16 Best Crypto News Sites in 2022

Due to the continuous traction and popularity of blockchain and cryptocurrency, these are the two main topics that make the current news.

If you are a regular investor or a beginner, you should know all the news regarding the crypto market so that you have the necessary confidence and build the right investment strategy.

However, choosing the best news websites to gain knowledge about cryptocurrencies is not easy since there are many out there. This article about the crypto news websites will make things a bit easy for you.

16 Best Crypto News Sites in 2022

Best Crypto News Sites

Here are some of the best crypto news websites to follow in order to know what is happening in the crypto and blockchain world. Check out Best Crypto Prediction Sites.

1. CoinDesk – One of the Leading Media Websites

If you are looking for the best crypto news then this is one of the best and leading media websites that you should follow.

Coindesk is dedicated to crypto and blockchain and started publishing various news articles in 2003.

Since then this crypto news website has grown significantly both in popularity and value among the crypto investors and traders.

You will get the most authentic and latest news about the crypto industry that involves everything from the current price fluctuations in the crypto price index to the new type of coin making an entry into the market.

2. CoinTelegraph – A Popular and Active News Site

This is another good crypto news site that is dedicated to crypto and blockchain. You will get all necessary information about Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other types of cryptocurrencies.

Most importantly, CoinTelegraph, is one of the most popular and active crypto news websites.

Another good aspect of this news website is that all the news and articles are posted everyday. You can come to know about all the recent happenings in the industry and crypto market.

It is available in multiple languages such as Japanese, Brazilian, Spanish, Serbian, and more, apart from English.

3. CCN – An Added Informative Blog Section

CCN or Crypto Currency News is also a very good source to get all the latest happenings, updates, and movements in the crypto world and market.

You will come to know everything about all the major cryptocurrencies that are available right now.

Apart from the basic crypto news, this media company based in Norway also provides valuable information and insights on blockchain.

It also covers the ICO Calendar, DLT events, market cap, and more. In addition to the news section, this site also comes with an informative blog section which will enhance your knowledge about the crypto industry and market even further.

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4. TodayOnChain – More of A Feed Aggregator

If you are looking for a famous crypto news website that provides most authentic news collected from different reliable sources and references then this is the right website to visit.

TodayOnChain covers every aspect of the crypto industry and blockchain technology with all minute details.

The latest news will keep you updated so that you always make the right and most rewarding crypto investment decisions.

This website works more like a news or feed aggregator and therefore you will find a great quantity of trending news forwarded that are related to the crypto and blockchain here.

5. News BTC – News, Reviews and Technical Analysis

You can rely on this popular crypto and blockchain news platform to get acquainted with the latest happenings in this space. The news and a wide range of articles are published every day on this website.

The best part of this website is that along with the news the website also offers several reviews and even covers technical analysis.

This ensures that you are knowledgeable about the very important details, over and above the fundamentals, of the crypto and blockchain industry.

Apart from the news and reviews, you will also get to see events calendars, a lot of educational materials, and ICO listings as well when you visit this website.

6. Bitcoin Magazine – Top-Class News Outlet

Here you will find everything that you want to know about Bitcoin. Doing proper justice to its name, this is one of the earliest publications on this specific cryptocurrency.

The most significant reason to follow this channel which is considered to be one of the most top-class news outlets is that the founder is also the creator of Ethereum.

However, do not be disheartened if you want to know about other currencies here.

Even though this magazine started its journey as a dedicated news site for Bitcoin, over time it has started to take note of other types of cryptocurrencies as well.

This news site however focuses primarily on reviews, research, and price analysis.

7. CryptoSlate – Offers a Wide Range of Information

If you are looking for a varied range of information and updated news regarding the crypto and blockchain industry, this is the site to go for.

The site provides authentic and transparent news regarding the ups and downs as well as the latest developments in this industry.

This Seattle based media company also covers disseminated ledger technology industry and has made a solid impression in the industry within a few years in spite of being a new company.

Apart from the latest in the crypto market, this media website also covers several events going on in the industry along with ICO listings and crypto ranking.

8. Bitcoinist – Over and Above Bitcoin News

Though the name of this news website includes Bitcoin, it covers and offers news over and above Bitcoin and includes all major types of cryptocurrencies.

In addition to the news related to cryptocurrencies, Bitcoinist also offers their readers an opportunity to also know a lot about blockchain technology that this industry relies on primarily.

You will also be able to read a lot of news articles on this website since it posts a series of engaging and interesting articles every day to keep you well informed about the crypto market.

