20 Best Crypto Books to Read for Knowledge Gain

What are the best crypto books? You can get a lot of information on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology by surfing the internet to clear all your doubts and gain interest in this highly volatile market.

There are also several podcasts, videos, how-to guides, and reviews to satiate your thirst.

However, to know more about trading crypto and other relevant details there is no better way than reading the books on this digital asset written by the prominent players in this field.

This is because the information available on the internet may not offer a comprehensive overview.

The crypto books are, needless to say, non-fiction books and most of them includes the history of cryptocurrency and also talks about its present status and future prospects.

Remember, reading one good book on cryptocurrency will save a lot of your time and effort in searching hundreds of articles and blogs on the internet and comparing them to make a final choice.

There are lots of such books available in the stores. In order to make the best choice, here are a few that you should read for sure.

20 Best Crypto Books

Best Crypto Books

The list however is prepared in no particular order but all are good to know more about the digital assets and the decentralized market.

It includes those books that are good in terms of its coverage and content along with the clarity in the overall concept.

Choosing a book for you will largely depend on what exactly you want to learn according to your goals. Check out Crypto Tax Softwares.

Therefore, your choice will vary depending on whether you are an investor, an experienced trader, a business owner, or just a cryptocurrency enthusiast wanting to step into this market.

Also remember, one book may not be sufficient for all.

1. Mastering Bitcoin

This book by Andreas M. Antonopoulos deals with programming open blockchain and will help anyone who is willing to be a part of the technological revolution created by cryptocurrency all over the world right now.

The contents of this book will take you through this apparently complex technology and crypto world and guide you in creating an app or investing in this complex market space.

2. The Bitcoin Standard

Written by Economist Saifedean Ammous, this book talks about the history of the coin as well as the technology behind it primarily but it is also a good book to read to know how this digital asset fits in the money market of the future.

The book speaks about how cryptocurrency can become the decentralized alternative currency and affect central banking.

3. Cryptoassets

This book is written by Chris Burniske and Jack Tatar and is an innovative guide for any investor to know more about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Just as its name signifies, it helps the investors in this crypto world. The guide is precise, clear and easy to understand the investment opportunities offered by different blockchain assets such as Bitcoin and more.

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You will also come to know about the various tools that you will need to value cryptocurrencies so that you can trade better and maximize your chances of making profit.

In addition to that, the book also talks about the genesis of the digital assets, about their working process, and the significance of blockchain technology that has caused its evolution.

In short, you will come to know everything about the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

4. The Internet of Money

This is another good book by Andreas M. Antonopoulos which consists of talks by the writer which are considered to be visionary and inspiring.

Being the most renowned Bitcoin expert of the world, Andreas M. Antonopoulos here talks about the present and the future of crypto money.

The approach is very engaging and entertaining making this collection of talks a suitable book for all crypto enthusiasts.

5. The Internet of Money

This second volume of collection of talks by the same author consists of eleven more thought-provoking and inspiring talks.

It includes talks such as Introduction to Bitcoin, Blockchain vs Bullshit, and lots more.

6. The Age of Cryptocurrency

Written by two authors Paul Vigna and Michael J Casey, this book will tell you exactly how blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are posing a significant challenge to the global economy.

Through this book you will come to know why exactly you should care about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.  The book also talks about the origin of cryptocurrency and its functionality.

Telling more about the future of cryptocurrency this book will prepare the investors and traders for the digital economy which is determined by cyber money.

7. Digital Gold

Written by the New York Times reporter Nathaniel Popper, Digital Gold is a book that will enlighten you about those intricate details of the digital assets, especially Bitcoin.

This talks about the revolution it has created and its astronomical success in recent years.

It also includes some of the most prominent and fascinating personas of this space who are giving their best to make cryptocurrency the new global currency.

Apart from knowing more about bitcoin you will also come to know the inside story of the people who were successful and made millions as well as the misfits in this crypto world who wanted to reinvent money.

8. The Book of Satoshi

Phil Champagne has done a good job to bring forth the visions of Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin.

Through the collected writings of the creator of bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto, you will come to know all about this digital asset right from its start to its journey till now and how exactly it has revolutionized the finance market as well as the concepts of people regarding money, investment, and finance management.

9. The Little Bitcoin Book

This collection on Bitcoin tells about what exactly is wrong with money in this world and why exactly Bitcoin is making headlines and discussed so much.

The book will let you know whether or not Bitcoin is good to invest in, how the price and value of it is changing, and will be able to change the future of money.

Reading this book you will know why and how bitcoin is necessary in the future for both your freedom and finance management.

