6 Best Crypto Debit Cards in 2021

What are the best crypto debit cards? The crypto debit cards available today will provide the users with a freedom to make online and offline purchases just like any other traditional debit cards you may have from a bank.

You can even withdraw money from the supported ATMs. The working process of these debit cards is pretty simple. You do not need to exchange crypto coins into local currencies for making a purchase.

All you have to do is preload your debit card with a specific amount of cryptocurrency. This is converted automatically when you make a purchase.

Obtaining a crypto debit card is also quite easy since there are several providers available today that deal with digital assets. You will also get them at the cryptocurrency exchanges. All you have to do is:

  • Open an account
  • Complete the KYC form and
  • Place an order for the card.

Once you receive the card, you will need to activate it and link it to the specific crypto wallet you want to use and get started. Check out Best Crypto Credit Cards.

Now the question is: which is or are the best crypto debit cards to choose? Read on to be enlightened.

6 Best Crypto Debit Cards 2021

Best Crypto Debit Cards

Since there are a large number of providers of crypto debit cards, and the number is ever increasing, it can be really difficult to know about the best ones amongst them to have in 2021.

In order to choose the best crypto debit cards you will need to look into a host of providers across the world, check their reputation, safety and security aspects, pricing, currencies and countries supported, and most importantly the ease of use and funds.

To ease the process of selection, here are some of the best ones you can choose and use. All these are trustworthy and have a safe and secure platform.

1. Binance VISA Card – Backed By Most Reliable Crypto Trading Exchange

Binance is one of the best digital currency exchanges in the world and it has held its top rank consistently in terms of trading volume, traffic count, and liquidity, both for its derivative and spot markets.

The Binance VISA debit card is the best overall crypto debit card that will allow you to convert cryptocurrencies into fiat currencies at the supported outlets.

This card is powered by Swipe but it works just like any other traditional debit cards you get from a bank.

However, the only difference is that the card is not loaded with fiat currency. Instead, it holds a variety of digital assets that include and is not limited to:

All these are linked to the Binance Spot Wallet and are used to reload funds as and when you use the card to make a purchase.

The stock of digital assets in the card is automatically converted into the local currency right at the POS or Point of Sale machine irrespective of where the purchase is made.

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Only thing required is that the outlets should accept VISA payments.

You will also earn some rewards when you use this Binance VISA debit card. However, the reward amount will entirely depend on the amount of BNB coins in your wallet at that point of time.

The best part of the debit card is that it is backed by one of the most reliable and popular crypto trading exchanges.

The good features of it includes supporting more than 60M merchants all over the world, it is free and has no processing or monthly admin fees, and you can earn cash back on purchases up to 8%.

As for the drawbacks, you will need to stake a minimum of 6,000 BNB coins to get a 8% cash back and it supports a limited number of cryptocurrency assets.

One of the major downsides of this debit card is its high transaction fee on purchases as well as on ATM withdrawals.

However, you can earn free cash back rewards of 1% without needing to stake any Binance Coins.

2. Coinbase Card – Safe and Easy to Use

Just as the name signifies, the Coinbase Card is the crypto debit card issued by Coinbase, a cryptocurrency exchange based in San Francisco, California.

Considered to be one of the best crypto exchanges of the world, their debit card is safe and easy to use.

It comes with top-class security features which make it the best crypto debit card for the beginners to use. Its security features include:

  • Two-factor identification
  • A secure mobile wallet app
  • Tracking the spending
  • Instant freezing of the card and others.

The debit card is linked to your Coinbase wallet directly and it automatically converts the crypto to USD, EUR, or GBP while you make a purchase or withdraw money from a supported ATM.

You can use this card anywhere in the world, provided it accepts VISA cards.

As the cardholder, you will earn handsome rewards for every purchase made using the card. If you are new, you have the liberty to choose between 1% BTC or 4% XLM on the purchases you make.

These rewards are deposited directly into your wallet but it takes anywhere between 1 to 5 days after a transaction is made to receive it.

You can link this card to Google Pay if you want a faster and more secure way to spend. Regulated by the FCA or The Financial Conduct Authority, both payments and issuing of e-money are safe and secure.

The good thing about this debit card is that it can get reports on transaction received, purchase history, and also get instant alerts and notifications.

The Coinbase Card supports as many as nine different types of cryptocurrencies.

The downsides of it include its availability which is restricted to US, UK, and Europe and its relatively high fee on all transactions. Also, it is available to the Coinbase account holders only.

