5 Best Crypto Charting Apps and Tools in 2021

What are the best crypto charting apps and tools? Since 2017, cryptocurrencies have exploded in the market. It experienced a surge of investors and traders in spite of the fact that there was a bearish trend experienced in this market in 2018.

The prices of the crypto coins or tokens change frequently, and sometimes notably.

This is the primary reason that you will need to use some of the best crypto charting apps and technical analysis tools to know the trends and future prospects, before making an investment into this volatile market.

Using a good crypto charting app and technical analysis tool will be the best ally for an investor and trader. The resource analysis tools and charting software will offer live charts and proper analysis to enhance your trading opportunities.

It will boost up your hopes of making profits from crypto trading with its useful features which will include numerous technical indicators, a lot of drawing tools, several comparison tools, and a lot more, apart from different types of charts.

5 Best Crypto Charting Apps and Tools 2021

Best Crypto Charting Apps and Tools

There are lots of free as well as paid crypto charting apps and technical analysis tools available out there.

In order to choose the best ones you will need to consider several factors that make them stand apart from the rest. Check out Best Ways to Trade Cryptocurrencies.

These are its safety and security features, design of the interface, functionality, types of coins and listings provided, and of course, affordability.

If that is asking for too much, here is a simple alternative. Follow this list and choose the charting app and tool that you prefer and which will serve all your purposes.

1. TradingView – Best Overall

TradingView is one of the most popular charting apps you will find out there. This is a cloud-based app and also a social-networking website.

This means that you can access it from anywhere and anytime. Its features are very useful for crypto traders of all levels.

The functionality of this charting app and technical analysis tool is as good as any premium desktop charting software. It offers both flexibility and speed so that you can use it on the go.

Though the app was primarily designed for charting and scanning stocks but with the rising demands of the cryptocurrencies, the developers focused on preparing charts for the same by collecting data from all major cryptocurrency exchanges such as:

This has helped several traders and investors, both professional and amateurs, in solving the most important setbacks in the crypto industry.

You can now view the performance with all the high and low points of a specific crypto in the market in real-time.

Allowing you to see it all in one single platform, now you do not even need to login to different crypto exchanges to analyze the performance of a crypto which is enlisted with that exchange.

And, being a social networking website, you can get immense help from the community.

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You can find different proven crypto trading ideas, some of the best trading strategies, and several indicators, all in the same place published by other traders.

On the other hand, if you want to educate the people at large on crypto investments, you can even post your ideas and receive comments on the same.

The popularity and usefulness of TradingView can be judged by the fact that more and more crypto trading exchanges are now integrating their charts to their exchange.

Even investors can also integrate a charting package for that matter. And, people who invest in fiat currencies also use TradingView charts before investing.

You can avail this benefit both for free or by paying a monthly subscription fee. However, the features in the free version will be limited to the basics.

If you want to take your crypto investment and portfolio management to the next level, you should surely consider upgrading to its Pro Version. It will offer more flexibility and have better features such as:

  • Ability to include as many crypto coins and pairs as you wish
  • Offering multiple layouts of the charts that you can not only view but save as well
  • Ability to compare and overlay a wide range of assets and symbols
  • Ability to add as many as five technical indicators in each chart
  • Ability to backtest your crypto trading strategies and
  • Setting up as many as ten alerts on the charts to trigger depending on a specific indicator or price of the crypto asset.

With so many features and functionalities, it is not surprising that TradingView is one of the best resources to carry out a cryptocurrency technical analysis with the help of its comprehensive and intuitive charts.

2. Coinigy – Perfect Online Charting Software

Coinigy is one of the most perfect charting apps and technical analysis tools that also allow comprehensive portfolio management.

The charts and trading tools simplify the trading process without compromising on the technical analysis part.

You will get to use an intuitive trading interface to load several charts from different major cryptocurrency exchanges available right now.

Therefore, if you want to make the best use of the global economy of digital currency then you should consider using Coinigy.

A single account will allow a data connectivity through this app with more than forty crypto trading exchanges such as:

The feature that makes it a bit different from TradingView and others is that it will allow you to link different accounts on different exchanges through API around the clock.

Another useful aspect of it is the Wallet Portfolio feature. With this you can monitor the balances of cryptocurrency across all exchanges and at all times.

In this app you will also get:

  • Useful trading tools
  • A large number of technical indicators
  • In-browser price alerts or via SMS and email and
  • A mobile app to chart when you are on the go.

Though a free account is available for trial, you can avail all the benefits of this technical analysis tool and charting app with an affordable monthly subscription. And, if you trade through them, you will not have to pay any commission on that and there is no additional fee as well.

