5 Best Crypto Coins to Buy for Bull Run in 2021

What are the best crypto coins to buy for bull run? The prospects of crypto coins due to its price fluctuations are enormous which is why it is gaining a lot of attention.

Crypto investors, traders and several financial institutions are optimistic about this digital asset, especially after the Bull Run.

Of course, just in any other financial asset, there are both best case and worst case scenarios. Therefore, it is crucial that you know about the bull and bear concept and when exactly the bears could take things over entirely.

The Bull Run, in particular, will have a significant impact on the crypto market due to rampant manipulation in the market. Check out Best Ways to Keep Crypto Safe.

As such, the crypto market is immense and booming and with a deficient supply, the prices of crypto assets have and will rise significantly.

In such a situation, you should know about the best crypto coins to invest in so that you do not lose out on your earnings due to the Bull Run or bearish run.

The good news is that people are more aware now and are also willing to accept the fact that the years coming up will be turbulent for the crypto industry, starting in 2021.

5 Best Crypto Coins to Buy for Bull Run

Best Crypto Coins to Buy for Bull Run

Several major and smaller cryptocurrencies have made a strong impression in the crypto market, especially those that are linked with the Bitcoin values. This is because these follow the trends and sentiments of Bitcoin and result in price swings, higher or lower.

As a result of the Bull Run there are a few specific crypto coins that doubled or tripled digits and some lost with higher ratios in just a matter of days.

There are lots of such coins that have had a noteworthy number of bullish movements which includes Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, EOS, LINK, XLM, NEO, TRX, DOT, ADA and more.

Here are the top five among them that you should consider buying to take the full advantage of a bull run in 2021. And, this list is not exhaustive.

1. Ethereum – Supports a Lot of Decentralized Applications

After Bitcoin scored a record high in its price in February 2018, Ether too reached its highest price level, though it was not as high as Bitcoin. Since then, there have been a lot of price swings especially for these two crypto coins.

However, the rise in price of Ether is seen as the model for open internet in the next decade by the bullish crypto investors.

The primary reason behind such belief is that the network supports a lot of Decentralized Applications or dApps.

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A few of these investors even think that the price of Ether will rise as high as $10000 in the middle of the decade.

They think that the price of Ether and the market value of this foremost smart contract platform will rise quite strongly and steadily, thanks to the stabilization of Bitcoin.

They back their opinion with examples from the recent past wherein ETH has shown significant price fluctuations and has even broken a number of major barriers. As a result, the price of the coins was pumped up.

It is quite evident from the features, functionality, and from the past and current trends that resistance was and will be much more outstanding than it was before.

All these as well as the fact that the price of Ether has already reached a high level indicate that the bull is not done yet and there are lots of movements in the cards.

There will be further rise in the price which is why you should invest in this particular crypto coin for a Bull Run in 2021.

2. Syntropy – Powerful and Intuitive Resources

Syntropy is another good option for the crypto investors and traders to consider for a Bull Run in 2021 simply due to the fact that the price of the coin indicates a distinct upward movement.

According to some technical analysis reports, there is a notable improvement in the price of the coin which is in excess of 300% as compared to the current worth of the coin.

Over the past year, their native NOIA coin has been doing quite well and is showing clear signs that it will maintain its steady growth over time. This is quite a promising indication, experts feel.

Syntropy has been around in the crypto scene for more than a year now and is a reliable organization that is constantly on the lookout to bring some developmental changes.

Recently they have planned to revamp them altogether to make a better brand presence and increase awareness among the people in the crypto world. This comes in the wake of their plan to choose syntropy instead of entropy.

The fact that makes Syntropy a good contender for the Bull Run is not that it is just a research firm but also the fact that they focus on collaborating and cooperating with the healthcare industry by providing them with better data solutions.

This will enhance the importance of research by providing powerful tools to their scientists.

This has a dual effect. One, it signifies the importance of their data in developing a setting wherein all the prominent scientists can be put together to research on ways to combat cancer and several other terminal diseases.

Two, their initiative will act as a catalyst for the entire healthcare industry to renovate biomedical science.

