all, the startup company also plans to use Bitcoin as the remittance layer.

This will allow people to invest and accumulate Bitcoin as their return on investments.

9. SpectroCoin – A Safe Wallet and an Exchange

Spectro Coin acts both as a safe wallet service as well as a crypto exchange. This means that you will not have to look for them in different places.

Their wallet service is quite secure and allows users to store different types of crypto coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Dash, and NEM.

One of their unique aspects of operation is that they are behind Bankera, a well-known and widely used cryptocurrency lending service.

Making the best use of the blockchain technology, they aim to restrict the number of peers involved in the process of banking.

This will surely result in making much cheaper and easier payments. In addition to that, they also offer a Bitcoin debit card which you can use in more than 25 million shops and 30 million cash machines.

With all these varied features, functionality, and unique services offered, there is no reason to believe that they will surely succeed in achieving their ulterior motive of becoming a bank by bridging the gap between crypto currency and traditional banks.

They will surely be the one-stop shop for all types of financial services.

10. Storj – Operates as a Decentralized Network

Storj is an unusual cryptocurrency startup company. Their main product is Tardigrade cloud storage.

This storage space encrypts all files and divides them into pieces before distributing them across different nodes.

However, it has plans to use the blockchain technology to make this storage space decentralized.

They claim that as and when this network is decentralized, it will be able to offer much better service in terms of faster speeds and better pricing than its rivals.

You can be a node in the Storj network by joining them and make some additional money by renting your unused space on your system to others who need it.

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The most significant event of this platform is their running of an ICO in 2017 that enabled them to raise their value to more than $30 million in Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The participants in the Initial Coin Offerings got Storj utility tokens in return.

11. Harbor – Tokening Securities

This particular cryptocurrency startup is mainly focused on tokenizing securities with the use of blockchain technology.

This, in turn, makes it easier and faster for the users to purchase and sell securities.

Moreover, their focus is also on the startups and equities in addition to tokenising investment funds, real estate, as well as work of art.

These tokenized securities are much similar to the traditional stocks but it offers room for liquidity.

This is one specific reason that more and more investors are now being attracted towards it.

The stocks are made to work just like the ICOs with the only significant difference being that these are absolutely compliant.

This makes it easier for any common person to buy investment products and also allow them to make profit from it.

12. Circle – A Direct Competitor of Coinbase

The Circle crypto startup is a direct competitor of Coinbase exchange which gives you a good enough reason to watch for it in 2021.

Though it started its journey as a simple messaging app, it later on acquired the Poloniex cryptocurrency exchange.

This also happened to be their first venture into the crypto world. They have their own virtual wallet which the users can use to send fiat money to others most safely and securely.

Apart from creating a stable coin USDC with Coinbase, another significant achievement of Circle is their creation of the Circle invest app.

This is a mobile app that is particularly designed to facilitate investing in crypto assets.

As of now, there are more than 8 million users and over 60 assets with quite a huge trading volume of $200 billion.

Some of the biggest investors in Circle include Bitmain and Goldman Sachs.

13. Digital Currency Group – Largest Crypto Startup

The Digital Currency Group is arguably the largest crypto startup that you will find as of now that has a lot of potential to make it bigger in 2021.

Starting its journey in 2015, this company was created by Barry Silbert.

As of now, this company has invested in more than 145 companies making them one of the most active investment companies in the crypto scene.

Just as the founder, every member of this company believes that one day Bitcoin will replace gold.

They also believe that speculation in the crypto market is a very good thing that helps in building liquidity and a favorable ecosystem.

Both these are very important to ensure that cryptocurrency is adopted and accepted by every person.

The fact that Coinbase is one of the biggest investors in Digital Currency Group indicates its worth.


Crypto startups are good assets to invest in due to their developments and vitality to crypto traders.

They need liquidity to make profits from trading and that is why they look out for these crypto startup companies, which are good for adoption.