7 Best Crypto Credit Cards in 2021

What are the best crypto credit cards? The popularity of cryptocurrencies have been growing ever since it came into existence though it experienced a lull initially. It is going mainstream now and big companies have started to accept it as a mode of payment.

With its immense potential, cryptocurrencies have changed the traditional finance world. Among its several developments and innovations, crypto credit cards are most noteworthy in this digital crypto world that is based on blockchain technology.

People have come over and above storing these digital assets in their digital wallets and spending it to pay for their purchases in online as well as offline stores. Check out Best Crypto Charting Apps and Tools.

One of the most significant reasons that people have started to adopt the crypto credit cards as a new payment option is due to the low conversion fees. It also helps them especially during a foreign trip.

7 Best Crypto Credit Cards 2021

best crypto credit cards

There are lots of such crypto credit cards available that will remove the need to rely on a traditional bank to make any payment.

If you are unaware of these cards, here is the list of some of the best crypto credit cards available today that you can use as an alternative mode of payment.

1. TenX – Most Popular Crypto Credit Card

You will get a seamless card experience just like any other traditional credit card when you use the TenX Visa Card. This is one of the most popular crypto credit cards though the availability of this is pretty limited.

In fact, it is currently available to the residents of Germany, Austria, and Asia Pacific region. However, there are lots of other countries that are expected to be included in the list within a few months.

You can use this crypto credit card to make purchases in any store that accepts Visa payments whether it is in the United States or any other place in the world, saving a few regions in Africa. You can also make ATM transactions using this card.

You can make payments with your Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin holdings through this card and pay specific fees for each transaction.

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2. Nexo – Pay without Selling Digital Assets

This is one of the pioneers in the world of crypto that allows instant crypto credit lines. It has also made a significant mark in the market being a reliable crypto-backed loan platform.

The most significant aspect of it is that when you use this crypto credit card you only use your crypto value and do not have to sell your digital assets to make a payment.

The credit amount available will depend on the proportional amount of crypto coins in your Nexo wallet and it is underwritten with the crypto assets.

However, the available credit amount of your Nexo credit card will change as and when the value of the crypto coins changes.

This crypto credit card supports over 45 fiat currencies offering a much better and reliable line of credit. As its mark of reliability, this SEO approved crypto credit card is supported by The Goldman Sachs.

The card is easy to get and there is no application or review process. There are also no credit checks made. This means that success is guaranteed with every application.

However, if you want to withdraw up to $2 million from a bank, you will have to go through a complex and long verification process.

Add to that, there is also no minimum repayment because Nexo will debit the interest automatically from the available balance on your card.

Other good things about this credit card are:

  • The APR on purchases is quite low
  • It is just like any other MasterCard
  • It offers instant cash back on payments made
  • It allows paying with local currencies and
  • It offers free and virtual add-on cards.

You will not face any difficulty in making any payment with this card as it allows storing 23 different types of crypto coins including:

  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Cardano
  • Ethereum
  • EOS
  • Litecoin
  • NEO
  • Stellar
  • Ripple and more.

You should go for this credit card if you want to have 30% dividends.

3. Crypto.com – Five Different Types

This Visa card from Crypto.com comes in five different variants and credit tiers. You will not need to deposit MCO or Monaco tokens to get the free entry-level card.

However, for the other four variants you will need to deposit 50, 500, 5,000, and 50,000 coins. These are just deposits and will be given back to you when and if you cancel the card in the future.

These crypto credit cards offer some cash back offers such as:

  • 100% cash back on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Spotify subscriptions
  • 10% cash back on Airbnb and Expedia bookings and
  • 5% cash back on the type of card you have.
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One of the best parts of these credit cards is that it will offer higher ATM withdrawal limits every month for free. It also offers the most competitive exchange rate.

Once again, the amount of credit allowed to you will be determined depending on the deposit amount in the app. You can use this card to make payments in more than 40 million stores all over the world and there is no credit check made.

4. Bankera – Supports Fiat Loans

Bankera offers a lot of different types of services based on the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency apart from the crypto credit cards.

The Bankera crypto credit card supports fiat loans. Though most of the credit cards in this list does, by using this specific crypto credit card you can loan as little as $25. On the higher side of the scale, the loaning limit is up to $1 million.

The Loan to Value or LTV ratio is quite good standing at 75% with an affordable APR starting from 6.95%. As collateral, you can deposit any major type of cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, and NEM.

5. BlockCard – No Deposit or Transaction Fees

The best part of the BlockCard crypto credit card is that you will not need to make any deposit to get the card and also not need to pay any transaction fees to make any payment.

However, to get the card you will need to go through the KYC process of the company.

This is one the best US-based crypto credit cards that you will get in the market with a unique feature that allows you to remain invested in crypto while you are not spending.

Another significant aspect of this card is that it will allow you to make payments through Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay making it different from the other crypto credit cards.

6. Revolut – A Lot of Security Features

This is more than just a crypto credit card and will allow you to manage your money in a better way, especially if you have to travel a lot, internationally. It allows you to make payments in more than 150 currencies.

However, if you withdraw in excess of $5,000 in cash in a month, you will have to pay a transaction fee of 0.5%.

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This card comes with a lot of security features.

For example, you can enable or disable ATM withdrawals and contactless payments, freeze or unfreeze the card whenever you want, and block payments that come from anywhere beyond your permitted locations by turning on the location-based security feature.

7. BlockFiFirst Smart Bitcoin Rewards Card of the World

This is the first crypto credit card of the world that offers smartest Bitcoin rewards to the users. However, it features at the end of this list because this card is not available right now.

It is supposed to be released in spring 2021 but if you want to book in advance, better that you join the waitlist.

The significant feature of this crypto credit card is that you will get unlimited cash back of up to 1.5% on every purchase made using this card.

Along with that you can also earn some bonus Bitcoin rewards that will be added in your BlockFi interest account for paying the interest accrued.

In addition to that, if you hold any stablecoin assets such as PAX, GUSD, or USDC in a BlockFi interest account and use this card, you will be eligible to earn an additional APY of 2% apart from the existing stablecoin APY.

If you want to earn more, you can even earn more Bitcoin rewards for every friend referred by you.

This card is most favored because it comes with very low risk but high rewards. Also, it is a card that will turn your expenses into investments.

Once it is released, you can use this crypto credit card in all online and offline stores that accept Visa payments.


Crypto credit cards are very useful and have changed the way people make their payments now. However, among the copious amounts of crypto credit cards, you should choose the best ones to use them safely and even get rewarded.