3. Wirex – Good for International Travelers

Issued by the UK-based company, Wirex is a good crypto debit card to use for those people who make foreign trips quite regularly.

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This multi-currency Visa card helps a lot in making fast and easy payments at outlets that support VISA payments.

A good feature of this debit card is that it allows the card holders to switch between fiat currency and digital assets at interbank rates.

It supports about a dozen fiat currencies and as many as 19 cryptocurrencies.

The best aspect of this is that you will not need to pay any issuance, application, withdrawal or monthly fees.

However, there is a 1% fee for funding accounts with digital currencies. Also, you will need to maintain a minimum balance with its native WXT tokens.

The card is easy to use and supports real-time POS conversions. It also offers around 1.5% Bitcoin rewards on every purchase. You will also have total control on all crypto and traditional receipts and spending using this debit card.

Apart from offering a high spending limit, the good aspects of this debit card include its easy availability in more than 130 countries, FCA regulation and license in several jurisdictions including UK, Europe, Singapore, and Japan, and better customer service around the clock along with live chat support.

As for the downsides of this card: it is not yet available in the United States.

4. BitPay – In-Built Chip Enhances Security

Being one of the pioneers in the crypto and blockchain industry, the prime objective of BitPay is to change the way people, especially businesses, store and transfer money around the world.

The BitPay prepaid MasterCard has done that significantly and successfully.

It loads Bitcoin and converts it into fiat currency or USD when it is used in millions of outlets all over the world that accept MasterCard.

It supports as many as different cryptocurrency assets such as:

  • BTC
  • BCH
  • BUSD
  • ETH
  • GUSD
  • PAX

You can use this card to make payments and even withdraw cash from compatible ATMs up to $6,000 in a day.

This debit card is linked to the BitPay App. You can download this app on your Android and iOS devices and reload funds or to view the balance on the card.

To order the card, you will need to pay a price and it also includes other fees such as ATM surcharge, foreign conversion, and others, which is a downside of this debit card.

However, a good thing about Bitpay is that they provide a virtual card in place of a physical card which you can use to make online transactions.

One of the best features of this debit card is that it comes with a chip built in it which enhances its security. This card is available in all of the 50 states in the USA and there are no credit checks made to issue this card to an applicant.

However, the downsides of this debit card include no rewards or cash backs offered and its availability to the US customers only.

5. Crypterium – Easy International Availability

This card is easily available internationally including Brazil and India. This crypto debit card supports VISA and can be used to make purchases both online and offline.

In addition to that, this card also allows withdrawing cash from supported ATMs all over the world.

This card is available in over 180 countries and supports various popular crypto coins. The deposits need to be made in CRPT token.

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You can opt for either a virtual or plastic card or both. To get the card, you can place your order through the Crypterium mobile app.

You will get the physically delivered at your address once you pay the required cost of it along with the delivery charges. If you opt for a paid delivery service, you may choose DHL.

One significant downside of this card is that the wait time between placing the order and delivery of the physical card is pretty long.

However, if you opt for the virtual card you will get it almost instantly. This card is however optimized for the users in the EU primarily, though it is available for the US users as well.

The good thing is that you will not need to pay any maintenance fees for it provided you fulfill their lowest activity requirements.

However, you should be aware of the other fees that you will need to pay which includes a 2% top-up fee, 2.5% fee to make foreign transactions, and €0.25 fee for Apple Pay and online payments.

6. CoinZoom Visa Card – Good for Instant Conversion of Currencies

The CoinZoom Visa debit card will convert crypto coins into fiat currency almost instantly. This card can be used in any outlet or retail stores that accepts VISA payment either contactless or through chip or PIN.

You will get to choose different types of CoinZoom cards which include:

  • Select
  • Preferred
  • Gold
  • Platinum and
  • Black VIP.

However, it will depend on the number of ZOOM tokens you deposit into the wallet. The good thing is that as you scale the level up, the Maker and Taker fees are reduced.

You can make peer-to-peer fiat and crypto transfers almost instantly as well. You will need to use ZoomMe to send money to any person living in any part of the world.

With its support for over four dozen coins, you can leave all your transactional and spending worries behind. Add to that, you can also avail cashback of up to 5%.

One of the most significant drawbacks of this debit card is that you will need to maintain a stake of a significant amount of ZOOM coins to get the best benefits and rewards. This amount will vary according to the level or tier you choose.


The crypto debit cards offer a seamless card experience. However, choosing the right type is paramount.

You can choose one from the above list or several others available out there but do consider the characteristic pros and cons of each.