7 Best Crypto Analysts to Follow in 2021

What are the best crypto analysts to follow? There are lots of reasons for a beginner to feel that the crypto market is overwhelming. It is volatile, complex, and most importantly, ‘it never sleeps.’

Therefore, it is required to stay in the loop with all the current and necessary information, news, and updates.

You will need to do everything right in the crypto space because it is highly risky and you may lose all your wealth in the nick of time.

Therefore, you will need proper research, analysis, strategy to follow, and execution of your plans.

All these signify that the end source should be very reliable to do everything right from your end. However, to be honest, this is quite difficult, if not impossible, to find reliable sources to gather the required information.

One of the best approaches is to follow some of the most renowned crypto analysts. They are the individuals who are continuously researching and analyzing things to make proper predictions of the crypto market.

They do a detailed scrutiny of all allied aspects of cryptocurrency including:

  • Prices of coins
  • Trends followed in the market
  • The crypto trading volumes
  • Supply and demand of coins
  • Technical analysis
  • Crypto events and happenings.

With all these done, they provide valuable insights about crypto and its market. Therefore, to keep up with it, you will need to follow the crypto analysts apart from doing other research.

7 Best Crypto Analysts to Follow

Best Crypto Analysts to Follow

Things you come to know about the crypto market today may not be relevant tomorrow.

Therefore, you will need to have all the current information as well as the best technical analysis to be well informed. This is why crypto analysts are so important.

There are lots of analysts in the crypto space but many of them are just mediocre, and others are worse. Check out Best Crypto with Huge Potential and Utility.

Here are some of the best crypto analysts who will surely help you to go forward with your venture and earn higher profits.

1. Bill Noble – Unique Perspectives

Though new, Bill Noble is quite a known figure among the crypto analysts. If you follow Bill you will come to know about both cryptocurrency and the legacy market.

His analytical results will let you know about the trends followed in the crypto space currently. The updates and insights provided are all well-thought and detailed. It covers all possible perspectives.

Being an FX front desk executive in J.P. Morgan in his early days, he has had an immense knowledge about the crash in the financial scene in 1987 when Iraq invaded Kuwait.

This is when he started his technical analysis and started studying them to navigate through the movements.

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He has also witnessed the crash in 1994-1995 in the US Treasuries which resulted in the rise in price of the bonds from 5 to 8.25%.

This is the period when Bill perfected his skills as an analyst of extremely volatile markets.

He stepped into the crypto scene in 2018. He considers cryptocurrencies as the future asset class and analyzes it along with other asset classes such as bonds, stocks, metals, and FX to offer a unique perspective.

2. Mati Greenspan – Identify Unique Investment Opportunities

If you are looking for a more experienced crypto analyst then Mati will surely be the best choice.

With a sea of experience about the crypto market gained at eToro as a Senior Market Analyst, Mati makes regular appearances on Bloomberg.

You may follow his newsletter which is considered to be one of the best ones in the crypto industry.

Mati is a renowned crypto analyst who has a significant impact on the crypto space.

In fact, his experience and knowledge about the crypto industry is so well known that he featured in the list of Top 100 Notable People in Blockchain in 2021.

Founder of Quantum Economics in 2019, Mati Greenspan has the unique ability to identify the investment opportunities created in the market due to different movements and articulate them as well.

This will help you to keep up with the pace of this hastily evolving crypto industry.

The best part of the analytical reports of Mati Greenspan is that it details the effects of quantum economics on the market which helps the crypto traders who are serious about their investments and want to navigate through the murky waters of this space.

Greenspan is also a licensed manager of portfolios in the European Union and the co-author of The Complete Guide to Fintech and Investing which also makes him a valuable analyst for any crypto trader.

With his analytical reports you will have comprehensive knowledge about the crypto market and make well educated decisions to make the best investments.

3. Anthony Pompliano – Iconic and Popular

One of the most popular and iconic crypto analysts, Anthony Pompliano covers every aspect of the crypto space in his analysis.

He is both a crypto investor and an entrepreneur of a hedge fund Morgan Creek Digital. He has immense knowledge about digital assets and the complex blockchain technology.

He also performs a lot of other functions as well which only hones his skill as a crypto analyst.

This includes investing in several early-stage tech companies, managing several portfolios, building and selling several companies and running the Product and Growth team at Facebook.

In addition to that, Anthony is the host of several popular podcasts under the title The Pomp Podcast.

This channel is quite favored among the crypto enthusiasts and has more than 20 million downloads.

That is not all. He also writes letters to more than 150,000 daily telling them about the latest technology, finance, business, and Bitcoin.

You should surely follow Anthony Pompliano for more crypto information and keep you updated.

