What are the Best Crypto Mining Software?

What are the best crypto mining software to use? The crypto space offers a lot of opportunities to people to make money from it and if you can combine some of the best strategies, hardware and software you can really strike ‘gold.’

Assuming that you also want to make money from this space and know that crypto mining is one of the best ways to do so, you have got to prepare yourself before you start.

This includes gaining more knowledge and also getting all those things that are required to start.

You will need to have a crypto wallet, proper mining hardware, and of course suitable and popular mining software installed in our computer for that matter.

There are lots of software programs available in the market that will help you to manage your crypto account and mining endeavors most efficiently.

The good news is that most of these programs are for free.

Some of these software programs are for the more experienced users and some are fit to be used by all.

Some come with more features and some come with the basics.

In fact, there is a lot of different software for everyone to use.

Just surf the internet and you will find some of the best and most popular programs to use.

This is an article that speaks about some of these software programs that are worth considering.

Choose the one that suits you and your crypto mining needs the best and install in your computer to reap the benefits of crypto mining to the fullest.

Just make sure that the software is compatible with the operating system installed in your computer.

What are the Best Crypto Mining Software to Use?

Best Crypto Mining Software

If you want to mine crypto coins then there are a few specific software programs that you ought to know about and use in the process to increase your chances of success and to make a lot of money.

However, just as it is with all other things, it is always better to start by knowing the basics.

The mining software will work towards connecting your equipment with proper mining pools.

The tools and features of the software enhance its functionality as well as that of the miners.

Ideally, when people talk about mining software, they normally refer to either a mobile or a desktop app or any specific command line that does not have any particular graphic components.

Of late, they also refer to the adapted web platform when they talk about it like the reliable cloud mining services.

Each one of these comes with a different set of features, functionality and technical settings.

This means that you will need to take out some time to read about them and even test them individually to choose the best mining software to install in your computer that will bring you a lot of profits in crypto coins.

But how would you make the right choice among such a humongous list without testing each and every one of them?

Typically, for the beginners in the crypto space and especially in crypto mining, most of these apps, especially those that do not come with any graphic components, are not a very good option to choose.

The primary reason behind it is that all of these apps are too sophisticated.

Well, if you want to make the right choice of crypto mining software, you may follow these specific steps.

If you are worried about the cost, consider that first. As said earlier, you will get a lot of free versions of such mining software on the internet, ready to be downloaded.

There are also a few paid pro and light versions available and the cost and fees for them varies according to their type, features and functionalities.

If you are using cloud technologies, you will need to purchase the mining contract that may typically cost you a few hundred dollars.

Next, you should consider your crypto mining goals and level of skill.

If you are an expert in mining and have explicit engineering knowledge, you can literally use almost any type of mining software.

But, if you are a beginner, it is always better to start with the one that you feel more comfortable and easy to use.

Once you are well acquainted with the technical settings and the mining features, you can surely upgrade to a more sophisticated crypto mining software program.

Now, here is a list of some of the most popular crypto mining software along with some of their features, pros, and cons that will help you to navigate the wide and diverse variety of crypto mining software and make your choice.

And, if you want to have some more information regarding each of them, visit the link of the respective mining software.

Most of them will provide detailed instructions and information for an easy start.

Here you go.

CGMiner – Most Flexible

This is one of the most flexible crypto mining software programs that you can use on almost any platform.

The good thing about this software program is that it is highly customizable but the downside of it is that the Windows version of it is a bit difficult to install.

CGMiner software is coded in C and therefore it is compatible with almost all available operating systems.

It comes with a straightforward command line interface, streamlined layout, and will support multiple devices and mining pools.

This software is primarily designed for use in dedicated mining hardware devices but it can however support any graphics processing card connected to the machine as well.

You can use simple keyboard commands if you want to make any change in its settings.

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AwesomeMiner – Supports Large Scale Mining

The most significant reason to choose this software is that it will support large scale mining.

You can use it across almost all platforms and it is scalable up to 25000 CPU and GPU miners and up to 200,000 ASIC miners!

Though the program does not support MacOS, it offers maximum efficiency, centralized management, and higher profitability.

It can also track power consumption and revenue in real time and will therefore help you in profit tracking as well.

It has minimum downtime and automatic recovery feature along with a unique benchmark feature that will allow you to test several mining software and algorithms to measure the power usage and hash rate of each and choose one to make the best of profit and mining pool switching decisions.

BFGMiner – ASIC Specific Design

This software is specially designed to be used in mining hardware with an ASIC or Application Specific Integrated Circuit.

This derivative of CGMiner is also compatible with FPGA or Field Programmable Gate Array or semiconductor devices.

Though it supports both Windows and Linux operating systems, it does not however seem to work very well with GPUs to make profits easily from them.