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10. Bitcoin Billionaires

This is a true story narrated by Ben Mezrich. The book lets you know the fascinating things about two brothers Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss on their big stake on cryptocurrency and how exactly it paid off.

It also includes the intelligence of the two brothers, about betrayals and emancipation. This book is just the right type for those who are planning to start as a venture capitalist, just like the two brothers.

11. The Basics of Bitcoins and Blockchains

This book by Antony Lewis talks about cryptocurrency as well as the technology behind it that makes it so popular and powerful today.

You will have a fair idea about the digital asset, crypto trading, and cryptography apart from understanding the basics of blockchain.

It also includes a clear and comprehensive guide.

12. Blockchain Revolution

This book by Don Tapscott is another good one to know about the technology behind the crypto assets and how people and the world on the whole are adopting it fast.

Apart from an in-depth knowledge about blockchain, you will also find solid materials on different crypto assets, smart contracts, ICOs, digital identity and a host of other things related to crypto that are changing the world.

13. Blockchain

Written by Melanie Swan, this book is good to read for those who want to know about the significance of blockchain behind Bitcoin which has literally made it the most popular cryptocurrency.

In this book you will come to know about the basics (Blockchain 1.0) as well as smart contracts (Blockchain 2.0).

Taking you over and above it, the book will also let you know how this technology is poised to be the 5th disruptive computing prototype and why it is considered to be the Blueprint for the new economy ahead.

14. Inventing Bitcoin

Writer Yan Pritzker explains the technology that makes the greatest invention of digital asset work.

Reading this book you will come to know what cryptocurrency is all about and how exactly it works, its availability, and the decentralized nature of the crypto market.

The book will take you through each and every step of this unique invention. And yes, you will not need any technical expertise to read and understand the contents of this book.

15. The Business Blockchain

This book, written by William Mougayar, is a good one to read for those who want to have an in-depth knowledge about blockchain technology.

The contents will let you know about the why, how and what of this complex technology.

You will know what are the best practices and applications of this technology and what promises it carries for the internet technology of the future by removing a few intermediaries from the network.

16. Mastering Ethereum

Writers Andreas M. Antonopoulos and Dr. Gavin Wood talk about the best ways to build smart contracts and dApps so that you can master your ventures with Ethereum.

This knowledge will open the gates to the decentralized computing pattern and you will have much more confidence and a greater chance to make higher returns while trading digital assets like Ether.

You will have adequate knowledge about running the Decentralized Applications and smart contracts and integrate it with a payment network by operating an open blockchain without any central control

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17. Programming Bitcoin

This book by Jimmy Song will provide you with a hands-on guide that will help you immensely while you deal with Bitcoin technology.

Jimmy is one of the leading and most popular teachers on Bitcoin and its programming. This book is especially helpful for the Python programmers.

It will also help the developers who want to create a library of Bitcoin programs right from scratch.

The contents of this book will allow you to know about the basics of programming along with the complex math, network, blocks, and transactions involved.

18. The Truth Machine

This is another good book by authors Paul Vigna and Michael J Casey written specifically for those who have different opinions about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency but do not have any doubt that the blockchain technology behind it has the potential to transform the future of money.

This book is considered to be one of the best books that tell about what has happened in the past in the crypto world and what may happen in the future as well.

This is a must-read book for anyone who is anxious about the future of the economy of this world where blockchain will be the future of everything for managing financial transactions.

19. Blockchain Basics

This book by Daniel Drescher is a good one for the beginners in the crypto space to follow.

Just as the name suggests, even a non-technical person will be able to know a lot about cryptocurrency as well as blockchain technology, though the basics of it.

All of the 25 steps are clear and concise and do not include any complex mathematical formulas or even more complex program codes.

You need not be a computer science expert to understand what is being said in these steps. You will also not need any previous knowledge about programming and cryptography.

Each complex thing and terminology is clearly explained by proper pictures, relevant analogies, and suitable metaphors.

20. Ethereum

Talking about blockchain technology in general, Henning Diedrich ensures that this book is suitable for any non-technical person to follow.

Having extensive knowledge about this technology, the author has been the official liaison of IBM and their Ethereum core developers.

This book also does not contain any complex keynotes that are hard to understand, needing the beginners to bang their heads to get an idea about the complexities involved in blockchain technology.

The contents of this book include everything from blockchains to digital assets, and from smart contracts to decentralized autonomous organizations.


Though this is a very small collection of crypto books considering the large number of such books available, these books will provide you a good idea about blockchain and cryptocurrency before you start buying, selling and trading coins.