16 Best Crypto App Ideas to Bolster Business Growth

What are best crypto app ideas to bolster business growth? The global cryptocurrency market has grown dramatically over the years and has also undergone a series of changes, for the better.

First, it was all about the amateur miners and then came the Chinese professional mining firms followed by the first Bitcoin evangelists.

Now, there are so many businesses related to crypto and blockchain and every day new coins are appearing which signifies the potential and profitability of this industry.

Moreover, common people, in addition to the organizations, have also started to take interest in crypto coins and are using them as a mode of payment to purchase goods and services.

Given such a situation, it is needless to say that there is an absolute need for safe and effective mobile apps that will simplify transactions and business operations.

It was just a matter of time that the software developers will cash on this opportunity to create some of the best and most sophisticated cryptocurrency software.

Therefore, now there are lots of apps and software available out there that will help startups and even established businesses to bolster their growth in 2021.

These apps will smooth the management operations of supply chains as well as all other business operations. Check out Best Ideas to Launch Crypto Token ICOs.

16 Best Crypto App Ideas to Bolster Business Growth

Best Crypto App Ideas to Bolster Business Growth

Here are some of the best and most effective app ideas that you should take a look into in order to bolster your business, small or large.

A few of them are complex cryptocurrency apps but there are some that are really very easy to use.

Choose one according to your needs and type of business and integrate it with your business operating systems to achieve your goals far more comprehensively.

1. Multi-Currency Wallet Apps

There are tens of thousands of different types of cryptocurrencies available in the market right now.

Knowing about and managing them is as difficult as signing to such a large number of varied services.

Add to that, there is always the risk of losing the public and private keys and their misuse.

Here comes the need for a multi-currency wallet app that will help in recording all transactional history as well as all expenses.

Most importantly, it will successfully deal with all types of issues related to passwords.

These software apps are especially useful for businesses that use automated trading systems to deal with crypto investors, brokers and traders.

These apps will store the keys, allow the users to sign transactions, and maintain records of everything.

All the time, these will maintain anonymity and a high level of security.

2. Automated Exchange Apps

Automated cryptocurrency exchange software app is considered to be one of the most significant cryptocurrency app ideas.

Just as the name signifies, this software acts as the exchange designation of all types of crypto coins. Along with that, it will also offer real-time pricing.

These features will simply make the functionality of a mass crypto exchange much better and the users will not have to worry about the changes in prices of the digital assets.

This crypto app will potentially leverage the pain points associated with an inaccurate exchange rate.

This app is primarily targeted at the crypto investors, coin owners, and e-commerce merchants.

Acting as an automated exchange point this niche app will satisfy all the requirements of some of the major crypto exchange platforms such as Coinbase, Bitstamp, Kraken, and more.

Apart from making the entire process much simpler, this app will facilitate processing millions of transactions per transaction at a much faster rate but with a high level of stress resistance and security.

3. Crypto Trading Apps

In spite of the fact that cryptocurrencies have been in the market for nearly a decade now, it is still considered to be in its stage of infancy.

It still has a lot of potential to show to the world in the near future but it still has a long way to go in order to be accepted on a mass scale and raise awareness among the people.

Most of the people who are interested in buying crypto coins do not know exactly where they should start from or look into.

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They usually depend on a consultant to guide them through the entire process.

A cryptocurrency trading application is a revolutionary idea that will allow merchants and traders, new buyers as well as old brokers to buy or exchange crypto coins in bulk based on a shared trade agreement.

These apps are primarily aimed at the crypto investors, traders and brokers who typically act as an interface to make mass transactions.

Add to that, an app that comes with a crypto-based invoicing system as well will stamp smart contracts automatically to help the users to get their money on successful completion of a trade.

As of now, smart contract creation is quite a quirky process which either needs hiring a developer or smart tools like a Smart Contract Generator.

It also needs a special set of skills since there are very few templates of it available as of now.

Add to that, the series of complex programming languages such as SOLIDITY, JavaScript, C++ and others used in cryptocurrencies make things all the more complex.

All these need a safe, secure, and efficient crypto trading app that will not only help in trading crypto coins but also in ICO launch with absolute transparency and security.

4. Ecommerce Crypto Payment Apps

Cryptocurrencies are now being accepted as a mode of payment in several ecommerce stores.

However, the users have to make the payments manually and also have to deal with the complex calculations of the exchange rates.

An ecommerce crypto payment app will leverage this with exchanging the rates as well as paying the vendors automatically.

