14 Best Crypto Newsletters to Follow in 2022

There are lots of things available on the internet that will help you to stay in the loop with the latest developments and trends in the crypto market and the industry on the whole.

You may follow different websites and news or review sites but still you may miss out on something that is most important as of now.

Fortunately, there are also some of the best crypto newsletters out there to follow which will keep you updated.

To be honest, there is not one particular cryptocurrency newsletter that can be termed as the best. Check out Best Crypto Prediction Sites.

However, you will have to research a lot to find some of the good ones that will provide you with all the information that you need to invest in this volatile market space.

Here is the list of the best crypto newsletters that comes with all the latest events, news and developments around this market space.

As a crypto investor you will be able to make the best investment decisions if you follow one or several of these newsletters.

14 Best Crypto Newsletters

Best Crypto Newsletters

Signing up with some of the best crypto newsletters is one of the best ways to know the latest news on crypto and its market.

Once you do, these newsletters will start coming to your inbox daily, weekly, or monthly depending on the frequency of posting.

There are hundreds of such crypto newsletters that talk about the blockchain technology and different types of crypto coins.

Here are a few newsletters for you that are good to subscribe to right now.

1. Off The Chain – Huge Number of Subscribers

This newsletter by Anthony Pompliano is one of the most popular crypto newsletters you will find.

There are tens of thousands of subscribers to this and in it you can expect to have talks and opinions of the experts talking about blockchain technology, crypto coins and exchanges, different types of digital assets and tokens, securities, crypto trading, and a lot more.

This newsletter however does not focus on investment though it covers a wide area of this digital asset.

The experience of Pompliano is translated into his daily newsletters making it more informative and useful for you to give you an edge while you venture into this competitive and volatile market space.

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2. Unbanked – The Wider Picture

This newsletter, like most of the best crypto newsletters, tells about the wider picture of cryptocurrency and the market on the whole.

This daily newsletter will bring an exciting package full of latest news and current events, useful investment information, talks about chart analysis, tidbits on token economy, the ongoing and upcoming trends along with different products and services, just to name a few.

It also focuses pretty strongly on the investment aspect and explains things in a very easy manner with the help of easy to understand segments to make the information more digestible for the readers.

3. Chain Letter – Weekly newsletter with a Theme

This is one of the best crypto and blockchain newsletter published every Thursday by MIT.

Chain Letter is considered to be valuable due to its diverse focus on different aspects of the market and all these fit quite well within a theme.

You will come to know about all the happenings around the crypto market from the latest news featuring in each newsletter.

The best part is the Loose Change roundup. This ensures that you do not miss out on anything from the past week.

4. Daily Brief – Summary of Recent Interesting Articles

This is a newsletter from The Block which is a reliable, popular, and esteemed blockchain and cryptocurrency news outlet.

Just like its main website, it comprises a wide range of news and views regarding cryptocurrency. The best part of it is that it summarizes the most interesting and popular crypto articles published recently.

However, you will not get any trading info or market data in particular in this newsletter but you will surely get a complete overview of the crypto space to its entirety.

5. CoinSnacks – Unique Content with Different Sections

This is another good weekly newsletter, with no specific day of publishing, for you to subscribe and follow.

Instead of talking about the crypto market from a specific perspective, this newsletter talks about the whole crypto market and the industry.

CoinSnacks comes with unique content and does not believe or support recycling news and articles.

It is well researched and the content will provide you with valuable insights about the crypto market, blockchain technology, and investment.

It comes with different sections such as Must Read, Sponsored, Deep Dive, Other Articles You May Enjoy, and Chart of the Week, Regulatory Front, and more.

6. Token Economy Weekly – Different Thoughts and Opinions of Experts

Just as the name suggests, this newsletter comes once in a week, usually on a Sunday and sometimes on Mondays.

The newsletter is presented by Stefano Bernardi and Yannick Roux. It contains different thoughts and opinions of cryptocurrencies and the different ideas about blockchain, DAOs, dApps, as well as the tokens of this growing economy.

Once again, covering every aspect of the crypto world, this newsletter comes in different sections such as Headlines, News, Thoughts, New Funds, Cool New Projects, and Regulations. It may also come with a giveaway occasionally.

7. Decentrader – From a Crypto Analyst and Trader

This newsletter is published by a crypto analyst and trader, FilbFilb, every week.

