20 Best Crypto Hedge Funds in 2021 – Top List

What are the best crypto hedge funds? Over the years and in the past few years in particular, cryptocurrencies have been grabbing the attention of investors quite significantly.

These digital assets have a huge potential and a promise for a high return.  It is all due to the exclusivity of the blockchain technology.

Cryptocurrencies are quite easy to mine, to store, to trade with others, and there are lots of ways in which they can be transformed into fiat currencies.

However, the crypto market is highly volatile and there are lots of risks in it. It is for this reason you should play cautiously and properly to minimize your losses, if at all.

If you as an investor do not want to take that risk and at the same time make notable profit easily with high returns, you should consider investing in a crypto hedge fund.

These funds are growing in popularity among the investors to minimize risks but once again, you need to play properly since it does offer any advantage of time.

20 Best Crypto Hedge Funds

Best Crypto Hedge Funds

One of the most prudent ways to make the best use of the crypto hedge funds is to first choose one of the best ones. Check out Best Crypto Discord Groups and Servers.

If you do not know how to do so or do not want to research, here are some of the best crypto hedge funds enlisted for you to make things easier.

1. Polychain Capital – Best Overall

Polychain Capital is the leading crypto asset hedge fund in the world and was founded in 2016.

This US based investment management firm focuses on cryptocurrencies primarily and invests on blockchain assets and manages them actively as well.

Operating globally, you can expect to have exceptionally high returns as an investor. They follow strategic core values and have a long-term vision.

Add to that their exceptional intelligence and ability of quantitative reasoning allows them to make the best out of the global adoption of digital assets.

2. Galaxy Digital – Runner Up

Galaxy Digital Assets is also a US based company that follows multiple strategies in crypto investments.

It is one of the most trusted companies in this industry that is also well known for its best capitalization.

The company typically operates 4 business lines such as principal investing, asset management with active and passive strategies, trading that includes macro, arbitrage, and OTC market making, as well as advisory services.

3. BlockTower Capital – Experienced Team of Operators and Managers

BlockTower Capital is also a leading company that you can consider which functions as a blockchain investment firm.

Founded in 2017, this New York based company excels in investing, professional trading, and portfolio management and their focus is exclusively on crypto assets.

Considered to be one of the leading players in the crypto industry, their team comprises managers and operators who have a sea of experience in this industry.

4. Cumberland – Diversified Trading and Professional Relationship Management

Cumberland DRW LLC was founded in 2014 and is another leading cryptocurrency investment firm of the world.

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Their focus is on letting access to the individuals as well as financial institutions that want to capitalize on the opportunities available in the digital asset space.

They are one of the most diversified trading firms having experience in this asset class and its different instruments of more than 25 years.

Having knowledge of some of the best trading strategies followed in the crypto markets all over the world, this company delivers the best professional relationship management and ensures efficient and timely settlements by leveraging the best investment practices.

5. Blockforce Capital – Alpha-Oriented Trading Strategies Implemented

Blockforce Capital specializes in the crypto asset class and this US based company implements an all-inclusive set of cryptocurrency trading strategies that are alpha-oriented.

They apply it on a large number of crypto coins and types including and not limited to BTC and ETH.

They also use the latest portfolio theory that helps them to optimize returns and minimize losses with active portfolio management strategies and quantitative finance.

6. BitSpread – Constant and Audited Return on Investments

Having its offices in London and Singapore, BitSpread, a digital asset investment firm, has a team of expert blockchain engineers and investment finance professionals.

They have a huge experience in unconventional asset investments like cryptocurrencies. Founded in 2014, they have been generating constant and high audited returns on investments in crypto assets, which is their trademark.

7. BitBull Capital – Diverse Range of Funds

This cryptocurrency hedge fund manages a diverse range of funds which includes BitBull Fund and the BitBull Opportunistic Fund.

BitBull Fund is considered to be the first fund of such type. It manages a set of 10 crypto funds that are selected strategically and are high in performance.

The BitBull Opportunistic Fund, on the other hand, is a specialized fund that focuses on investing in digital assets directly.