It will also be very helpful for the vendor to track them because all of the transactions will be in one place.

This app is however very useful for the business owners, ecommerce merchants and even the private coin owners.

This easy payment gateway will also integrate the most important e-commerce platforms allowing optimization of automated price and helping in paying, withdrawing or exchanging coins.

5. Personal Finance Management Apps

Personal finance management apps are also a very good crypto app idea to make the best out of the opportunities offered by the crypto world.

These apps will help the users in their endeavor to spend less and save more and at the same time will secure payments with the help of blockchain technology.

There will be no errors or delays when hefty payments are made as well.

This is one of the finest blockchain apps that will build trust among the parties involved in a transaction.

It will also add more value to a business at the same time.

Therefore, it is not surprising that such kinds of financial apps are gaining traction, especially amongst the investors and startups.

The best part of these apps is that it allows the users to categorize incomes and expenses very easily.

This, in turn, helps them to track down all details in real-time so that they can manage their finances smartly and more effectively.

What is even more fascinating about these apps is that the users can also integrate their bank accounts as well as credit cards with them.

This not only helps in making safer and faster payments but also updates the data automatically and provides payment reminders on time.

These apps come with a series of benefits which include and is not limited to enhanced capital optimization, transparency, traceability, safety and security, minimized risks of the counterparty, and less reconciliation and error handlings.

6. Stock Market Apps

This is a wonderful blockchain app idea that will help startups, small businesses and enterprises while issuing, registering or trading shares in more than one way.

There will be no intermediaries such as exchanges, clearinghouses and regulatory authorities and therefore a settlement process will not take days to close.

In fact, it will drop down to minutes instead of days along with much improved security and lower error transactions, if any at all.

In addition to that, these apps will offer better interoperability, build trust, improve transparency and fairness in a deal, ensure easy and faster clearing, automate post-trade events, reduce risks, and simplify ownership transfer.

7. Decentralized Apps

Decentralized Applications or dApps happens to be one of the trendiest app ideas to follow by a crypto business which will store all data in a decentralized database.

It will leverage computing resources which will help the businesses, both small and large, to monitor their goods in transit across the globe.

It will also facilitate making cross-border money transfers without the need for any intermediaries.

The significant benefits of the dApps are that these apps are open source code which ensures that there is no central point of failure.

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It works on the basis of decentralized consensus and can be used safely to deal with internal and external currencies.

8. Supply Chain Management Apps

The supply chain management apps happen to be one of the most favored and used blockchain startup app ideas.

It offers analytical systems that help in managing the flow of goods and services much more efficiently in real time.

It can handle the entire process most effectively right from the purchase of raw material to the conversion of it into the final product.

The supply chain network can effectively streamline its workflow and maneuver the process in the desired direction.

With more active transitivity in their activities which includes manufacturing, farming, designing, refining, packaging, and transportation, the supply chain businesses can enhance customer value.

This will offer them a competitive edge and benefit in the marketplace.

Along with that, the supply chain management apps will also help in inventory and order management, analytics, forecasting, logistics and shipping, security, scalability, product returns and handling, and also in cloud-based mobility.

9. Digital Identity-Based Apps

Digital Identity is very important and it needs to be protected in all possible ways. All necessary information of any entity is built and stored on computer systems in this digital world.

A digital identity based app will provide a much safer and faster way to prove the identity of people in a much simpler way.

This will not depend or be restricted to venues, businesses, and websites, and most importantly, people will not need to produce photocopies of original documents for identification.

These blockchain digital identity apps will not only ensure safer storage of personal data but will also offer more unified, interoperable, and tamper-proof architecture to benefit the businesses, users, as well as IoT management systems.

It will also help the users to prove their identity without needing to carry the duplicates of the original documents every time.

It will make the identification much smoother, simpler, and self-sovereign.

It provides a more logical non-custodial solution and a much better decentralized web identity management.

10. Transportation and Logistics Apps

These apps based on blockchain offer more scalable and immediate order tracking, authentication, and transition.

This will help the commercial transportation sector a great deal by tracking and recording all the changes and operations in real time.

The public ledger system also helps the logistic companies to store the records and movements of each container more efficiently and eliminates chances of clerical errors.

The transportation and logistics apps will also ensure proper and more effective document coordination, reduce the cost of transportation, security, authentication, data updates, and use of smart contracts for easier and faster approval and clearance.

It will also help in taking extra care of refrigerated containers and sensitive pharmaceuticals.

