12 Best Crypto DeFi Projects to Look for

What are the best crypto DeFi projects to watch out? DeFi, or Decentralized Finance, is a specific crypto sector.

This is something that brings in conventional capabilities of the finance system into the crypto space. This is a complex process that involves disassembling and decentralizing different financial services.

Ideally, the Defi projects designate different dApps and a specific infrastructure.

This includes Decentralized Exchanges that are commonly known as DEX, different useful asset management tools, a DeFi platform, development tooling and lots more.

With so many things involved in it, it is quite risky to invest in a DeFi project as of now without adequate knowledge about it.

However, with the passage of time it will be able to monetize even more and offer a lot of different and better tokenomics.

If you do not want to wait for that long and want to invest in it right now, you will therefore need to do a lot of research from your side.

Alternatively, you can choose one of the DeFi projects from the list in this article and play safely and confidently.

12 Best Crypto DeFi Projects to Watch out

Best Crypto DeFi Projects to Watch out  

The DeFi projects offer better earning opportunities for the crypto traders and also help the ‘hodlers’ to ‘hodl’ the coins with its enhanced capabilities.

Apart from the traders, investors and ‘hodlers’, DeFi coins have also impressed the industry insiders. Check out Best Softwares for Crypto Research.

There are lots of DeFi projects that you need to look out for and more are coming up in 2021 which may make it a bit difficult for a person to choose one to invest in without having a proper knowledge.

This list will surely be a lot of help for you.

1. DeFi Coin – Most Significant Community Driven Project

DeFi Coin or DEFC is one of the most significant DeFi projects out there in the crypto space right at this moment.

This specific digital asset will provide the investors with a lot of benefits. This is a token of a platform that is driven by the community which is why it is easy to trade this digital currency.

There are also lots of customary benefits of DeFi that are offered by this coin. It includes rewards and a liquidity pool.

In addition to that it also allows manual token burning which helps in preserving the value of DEFC coins. It is listed on Vindax, a centralized exchange.

2. Chainlink – Unique Value and Position

This is a DeFi project that holds a unique value and position among all such projects available as of now.

This is actually an oracle which is a crucial provider of information for DeFi. The protocol operates on smart contracts which get the necessary information from the blockchains.

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However, the oracles provide it with all the necessary off-chain information that are vital to smart contracts. This ensures that it is easy to read the data to make the full use of it.

This project has huge prospects down the lane as it serves two specific purposes. One, it requests smart contracts to pay the node operators of Chainlink for their job and two, it allows the node operators to stake the coins to get rewards.

3. Uniswap – Top DEX

Uniswap is considered to be one of the best Decentralized Exchanges in the crypto industry. Therefore, by bringing the trading parties together it makes trading much easier.

Also the AMMs or Automated Market Makers that it works on offers optimal safety, security, and anonymity, all of which are essential to make a trade.

This means that you will not need a central authority or a commission-seeking third party. Its UNI tokens focus on governance and event offers the users the right to vote on different aspects such as token developments and distribution, changes in fee structures, and more.

With a strong set of technologies and a high RSI or Relative Strength Index it provides much better value to the investors.

4. Compound Finance – Offers Wide Range of Assets

Compound Finance, with its COMP token, is another good lending protocol that people look for.

It however, has a very complex working process but once you understand it the blue-chip tokens will surely provide you with a high return on your investments.

The best part of this platform is that it supports a wide range of assets. In addition to that, it allows the holders to earn fees and also help with governance.

The value of the assets has risen significantly and notably over the years and therefore you can expect to have high returns from it with its reasonably high RSI.

5. Curve Finance – Largest DEX

Within the DeFi space, Curve Finance is considered to be the largest one which is capable enough to provide a high return with a large number of assets locked in.

The primary focus of this Decentralized Exchange is on stable coin swapping. It ensures faster transactions made in lieu of pretty low fees. This exchange also acts as a liquidity aggregator.

This means that you will also be able to use this decentralized exchange to add your assets to a variety of liquidity pools which will enable you to earn more rewards.

The CRV coin of Curve Finance can be used as governance token as well. Moreover, the new algorithm allows exchanging volatile assets with similar assets which provides higher liquidity and allows the users to make more profits.

With a steady rise in its price and RSI, this project surely does make investors more optimistic.

6. Swipe – Connect between Fiat and Crypto World

Using SXP, the token of Swipe platform, will allow you to connect between crypto and fiat world most easily.

This platform also offers three basic products namely, a debit card, a Swipe wallet, and of course SXP.

You can use the card at several Visa payment outlets. In addition to that, this network is also in the way to release Swipechain testnet. This unique inclusion will ensure interoperability to allow cross-chain swaps.

