20 Best Crypto Remittance Software and Payment Gateways

What are the best crypto remittance software and payment gateways? Cryptocurrency remittance software and payment gateways allow individuals as well as businesses to accept or make payments.

Payments can be made from anywhere and to anywhere in this world. It also helps to manage and process crypto transactions.

The crypto payment gateway or software converts the crypto assets automatically into fiat currencies. This means that the volatility inherent with cryptocurrencies can be avoided easily.

However, there are a few payment gateways that may allow you to hold your coins in a wallet as long as you prefer instead of converting them into fiat currency instantly.

The good thing about using a crypto payment gateway or software is that it is very secure because it works on the blockchain technology.

The dashboard of these payment gateways are highly customizable and will help you to track your payments. Check out Best Softwares for Crypto Research.

Also, the transaction fees tend to be much lower in comparison to any traditional payment system, including credit card payments.

You can make international payments in a variety of crypto coins such as:

The payment gateway or remittance software will integrate with different systems and platforms such as:

  • POS systems
  • E-commerce platforms
  • Accounting and billing system
  • Shopping cart software and others.

However, to use such a payment gateway, the product will need to meet some specific requirements which include:

  • Its acceptance across the globe
  • Its ability to process crypto payments
  • Its ability to connect the different transaction systems
  • Its ability to convert into fiat currency or to be held in the wallet
  • Its support for blockchain technology to encrypt the transaction details and
  • Its ability to aid international transfers.

Ideally, the crypto remittance software and payment gateways are easy to use mechanisms to transfer cash instantly and internationally as and when required.

These can also be used by businesses for other philanthropic intercontinental payments.

20 Best Crypto Remittance Software and Payment Gateways

Best Crypto Remittance Software and Payment Gateways

However, you will need to choose one of the best payment gateways and crypto remittance software so that you can enjoy all the benefits, especially the instant cash-out feature.

Not all such software and gateways will have the same core functionalities. Therefore, you need to research a lot to find one that will facilitate actual transactions.

Here is a list of some of the best and most popular crypto remittance software and payment gateways for you to make it easier for you to select one.

1. Circle – Payments and Other Solutions

In addition to making payments worldwide, this crypto remittance software will also offer a lot of useful commerce solutions for crypto assets.

When you use Circle, you will get a large variety of services including and not limited to custodial solutions, payment for crypto, security solutions, stable coins, digital wallets, and more.

This is good and reliable crypto remittance software to use by banks and financial institutions, digital securities and online gamers as well.

2. Wirex – Variety of Services

Wirex is a digital wallet service provider for both cryptocurrencies and fiat currency and supports payments made through crypto coins.

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You can transfer money easily and safely through this platform and also get other useful services such as cash withdrawals, bill payments, currency exchange, online payments, and lots more.

Apart from that this crypto remittance software also offers prepaid cards that are NFC enabled and can be used to make both online as well as offline payments. You can use this app on your Android and iOS devices.

3. BitPesa – Easy International Money Transfers

If you want to make money transfers across the border safely and securely, BitPesa is the one you should choose.

Offering secure digital wallets to the individuals, it will allow you to send and receive crypto coins as well as fiat currencies internationally.

It is safe and secure because all transactions are either made through the digital wallet or bank accounts.

In addition to crypto remittance, this platform also offers LYC authentication and settlement solutions to help their users.

4. Metal Pay  – Reward for Every Transaction

This is another crypto remittance solution or software that is based on blockchain.

The unique aspect of this platform is that it offers rewards to the users for every transaction made, whether it is for sending money to someone across the globe or while making a purchase.

However, for every dollar spent, you will get the reward in METAL, the native currency of Metal Pay. These coins are Proof of Payments Processed or PoPP and there are 42 M METAL.

The good thing is that you can earn up to 5% METAL coins for every purchase you make. This mobile-based app allows transferring money at a much better rate and instantly.

It also offers debit cards issued by Visa. When you send US dollars, these are converted into crypto coins.

5. Stably  – Offers Bank Data and Audits

You can rely on this crypto remittance software as well when you want to make payments through your digital assets to others.

Stably uses StableUSD tokens that are supported by US dollars. If you use this platform you can purchase these tokens easily when you make payments using your crypto coins or through bank transfer.

Each of these tokens can be redeemed against 1 US dollar. In addition to that, the platform also offers third party audits and bank data in real time.

This will enable you to verify your cash reserves which will grow continually with the StableUSD.

6. Bitwage – Good for Mass Payout

This is also quite reliable remittance software that will allow you to make mass payouts such as paying wages to your employees with digital assets.

The software works on blockchain technology like most of the others. The unique feature of Bitwage, just as the name signifies, is providing the businesses with an international payroll service.

As for the employees, they can both receive their wages in digital assets as well as make payments in either Bitcoins or in local currency for the goods and services they purchase.

This will not need them to have a traditional bank account to make financial transactions.

7. Wyre – Offers Fund Saving Plans

Wyre supports international transfer of money for businesses making the best use of the blockchain technology.

It comes with a host of useful features that will support making online payments, receiving crypto coins, account on-boarding, global payouts, and digital wallets.

This reliable cryptocurrency and fiat currency exchange platform also offers fund saving plans, a unique aspect of it.

The payment API is robust and functional which not only supports cryptocurrency, financial, as well as identity services.

8. Sentbe – Affordable Rates and Deals Offered 

This is one of the most popular online money transfer platforms that offer some of the best and safest solutions.

Sentbe is considered to be a secure money transfer platform because it transfers money only through banks. However, there is one unique attribute of it.

They offer cash pick up and home delivery service as well. You can use this crypto remittance software conveniently on your iOS and Android devices as well by using their mobile app.