9. Forbes Crypto – Covers Everything about Digital Market and Digital Assets

Needless to say that this is one of the most popular sources of information which has also been providing a lot of news about the digital market and digital assets.

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As it has made a prominent mark in the field of media and entertainment, it has also been successfully covering all the news regarding the DLT or Distributed Ledger technology.

Their specific digital news distribution system is named Forbes Crypto that is dedicated to blockchain and cryptocurrency.

10. Null Tx – Crypto News and Educational Articles

Null TX, formerly known as The Merkle, is a news website that aims at providing the latest news from the field of crypto and blockchain industry.

The news includes all types of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others.

The best thing about this popular and prominent news website is that apart from the news on crypto and blockchain technology, it also offers valuable information on both via the educational articles.

You will be able to know a lot more about the crypto market and the industry as well as different wings of the financial technology sector from this crypto news website.

11. Bitcoin.com – Everything about Bitcoin

Just as the name of this news website signifies, this is an exclusive channel for news and events regarding Bitcoin only.

However, there is no dearth of news and the range since you will find everything from the latest news to most valuable and informative articles.

As for the news section, which is just a small part of this popular platform, it offers valuable information regarding Bitcoin wallets, crypto mining, and even gambling.

Articles are posted every day to keep the content fresh of this overtly biased BTC news website.

12. Invest In Blockchain – A News Website with Multiple Sections

When you visit this particular news website you will see that it does not involve news related to crypto and blockchain technology only.

In fact, it provides its readers with much more knowledge than that through the multiple sections of the website which makes it a bit different from the others.

As an investor you can gain a lot of knowledge about the crypto market as well as the industry on the whole through the informative blogs, valuable articles, expert reviews, price and data analysis, technical modifications and a lot more.

It is also considered to be one of the most valuable resources to get adequate information and news on the DLT or Distributed Ledger technology industry as well.

13. Blockonomi – Includes News from the Fintech Front

This specific crypto news website was launched in 2017 and its primary aim was to educate people on all aspects of financial investments and trades.

The website therefore does not only include news from the crypto market and the blockchain economy but also comes with a lot of latest news from the fintech front.

Within a short span of 4 years this news website has made its own repertoire in the circuit with its comprehensive data and most informative information about the latest happenings in the finance sector.

The good thing about this crypto news website is that even if you are a newcomer to the crypto world or the DLT industry, you can make the right decisions from the knowledge provided by the site.

There is a specific section that offers different guides which will help the beginners to gain knowledge on what happens through the entire process.

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All these features make this news website a one-stop destination for knowing everything about the crypto community and blockchain economy.

14. Coinspeaker – More than a Crypto News Website

Coinspeaker actually cannot be considered to be a news company intrinsically by itself though it literally talks about crypto market and blockchain technology and everything in between.

This is because it also includes a wide variety of information about other stock markets and fintech.

Apart from that, there is also a specific section in this website where you will also get the recent information and latest news about the Distributed Ledger Technology.

15. DailyCoin – Informative and Entertaining

This is one of the best crypto news websites that compiles some of the best news regarding cryptocurrency and its market from all over the world.

In addition to that, this website also offers a lot of other types of valuable information that will enhance your knowledge about crypto and blockchain.

You will have investment suggestions from experts and successful investors and at the same time know a lot about crypto mining as well from the experts apart from the latest BTC and ICO news.

With such a variety of information and knowledge this crypto news website is surely helping out the traders significantly in making their investment decisions most confidently.

The news and informative articles posted on this news website will help you to understand the entire process easily as well as the complexities involved in investing in cryptocurrencies.

And yes, to keep you refreshed, this website also posts some enjoyable and interesting memes related to crypto apart from the technical aspects of crypto trading, blockchain economy, and financial technology.

This makes this website both informative and entertaining.

16. CoinMarketCap – For Price Tracking Crypto News

Last but not least, this is a good website that comes with an abundance of reliable and informative price tracking crypto news.

This will help you to know about the right time to make an investment in this space so that you can enhance your chances to make profits significantly.

When you explore the website of CoinMarketCap you will also get a lot of information regarding market capitalization, crypto conversion and its rates, the exchange volumes of different crypto tokens, and of course the latest about blockchain technology.

One of the most significant aspects of this news website, which is also one of the most prominent reasons for its extensive popularity as a crypto news website among the investors, is its acquisition by Binance in 2020.

This combination ensures that you get the best and latest news from the crypto world which will make you the master of crypto trading.


Since the crypto industry and market is evolving continuously you will need to know the current news and updates regarding the advancements and innovations. These are some of the best news sites amongst many to follow.