11. Government Voting Apps

Typically, developing countries always face some issues in their voting process, especially when it comes to maintaining the standard of privacy and data protection.

With the use of a blockchain based voting app, chances of tampering can be eliminated easily.

In addition to that, it will streamline the entire process, reduce waste of resources and fraud, as well as ensure much better accountability to make the voting process much more transparent.

There will be no chance of a single point of failure and therefore the sensitive data will be well protected.

Everything will be more accessible and open which will allow the parties to interact more freely and exchange information easily on a global scale.

There will be no chances of redundancy, safety issues, audit burden, integrity issues, and an increase in cost or reduced efficiency.

12. Crowdfunding Solutions

You can also use a crypto crowdfunding app when you are looking for funds to run your business.

These apps will help you immensely to reach out to more prospective customers in a short time.

This is an extremely useful app for businesses and has gained a lot of traction from the crypto investors all over the globe.

The entire process will be simplified where the investors can put in their money using the app irrespective of their location without needing to go through any intermediaries.

The app will also enable the investors to mention the number of shares they want to take up, of course, depending on the future prospects of your business.

13. Cybersecurity System

A cybersecurity system is a wonderful idea which is one of its kind and comes with a huge potential.

Though a bit offbeat, these apps will eliminate the need for hiring a cybersecurity expert which will add to the cost.

The system will ensure that the entire process of receiving and sending money is absolutely secure with proper protection offered to the management of personal data, signing up process, countering spam, and dealing with brute force attacks.

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14. Cryptocurrency Forum

People are always on the lookout for a good and reliable crypto forum to gain more knowledge about this digital product and know more about the events and happenings in the crypto world.

You can make the best out of this opportunity and create a dedicated and professional crypto forum which is not available in large numbers as of now.

15. Statistics Aggregation Apps

If your business deals with traders and brokers in particular as well as crypto investors and financial analysts, a statistics aggregation app will be of immense help.

It will help in pursuing the best monetization principles to add to the efficacy of the trading utilities.

It includes premium excess, ads, coin exchange services, and paid analytics.

Just make sure that the UI/UX design is exceptional and the visualization of data contains all the necessary details.

16. Other Apps for Small Businesses

If you are an owner of a small business, then there are also a few specific app ideas that you should follow to integrate with your business operation to bolster growth in 2021, depending on your business type.

An app that will facilitate making payments and money transfers will enable you to transfer funds more securely and directly to anyone in any part of the world.

This will cost you much less since there will be no intermediaries. The process will be much faster as well.

This app will be extremely helpful if you want to pay your employees remotely or to any partner in the global marketplace.

Apps that run smart contracts will reduce the downtime and also deal successfully with third-party interference and fraud.

Financial security will be ensured because funds will be held in escrow by the network and will only be routed on the basis of computer codes and future events to the recipients.

It will help you to sidestep regulations and reduce the cost for a subset.

You can use a blockchain based app to make your notary service more convenient and less expensive.

Documents can be notarized almost instantly after proper verification of the party and ownership proof by creating an image and/or an audio and video recording.

Distributed Cloud Storage app will help you to provide the users much more affordable, secure and faster cloud storage service.

This will increase your business revenue by lowering the cost of operation.

If you are into the supply chain business, an app that will ensure communication and proof-of-provenance will help you a lot.

Since most of the products today are not manufactured, assembled, packed, and marketed entirely by a single entity, there is a blame game in case a product turns out to be faulty.

To prevent you from taking the hit, a proof-of-provenance app based on blockchain technology will solve this issue by proactively providing an auditable record that is digitally permanent.

If you are a retailer offering loyalty programs and gift cards, a blockchain based app will help in making the process much simpler and cheaper.

The unique verification ability of blockchain will eliminate the need for any middlemen and trade more securely on the public ledger.

Finally, if you are into networking and IoT, you can make the best use of a blockchain app that will combine Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake consensus so that every transaction is 100% secure.

This app uses ADEPT or Autonomous Decentralized Peer-to-Peer Telemetry, a concept of IBM and Samsung.

Since there are large numbers of devices used, the blockchain acting as a public ledger will make the process faster by eliminating the requirement of a central hub.

This will bridge the devices and also keep the cost of operation significantly low.

The devices will be able to communicate autonomously in order to manage bugs, software updates, or energy.


This is just a short list of the crypto and blockchain app ideas that are suitable for startups, small businesses, and enterprises alike.

Choose one and take help from a blockchain development firm to convert your blockchain app idea into a reality.