15 Best Crypto Prediction Sites in 2021

What are the best crypto prediction sites? You may be a crypto trader or just a holder, but you will always need a dependable source that will help you in crypto prognosis, and what better source can there be apart from the cryptocurrency price prediction sites.

These platforms will be very helpful in gathering adequate knowledge so that you can make the right investment decisions based on proper research.

Such knowledge will help you to monitor your digital assets as well as the current situations of the crypto market in order to make higher gains on your investments.

If you know which way the prices of the coins will move in the near and distant future, you can trade easily and confidently.

This is because the predictions made by these sites are primarily based on the analysis of historical data. Check out Best Crypto Signals.

These are nearly accurate because it uses complex algorithms, advanced Artificial Intelligence, along with different economic indicators which help in market analysis.

This article comes up with a list of some of the best crypto prediction sites that you should follow to invest expecting high returns.

All these sites are very good sources. Choose the one that provides the most useful information about the crypto assets you deal with and will show what to expect in the future very clearly.

15 Best Crypto Prediction Sites 2021

Crypto Prediction Sites

The current trends of the market and the chart patterns are the two significant aspects that influence the fluctuations in price of the coins.

You should create and follow the best crypto trading strategies based on these factors. Here are some of the best crypto prediction sites that will help you to do so significantly.

1. Tradingbeasts – Offers Much More Than Basic Price Predictions

This particular crypto price prediction website is best to follow if you are looking for long-term price predictions, often for several years down the road.

And, these are not just basic predictions. All these predictions come with proper and relevant details which include average price of the different coins as well as the minimum and maximum prices.

You will be able to see the price for any given month for any given year and since all these are predicted based on the past performances the estimates are virtually accurate and will seldom disappoint you with adverse results.

2. Longforecast – Comes with a Bitcoin to USD Converter

This is another good crypto price prediction website that provides long-term predictions just like Tradingbeasts.

As of now, you will get price predictions for as many as 16 cryptocurrencies and these are picked randomly. It includes and is not limited to Bitcoin, XRP, Ethereum, NEM, Iota, Monero, and more.

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Here, you will also get the average price, the minimum and maximum price of the coins which you can expect in a month. It also comes with the opening and closing price of the coins for the month.

The most significant aspect of this prediction website is that it comes with a Bitcoin to USD converter. This will help you to know the dollar value of any quantity of Bitcoin depending on the exchange rate at that specific time.

3. Gov.capital – Forecast for Cryptocurrencies and Other Commodities and Assets

Gov.capital is a crypto price prediction site that will offer you forecasts of more than 3,400 cryptocurrencies for over 5 years!

With such a wide variety of predictions, this is one of the most popular crypto price predictions sites for investors and traders.

In addition to the prices of the cryptocurrencies, this website is also useful to know the price prediction of other commodities such as Forex and other assets like gold.

You can use its free version as well as the premium version with a monthly token payment.

4. Digitalcoinprice – Offers Prediction for Seven Years

One of the most significant aspects of this crypto price prediction website is that you will get price predictions for a period of up to 7 years.

Therefore, you will know which way the price will move till December 2027, and all that for free.

In addition to that, there is a cryptocurrency value converter tool. You will also get a lot of info on the different gainers and losers on any given day.

5. Crypto Rating – An All Round Crypto Information Website

This is a good website to visit if you are looking for only crypto price information, and it is quite a long list. You will get in-depth information about how these predictions are done as well. This ensures a higher accuracy rate.

However, if you need to view the prediction along with other information of a specific cryptocurrency in full, you will have to sign up with them.

This detailed info sheet will include the year of coin creation, its current price, as well as the volume of the specific coin circulating in the market at a specific period of time.

In addition to that, you will also get reviews on the cryptocurrency exchanges and ICOs which makes this website an all-round cryptocurrency information platform.

6. CoinPedia – A crypto Prediction and Crypto News Website

If you are looking for a reliable website that acts as a crypto price prediction website and a crypto news site both then this is the one you should follow.

This feature makes it a little bit different from most of the other crypto price prediction sites.

When it comes to price predictions, it offers the same for different cryptocurrencies and that too well in advance. However, these predictions are of the entire year and not of any given day.

The good thing about CoinPedia is that it also provides technical analysis along with the price predictions. This means that you will also be able to see the primary factors on which these price predictions are made.

7. Prime XBT – A More Reliable Website Being an Exchange

This is a well-known and reputed crypto exchange which makes it a more reliable source for gathering information on different types of cryptocurrencies along with their price predictions.

You will also get long term price predictions on this website. For example, the price prediction for Bitcoin covers 2021 to 2025.

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The predictions made in this website on different types of cryptocurrencies also include the details of each, a proper technical analysis, along with the latest news.