Though it comes with a narrow focus, the useful features of this software will allow you to play with your mining device.

Some of its useful features include and are not limited to dynamic overclocking, a remote interface, temperature monitoring, and connecting to several mining pools.

It saves valuable resources by not connecting to unreachable pools, and also allows using hotkeys to monitor pools, identify devices and enable additional features.

With a simple text interface, the BFGMiner is available for Windows, Linux, and even the Minera operating system if you are using a Raspberry Pi.

MultiMiner – For the Less Tech Savvy

If you are not very tech savvy, you can use this software that comes with a very intuitive Graphical User Interface that will allow easy management of several devices and employ different mining strategies.

This mining software comes with a lot of powerful features but is easy for the beginners to set up and use.

The Getting Started wizard will also help you to enter the pool information and understand any unfamiliar terms.

However, you will need additional software to make this software work on Linux and MacOS though it is a cross-platform software.

It can scan the mining device automatically and offers a list with all necessary details such as the average hash power, pool used, and the profitability, and most importantly, will display the daily projected profit.

The ‘Pools’ tabs will connect you to different pools and the ‘Strategies’ will make it easier for you to choose the way in which you want to mine.

This software is free to use but the developer requests users to send 1% of their profits to say ‘Thank you.’

However, this is completely voluntary. You can enable or disable this option from ‘Perks.’

EasyMiner – User Friendly

This software is quite user-friendly and offers a graphics interface that is easy to use.

It can mine using ASIC/GPU and CPU simultaneously and involves no additional costs.

However, it can cause some issues with the antivirus apps.

The dashboard of EasyMiner will allow you to configure the mining pools, see your wallet as well as modify network settings.

The settings feature will also allow you to enable ASIC hardware.

When you run this software for the first time, it enters into the ‘MoneyMaker’ mode.

You will be allowed to create a paper Litecoin wallet automatically and start mining the coins straight away with a private pool.

This is a convenient feature but, mind you, this will not offer high profits given the present difficulty rate.

There is a specific console that will keep you on the loop regarding the progress of Gminer and CPUMiner if you wish to mine Bitcoin and Litecoin respectively using them.

However, if you want to use this software but are not interested in antivirus alerts, you can use this software program on Linux and Ubuntu using Wine.

BitMinter – Open Source Software

This is an open source crypto mining software which is GUI-based and very versatile.

It can be used on Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems.

It is also compatible with different mining hardware and devices such as GPU, ASIC, and FPGA.

However, you will have to join a Bitcoin mining pool to use this software to mine Bitcoin.

This will make it easier to mine the coins and also get higher payouts.

BTCMiner – Cloud Based Mining Software

This cloud-based mining software can be used by any user who has a Bitcoin wallet and address and an FPGA mining hardware.

One of the most useful features of this crypto mining software is its dynamic frequency scaling feature which focuses on error measurement.

This feature of the mining software allows it to select automatically the frequency at which the higher hash rate will be available and therefore increase your profitability.

In addition to that there are also other useful features included in the BTCMiner software that include and are not limited to overheating protection, power saving mode, and ready-to-use Bitstream.

DiabloMiner – Supports Unlimited Mining Pools

This specific crypto mining software comes with an OpenCL framework.

This allows it to conduct faster hashing computations as well as support using an unlimited number of mining pools by the users.

The DiabloMiner runs on Mac systems and also supports GPU mining hardware but if you want it to run smoothly on any other operating system you will be better off if you have one of the current drivers from Nvidia or the ATI Stream SDK 2.1.

The good thing about this crypto mining software is that it allows both solo and pool mining.

GMiners – Zero Challenge Mining

If you do not have much knowledge about the crypto mining software, this is one cloud mining platform that will allow you to mine Bitcoin with low entry amounts and zero challenge.

The software will allow using cloud hash contracts without needing to download any special software for it or use any costly GPU or ASIC hardware.

This software offers different options and higher profitability.

It is easy to use. All you have to do is create an account, get verified, make a deposit, rent a miner with an appropriate hash contract, and join a mining process.

Shamining –Good for Professional Miners and Newbies

If you are a cloud mining enthusiast for Bitcoin you should choose this British hash provider that offers one of the best crypto mining software.

It is good to use by the professional crypto miners as well as the newbies.

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With its reasonable pricing policy, this will allow investing in crypto coins from any place in the world online.

You can also control your Bitcoin earning procedure from your device.

NiceHash Quick Miner – Uses Idle Computing Power

If you have idle computing power and want to use it to earn Bitcoin, NiceHash is a good crypto platform to choose for that matter.

You will get different types of Bitcoin mining software on it that will allow you to sell the idle power of your CPU or GPU.

