6 Best Crypto Coins to Buy after Third Bitcoin Halving

What are the best crypto coins to buy after third Bitcoin halving? Bitcoin halving, which is also referred to as Bitcoin halvening, is a big happening in the crypto industry of late and there are a few specific cryptocurrencies to buy as an alternative for that specific aspect.

The third bitcoin halvening is big and therefore it is very important to know that this is the main reason to be optimistic about other crypto coins in 2021 and invest in them.

Cryptocurrency is a broad asset class. It has a high potential and a very bright and promising future. The core principle of cryptocurrencies seems to be very simple.

It is to leverage technology so that the need of any intermediaries or middlemen is eliminated while making any financial transactions.

This will result in buying and selling crypto coins more efficiently since there is no one to pay the commissions on trade to, and no paperwork needed to make a trade.

It works on a complex blockchain technology which ideally is a decentralized public ledger that records every transaction made. Check out Best Real World Crypto Applications.

This is accessible to anyone within a specific network and can be viewed easily across it. However, it is restricted to viewing the transaction records only.

It cannot be updated, edited, or deleted by an individual. It will need a consensus from everyone involved in the particular network for that matter.

And, all these do not need a central authority to oversee the matters or to verify a transaction, unlike traditional currencies that are traded through banks that verify every transaction made.

Though there are risks in trading cryptocurrencies and it is yet to achieve mainstream adoption to overtake government-backed fiat currencies, lower cost and faster transactions are good enough reasons for it to have a bright future.

6 Best Crypto Coins to Buy after Third Bitcoin Halving

Best Crypto Coins to Buy after Third Bitcoin Halving

However, the third halving of Bitcoin will have a significant effect on the number of new Bitcoins introduced into the crypto space.

It will surely be low and therefore will result in a comparatively slow supply growth, though its prices will rise due to the constrained supply of the coin.

Considering Bitcoin halving, out of several cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin seems to be the only crypto asset to focus on in 2021.

However, the facts and figures indicate that there are also several other crypto coins that hold a lot of potential and promise this year and can create a significant impact on the crypto space.

This is a list of six other cryptocurrencies that are good to lookout to make the most out of the crypto space in spite of Bitcoin halving.

1. Zcash (ZEC) – Ensures Privacy and Convenience

Since privacy is all that you want while dealing with cryptocurrencies, Zcash will offer you with just that.

It will also ensure that it is convenient for you to deal with your coins and therefore this specific crypto asset will win big in 2021.

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Taking decentralization into full consideration, this crypto asset will have a much better valuation model as well.

With all its features and the fact that privacy coins will do better in 2021 compared to the other coins that lack it, Zcash is a good option to look for as an alternative to Bitcoin after halving.

It seems to be evenly poised to do well in making private and secure mobile transactions.

2. Ripple (XRP) – Better Experience and Economic Opportunities

Ripple is another leading and good Altcoin that seems to do well in 2021 with its high potential and promise to provide higher profits. Ripple, in particular, is known to leverage blockchain technology to the fullest.

This is one of the most reliable and popular platforms to send money all over the globe via its native currency XRP and offer a better experience.

At the same time, it also offers greater and better economic opportunities to its users that includes and is not limited to payment providers, banks, corporations, and digital asset exchanges.

The best part of it is that it has a robust infrastructure that allows making cross-border payments.

Undoubtedly, Ripple will add more and more customers to its network as and when other crypto assets apart from Bitcoin gain mainstream traction, especially after Bitcoin halving.

As a result, the price of XRP will also increase significantly.

3. Basic Attention Token (BAT) – Easy to Access and Use

This is one particular crypto asset that you should specifically watch out for in 2021 after Bitcoin halving.

This platform is very easy to access and use and since it comes with more useful features and better functionality, it is bound to explode higher, making BAT a good option to invest in.

The fundamental idea behind Basic Attention Token is quite straightforward. The incentives of the advertiser and the users are not aligned properly since the digital advertising model is flawed.

In fact, it runs in opposite directions. This means that the users want to skip the ads which the advertisers desperately want them to see.

BAT realigns that incentive structure so that both incentives match each other to make the digital ad model work efficiently.

It does so by paying the users BAT tokens to watch the ads in their Brave browser.

Therefore, this financial incentive ensures that more and more consumers see the ads and the advertisers are able to sell their products and services more efficiently. This also helps in creating more brand awareness.

This, in fact, creates a pretty smart and productive business model. And, as different crypto assets will gain more traction in 2021, it will be easy to compensate the consumers fast.

This means, due to Bitcoin halving the prices of BAT will also rise significantly in 2021.

4. Chainlink (LINK) – Flexible and Secure

This is one of the most secure and flexible cryptocurrencies to use and invest in. Chainlink has a high potential for growth and a foreseeable future and will gain a lot of traction after Bitcoin halving.

