About Us

Financial investment has always intrigued me and I got more passionate about it over the years. I am always on the lookout for better avenues of creating wealth, especially online.

Hence, I could not restrain myself from researching cryptocurrency, the in-thing in this decade and which has a huge potential and prospect.

Surprisingly, most of the people, including a few of my friends who have been into the financial market for a long time, do not know much about this digital asset.

They do not even know that there are lots of different cryptocurrencies apart from Bitcoin, which is of course the most popular and commonly known crypto.

This made me feel that awareness among people about this digital asset is quite low, if not very poor, and it is not fair for any investor.

That is why I thought of delving deep into the matter and sharing my experience with the aspiring as well as professional investors.

In here I have included almost everything about cryptocurrencies that you should know before you invest in the crypto space.

You will not only come to know about the different types of cryptocurrencies, but also some of the best exchanges to trade with.

There are different guides, articles, and descriptions about different tools, wallets, and portfolio trackers as well. Along with those, there are several FAQs discussed in detail which will clear all doubts about cryptocurrency.

I intend to help all investors and traders to gain knowledge about the digital asset as well as its potential. All articles are of high-quality and easy to follow which will make crypto investment easy for all.

My sole objective is to increase your confidence in and prospects from your investments, whether you are tech savvy or not.

Dominic Mondal