This fund however operates as an investment vehicle that invests in hand-picked assets that have the potential to provide high returns.

They understand the crypto market and the management strategies well and also offer newsletters and investment ideas through BitBull Research.

8. Astronaut Capital – Best for Retail and Institutional Investors

Astronaut Capital is based in Singapore and is a licensed asset manager. The company focuses on providing the best opportunities to the institutional and retail investors through their investment vehicle.

With their immense knowledge about the basics and technicalities involved in crypto investments, their strategies and investment vehicles help the investors to gain high returns.

Their team comprises some of the best blockchain analysts who can offer institutional-grade analysis of the market and better trading strategies to follow.

9. Amentum Investment Management – Diverse Range of Services

Amentum Investment Management is based in San Francisco, California. This hedge fund focuses mainly on making investments in different high performing crypto projects and protocols based on blockchain.

They also care for the security, diversity in investments, interoperability, and also promote sustainability. They also help in building multiple verticals through the investments across all available assets.

This in turn helps in growing the ecosystem as well as the public chain assets at the same time. They also provide advisory services on different projects.

The majority of the fund allocated for crypto projects is concentrated in ICOs.

10. Ikigai Asset Management – Dynamic tools and Strategies

Based in Los Angeles, California, the Ikigai crypto asset management firm focuses on implementing some of the best and most productive active management strategies.

They also see to it that all the investments made are flexible and are capable of reaping the maximum benefits for the crypto asset space. They use dynamic tools for that.

These tools are created by them specifically to carry out specific processes within the investment framework. Since these are well-defined, it allows producing stable alpha for the investors.

The team of experienced engineers, investment professionals, entrepreneurs, and data scientists are always on the lookout for newer and better ways to provide risk-free returns to their investors in cryptocurrency and DLT or Distributed Ledger Technology opportunities on a repeated basis.

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They also educate the investors and provide them with several useful market insights through their Kana and Katana projects.

11. Arca – Focuses on Liquid and Illiquid Digital Assets

Arca investment firm provides institutional grade services and primarily focuses on investing in crypto assets and building products.

The company offers two specific funds dedicated to cryptocurrency such as the Arca Opportunistic Fund and the Arca Digital Assets Fund.

The Arca Digital Assets Fund is designed to help the investors to tread the crypto market cautiously to make higher profits from liquid digital assets.

They manage this fund actively through their event-driven strategies that have the ability to capture the best returns.

The Arca Opportunistic Fund, on the other hand, invests in cryptocurrencies over and above the most popular ones.

The focus is more on illiquid digital assets, equity blockchain firms, and different early-stage projects.

Their aim is to make the best out of both worlds, the daily pricing inefficiencies as well as the long-term approach while investing.

12. Binary Financial – Handles Large Bitcoin Transactions

This investment management company belongs to the Binary Fintech Group and works on providing higher returns to its investors in crypto and blockchain space.

They facilitate larger block trades and ensure that the institutions as well as the individuals can make out the most from this digital asset class.

Since their launch in 2014, this company has gradually become one of the most reliable companies to handle large bitcoin transactions most efficiently.

13. Digital Asset Capital Management – A Diverse Range of Investment Schemes

The Digital Asset Capital Management builds and manages funds of high-performing digital asset classes that have a high growth potential most actively.

It has a variety of investment schemes and all of them are designed to provide maximum exposure to the institutional and sophisticated investors. It has also created the DAF ICO Fund in August 2018.

This specializes in investing in top-class ICOs and early-stage projects related to blockchain. Their team has extensive knowledge about blockchain technology and its operation.

Their financial experience is unparalleled and is gained from some of the prominent investment banks of the globe such as Citi, J.P. Morgan, and Goldman Sachs.

14. Parallax Digital – Multi Strategy Approach

Parallax Digital specializes in crypto investments and is based in California. They are also known for their exceptional experience and expertise in digital assets consulting.

This investment firm creates and implements easily adaptive and more thesis-driven multi-strategy approaches. This includes different methodologies such as short-term, long-term, and quantitative trading.