Needless to say, these efforts will also make them one of the most sought after companies not only by the healthcare industry but also by the crypto investors and traders.

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They will expect a guaranteed price escalation and will invest in them for Bull Run in 2021.

3. Cardano – Sustainability and Security

This is the fifth-largest cryptocurrency that has a huge potential. Based on different reports and technical analysis, it is expected that the price of the ADA coins will rise close to 300%.

This makes it one of the most favored and productive crypto assets to invest in for Bull Run in 2021 and get higher returns.

It is true that in the past couple of years things were pretty stagnant but the price of ADA started to rise quite steadily and notably since the middle of 2018.

It has also reached it’s a couple of times since then and till now, surpassing its previous high. In spite of its ups and downs, by 2021, ADA garnered a lot of interest from the buyers.

This blockchain platform based on the Proof of Stake mechanism is equally popular among the creators, visionaries, innovators and change-makers due to the tools and technologies that help them immensely.

The fact that this platform is developed using data-based methods and founded on peer reviews and research makes it so functional.

This is the platform that is bound to bring in progress and positive changes in the crypto world and draw more investors towards it in 2021.

It has all the features and functionality with which it can become a trusted global system that will be more transparent when users trade and exchange crypto coins via this platform.

It comes with the latest technologies that are both open and inclusive and will help in system governance and help enterprises to grow.

It is one of the best platforms known for its unmatched sustainability and security to the systems, the Decentralized Apps, and societies.

This is what you require from a platform to rely on and invest in.

4. Solana – High Potential and Degree of Scaling

Solana is another blockchain solution that is good to invest in 2021 for a Bull Run. This platform comes with a high potential for growth, price-specifically, and also offers a high degree of scaling, surely and very quickly.

This exchange comes with several innovative technologies and at the same time it also leverages Proof of History which ensures a higher and better scalability following Moore’s Law.

The best part of this platform is that, in spite of being in its early stage, it guarantees the early buyers that they will be protected, if not prevented, from dropping rates.

Apart from that, it also offers price guarantee to the buyers when they purchase crypto coins from this exchange when it is listed.

When Solana started its journey in the crypto space, their coin SOL was priced at approximately $1. However, as trading continued, the price dropped to 60 cents. It stayed in this price range till the next surge.

There was a significant rise in the price of SOL by July 2020. This was the effect of their announcement that they would launch a blockchain with Serum for the regular trading of crypto derivatives for FTX.

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Within a month, the price of Solana went up and reached almost up to $5.

Since then, the price of SOL is pretty stable and hovers around $3 which indicates its price fluctuation pattern.

However, there has also been an influx in the supply of coins in January 2021 adding to its existing SOL coin supply of more than 40 million.

Though it may adversely affect the price of SOL, there is no indication as to how long it will last.

5. Litecoin – Extremely Bullish Crypto Coin

Litecoin is highly bullish in nature and has the ability to break through the trends of reversal which is sublime.

It is this specific attribute of the coin that has enabled it to reach a higher price level as of now, marking an increase of over 600%.

This indicates that this specific crypto coin will be outstandingly successful in 2021 which is why you should invest in it. It can hit and cross the one-thousand mark in dollar value, experts suggest.

With its constant fluctuations in price, it once even crossed Ripple XRP to gain the fourth spot in the list of major crypto coins with a market capitalization.

Though it is not the right time yet to say that Litecoin will reach the top of the list pretty soon, there are clear indications that the prices of it will rise significantly in the future to make it one of the five top crypto coins in the world.

This belief is further substantiated by the fact that this particular crypto coin was valued at $80 in December and almost doubled it in just one month, according to records.

Litecoin is decentralized money like the other crypto coins but ensures safer and faster payments made across borders and is easily accessible by anyone and anytime.

Ideally, the Litecoin blockchain is one of the largest and most secured scrypt based networks. It offers 100% uptime and has added value worth billions of dollars.


The crypto industry has been overlooked and neglected but still the crypto coins have done quite well, with a few doing exceptionally well. The crypto coins listed above are good to invest in to make the most of the bullish movements.