10 Best Crypto Games to Play for Fun and Entertainment

What are the best crypto games to play? If the concept of cryptocurrency is completely new to you but you want to know more about it, there are lots of ways to do so.

You can research and know about crypto coins, the technology behind it, the prospects and potential of this digital asset on the internet.

In addition to that, you can also read several books on it or watch videos or listen to podcasts of a few famous and successful investors and traders.

You can even sit in front of your computer for hours trying to comprehend the price charts of different crypto coins, the trading signals and a whole lot of things related to cryptocurrency and crypto trading.

There is also another alternative way: playing one or more of the crypto games. This is fun and entertaining and at the same time it will also give you a fair idea about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology that drives it.

These games are growing in popularity with each passing day in which crypto coins are used to power the ecosystem of the game.

Using these coins you can own exclusive assets and even trade with other players. You can transfer these across platforms, use smart contracts, and do lots more.

All the time, blockchain, an incorruptible database, will store all the necessary information. Check out Best Real World Crypto Applications.

10 Best Crypto Games

Best Crypto Games

Blockchain has opened up an entire new world of promise for gamers.

It is not only growing their interest in the game but also letting them know about the technology and use of cryptocurrency so that they can monetize their leisure pursuit.

The potential is huge and the game developers have just started. The space is growing at a rapid pace and new titles are introduced daily with the increase in demand for these games.

Just like in any other regular games, there are also good, bad and average blockchain games.

Here are some of the best crypto games to play, in no particular order, that have all the abilities to be considered as classics.

1. The Six Dragons – Open World RPG Game

Built on the Enjin platform, this game based on the power of blockchain allows the players to mint crypto coins.

It also provides a marketplace to trade and wallet service to store the Enjin (ENJ) coins accumulated. These are ERC 20 tokens that can be traded freely.

This open world RPG game is one of the most exciting games and is based on fantasy. You can explore never-ending lands and farm for expensive materials.

You can even craft over 300 exclusive items and trade them with the other players. Apart from that, you can also fortify your arsenal with potent enchants.

Since this game, like Sandbox, is created and controlled by the player entirely making it a true representative of the decentralized blockchain tradition.

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It is an amazing game that will offer you a lot of scope to explore to acquire a large variety of items and trade with them

If you want to buy Enjin Coins, you can do it from different exchanges though Binance is the best bet, once again.

2. Axie Infinity – Win Battels to Eran SLPs

In this particular game, crypto investing is more common where you as a player can use them to purchase and breed pretty little creatures called Axies.

In the PvP mode, you need to battle with other players or the AI of the PvE.

To get started, you must buy at least 3 Axies. The cheapest one will cost you around 0.0421 ETH. This, in dollar value, is a pretty large initial investment costing you about $75.

However, you can earn hefty returns as well if you put in a little time and effort and win battles.

Winning battles will earn you Small Love Potions or SLPs, the utility coin of the game.

You can use them to buy and breed more Axies and then sell them to other players at a profit. You can trade the SLPs on Uniswap and earn from your accomplishments.

This game also has governance tokens called Axie Infinity Shards or AXS. These tokens can be staked or you can use it to purchase NFTs from the marketplace of the game.

You can also trade them on Uniswap. Go to Binance if you want trade discounts.

The gameplay and graphics of this game may not be exceptional or for everyone but the best part is that there are lots of players who have made a living playing this game!

3. The Sandbox – Creative

This is a game that you can play on iOS, Android and Windows. Based on blockchain, the player can use their creativity to contribute to the ever-growing Sandbox.

NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens are used as the in-game currency with which players can possess their creations or get rewards in tokens when they build objects in the game.

Creating these objects is easy with the VoxEdit function. Maintaining the ecosystem of the game is also necessary to get rewards.

Players can sell their creation in the online marketplace of Sandbox. There are 3 different tokens that they can earn this way such as:

  • SAND – the ERC 20 tokens which is the main currency of the game to make any transactions within the ecosystem
  • LAND – the NFTs that represent the digital real estate bought by the player to develop to rent out or sell at a profit and
  • ASSETS – the ERC 1155 tokens created by the player for trading in the marketplace.

You can get the SAND tokens from a number of crypto exchanges. However, it is good to use Binance because you will get a trading discount there.

To buy LAND, you will however have to load up on SAND first and then buy it from a presale within the gaming platform. ASSETS can be bought from here as well.

4. Sorare Fantasy Football – Fascinating

If you are interested in football, then this specific crypto game will surely fascinate you.