However, this is not a replacement of its existing chains but will only facilitate cross-chain trading. If that is not all, it will also launch mainnet when the testnet is successful.

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This platform operates in a dual bottom pattern which is created since it bounced twice in combination with bullish variance in the RSI.

7. Kava.io – Earn by Depositing Crypto

If you are looking for a reliable lending platform that will allow you to earn interest on your crypto deposits, Kava.io is the DeFi platform to go for.

This lending platform is unique in comparison to other lending platforms because it supports cross-chain assets. You can even run your own staking nodes right from the protocol which will give you a chance to earn more rewards.

There are also some unique and useful new features included in this network and more will come up when it launches its Kava Swap Incentivized Testnet soon.

There will be more improved governance parameters and more rewards for delegation. You will be able to make withdrawals and even swap assets among liquidity pools.

It is due for its fourth breakout and the technical indicators signify that it is turning bullish.

8. Avalanche – Trade and Set Financial Applications

Avalanche is a good platform that you can use to launch dApps. And, that is not all. You can also trade and set up other financial applications.

With all these possibilities offered, this platform is a good and reliable one that has a huge potential to turn out to be a global platform for asset exchange.

This means that any user can control or trade your assets in a decentralized way. The platform follows Defi Yield Protocol that will help in yield farming.

The native token of this DeFi platform is AVAX. In addition to that, the USDC stable coin will be included in it soon. The price of it is on the rise and the trading potential is also rising along with it.

Based on the RSI and the technical indicators, it can be concluded that this is also a good DeFi project that you should watch out for in 2021.

9. 1inch – Find the best Crypto Prices

This is a Decentralized Exchange aggregator. This means that you can use 1inch to find the best crypto prices across different Decentralized Exchanges.

This means that you will not need to go through loads of charts and sheets to find the best prices manually. Instead, you can source liquidity from the exchanges directly and it will allow you to make the best out of the swap rates.

The native token of this platform is 1INCH. This platform allows you to earn these tokens by providing liquidity. In addition to that, there is another unique feature of this platform.

This allows instant governance. This means that you can vote for different aspects of this platform such as token distribution and development, protocol settings, and more.

The good news is that by the end of this month the Swiss bank Sygnum has allowed its customers to invest in various DeFi tokens such as 1INCH.

10. The Graph – Increases Efficiency of dApps

The Graph is another good DeFi project that you should look for. This is an indexing protocol. This platform will allow you to use applications in both the Web3 and DeFi ecosystems.

All data gathered by the platform is stored in indices. These indices are called sub-graphs. The main objective of it is to empower the dApps and increase its efficiency.

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As of now, this platform has over 3000 sub-graphs installed that you can use for different dApps such as AAVE, Synthetix, Decentraland, Uniswap, and more.

This platform is also a favorite among the local community. You will find over 2,000 Curators, several delegators, and 200 Indexer nodes and has the potential to generate a notable bullish divergence.

This indicates an upward movement of the token and is poised to bounce.

11. DODO – On-Chain Liquidity Contributor

You can make the best use of Dodo, an on-chain liquidity contributor, to ensure stability and more profitability while trading due to its proactive and more productive market maker.

This DeFi project initially was developed as an ERC 20 smart contract based on Ethereum. However, it was expanded later on the Binance Smart Chain.

The design of this platform will offer you more control to manage your portfolio as well as offer adequate liquidity in comparison to some of the major centralized exchanges.

This makes this platform a good one for using smart contracts for performing any on-chain activities such as auctions and liquidation.

The pre-minted DODO tokens are allocated and distributed in different portions such as seed sale, private sale, IOD liquidity and more.

These coins are sure to provide a higher return and a lot of use cases such as in governance, staking, crowd pooling, and more.

12. PancakeSwap – Automated Market Maker DEX

PancakeSwap is an Automated Market Maker Decentralized Exchange. This is built on Binance Smart Chain and you will not need any KYC to get registered.

This DeFi project comes with a lot of new and useful features and offerings such as an auction market to sell your NFTs, Initial Farm Offering, and lottery tickets.

It also comes with two yield farming tools built in it. Here you can venture with the liquidity provider tokens to earn more rewards and BEP 20 tokens.

In addition to that, you can use community teams, different tasks, leader boards, and achievements while gaming. Once again, the pre-minted coins of PancakeSwap are allocated and distributed in various forms with the major part of it as the main staking contract.

There is however no cap on the max supplies of the coins and comes with a lot of useful features such as NFT auctions and crowd pooling. In addition to that, you can also participate in different environments of this DeFi platform.


Lots of DeFi coins have inundated the crypto space in 2021 which has revolutionized it. You should keep your eyes open to invest in them. Research well or choose one from the above list to make the best out of the crypto space.