15 Best Crypto Discord Groups and Servers – Tips to Use Them

What are the best crypto Discord groups and servers to follow? Discord has created a huge impact among the crypto community in the past couple of years and there are several good reasons for it. These are:

  • These are very easy to use.
  • These servers have the ability to deal most efficiently with large communities.
  • These have proved to be a great way to communicate with other crypto fanatics.
  • The servers or groups allow the users to know about all the latest events and happenings in the crypto industry and
  • These are great platforms to discuss different ideas with the crypto experts.

In addition to that, as a bonus, these crypto Discord servers have also proved to be a great platform to promote a company that specifically deals with crypto traders and investors.

There are lots of Discord servers available right now and all have a different focus on the crypto market. Check out Best Ways to Cash out Crypto.

While a few focus on the crypto market on the whole, there are others that focus primarily on the latest news in the market and/or educating people on crypto, the potential future of money.

Ideally, with all these benefits and information provided, it is essential for every crypto trader and investor to be a part of a crypto Discord community.

However, choosing one of the best among many Discord servers to join is quite challenging, especially for a beginner.

Here is a list of some of the best Discord groups or servers that will help you to make your choice easily.

15 Best Crypto Discord Groups and Servers to Follow

Best Crypto Discord Groups and Servers

You should choose one of the best Discord groups and servers whether you want to know the basics of crypto trading or find some more advanced and proven trading tips.

If you cannot find one such group or server, here are a few you should try out to know about the latest and hot happenings in the crypto market.

However, make sure you research on the specific channel before you share information and trading signals or use the ones shared to make an investment decision. This is because a few of them may have cons, spam, and shills.

1. r/Cryptocurrency – One of the Largest Groups

This is one of the largest Discord groups available as of now that allows the invitees to know more about the digital assets.

This is a platform wherein you can discuss anything related to crypto right from trading coins to yield farming, from DeFi to altcoins, from crypto mining and making transactions.

2. MEGA Pump – Trade Signals and Current Events

This is a cryptocurrency investment group that follows the unique ‘pump and dump’ method.

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By following this group you can maximize your chances to make profits during crypto trading making the best use of the trading signals and current events in the crypto market.

The Results page will keep a note of the suggestions made and the “Affiliate System’ rewards those who bring in new investors.

3. TodayWePush – Five Public Channels

TodayWePush is another crypto investment group and has as many as 5 channels for the public on its server.

These are #announcements, #general-chat, #affiliate-system, #server-guide, and #create-invites.

In addition to that, it also comes with pumping channels of different tokens that are high in demand and performance.

4. WallStreetBets Crypto Pumps – Additional Useful Offerings

This is one of the most prominent Discord servers. It is dedicated to the hedge fund short and retail funds sellers.

This is primarily a pump group wherein the community agrees to purchase a specific token from one particular exchange. This inflates the price in the process and enhances their chances to make higher profits.

The added offerings from them include an affiliate program for the invitees and a results channel.

5. Big Pump Signal – Trade Crypto with Others on the Server

This bitcoin investment group is also one of the largest crypto Discord groups. You can chat about crypto trading, events, news, and trading signals.

Pump signal channels are created daily which allows you to trade your crypto along with other crypto enthusiasts on the server.

6. Cryptex Commonwealth – Best for Long Term Investors

This crypto Discord group typically aims at investors who are looking to make long-term investments.

It provides a lot of informative decisions and allows people to join with only an invite code.

However, you will have to wait for a day for Allen, the moderator, to verify your information and add you to the server after which you can introduce yourself and start discussing cryptocurrency with other members of the group.

7. Elite Crypto Signals – Most Organized

This is one of the most organized Discord groups. It offers both free and paid channels for its users. You will get a wide range of channels to choose from this server and some of these are most active.

Most of the channels usually focus on crypto trading providing precise predictions with its trading signals that will help immensely in buying and selling crypto coins.

You will also come to know about the latest happenings in the crypto market to stay on the loop and opine on the price of the coins and market actions.

8. Cracking Crypto – Most Diverse

This is one of the oldest crypto Discord groups. It offers the most diverse servers to its members as well as a lot of information on cryptocurrency.

You will also find a lot of discussions that will help you to clarify all your doubts and queries on anything related to crypto assets.

There are more than six channels that include introductions, trade analysis, crypto resources, general community chats, partnerships, and premium information for the channel subscribed by the investors.

9. Super Pump – Lot of Giveaways Offered

This is another good Discord group that is dedicated to crypto trading in the ‘pump and dump’ method. With all the information and discussions, you will get a lot of opportunities to boost up your profitability.