This is one of the best games for the blockchain generation. You can exchange the digital cards for some hefty amount of money.

You can make a team of 5 players. You can do that by buying cards in the auction in the Sorare marketplace. You can also do so by trading the cards with other payers.

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The value of the cards will depend on the numbers produced and the player on the cards. Each card is valuable because one player will have only one unique card in a season and each can have enormous value.

The points won will depend on the performance of the player on the card in real life. If your team does well then you will win more play outs or cards in ETH, the currency of the game.

You can trade cards easily and earn a lot of money when the values of the cards are high. While some cards may be expensive, you can choose one of the cheaper options to start small.

5. Age of Rust – Amazing

Though this game is not released fully as of now, it is quite a good game to take note of.

It is a single-player game played from the first-person perspective. In this game you will play the role of Quinn 7, a hacker of the 22nd century.

All through the game you will have to avoid the rogue AI of the game when you explore abandoned space stations, cross the universe, or visit ancient civilizations on a distant planet.

This is an amazing game that is poised to be one of the most favored games once it is released over Steam later this year.

There are several different types of weapons to use in this game and you can use special skills to overcome the wretched robots.

You will also have to solve some in-game puzzles that will come in three forms. If you can, you can earn handsome rewards and continue with your crypto fortune hunt.

With all its BTC, ENJ and supplementary NFT rewards, there are lots of economic incentives offered by his game that will keep you hooked onto it.

6. Decentraland – A Virtual World

This is another blockchain game based on the virtual world which is built on Ethereum. In this game you can buy and develop land to monetize in a way you feel right.

There are small numbers of LAND parcels in the Metaverse of 90601 individual plots which are represented by ERC-721 NFT.

Each of these plots measure up to 100 square meters. However, the currency of this game is an ERC 20 token MANA. You can use it to buy and customize land.

Decentraland is actually a DAO or Decentralized Autonomous Organization and the MANA token holders, or permanent owners of the district that are not sold, have a significant role to play in the governance and management of the Metaverse.

You can earn the currency of the game from different exchanges but if you want to have the best liquidity, you should choose Binance.

7. MegaCryptoPolis3D – An MMO dApp

If you want to play god then this is the right game for you to play. This game is available on both mobile and desktop.

This blockchain-based game is actually an MMO dApp where you will need to build a city.

Ethereum is the currency of the game and you can use it to buy, develop or sell a piece of land on the game map.

To play this game you must first connect the Web3 wallet to your game account. This will allow you to buy or develop land.

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You can earn a lot from the game by collecting taxes, providing other services, and even by selling ad space.

There are also a lot of other options for the players to earn money in this game such as liquidity mining, yield farming, and trading.

8. Neon District – Sci-Fi

This particular blockchain game is one of the best among sci-fi dystopias. In this game you will need to fight with different types of enemies to save Unity City.

When you fight your way through, you will pick up new skills as well as kits. These are represented by NFTs.

You can trade these in the marketplace of the game using ETH, the main currency of the game.

This game, designed by Blockade games, also features several puzzles to solve.

However, as of now, you can play this game in a single player mode though co-operative gaming will be allowed in the Season 2.

9. Infinite Fleet – Better Played as a Team

This blockchain space-based MMO game is yet to be released sometime later this year but is already creating a buzz among the gaming community.

In this game you as a player will take command of the United Sol Federation Starship. Your prime objective will be to fight against and defeat the Atrox aliens.

If you play the game in the co-operative mode you can even team up with your friends to put up a good fight.

You can upgrade all the weapons in your arsenal as well as your ship using the currency of the game INF.

However, the supply of this currency is fixed and will only be issued to you through a Proof of participation model.

10. 9Lives Arena – Several Warrior Classes

This is also an Enjin title and features several warrior classes. These warriors fight against others in a competitive arena, till death.

Gory as it may sound, it is this feature of the game that raises its stakes significantly.

However, the game will not end soon because each warrior is given 9 lives which are lost while you lose a battle.

This means you can fight nine battles until the game is over. Only your stats will remain immortalized on a statue.

However, you can train and nurture a new champion warrior like the Gladiator, Viking, Samurai and others. You can customize the warriors as well.

In this game you can collect skins, weapons, and skills and when you win battles, more rewards will be unlocked.


These are some of the crypto games available as of now. There are lots more that could not be listed above and several others in the making.

Play one or more to be a noted player in the crypto gaming community, but do store your profits.