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The newsletter has a very strong focus on crypto investment and trading charts of bitcoin and other crypto coins.

However, the focus also varies in each newsletter which allows you to have a fair idea about the crypto market overall.

8. Decrypt Daily Debrief – Summary of the Main Headlines with Different Headers

You will get all types of news regarding cryptocurrency from Decrypt daily to your inbox.

The Decrypt Daily Debrief newsletter is the summary of the most important headlines from Decrypt.

The information is carefully and thoughtfully streamlined with different eye-catching headers such as ‘Why it is important,’ or ‘What you need to know,’ and others.

This will help you to search through the most relevant info you want. This is one of the most popular newsletters that assures a very high standard while bringing all the important news to you directly.

9. CoinMarketCap – Best Market and Technical Analysis

Do not be surprised to see this name in the list. Yes, this is one of the biggest and most reliable market ranking sites of the crypto world that also publishes crypto news letters on a regular basis.

And, coming from the experts, these are bound to be the best. The CoinMarketCap newsletters will bring you the best of market and technical analysis and also cover the best crypto news for the day.

It covers both minor and major crypto coins of the market. The interactive polling every day makes sure that you always get the best and most relevant content.

10. Crypto Weekly – Price Analysis and Exclusive Interviews        

Crypto Weekly is another email newsletter which is in fact bi-weekly. This newsletter covers all the major aspects of the crypto industry and provides you the most valuable insights about this industry.

In addition to that, this newsletter is also good to subscribe to get some of the best price charts and analysis of the same by the experts, exclusive interviews of some of the most renowned crypto players and more.

11. Long Reads Sunday – Relevant and Important Crypto Themes           

Written and published by Nathaniel Whittemore, the Long Reads Sunday newsletter comes once in a week.

Being a successful marketing and strategy consultant, you will get in-depth talks about the crypto industry with a special focus on the bitcoin and blockchain companies.

In this newsletter, Nathaniel also shares the talks, views, and opinions of the prominent players in this field from their Twitter accounts.

Apart from that, the newsletter also highlights the most relevant and important themes in crypto in the week.

12. Token Daily – A Short and Simple Newsletter

This is a good newsletter for the beginners to follow. It is short and very easy to understand what is going around in the crypto market.

In the newsletter you will find almost everything that will enlighten you about crypto coins and the market including the most important events and latest news.

You will also find some valuable insights on the world of crypto market as well as the decentralized technologies involved in it.

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13. Marty’s Ƀent – Unique and Awesome

If you are looking for unique as well as awesome newsletters, then look for those written by Marty Bent.

He is the editor in chief of Marty’s Bent, a daily newsletter about bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

The newsletter is short and sweet and will not take more than 5 minutes to read and understand. Published every weekday, you will get to know everything that has happened in the crypto world in the last 24 hours.

However, Marty being a BTC maximalist, his newsletter is not for everyone, especially those who cannot take criticism of their favorite crypto.

His newsletters are thought-provoking and come with no-nonsense content.

14. The CoinDesk Newsletters – A Reliable one

Last but not least, there are a few good newsletters from CoinDesk to follow.

The Node, which was formerly known as ‘Blockchain Bites’, is a good newsletter published on every weekday.

Curated by Marc Hochstein, it comes with the latest news from Twitter and other sources apart from CoinDesk itself.

You will get all the small and big news around the crypto market to keep you updated.

Similarly, First Mover is a newsletter published every weekday from CoinDesk which will tell you all about the cryptocurrency market and how it makes sense in investing in crypto coins.

Money Reimagined is another good CoinDesk newsletter that is published every Friday. It talks about the value of crypto coins as well as how this digital asset is transforming the economy.

It talks about a specific topic with all the relevant details including what the experts are saying about cryptocurrencies outside the bubble making it more interesting to read.

Market Wrap is another good CoinDesk newsletter to follow every weekday. This is as good as First Mover but is just a shorter version of it.

Crypto Long & Short is a CoinDesk newsletter published every Sunday. This deals with the insights of the professional players and prominent names in the crypto world along with all current news, events and analysis.

State of Crypto is another good CoinDesk newsletter to go for. You will find it in your inbox every Wednesday and come to know how the regulations and policies related to cryptocurrency and the market are changing.


Subscribing to the crypto newsletters is the best option to stay updated with the market and its trends.

From the list above you will know which newsletters are the best ones about the crypto coins, investment, news, the market, and services.