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3. Shrimpy – Useful Features for the Beginners

The best thing about Shrimpy is that the charts will allow you to see the overall allocation and performance of the coins across different crypto exchanges.

This means that you will not need to log into all different exchanges for it. It shows simple percentages of it that is easy to understand due to the illustrative visual.

Another good thing about it is that it will allow you to reduce the exposure of a particular crypto coin either manually or automatically as and when the conditions of the market change.

In order to make such adjustments, you simply have to change the percentages. Trades will be executed by the platform thereafter on your behalf across different crypto exchanges.

The features of Shrimpy are especially helpful for the beginners in crypto trading. It includes:

  • Connecting different crypto trading exchanges on one platform
  • Managing the whole crypto portfolio with some of the best tools and a simple interface and
  • Tracking the performance of a portfolio and making automatic adjustments in the investment strategy accordingly.

With the help of this app you can copy some of the most renowned crypto traders in this world and even earn commission as and when a social trader follows you.

There are several trading tools and indicators in this platform that will enable you to understand the market and prices so that you populate your allocations on the basis of it.

The automation strategy of Shrimpy will be most helpful in this regard with its ability to rebalance so that you can reach the set portfolio allocations.

Therefore, Shrimpy is undoubtedly a useful charting app and technical analysis tool that will minimize the risk of a portfolio by reducing coin exposure automatically.

Check out any of the three different packages of it, namely, the free HODLer, the Professional package with an annually billed monthly subscription, or the customized Enterprise version.

4. CryptoView – Packed with Useful Features

One of the most significant pain points of both the beginners in crypto trading as well as the experienced traders is finding a charting app and technical analysis tool that will help in managing their accounts as well.

CryptoView serves all their purposes efficiently allowing them to manage their holdings across different exchange accounts, cold storage devices as well as third-party wallets.

This tool helps every active trader in a lot of other ways with its features. This is a notable charting platform that features Tradingview charts and comes with more than 75 drawing tools and as many as 85 technical indicators.

It also has a unique multi-screen mode that allows the users to switch between various screen configurations quickly.

There is also a calendar that will allow you to keep a note of the important happenings and events in the crypto world and community.

Using this app you can save different trading pair patterns as well as each screen layout. The app also supports different sub-accounts of all exchanges such as Lending, Swap, Margin, and Futures.

This primarily acts as a news aggregator and you can even customize it according to the needs of different sources that publish crypto news.

This crypto portfolio manager website is ideally an all-in-one solution that allows the crypto traders to synchronize their accounts and trading wallets seamlessly.

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With the charts and technical analysis tools, traders can make the best investment decisions while making a trade which is further facilitated by the single and simple user interface of this site.

The platform allows the traders to view several useful and vital aspects which include:

  • The open positions
  • The account balance
  • The pending orders
  • The transactions
  • The trade history data and much more.

With easy access to multiple crypto trading exchanges, all data and balances are imported automatically which allows the traders to monitor their account and portfolio from one single website.

The best part of CryptoView is that it will send you custom notifications based on the percentage changes and price levels.

5. CryptoWatch – Creates Custom Views of Exchanges and Assets

CryptoWatch is owned by Kraken, one of the most popular crypto exchanges, and comes with a useful interface though it is a bit more confusing than Coinigy and TradingView. This means that this app is not suitable for the beginners in crypto trading.

However, this app is a great one to use by knowledgeable users which will allow them to observe and evaluate more than 500 assets across all major exchanges.

The most significant aspect of this app is that it will allow creating custom views of these exchanges and the assets that you want specifically. In addition to that, there are also several technical indicators.

All these are available even in the free package of this app. However, the paid version comes with a bunch of other useful features. The portal of CryptoWatch will allow you to trade directly across several platforms such as:

  • Kraken
  • Binance
  • Bitstamp
  • Bitfinex
  • Coinbase
  • Bittrex and
  • Poloniex.

You will also be able to build custom trading tools with the help of the live WebSocket API and the Zapier integration will enable you to automate your trade.

This affordable app will also allow you to create market dashboards to monitor the trading activity without slowing down your computer.

You can also get SMS alerts around the clock based on volume and price and view your portfolio at a glance across 6 exchanges and more than 3000 crypto markets.

It comes with a huge library of data presented visually and it includes:

  • The price
  • The order flow
  • The volume and more.

You can customize the indicators and colors the way you like to see the movements. The best thing is that you can see every trade on your chart instantly.


The crypto charting apps and tools will help you to meet the needs of your portfolio in spite of the volatility and risks involved in the crypto market. However, for that matter you must use the best apps and analysis tools.