The NiceHash Quick Miner is easy to use and highly secured. It is profitable to use for first-timers and beginners in Bitcoin investing.

NiceHash Miner is another Bitcoin mining software that offers high performance.

It uses third-party equipment and enables switching between several algorithms automatically.

You can even use the ‘Manual selection’ option of this powerful software to switch between CPU, GPU, and ASIC mining hardware.

The other useful features of the mining software offered by NiceHash include memory timings, auto tune, auto recovery, and automatic location switcher.

The software allows mining coins automatically right after Windows boot. You can even use it in game mode.

There is another unique feature which is called the Rig Manager.

This feature will allow you to remotely control the entire mining process and keep a track of your mining devices irrespective of where you are.

CudoMiner – Web Console for Remote Management

This crypto mining software is used by a lot of users across the globe.

This is considered to be one of the best Bitcoin mining software programs that support CPU, GPU, and ASIC mining devices and also comes with a dedicated web console which will allow easy management of the devices remotely, whether it is a single PC setting or a large scale and powerful Bitcoin mining farm using a lot of ASICs and GPUs.

This software is a good one to use by users having any level of mining experience since all the platforms are totally automated for Windows, Linux, Mac and CudoOS.

The experienced users will find the advanced Settings menu section very useful. It comes with different tools that are necessary to overclock the GPUs and ASICs.

You can also create customized templates for better management of your crypto mining devices.

Professional miners can use the command line to mine coins by using only one algorithm and select the most lucrative currencies and also change the overclocking settings.

ECOS – Transparent Service

If you are looking for reliable crypto mining software that offers transparent and legit service, go for ECOS.

This is one of the best cloud mining providers and the first one to operate with a legal status.

There are lots of users of ECOS all over the world which offer benefits such as minimum contract price, useful on-site calculator to choose a mining contract, daily payouts, a comprehensive transaction history, large range of contracts, minimum withdrawal, and one-month free mining contract. It is ideal for beginners to use.

Pionex – Automated Deposits

This is perhaps the best crypto mining software to set up automated deposits to any external exchange or app wallet.

However, it will depend on what it is for. You will get as many as sixteen special trading bots to automate your trades on leverage.

However, it will take a long time to verify your account which needs a selfie and an ID copy.

The other useful features of this include ordering history tracking from the account, spot marketing using different charts, trading crypto with 4x leverage, and choosing between manual and bot trading.

Kryptex Miner – Runs Complex Computations

Kryptex Miner is another good software program for the professional as well as the beginners to use.

You will get a high performance and be able to mine the best coins since this Windows app can spot the most lucrative coins.

It is also competent in running intricate distributed crypto computations.

It is easy to download, use, create an account, keep it running, and get paid for the work done in the background.

The easy to use user interface and its functionality will make mining coins quite comfortable.

It allows remote controlling your mining operation and allows withdrawing a minimum amount.

You will get real time stats to stay up to date, monitor profitability and the hash rate.

The mining profitability calculator of the software will allow you to select the best GPUs for your mining equipment as well as the most lucrative coins to mine based on the specific electricity pricing along with the profits you can make with the specific inputs of the graphics card.

BeMine – Good for Cloud Mining

This is perhaps the best software that you will find for cloud mining.

Being the service provider of cloud sharing of ASIC devices, you will be able to make more efficient calculations and transaction confirmations.

Though there are some conditions to be fulfilled by an ASIC miner to make it work, it will offer a much better cloud mining solution with its useful features.

This includes using only relevant machines, buying whole or 1/100 of ASIC, replenishing the personal account balance, and storing your equipment in partnered data centers.

In addition to the above mentioned crypto mining software programs, there are also a few other lesser known programs and cloud service providers that will offer you equally good mining outputs. These are:

Hashing24 – Access to Different Data Centers

When you use this crypto mining software you can mine crypto coins without needing to buy any equipment.

It will provide access to different data centers in Norway, Canada, Georgia, Iceland, and others and will deposit the mined coins automatically to the balance.

You can mine crypto without any hassle using the newest ASIC chips and an intuitive interface.

It will stay cool with its sophisticated air and cooling technology and you will get around the clock tech support.

It supports Windows 10, Linux, and Mac operating systems but you can only mine Bitcoin with this software that comes with comparatively low earning potential.

BetterHash – Trade with Different Coins

If you want to trade with different types of crypto coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, ZCash and others, BetterHash is the crypto mining software to choose.

It is good to use by both the beginners as well as the experienced miners.

You will need no set up but use different mining pools efficiently and profitably when you use this software.

It will also allow you to create a wallet for each type of coin traded and transfer them to an external wallet or let it stay in your account.

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It also allows the mining pools to direct hash power without needing any consent.

This software supports Windows but offers comparatively low profit potential.