The news channel as well as the accurate trading signals will help you a lot in this matter keeping you updated with the latest events. Working with exchanges like Binance, HotBit, and KuCoin this server offers a distinct ‘Pump Results’ category.

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This will help in keeping track of the trades suggested. The ‘Affiliate System’ will reward you if you introduce new investors and there are also lots of giveaways offered every week to users who invite at least 3 new users.

10. Spacestation – One of the Most Active Servers

This is one of the largest crypto Discord servers which are also one of the most active ones.

The primary focus of the group is on Ethereum and it initially was a favorite space to hang out for the ETH miners and chat on different topics on this specific crypto coin.

However, now it includes all types of crypto users, miners, traders, investors, developers, enthusiasts, and others.

This thriving community still has a dedicated chat room for ETH but there are also other channels where you will find chart analysis and come to know a lot about technical trading.

There are also rooms for discussing the market in general, equities, and even sports.

11. Cryptex Commonwealth – An Active Community

If you are looking for a highly active crypto community then Cryptex Commonwealth is the Discord group that you should look for.

It not only has a high number of members but there are several hundreds of them active at a given point of time.

In here you will find anything that you can imagine that is related to crypto such as investing, trading, mining, decentralization, software, and more.

There are also different sections that are dedicated to use cases, crypto security, market news, and even politics.

12. Crypto Rand – A Trading Focused Server

With a considerable number of members, this crypto Discord group focuses mostly on crypto trading. There are thousands of users online on most days.

In order to join them you will need to pass a couple of simple tests and verify that you are a human and get the best insights about the crypto market.

13. Crypto Moon – A Wide Range of Topics and Niches Covered

This is a diverse group and is very useful for the users since it covers an extensive range of topics on different niches of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

The most interesting fact about this group is that it aggressively encourages the users, especially the entrepreneurs, to endorse their company on their server.

If you own a company, you will surely get a lot of help from the different sections of this channel that are dedicated to the advertisers and sponsors.

14. Axion – Very Friendly

This is one of the favorite crypto Discord groups of the users who want to have friendly people, including the analysts and admin, around them to grow with.

The members help one another in the best possible way so that both accomplish financial freedom. It offers some of the best trade signals, and entry and exit points to trade safely.

You will also get the best guidance from the experts to execute your trading and investment strategies in the best possible way.

15. Filthy Rich Futures – Offers Extensive Knowledge on Crypto

This was initially a live group of the crypto trading community. However, over time, it expanded its services and started offering its users some of the best trading signals for free.

Gradually it became one of the most favored Discord servers for crypto educations, trading and investment tips, and social communication with a highly active crypto community.

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You will gain extensive knowledge about crypto trading continuously with accurate signals for futures and smart contracts, risk management, as well as technical analysis based on the most familiar trading pairs.

Tips to Use Crypto Discord Servers Proficiently

Discord groups are gaining popularity with each passing day in the social media for the crypto investors but most of them are not created equal and are not efficient as well.

It is due to this inefficiency that, in spite of being far better than Telegram, most of the crypto investors today discard Discord to interact with other crypto enthusiasts.

In order to make the best use of the Discord server, here are a few useful tips that will help you to use it most proficiently.

  • You should cut down on the scamming and spamming possibilities on your Discord server, if not avoid them completely. You can do this by locking the permissions and setting up a bot guard.
  • When it comes to message notifications, you must manage it as efficiently as possible. For example, there may not be any need to notify each member of your Discord server always and every time a message is sent on the channel.
  • Set up a captcha code in addition to a bot guard to ensure that only humans can access the other members in your server. This will prevent them from being spammed as well.

Last but not least, make sure that the Discord server has a user-friendly interface and also make sure that it is not over-crowded.

Things to Look for to Select the Best Crypto Discord Server or Group

It is not easy to find a good and reliable crypto Discord group or server especially if you are a first timer.

In order to avoid the scam groups (yes, there are many out there and counting), here are some of the major things to look for to select one of the best crypto Discord servers.

  • Check the number of members in this group. This will give a fair idea of its popularity as well as its reliability.
  • Make sure that the Discord server you intend to choose has Bot Guards. This will ensure the safety aspect.
  • Find out whether or not the platform of the server is user-friendly. This will ensure ease of use.
  • Check whether or not the group is respectable and interactive. This will allow you to share and gain more knowledge.
  • Find out the content that the server usually deals with and whether or not those are the ones you would like to consume.

And finally, make a choice between free and paid channels. Ideally, you should go for the paid ones as those will come with lots of features, functionality, benefits, and varied content whether it is trading signals, basic crypto facts, or latest crypto news.


There are lots of crypto Discord groups and servers that will help you in all respects. Select one for your benefit following the suggestions mentioned above and go ahead with your cryptocurrency venture with full confidence.