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9. Electroneum – Favorite with Large Number of Users

Electroneum is one of the favorites which use ETN for cross-border money transfers.

The main reason for their popularity is that users can make transfers at exceptionally low cost and they do not even need a bank account for that matter.

At present there are more than 4 million users of this platform all over the world who use it to purchase a variety of goods and services online and earn a living.

10. Bitpace – Wide Range of B2B Products and Solutions

Bitpace is a cryptocurrency payment gateway that offers a wide range of B2B financial products and solutions.

You can deposit, withdraw, and transfer crypto coins easily and buy or sell goods and services easily by using this gateway.

The platform offers all client-driven goods and services that help them to adopt digital assets and expand their business making the best use of this volatile ecosystem.

You will be able to choose from different payment acceptance options and even customize your website according to the needs of your existing or potential customers.

It comes with several useful features such as Fixed and Dynamic Deposit, Instant acceptance of crypto coins any time, and plug-ins that are easy to install and use.

11. Sila – Safe and Secure

Sila is a safe and secure fintech software platform with a payment infrastructure that allows businesses to integrate their software with blockchain as well as the US banking system very quickly.

It works according to the US regulations.

12. Prodoge – Fast P2P Platform

Prodoge is another safe and secure crypto payment gateway specially designed for businesses that need to make payments globally fast.

It also helps in business promotion, selling products and services, and connects with others globally within a minute.

It is a P2P platform and therefore is different from a traditional bank.

13. CoinRemitter – Seamless Checkout and Easy API

CoinRemitter is the crypto payment gateway that you should go for when you want to make easier, safer, and faster payments anywhere around the globe.

You will have a seamless experience while elevating your business. With a reliable customer service team and the best tool to accept payments online, you can easily connect it to your app to the webpage.

This comes with an easy API integration and seamless checkout, and with a quite low transaction fee.

14. Gem – Easy and User Friendly

When you use Gem as your crypto payment gateway you will see how easy and fun it is to make payments.

It is easily accessible by anyone and everyone and is designed keeping all the needs of the users in mind. This makes it most user friendly and easy to use crypto payment gateway.

Since you will have only one entry point to track your crypto investments and its worth, it will be easier to manage the crypto portfolio.

15. OpenNode – Cryptographically Secure

OpenNode is one of the most cryptographically secure payment gateways that you will find today.  It is easy to use due to its simple and powerful API.

It comes with a lot of useful plug-ins and extensions as well that will help in easy integration of this gateway with your business.

You will be able to monetize in new ways to extend your business on a large and global scale.

16. COINQVEST – Host of Features

COINQVEST is one of the most popular crypto payment gateways that people use today. It comes with a host of useful features as well as offers a lot of benefits to the users.

Payments made in crypto will be converted into fiat currency and go automatically into your bank account instantly.

There is no currency risk or credit risks. There is also no chargeback. The additional features include financial reporting, taxation, invoicing, and analytics.

17. GoUrl – No-Fee Platform

If you want a platform that charges no fees for transactions or has any monthly subscription fee, GoUrl is the one you should go for.

This is one of the best crypto payment gateways to use today especially for those who do not have their own site.

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Apart from facilitating accepting Bitcoin payments online with the GoUrl Crypto Coin payment Box, you can also use their Monetizer Online platform to sell or monetize your files, texts, videos and images apart from making money online by accepting Bitcoins or Altcoins on your site.

It is 100% free and is open source on Github.com.

18. Mycelium Gear – Create Simple Payment Widgets

You can use Mycelium Gear as your trusted crypto payment gateway and accept Bitcoin online as a secure mode of payment.

The coins will go to your wallet straight away from that of your customer with no one acting as a middleman.

The best part of it is that you can create simple payment widgets in minutes that are quite functional, customizable, and convenient to use and offer the easiest way to accept payments in Bitcoins.

You will get all the instructions from the Widget Creation Wizard to integrate it to your app or

19. Plisio – For Privacy and Convenience

If you want a crypto payment gateway that is safe and secure, fast and yet convenient then Plisio is the one you should try out.

Using this payment gateway is easy and will save a lot of time, hassle, and money. Privacy will also be maintained optimally since there is no need for any proof of identity.

They also do not keep a record of the transaction details. The best part is that you can make mass payouts by making all the transactions together.

This will save you 80% on transaction fees and you can also enjoy 0% chargeback.

20. Quidli – Create Value Easily

Quidli is a crypto payment gateway that does not limit its operation to allowing the users to make payments all over the globe.

The platform will also help you to create value easily by sharing it with those people who matter most, no matter in which part of the world they are.

You can send them tokens of appreciation in the form of a cryptocurrency that they can use in the real-world easily.

You can also share tips and bonuses which will boost morale which eventually will add value.

Major Concerns about Crypto Remittances

One of the most significant concerns among people about cryptocurrency remittance, especially when transactions are made internationally, is the risk of it being used for money laundering.

Since there is a high possibility of it, the money transfer operators and banks have some stringent reporting requirements.

In addition to that, The Office of Foreign Assets Control also has imposed strict regulatory measures and has also imposed restrictions on the individuals and countries that can receive such payments.

This results in another risk of facing legal consequences in case any unauthorized transaction is made.

Also, making any cryptocurrency remittance will involve transaction fees. While that is not a major issue, the fact that these fees can be unpredictable and quite high, depending on the volume of transaction, is.

The primary reason for this is that these transaction fees are not calculated as a percentage of the amount of money transferred.

Instead it is calculated on each byte. This means that if you make a smaller remittance, it will be much more expensive comparatively.


Since there are many available out there, you should compare the best payment gateway or crypto remittance software to choose the safest and best one for you.

A little time spent now will give you a complete peace of mind.