In fact, in January this year, this crypto coin was priced at $2.09 but after just 5 months, it was actually traded for $3.87. This is a staggering 85% increase in price.

It also promises a high return on investments, which was 450% in 2019, due to its foreseeable future and strong fundamentals.

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It makes the best use of the blockchain technology and leverages it to create smart contracts. These self-executing contracts do not need any central authority to supervise its execution.

Businesses have been really slow in adopting smart contracts though simply due to the fact that data is vital to execute the smart contracts.

And, they did not have any exceptional means to connect it with the smart contracts, until Chainlink did so efficiently.

Therefore, Chainlink will usher in a new dawn in the crypto industry with more and more businesses getting a better gateway and a smarter way to adopt smart contracts.

This will take LINK higher in the price charts to make a good alternative to Bitcoin after the halving event.

5. Synthetix Network Token (SNX) – Unique and Promising

The Synthetix Network Token also leverages blockchain technology.

It is based on the Ethereum ecosystem and this platform efficiently and successfully bridges the gap between the conventional and tangible asset world and the crypto world that is very difficult to understand.

In the Synthetix Network the synthetic assets provide exposure to tangible goods like gold, USD, Bitcoin, and several other equities such as Apple and Tesla.

These synthetic assets build shared assets. This means that the users will not need to own the asset literally to enjoy the benefits from such exposure.

This idea is not only very unique but is also very promising in the Ethereum landscape because it creates value as well as a significant level of familiarity in terms of the crypto assets.

Both these aspects will result in an increase in the price of SNX in 2021 significantly.

6. DxChain Token (DXC) – Innovative Architecture

The DxChain token is also an interesting speculation that you can consider seriously investing in after the third Bitcoin halving.

The project itself is very ambitious which makes the best use of the complex blockchain technology to resolve the issues related to data computation.

It also helps in dealing with issues like privacy and storage most successfully.

This will result in higher DXC usage, growth in value and better returns.

Since data privacy is the prime issue in 2021, coins like DXC that are more focused on the privacy aspect will surely rise in utility and have more value and huge potential.

This will make these coins good to invest in especially if you are expecting to have a huge upside in the long term.

Though most of these are still very speculative, it is the attributes of this coin that make it a worthy contender to invest in and expect to have a much better return over the next couple of quarters.

If you can see the bigger picture within, then investing in this specific crypto coin could prove to be your once-in-a-lifetime chance to make it big in the crypto space. And, the key to it is Bitcoin halvening.

Why Bitcoin Halving Is Bullish Catalyst for Cryptocurrencies?

The first thing that you should know in order to understand why Bitcoin halvening is bullish is that there is a fixed amount of Bitcoins circulating all over the world. In fact, it is 21 million.

There are two specific characteristics of Bitcoin that you need to know as well. These are:

  • The limited supply of Bitcoins and
  • Its constrained supply growth.
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Most of the Bitcoins are ideally locked in the system. And, every time a person updates the Bitcoin ledger by a process called mining, it unlocks new Bitcoins.

This, however, does not result in an immense growth in the amount of Bitcoins in use. This is because the supply growth is constrained and the incentives offered for mining are retained.

This is done by a process called Bitcoin Halving. In this process, every time a certain amount of new bitcoins are unlocked by the mining process, a block is halved. Till date, there have been two instances of Bitcoin halving.

The first Bitcoin halving happened in 2012 and as a result the price of Bitcoins increased about 8,000% within one year. In fact, in 2013, the prices of coins rose from $1,000 to $93,000.

The speculative world however thought it to be just an ordinary event and missed out from making big from this opportunity.

The second halvening happened in 2016 after which the Bitcoin prices increased around 2,000% within the next one-and-a-half-year period with the prices rising from $5,000 to a staggering $123,000.

People who took the chance then made 25x gains and others who did not felt sorry.

Therefore, in both the instances, Bitcoin halvings were the bullish catalysts for crypto assets.

This is due to several good reasons and one of them is that the value of the product depends on the supply and the velocity of it. It is also dependent on the demand.

After the third halving, the prices have gone up for Bitcoins as well as for other crypto assets because of the slow supply growth and the high demand growth.

For example, after the third Bitcoin halving in May 2020, the number of unlocked coins while mining a single block was halved from 12.5 to 6.25 bitcoins.

Due to this the supply of Bitcoin increased just by 2.5% last year and will be even less, 2%, in 2021.

However, demand growth will be much more because of a few specific reasons such as:

  • Launching of more financial derivative products
  • Increase in Bitcoin recognition and
  • More support from the central bank.

This will result in a higher digital store of value because higher demand and lower supply leads to higher cryptocurrency prices making Bitcoin halving a bullish catalyst for it.

If you want to turn a fistful of dollars into millions, do not miss out this time.


Bitcoin halving will have a serious impact on the crypto market as well as on its assets. That is why you should know the right types of crypto coins to buy so that you do not lose on your earnings from your investments in this volatile market.