Their experienced team is knowledgeable about the technical ground rules of the crypto markets to create some of the best, unique, and most productive projects and real-world applications.

They focus on risk management and promise outstanding returns to their investors.

They also advise on investment setup processes, portfolio construction and management, risk management, crypto trading, performance reporting, custody, compliance, and lots more.

15. Shuttle Fund – Experience in Diverse Fields

The Shuttle Fund is run by a collaborative group of digital asset experts of the world. The main aim of the company is to produce alpha through partly activist investments made in crypto assets.

It also ensures that the unique ability and potential of this digital asset class is successfully enhanced so that it acts as an innate hedge against systemic actions.

The best part of the team of this company is that they have exceptional experience in diverse fields which includes hedge funds, investment management, venture capital, and computer science.

They also specialize in international entrepreneurship which helps them to formulate the best policies for making an investment and creating trading strategies that will help the investors to reap the maximum benefits from the crypto space.

16. Satoshi Capital – More Productive Marketplace

This New York based global advisory firm was founded in 2013. It works with several banks, governments, tech companies, accelerators, and digital asset companies.

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This helps them in creating a more productive marketplace so that their clients can navigate the digital currency space most efficiently.

Satoshi Capital also owns and operates a hedge fund based on Cayman Islands which focuses mainly on making investments in bitcoin.

They specialize in alpha generation and implements quantitative and qualitative trading strategies. They make sure that provision for real-time liquidity is made to the cryptocurrency exchanges.

They are envied for their team that has years of experience in the field of quantitative finance, financial technology, government relations, and management consulting.

17. Alternative Money Fund – Carefully Designed Investment Strategies

This crypto hedge fund aims at providing high returns to the investors by managing a diverse portfolio most actively that comprises different blockchain assets.

The unique aspect of the trading strategies formulated by them is that these do not involve margin or leverage.

The capital accounts are either redeemed or increased every month and a monthly report is sent regarding the returns gained from the fund.

The investment strategies are built around different crypto assets that have a high potential to bring in high rewards over and above the risks involved in it.

All these strategies are carefully designed so that these can take the most advantage of the six main factors such as market timing, risk control, consistency, specialization, price and market inefficiencies, and macro forecasting.

18. Starchain Capital – For Accredited Investors Only

This investment firm also focuses on investing in protocols and technologies related to blockchain.

This Delaware based company was incorporated in 2017 and is available to the certified investors only. Operating as a hedge fund, the company promises high returns to its investors.

They manage every investment portfolio actively with a special focus on those specific projects that are devoid of market intermediaries looking for commission and rent.

They also liberate data, empower the users, and facilitate P2P transactions.

19. O1ex – Implements Algorithmic Trading

O1ex hedge fund primarily focuses on crypto trading and investing but it also offers advisory services on anything related to cryptocurrency.

Based in Dubai, this company aims to provide risk-adjusted returns to its investors. It is known to create extremely customized strategies and manage most diversified crypto asset and blockchain portfolios.

They intimate their users about the most profitable and productive investment opportunities that they carefully select after thorough research.

The unique aspect of this company is that they implement algorithmic trading which helps them to reap the maximum gains by utilizing order flow-based and quantitative option strategies.

These algorithms are developed, properly analyzed and executed on cloud before implementing them in a real-world environment.

20. Olymp Capital – Pioneer Asset Management Fund

This European company is the pioneer asset management fund that focuses on blockchain investments and digital assets.

Olymp Capital can invest in tokens directly and allows the investors to enter the blockchain landscape as well as add digital assets to grow their crypto portfolios in a more feasible manner.

They act as a bridge between the companies and investors who are interested in the ICO or blockchain niche.

The unique trait of this company is that it does not build an ICO like other asset management funds to collect cryptocurrencies. It is done through their corporate wallet accounts.


Hedge funds will leverage your efforts and enhance the chances of making more profits. Since these are not subject to any regulations or securities, you should choose the best type and also follow a set of best practices for best results.