And yes, he also features on Forbes, CNBC, CNN, Yahoo Finance, Fortune, and Bloomberg.

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4. Benjamin Cowen – Analysis Based on Data Science

If you look into the YouTube crypto analysts’ space you will see that Ben Cowen is one of the pioneers and also most popular.

This is because his analysis is based on data science. Therefore, if you are looking for more original ideas and valuable information on crypto assets, he is the one you should go for.

It is the expertise of Ben in data science that makes him so popular in the channel with almost 500,000 subscribers.

He is a Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering and also has a solid knowledge in Computational Mathematics and Programming both of which makes him a well-versed and well-educated crypto analyst.

The unique strategy followed by Cowen involves combining computational mathematics and long term investment perspectives.

This enables him to come up with better and more proven ideas to maximize the returns from this risky crypto space by making proper and prior adjustments.

Cowen is a very successful crypto analyst who provides more detailed and accurate analysis from the point of view of the macros of cryptocurrency. This is done by accurate technical analysis.

Honestly, Cowen’s analysis is more technical and may seem to be a bit difficult to understand by a beginner in the crypto space.

However, these are very good for any intermediate crypto investor. His analysis will help them all to understand the current state of the crypto market, know the upcoming trends and make an investment accordingly.

5. Alessio Rastani – Good for Beginners and Veterans

Alessio Rastani is a crypto analyst that every beginner as well as veteran in the crypto industry should follow.

He has immense knowledge about the crypto space and can make clear and accurate predictions that will help investors to make an informed decision.

Apart from being known as a popular and reliable crypto analyst, Alessio Rastani is also the Chief Executive Officer at Leadingtrader, a technical analysis researcher and also an FX and stock market chartist.

He is also a well known speaker and mentor who shares his trading experience gathered for more than 15 years.

When you follow him you will get some of the most discerning educational materials that include several different types of content, facts, figures, information and research topics.

The primary focus of Rastani is on specific subjects related to the crypto market such as crypto charts and technical analysis.

His chart analysis is well known all over the world and he also has an immense knowledge about the Elliott Wave theory.

Follow this well known commentator and watch his wide range of reports, videos and online material on different aspects of stocks, crypto, and forex.

You will have more valuable insights from all possible perspectives and market data from his precise mix of technical analysis.

6. Joel Kovshoff – Insightful Predictions of Crypto Market

Fondly known as Coach K, Joel Kovshoff is one of the most popular and sought after crypto analysts.

He is known for his better and precise technical analysis and a strong understanding of the crypto market.

In fact, he is one of the best crypto technical analysts to follow if you are specifically interested in making short term trades and want to have clear insights regarding it.

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Follow his YouTube channel to watch some of the most discerning and valuable videos on the crypto world. Getting straight to the point you will find no fluff in the videos, a common practice in the YouTube world to make more money.

Being a knowledgeable and successful swing-trader, Coach K will provide you with loads of insights and information that are valuable to make a better investment decision.

His technical analysis will let you know about the current and upcoming trends in the crypto market, information on the current events and happenings in the surrounding, and accurate predictions for the future.

Coach K is also known for several other things such as his accurate predictions of the bear market bottom in January 2019 and as an advisor to several projects in this space which includes and is not limited to PAID Network, PlotX, FINXFLO, and Splyt Core Foundation.

7. Tone Vays – Focus on Market Risks

Finally, it is Tone Vays, who is a well known crypto analyst as well as a derivatives trader, trainers, speaker, and an event organizer.

You can follow his technical analysis to know about the risks involved in the market and then make an informed decision.

You can also go through his content at ToneVays.com and gain valuable insights about the crypto space.

He focuses primarily on the risks in the market so that you can make proper adjustments beforehand.

Working as a Risk Analysis at Bear Stearns for 10 years, he has got immense knowledge on this specific aspect since he went through the financial crisis in 2008 as a VP at JP Morgan Chase.

Ever since he came across Bitcoin, Tone has been teaching people about the importance of crypto coins in financial technology through several YouTube videos.

Tone Vays is undoubtedly a prominent figure in the industry having great knowledge about the ups and downs of the crypto space.

He shares it all through different conferences that he has organized such as The Financial Summit, Uncofiscatable, and Understanding Bitcoin to name a few.

You can also see him featuring in several different documentaries such as Bitcoin – Beyond the Bubble and Magic Money you may also follow him when he makes an appearance on CNBC, RT, and other media platforms on a regular basis.


Crypto-analysis is not easy and happens daily. You should follow a reliable crypto analyst to take advantage of your trades and become a successful trader.

Check out these crypto analysts known for their research abilities and trading methods.