StormGain – Hassle Free Investment

If you want to make hassle free investment in crypto coins, you should use the StormGain software.

It comes with a user-friendly dashboard that will allow you to view the prices of the crypto coins rise and fall.

You will also get different charting tools to track the price movements and current trends in the market.

It supports a wide range of crypto trading without using any expensive equipment and comes with an easy to use interface.

Though it is unregulated, it supports Android, iOS, and Web platforms and will also protect your crypto coins in secure wallets.

IQ Mining – Automatic Distribution of Funds

IQ Mining is the mining software favored by those miners who want one that supports different payment methods including credit cards and also distributes funds automatically by using smart contracts.

This Windows supported software allows making daily and instant withdrawals, and trading a wide range of crypto coins with 24/7 live support.

Hash Shiny – Finds Profitable pools

If you are having any difficulty in finding some of the most profitable mining pools you can use the Hash Shiny Bitcoin mining software to find them easily.

The software uses the latest GPU rigs and ASIC miners and creates a backup of the database automatically.

The Windows supported software will also allow hassle-free control of your mining process and offer live data via a hash-rate graph.

You can use this software via iOS and Android devices. However, it is a bit more costly than the others.

Minergate – Easy Initiation

Minergate software allows easy initiation and comes with a user-friendly interface that will enable you to mine different types of crypto coins such as Bitcoin Gold, Ethereum, Zcash, Litecoin and more with just CPU or GPU.

This crypto mining software allows the users to deposit their coins safely into their wallets and also detect the most profitable crypto coins to mine.

You will get good customer support and mine coins without needing to invest in hardware.

ChickenFast – Special Algorithm Shifts Computing Power

If you want to use Bitcoin cloud mining software ChickenFast is the one to select.

This software comes with a special algorithm that shifts computing power automatically to the most lucrative cryptocurrency in real time.

The software also follows the easiest mining process but uses an exclusive high-tech design to ensure that the mining process is environmentally friendly.

It supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin cash and offers outstanding customer service and statistics all around the clock.

However, this iPhone, iPad, and Android supported software take a day to process withdrawal requests.

Ethermine – Third Party App Support

Ethermine crypto mining software is not only easy to use but it will also offer you a lot of help in trading your crypto coins with several real time statistics.

This tool also supports third-party apps such as Telegram and also comes with other useful features.

The list includes a Bitcoin mining program that offers precise mining info, real time Pay per Last N Shares or PPLNS payout schemes, a professional helpdesk, email notification, a competent mining engine, and warning about void transactions.

The interface and the dashboard is very user friendly and the pool does not get congested with a large number of miners.

However, this Windows supported software does not offer accurate profit calculations.

Slush Pool – Mine from a Mobile Phone

This crypto mining software will allow you to mine crypto coins such as BTC and ZEC from your mobile phone with ease.

In addition to that, Slush Pool will also allow you to check whether or not your rewards are reasonable using several statistical proofs.

You will also get 24/7-hour feedback about your trades and it will also help you in minimizing losses that may be caused due to connection and hardware failure issues.

You can easily monitor the process when you conduct a large-scale mining operation using this software that will provide you with timely and proper notifications if the miner goes offline.

However, this Windows supported software is not very user friendly.

Genesis Mining – Varied Mining Solutions

Genesis Mining software offers a variety of solutions related to mining both to the large scale as well as the small scale crypto investors.

This Altcoin mining software allows mining several crypto coins including Bitcoin and Ethereum.

You can mine the coins mentioned in the catalog easily with its user-friendly interface. It needs little knowledge to start using it with its easy setup process.

This Windows, Mac, and Linux supported software has the fastest Bitcoin mining hardware at the data centers to offer periodic mining yield to your wallet with easy daily payouts.

However, be wary about its customer support.

Claymore’s Dual Miner – Both Nvidia and AMD Graphics Support

Claymore’s Dual Miner will allow you to mine coins with ease.

This crypto mining software is one of the best ones that supports both an Nvidia as well as an AMD graphic card.

The miner comes with an easy to use user interface and offers a lot of stability during mining.

There is a timer that keeps a check on the GPU if it freezes and restarts the software.

You can also use this Windows supported software for double mining to earn some extra currencies without needing investing in new equipment.

Hostero – Manage and Monitor the Performance

It is easy to install the Hostero software that will enable you to manage and monitor the performance of the miner directly and easily from its dashboard.

It will allow you to view the logs and mine more than ten crypto coins by using any number of devices.

The best part of this Windows, Mac, and Linux supported software is that you can sign up via social media accounts.


All crypto mining software come with their fair share of merits and demerits and your choice should depend on your particular needs and skill set.

With the help of articles like this one, you will find it to be very easy to make your final choice.