8. Provisioni Bitcoin – Available in English and Italian Languages

This is also a very good crypto price prediction website which, and unlike the name signifies, it provides price predictions for different types of cryptocurrencies.

You will get a price forecast for up to 3 years for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP, Stellar, Ripple, and Iota.

The predictions are made for every month of the year. This website is available in two languages, English and Italian.

If you wish, you can easily switch between the two languages.

9. Coindoo.com – A One-Stop Website for Crypto Information

This one-stop website will provide you with all necessary information regarding cryptocurrencies apart from the prices of different types of it.

These predictions come with a thorough technical analysis and also with the opinions on each crypto available on other websites. This makes the predictions richer, more accurate and realistic.

In addition to that, you will come to know about the latest news about the crypto market and the industry, several reviews, guides and tutorials that will help you to invest smoothly and confidently even if you are a newcomer.

10. Finder.com – Includes A Variety of Guides and Tutorials

You will not only get a separate section in this website that will talk about the prices of different cryptocurrencies and its predictions but you will also get a wide range of guides and tutorials to enrich your knowledge about this digital asset.

Dealing with hundreds of cryptocurrencies, Finder is a good source to know about how to buy, store, trade and sell crypto coins as well.

In addition to that, there are also a lot of reviews from experts on a wide array of crypto exchanges and wallets along with useful tips and advice as to how you should use them.

The price predictions in particular are made on a variety of factors that influences the rise and fall in them making them most accurate. However, all these price predictions are made only on an annual basis.

11. Fxstreet – Analyzes Both Crypto and Forex Assets

If you want detailed and better analysis of both crypto and Forex assets then this is the site you should visit.

You will get daily crypto forecast reports that will include analysis of several data, different charts, market trends, and trading signals.

All these will prove to be very useful if you are interested in making short-term investments and are expecting a higher return.

Apart from that, there are lots of technical tools and guides that will help you to deduce the best crypto trading strategies and follow them.

These strategies are determined on different indicators and parameters which will allow you to buy and trade crypto coins on regulated markets like futures with the best price predictions.

12. U.Today – Diverse Crypto Related Content

U.Today is another good website that offers you much more than simple price predictions of the crypto coins.

The price predictions on this site are made on the basis of accurate and thorough technical analysis of the recent indicators and charts.

These price predictions are posted on this site almost every day with a special emphasis on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, XRP, and EOS.

The diverse crypto-related topics of this website include and are not limited to price analysis and predictions, expert tips and opinions from most important crypto players, latest news and stories.

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It also offers some of the best guides and tutorials on crypto mining, different wallets and exchanges, and most useful trading bots to use.

In short, this site will let you know everything about crypto trading, blockchain technology, dApps, and crypto lending.

13. Walletinvestor – Easy to Understand Forecasts and Comparison

When you visit Walletinvestor, you will gain knowledge on everything that is financial including cryptocurrency and Forex.

You will get a precise projection of the prices and against each currency the current rates are displayed. You will also find forecasts and charts that are easy to understand along with comparisons with crypto coins.

You can view the predictions for different time durations ranging from 3 minutes, 6 minutes, 2 weeks, 1 year, and 5 years. This makes it an ideal site for the investors, Day Traders, and HODLers.

Based on every day of the month, the crypto price predictions include the average, minimum, and maximum price of a coin.

However, if a specific cryptocurrency has a low or medium trading volume, the price predictions are made for only a couple of months down the lane.

You can also check the blog section of the website to know more about the crypto market, the latest news and trends, as well as the blockchain technology.

14. CoinGape – Frequently Updated Forecasts

If you are looking for a website that posts price predictions regularly and also updates them quite frequently then CoinGape is the right one for you.

Offering price predictions for almost all major types of cryptocurrencies, the site also includes a lot of expert opinions, advice as well as their expectations from a specific crypto.

These renowned analysts and experts also offer a complete overview of market conditions, the upcoming trends as well as the price fluctuations that may happen in the near as well as distant future.

15. NewsBTC – Oldest and Most Reliable Site

NewsBTC is one of the oldest websites that deals with cryptocurrency and is also one of the most reliable sources for crypto price predictions available out there.

Not only it includes the most accurate price prediction of the crypto coins but it also includes proper technical analysis for the same.

In addition to that, you will also come to know about the crypto market and industry through the latest news, updated posts, expert reviews, and several other educational articles and tutorials on a daily basis.

They examine and analyze several trading signals and charts in order to predict a price for any crypto coin depending on the bearish or bullish trends as well as the ups and downs in the market.


Following one of the aforementioned crypto prediction sites will ensure that you make your investment strategies most efficiently.

You will not be in the dark and hope for the best which may be hard to come if it is not predicted accurately.